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Kansas Woman Harassed By FBI For Simply Asking A Bank Teller If The Peoples State Bank Carried Lawful Money Instead Of Federal Reserve Notes

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  • Editor's Note: The following is further evidence that the Federal Reserve System uses the FBI to harass Americans who attempt to promulgate the fact that the Federal Reserve System is a private corporation which counterfeits its currency, instead of printing "lawful money" which is printed by the U.S. Federal Government, based on the gold bullion which prior to the passage of the Federal Reserve Act and creation of the Federal Reserve System, was stored in the United States Treasury.

    FBI Steals Thousands In Ron Paul Gold Coins

    A few years ago a coin dealer by the name of Von Nothaus was raided by the FBI and the Ron Paul gold commemorative coins which Von Nothaus had issued to commemorate Ron Paul's run for U.S. Presidency were seized by the FBI; along with everything in Von Nothaus' establishment.

    The FBI stole everything Von Nothaus had.

    This is further proof that the FBI is aiding and abetting the Federal Reserve System's counterfeiting and money laundering operations and attacking any American citizen who attempts to expose this act of treason.

  • FBI Seizes Ron Paul Commemorative Gold Dollar Coins In Raid

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    F.B.I. at my door for using the term of "Lawful Money"!!
    Submitted by charliegrl on Fri, 10/02/2009 - 10:04
    in Daily Paul Liberty Forum

    On 9-28-09 my husband decided to call his Aunt who works at X-Bank" in Kansas. We are looking into our monetary system and he had some questions, so he decided to call his Aunt that works for the banking system. When he had called he had asked what her position was within the bank. She had stated that she was a teller, but did other jobs within the bank.

    So my husband told her he was studying the Constitution and asked her if "Peoples State Bank" carried Lawful Money. She replied, that yes, every bank has to carry so much. My husband asked (to make sure she understood what he was asking) Do you know if there is a difference between Lawful Money and Federal Reserve Notes?

    He proceeded by stating that lawful money was made by the government and Federal Reserve Notes are made by the Federal Reserve which is a private corporation.

    She had suddenly gotten busy and said that she needed to get off the phone. So he asked if he could come by and ask more questions. She replied stating that she would rather he did not. He asked if he could meet her outside of the bank if she wanted. She responded saying to the effect that she wanted to keep her business and personal life separate and would rather they not meet.

    Within hours after the phone call we had a Sheriff's Officer in uniform and a plain clothed F.B.I. Agent show at the front door. I went to get my husband who almost didn't come to the door because he thought I was joking with him, the officers introduced themselves and asked if he had called and talked with a bank earlier in the day. My husband asked, why? And the Officers proceeded to explaining that the words used in the phone call are "RED Flagged" by the F.B.I. The F.B.I. Officer says sir, you’re looking at me a little funny, and my husband said, you’re giving me a funny feeling. The F.B.I. agent then says that he only wants to know what his intentions were.

    At that point, my husband asked, did I do anything wrong? Did I break any laws? Am I in any trouble? The agent said NO, and my husband said "good bye" and we walked back in the house.

    Our research as of late on Individual Sovereignty is seeming more and more to help assert our Constitutional Rights. I have posted this story because; calling a bank and asking questions should not result in the F.B.I. showing up at my front door.

    I am wondering what others think of this situation and if them coming to my door for asking questions of our banking system. Has this happened anywhere else?

  • Article Sourced From The Daily Paul - Congressman Ron Paul's Website
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