Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another FBI Agent Caught Destroying Evidence & Attempting To Cover Up Their Own Criminal Activity - FBI Agent Catherine Pena

The following was sourced from the completelylegal blog

July 2010

"FBI Special Agent Catherine Pena was found by a federal judge to have destroyed evidence in the criminal civil rights case of Sleepy Hollow Det. Jose Quinoy.

Judge Kenneth Karas also found that Pena tried to cover up the destruction or replacement of a disc containing recordings made by Officer Michael Hayes, the Sleepy Hollow cop who cooperated with the FBI in its investigation."

See the full article here:

  • FBI agent at center of Quinoy storm still on-duty

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  • Is The U.S. Intel Community Involved In A Murder For Hire Scheme, Using Its Classified Active Denial Weapons System To Commit Covert Murders For Profit? Given The CIA's History Of Illegal Drug Trafficking & Human Trafficking To Subsidize Its Black Budget, One Must Wonder If A Murder For Hire Operation Using Classified Electronic Warfare Technology Is Also Subsidizing Some Of The U.S. Intelligence Community's Black Budgets?
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