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The FBI's Wrongful Imprisonment Of FBI Whistleblower Richard Taus Will Not Go Away - Lindley DeVecchio Should Be In Prison - Richard Taus Shouldn't

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  • Richard Taus & His Adopted Son

    Richard Taus - Another FBI Scapegoat

    During my own research into government crimes, I have read the works of many investigative researchers, and most pale by comparison to that of author Rodney Stich, who fearlessly exposes terrible crimes perpetrated by organizations like the FBI, that place his safety in jeopardy.

    "Rodney has paid a very high price for doing so, being declared a vexatious litigant by the U.S. Federal Government, in order to prevent him from exercizing his Constitutional rights in federal courts, while being stripped of his assets, which includes books that he has written exposing crimes committed by the U.S. Federal Government."

    One of the most disturbing stories that Stich has written about concerns the collusion within the Department Of Justice and FBI, to imprison one of their own former agents, after they could not convince him to drop a criminal investigation which involved the Reagan-Bush White House and the CIA, as well as the corruption of a well known FBI agent by the name of Lindley DeVecchio - Richard Taus' direct superior at the FBI.

    In understanding that the entire hierarchy of the FBI is corrupt, Taus attempted to have members of the United States Congress intervene, only to find that these politicians sent Taus' allegations right back to the FBI's hierarchy; who then took their revenge, by imprisoning Taus based on trumped up charges fabricated by the U.S. Justice Department.

    Yet another example of how the DOJ covers up the FBI's rampant criminal activities.

    There appears to be some type of reciprocal arrangement between the Congress and the U.S. Intelligence community in which when a whistle blower attempts to expose crimes within Intel or the U.S. Federal Government, a system to discredit that whistle blower is already in place, used to not only damage the credibility of the whistle blower, but to also destroy that person's life.

    For example in 2002, a woman by the name of Margie Schoedinger accused President George W. Bush of drugging her and repeatedly taking part in the gang rape of her person. The U.S. Media put a blanket over the situation, in order to protect George W. Bush.

  • See Raymond Ponzini's Article Regarding George W. Bush's Attack On Margie Schoedinger

  • At the same time, Schoedinger contacted the FBI for help, reporting what Bush had done to her, only to find that she and her family were suddenly targeted for an FBI COINTELPRO operation. According to Schoedinger's testimony, the FBI then contacted Bush with Schoedinger's allegations so that he could arrange to murder her.

    Whether Bush or the FBI actually murdered Schoedinger, or she committed suicide as the coroner's report in her death states, there is no question that there was complicity between the Bush 43 White House, the FBI, and the U.S. Media, to cover up Schoedinger's rape allegations against George W. Bush, and that both Margie and her family were terrorized by the FBI as punishment for Schoedinger's filing of a fifty million dollar lawsuit against the 43RD President, in 2002.

    Margie would be found dead from a single gun shot wound to the head nine months after she filed this lawsuit, and only months after having miscarried a child which Schoedinger had claimed George W. Bush had fathered. Schoedinger also stated that the miscarriage was caused by a beating which she had taken at the hands of several FBI and Secret Service agents.

    Collusion Between The FBI & Congress

    To Frame Richard Taus

    Congresses' complicity in the Taus' case also brings to mind the testimony of former Texas madam Robin Head, who's accused the FBI and CIA of complicity in using Brownstone operations (sex-blackmail stings) in order to entrap U.S. Politicians - not to arrest them, but instead to use such blackmail in which to control them.

    And given this, one must wonder what evidence the FBI has collected on many U.S. Politicians in the past, which it has then used to prevent legitimate Congressional investigations into the U.S. Intelligence community.

    Former Representative Cynthia McKinney learned of this the hard way, when she attempted to pass legislation which would have given Congress the power to investigate Intel organizations like the FBI, CIA and NSA, only to find that few members of Congress wanted to get involved in these investigations, even though they are desperately needed in order to hold the Intel community accountable for their actions and numerous crimes.

    Several years ago, Lindley DeVecchio - former FBI Agent Richard Taus' direct superior - was being tried for his complicity regarding the murders of five people, when his trial began to unravel right before the Brooklyn District Attorney's eyes.

    Moreover, the private investigator (Angela Clemente) whose investigative work was responsible for bringing DeVecchio to trial, was nearly strangled to death by one of Devecchio's associates, who'd posed as an informant, in order to murder Clemente as punishment for exposing DeVecchio in these murders.

    The FBI's concern is obvious enough. They know that DeVecchio is guilty and was likely to be convicted in complicity in these murders, and feared that DeVecchio might negotiate a deal with prosecutors to rat out many of his fellow agents; those whose crimes may be even worse than DeVecchio's.

    This is one of the best examples of the rampant corruption that exists within the FBI and Department of Justice, and why there is a very real need for the American people to force the United States Congress to do an independent investigation of the U.S. Intelligence community.

    Especially when one considers the 1992 testimony of former NSA employee John St. Clair Akwei, who exposed the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network as a means in which to electronically track any American citizen, by targeting the unique electromagnetic frequency at which our brain's operate.

    In other words, the NSA's use of a covert national brain fingerprinting program which is being used to destroy the Constitutional rights to privacy and due process of law that all Americans are entitled to. This author has been illegally targeted by the NSA and FBI, who've subjected my person and those around me to hundreds of thousands of hours of illegal surveillance, as well as this author's use as a target of non consensual human experimentation.

    My Family members remain coerced by the FBI, in efforts to conceal these crimes; two of whom were threatened with the loss of their home; another Family member whom the FBI engineered the firing of, in order to force this person to use up much of their finances over the course a year's time, before the FBI allowed them to find new employment. This was the way that the FBI was able to take complete control of this person's life, as well as those whom this Family member supports, since the FBI can get this person fired anytime they decide to.

    And many former FBI agents who turned against the FBI for its inherent criminality, are well aware that the Bureau can manipulate an employer in a number of ways, without actually being exposed for doing so.

    The FBI will never admit to such chicanery, however, this is how the FBI has historically been able to obtain forced testimony from such persons, in regard to those whom the Bureau is illegally targeting.

    And given the allegations which this author has made against both the FBI and NSA in regard to their use of my person for a modern day form of the CIA's MKULTRA mind control experimentation, there is no question that both of these organizations would do everything possible in which to murder this author in efforts to conceal these crimes.

    And prior to doing so, foment a smear campaign (which they now have) in order to justify crimes which have clearly resulted in the U.S. Federal Government's worst violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history.

    The U.S. Intelligence community is attempting to cover up a national brain fingerprinting program in America, as well as the fact that all Americans can be identified and electronically tracked by way of their brain's own unique electromagnetic fingerprint, and through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    This is an act of treason which this government will do anything to conceal; including slandering and murdering any citizens who have had first hand experiences as targets of this technology.

    And a growing number of Americans have now taken to the Internet to write about their own experiences as targets of this satellite predation, which is being conducted by the U.S. Intelligence community, and under the cover of National Security.

    The fact remains, regardless of how unpopular it may be, that for more than thirty years, the National Security Agency has maintained the ability to (with a reasonable amount of accuracy) electronically read and manipulate the thoughts of American citizens, via a wireless form of functional magnetic resonance imaging technology, and that only a military-intelligence dictatorship would maintain access to such technology.

    John St. Clair Akwei describes this technology in the following lawsuit which he filed in 1992, and which a corrupt judge by the name of Stanley Sporkin was used to derail, before a jury could hear Akwei's case against the NSA.

    Sporkin has been an asset of the U.S. Intelligence community since 1981, when he was hired by the CIA to be their general counsel. In 1985, Sporkin was appointed to the Federal District Court In The District Of Columbia by Ronald Reagan, and on more than one occasion, has been used to obstruct justice in efforts to obscure crimes being committed by the U.S. Intelligence community.

    The most noteworthy of such crimes occurred in regard to a fraudulent case which the CIA filed against former assistant HUD secretary Catherine Austin Fitts' company, Hamilton Securities, as well as John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency, which based on its disturbing content, should have been tried in Judge Stanley Sporkin's courtroom in 1992.

    Moreover, since this author created this Website in 2006, millions of viewers have visited this site, and read about John St. Clair Akwei's startling accounts regarding the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations. They have also read about the criminal conspiracy between the FBI and NSA, to murder this author, as well as the electronic sabotage that these agents regularly cause to this Website.

    Their primary concern is that this author knows for certain that the NSA can remotely track Americans by way of their brain's own unique electromagnetic fingerprint as well as implant computer generated thoughts into the mind, thus creating artificial thought.

    Both the NSA and FBI also have access to weaponized satellites which can be used to torture and murder Americans by way of classified directed energy weapons.

    As such, I am also certain that John St. Clair Akwei has told the truth in regard to the capabilites of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and that Akwei himself, remains a political prisoner based on his knowledge of the NSA's infrastructure.

    This as well as this SIGNIT network's use in keeping tabs on any citizens in the United States whom the NSA decides to illegally spy upon; even though the NSA is strictly forbidden from spying domestically based on its own charter.

  • John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency

  • All the more reason for the U.S. Congress to conduct a modern day version of the Church Committee Hearings in regard to the U.S. Intelligence community, given the threat that this community represents to the American people and their rights under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    However, even if such an investigation were possible, the real problem has become that the Congress is itself so corrupt, that few of its members can be trusted to conduct these investigations. And even those who can, would be very concerned about their own safety if they chose to.

    So what is the alternative when the government in the United States has become so abjectly corrupted that it will no longer operate as our founding fathers created it to? The logical answer is to create a new provisional government whose members are not in any way beholden to any faction of the House of Rothschild or its organized crime network in the United States.

    This is the only way that the America people are going to take back their country from the Rothschilds and their Zionist counterfeiting and money laundering cartel - those whom through their egregious chicanery have taken the American people from within, and have become far more dangerous to this country than any of the other foreign enemies which the Rothschild controlled media in the United States continues to demonize as part of the Rothschilds' propaganda.

    - James F. Marino

    Highly Decorated War Hero: Victim Of FBI-DOJ Corruption

    By Rodney Stich

    "This is an abbreviated description and sampling of how key people in government actually treat America's service personnel, and in this case, especially despicable by the facts. Richard Taus had repeatedly risked his life as a helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War to rescue dying soldiers. He received numerous medals for his heroic deeds.

    Richard Taus served three tours in Vietnam as a helicopter pilot, and flew numerous missions to evacuate wounded military personnel that were surrounded by enemy fire. For these heroic actions, Taus received numerous medals. Prior to leaving Iraq, Taus adopted the orphan of a Vietnam family that he knew before they were killed. That orphan, David, lives in the New York City area, caring for Taus' aged and ailing mother.

    At this writing, she is near death. After leaving the military, Taus became an FBI Special Agent working in the New York City offices under FBI Supervising Special Agent Lindley DeVecchio.

    In this position, Taus discovered illegal arming and funding of Iraq during the Reagan-Bush administrations by CIA assets; illegal activities by Mafia groups; and wrongdoings by his immediate supervisor, DeVecchio.

    Repeatedly ordered to halt his investigations and then being required to sign government forms that he knows of no criminal activities that he had not reported, Taus reported the problems to members of Congress.

    In standard fashion, the members of Congress receiving the information, covered up, and sent the letters to the same people in the FBI that were involved in the obstruction of justice activities.

    Also in standard practice, Department of Justice personnel than fabricated false charges against Taus, and he ended up with a 50-year prison sentence, being incarcerated at the state prison in Dannemora, New York.

    In other pages at this site is information about the murders involving Taus' boss, Lindley DeVecchio and a brutal Mafia capo, and how the cover-up of these murders by high-level FBI-DOJ personnel enabled to occur a series of major terrorist attacks upon U.S. targets that killed nearly 4,000 people.

    Another site relates to DeVecchio, serial murders, al Qaeda mole, and a series of forewarned terrorist attacks. This information has been kept from the American people by members of Congress and the media. The culture of those people in control of the U.S. Department of Justice have inflicted great harm upon a war hero and a dedicated FBI agent, but also enabled great harm to be inflicted upon the United States.


    Murders Involving Taus' FBI Supervisor, High-Level DOJ Corruption, and 4,000 Deaths

    Richard Taus' FBI supervisor (Lindley DeVecchio) was engaged in serial murders with a New York City Mafia capo known as "The Killing Machine. See FBI murderous conduct. The son of that Mafia capo had become a mole in the al Qaeda cell headed by al Qaeda's primary terrorist bomber, Ramzi Yousef, and was providing FBI agents in the New York City offices with advance information on several major terrorist attacks that eventually occurred.

    That valuable information was not passed on or acted upon, being blocked by high-level Department of Justice officials, who had plans to discredit that Mafia mole. The reason for discrediting the mole was because he was to testify in several murder trials about the murders his father committed with the help of and at the suggestion of Taus' FBI supervisor. The Mafia mole therefore had to be discredited so as to protect the murderous supervisor and the FBI-DOJ that covered up for the murders. In order for that plan to succeed, the valuable advance information provided by that Mafia mole to FBI agents had to be ignored so as not to undermine the plans to discredit him.

    The downside to that plan was that the series of terrorist attacks did occur. These included the bombings of U.S. embassies in Africa with heavy casualties and the hijackings of four airlines on September 11, 2001. These resulted in nearly 4,000 deaths. But there were more ripple effects from the high-level DOJ personnel' misconduct. Included in those ripple effects were the invasion of two countries that would not otherwise have occurred.

    See the full article here:

  • Investigative Journalist Rodney Stich Regarding The FBI-DOJ Setup Of Former FBI Agent Richard Taus - Innocent Of The Crimes He Was Convicted Of, Taus Is Now Serving A 50 Year Prison Sentence To Prevent Him From Exposing The Crimes He Was Investigating When The FBI Set Him Up On Trumped Up Charges
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