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Alien Abduction Of Humans In Exchange For Advanced Alien Technology - The U.S. Federal Government's Deal With The Devil

  • "The $5 Trillion Dollar Cold War Hoax" By Eustace Mullins - How British Prime Minister Winston Churchill Launched The Cold War Between The United States And Russia - A Red Herring Which Allowed The House Of Rothschild Time To Rebuild Its Empire After World War II

  • How An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team Functions - The FBI's "Floating Box System" Has Been Used To Deny A Myriad Of Americans Their Inherent Rights To Privacy Whenever They Travel With Their Automobiles - Learn How To Recognize The Basic Tactics That An FBI Vehicle Surveillance Team Uses In Such Group Stalking, So That You Can Protect Yourself From This Gestapo & Its Immoral And Unethical Spying

  • Alien Medical Experimentation On The Human Race

    "George and Maria have a daughter who is almost two years old. One day she brought out her doll and asked her mom to open its head. Maria asked her where she had seen something like that and she told her mom, "They do it to daddy at night.'"

  • Philip Imbrogno's Contact With The 5Th Kind "Provides evidence that the U.S. government has allowed aliens to abduct and experiment on U.S. citizens in exchange for technological secrets" - Another thorn in the side of the House of Rothschild & its minions.

  • The Murder Of UFO Researcher Karla Turner

    Prior to her death in the mid 1990's, UFO researcher and abductee Dr. Karla Turner had written three excellent books on the abduction phenomenon, including a book which documented the accounts of a man by the name of Ted Rice, who'd been an alien abductee since childhood.

    In Masquerade Of Angels, Dr. Turner writes about Ted Rice's experiences as an alien abductee, which are quite similar to the myriad others who have been targeted for such non consensual medical experimentation.

    Before her death, Dr. Turner also implicated the U.S. Federal Government in the implementation of a clandestine program in which this government negotiated a deal with certain races of extra terrestrial biological entities, to abduct and experiment on American citizens in exchange for advanced alien technology; some of which is clearly being used in the propulsion systems of certain types of UFO craft which this government is clandestinely operating.

    Just prior to her death in 1996 Dr. Turner had also publicly exposed a government plot to neutralize her, which involved the use of psychological warfare operations. However, Turner would not be intimidated by the government and refused to end her public speaking engagements regarding UFO craft and the abduction phenomenon.

    Her punishment for doing so was to be murdered in a plausibly deniable way, when Turner suddenly became afflicted with a fast spreading and deadly form of cancer which took her life only months after she had been diagnosed.

    Based on my own experiences as a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, this author believes that Dr. Turner's cancer was induced by way of a satellite deployed directed energy weapon, after the government's psychological warfare operation failed to dissuade her from attending public speaking engagements regarding the UFO phenomenon.

    Moreover, in 2009 a close associate of Dr. Turner's, was nearly killed in an automobile accident which was likely staged in efforts to murder her, but instead resulted in the death of her husband.

    UFO researcher, Barbara Bartholic, had worked with Dr. Turner regarding the research she had compiled in her three books on the alien abduction scenario, and remained close to Turner up until the time of her death.

    In 2009, both Bartholic and her husband, a well known painter and sculpture, were seriously injured when their car was struck from behind by a speeding vehicle, and overturned. Both Bartholics were thrown from their automobile, and Bob Bartholic would succumb to his injuries a short time later.

    Neither the driver of the other vehicle, nor the vehicle itself were ever found by police. This only serves to fuel speculation that the "accident" was a murder attempt made on Barbara Bartholic's life, by those within the military-intelligence complex who wanted to end her research, and perpetrated in the plausibly deniable way that characterizes all such exterminations of civilians.

    Furthermore, there is a preponderance of concrete evidence which proves that for more than sixty years, the U.S. Federal Government has known that UFO's and EBE's exist, however, has intentionally kept this information from the American people, in efforts to conceal a covert relationship between this government and alien intelligence.

    This cover up has become even more aggressive with the publication of optical physicist, Bruce Maccabee's 2000 book, UFO-FBI Connection.

    UFO-FBI Connection relies on many declassified documents obtained by way of the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act, to prove that the FBI, CIA and United States Air Force have long withheld evidence that UFO craft and EBE's exist, and that during the time period from 1947 to 1952, each of these organizations were actively engaged in researching this phenomenon, while they used the U.S. media to whitewash the facts, by ridiculing any Americans who reported seeing UFO craft or being abducted by them.

    UFO-FBI Connection also documents the internal strife occurring within the U.S. Air Force, between those officers who wanted to go public with this evidence, and those higher up in the organization, whose intent was to conceal it from the American people.

    In the modern day, the issue at hand is no longer the preoccupation with seeing these craft (tens of millions of people from around this planet already have), but the government's protracted conspiratorial cover-up of the UFO phenomenon, and attempts to conceal the fact that alien intelligence may well be ruling this planet at the present time.

    - James F. Marino

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