Thursday, September 16, 2010

Americans Must Unite To Destroy World Zionism & Its New World Order Agenda - Or Be Destroyed By The House Of Rothschild & Its Zionist Dictatorship

  • The Internet Kill Switch Bill Is A Covert Plan By The Rothschild Controlled U.S. Federal Government To Block Freedom Of Expression In The Last Frontier Where It Still Remains - The Internet & The Most Powerful Alternative News Medium In The World - The Blogosphere

  • Do FBI Agents Lie, Cheat, Steal, Torture & Murder? The Answer Is Yes To All Of The Aforesaid. The Following Article Describes A Recent Cheating Scandal Which The FBI Managed To Keep Out Of The Mainstream Media In Which Hundreds Of The FBI's Agents Were Caught Cheating, Yet Never Punished!

  • "Final Warning - A History Of The New World Order" By David Allen Rivera - This Superbly Researched Book Describes How The House Of Rothschild & Its Zionist Jewish Global Banking Cartel Of Counterfeiters & Money Launderers, Are The Genesis Behind The Current Financial Crisis That Americans Are Facing In The Modern Day, And Why World Zionism & Its Plan For A New World Order Zionist Dictatorship Must Be Destroyed.

  • "Final Warning - A History Of The New World Order" -- Read It Here Before The Zionist Controlled Congress Passes The "Internet Kill Switch Bill" And Fabricates A Plausible Excuse For Shutting Down The Internet & Our Last Venue For Free Expression - The Internet Kill Switch Bill Will Be The End Of The Legitimate Journalism In America

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  • FBI Agent Peter H. Norell Jr. Forced To Resign From The FBI While Facing Criminal Charges For Improperly Using Information Gained From The FBI For His Own Questionable Means - Norell Is Yet Another Example Of FBI Agents Who Use The Bureau's Resources For Their Own Means & Oftentimes Criminal Agendas

  • The FBI's Attempted Murder Of EarthFirst! Activist Judi Bari -- "FBI Bomb School & Other Atrocities" By Judi Bari

  • President John F. Kennedy & The Lindbergh Baby Had Something In Common - They Were Both Murdered By Factions Of The House Of Rothschild

  • Patents For The Types Of Remote Mind Reading Technology That The National Security Agency Utilizes To Brain Fingerprint & Electronically Brainscan American Citizens Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network
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