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"Discourses On Livy" By Niccolo Machiavelli -- The Foundation Of Modern Day Politics Can Largely Be Attributed To This Work By Machiavelli

  • AIM Activist John Trudell Describes The FBI's Murder Of His Family In A Fire Set By The FBI, As Punishment For Trudell's Burning Of An American Flag On The Steps Of The J. Edgar Hoover Building In Washington, D.C. - Later That Day, Trudell's Wife, Mother-In-Law And Three Young Daughters Were Incinerated In A House Fire Which Trudell Is Certain Was Set By FBI Agents As Punishment For Trudell's Leading Of An American Indian Movement Protest Which Ended At The Steps Of The J. Edgar Hoover Building - Trudell Burned A Flag - The FBI Incinerated Five Human Beings - This Horendous Act Would Be A Prelude To The FBI's 1993 Murder Of More Than 80 Men, Women & Children At The Branch Davidian Church In WACO Texas

  • The FBI's Covert Murder Of Actress Jean Seberg - Seberg Was One Of Myriad Victims Of The FBI's COINTELPRO Operations, Which Continue In Contemporary America Without A Paper Trail

  • The Nazi Hydra in America -- Did You Know That The House Of Rothschild Was Responsible For World War II, And That Adolph Hitler, Who Was A Lifelong Zionist Jew, Was Supported By The House Of Rothschilds' Zionist Jewish Leadership Prior To World War II?

  • Niccolo Machiavelli

    The Father Of Modern Day Politics

    Like *Voltaire, Niccolo Machiavelli was first and foremost, a philosopher. However, it was Machiavelli's intuitive understanding of human nature that would eventually make him the legendary figure in politics that he is in the modern day.

    *Voltaire was the pen name of one François-Marie Arouet, a philosopher during the French Renaissance. Voltaire's controversial writings would also make him an outcast during his time, yet become well regarded long after his death; linking Voltaire with the most respected philosophers in human history.

    Machiavelli's understanding of the political mindset is second to none. His written works on the subject have become legendary, and are in many respects the foundation for modern day politics. Machiavelli's goal was to unite the Florentine Republic. During his many attempts in which to do so, he wrote several books on the political structure including "Discourses On Livy," the work which most closely identifies Machiavelli with the contemporary political structure - or more to the point, the perversion of the modern day political structure.

  • "Discourses On Livy" By Niccolo Machiavelli Is The Work Which Makes Machiavelli The Father Of Modern Day Politics

  • Unfortunately for Machiavelli, he is oftentimes better known for another work which he wrote entitled "The Prince," which resulted in his public demonization in the 15Th Century; yet which he would be equally noted for centuries after his passing. First editions of "The Prince" have long been considered a treasure to antique book collectors, with asking prices as high as $75,000 per copy.

    Further proof that Niccolo Machiavelli was not only the finest statesmen in history and the father of the modern political structure, but also well ahead of his time.

    - James F. Marino

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  • *Editor's Note: This author has noted myriad times in the past the NSA's use of classified electronic warfare technology against my person, delivered via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

    I have been subjected to such directed energy weaponry attacks since the mid 1990's. And it is my opinion that other Family members are also targeted by the same technology, including a Family member whose heart problems have all but disappeared as quickly as they surfaced.

    Moreover, last week, virtually every day this author was subjected to the same type of PVC's (Premature Ventricular Contractions) that the aforementioned Family member was being subjected to, and which suddenly resolved themselves as quickly as they had begun. I have been subjected to such attacks since the mid 1990's, and these attacks can be manifest in a number of ways.

    Furthermore, the ULF (ultra low frequency waves) which I was subjected to were so intense that the exhaustion level was almost completely incapacitating.

    Then quite suddenly, this exhaustion and the accompanying PVC's ended. This illustration serves as further evidence that this author (and certain Family members) is being subjected to electronic warfare attacks by the FBI & NSA, and that as such, the threat of our being murdered by the operators of said technology is a very real possibility.

    Also see the following testimony regarding a former FBI agent who testified under oath that the FBI ordered him to use such electronic warfare technology on American citizens.

  • Former FBI Agent Admits That The FBI Is Using Directed Energy Weapons To Harm American Citizens
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