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The Truth About Osama Bin Ladin & Why The Zionist Controlled U.S Intelligence Community Won't Let His Persona Die - Bin Ladin - The Man VS CIA Myth

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  • FBI Entrapment - Typical & Troubling

    Editor's Note: The following article on Osama Bin Ladin has become another of the myriad which the FBI electronically tampers with on this Website. The FBI/NSA tag team of electronic hackers (and unindicted felons) have been continuously electronically interfering with articles which this author has written and posted on this Website since it was created in June of 2006, after the FBI deleted two previous Websites which I had created to document the FBI/NSA conspiracy against my person and Family.

    So, for the millions of readers who now regularly visit 9-11 The Mother Of All Black Operations, understanding that this site documents what has become perhaps the most precedent setting violation of the U.S. Bill of Rights in this country's history, I am posting the article on Osama Bin Ladin again.

  • "Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance - A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are." For more on this read John St. Clair Akwei's precedent setting lawsuit on the National Security Agency's secret electronic brain fingerprinting of the American people - The Greatest Act Of Treason Against This Nation In Its History

  • The History Of The House Of Rothschild - The Zionist Global Crime Syndicate That Destroyed The United States Of America

  • "This treasonous usurpation of the U.S. Media, as well as government betrayal of the American people, was called Operation Mockingbird. And more than six decades since its inception, Mockingbird is still controlling how the news in the United States is disseminated. And given that the media hype regarding Osama Bin Ladin, is pure Operation Mockingbird in its flagrant disregard for the truth, Americans should wise up to the fact that Osama Bin Ladin, the man, has long been dead and buried. And it is now time for the American people to bury Bin Ladin, the CIA myth."

    - James F. Marino (FBI COINTELPRO Target)

    Osama Bin Ladin - The Man VS The CIA Myth

    Bin Ladin - The Man

    What has become apparent to anyone who's not been brainwashed by the Zionist controlled media in the United States, is that Osama Bin Ladin the myth, is quite different from Osama Bin Ladin, the man.

    Osama Bin Ladin the man was but one son of a very wealthy Saudi oil family, who for decades did business with the Bush crime syndicate - including Presidents George Herbert Walker Bush, and son, George W. Bush.

    It is for this reason that members of the Bin Ladin family were allowed to quietly exit the United States right after the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001 took place, while the FBI blocked media requests for FOIA documents (Freedom Of Information Act) regarding the Bin Ladin family.

    Why would the FBI have arranged for such an expedient exit of the Bin Ladin's while the Bush Administration was claiming that Osama Bin Ladin was the main suspect in the 9-11 terrorist attacks?

    Because Bin Ladin had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks on 9-11, as the FBI already knew, and had been told by the Bush Administration, to see that the Bin Ladin's exited the United States safely.

    In fact, when questioned by the media in regard to why the FBI was not looking for Osama Bin Ladin in reference to these terrorist attacks, the FBI stated that Bin Ladin (who was reported to be an international fugitive at the time), was not considered to be a suspect in the 9-11 bombings.

    Moreover, if the FBI was a legitimate police force, it would have exposed the Bush 43 Administration's lies regarding Bin Ladin, and arrested George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of this Administration for the commission of treason.

    However, as this author has stated myriad times in the past, the FBI is not a legitimate police force, but instead, a pawn of the Zionist controlled White House; which was proved conclusively with the FBI's protection of the Bush 43 Administration, and complete whitewash of the facts regarding Osama Bin Ladin.

    Such duplicity offers further proof that the FBI exists under the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government, instead of the Judicial Branch, so that the Bureau can be used to circumvent the Constitutional rule of law whenever the White House seeks to obfuscate its own criminal activities.

    This has never been more evident than in the Bush 43 Administration's use of the FBI in which to circumvent any legitimate investigations into crimes committed by this particular administration.

    As a further illustration of the FBI's own duplicity, as time went by the Bureau altogether abandoned the truth about Bin Ladin, while quickly adopting the Bush 43 Administration's treasonous lies; later contradicting their own earlier statements, by saying that Bin Ladin was in fact wanted in the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

    The FBI did a 180.

    This duplicity by the FBI also brings to mind an article which appeared in the French daily newspaper, Le Figaro, regarding Osama Bin Ladin. The article raised a very important issue that to this day has never been answered.

    The issue: Exactly why did the CIA not detain Osama Bin Ladin in the Summer of 2001, when he was recovering in an American hospital in the United Arab Emirate of Dubai, when Bin Ladin was visited by CIA operatives, and still considered to be an international fugitive?

    This question has never been answered, but instead, the subject of an elaborate smokescreen by the U.S. Intel community.

    Osama Bin Ladin -- The CIA Myth

    The mythical persona of Osama Bin Ladin has been the one which the U.S. Intelligence community has relied upon in which to keep the American people in a state of fear, while using the media in which to perpetuate the concept of this merchant of evil.

    The irony, is that in all likelihood, Osama Bin Ladin, who's been a CIA asset and friend of the United States since the 1979 Soviet Afghan War, was extremely ill (as the result of kidney disease) long before the attacks on 9-11-2001 took place, and used by the CIA as a larger than life figure in which to terrorize the American people; while Bin Ladin spent his last days in quiet refuge, protected by both the Intel agency and presidential administration that publicly demonized him.

    In fact, a number of sources have reported that Bin Ladin died shortly after the attacks on 9-11-2001, and that the CIA was merely keeping his name alive in order to propagate the Bush 43 Administration's fraudulent war on terror propaganda, which was fomented by the White House Iraq Publicity Group.

    A black propaganda campaign used to brainwash the American people, which continues to this very day.

    Moreover, once one begins to understand the pathological mindset of the CIA and its Intel brethren, one realizes that the entire war on terror has been a carefully orchestrated red herring, used in order to deceive the American people, while cheating them out of their inherent rights as citizens of this country.

    And this becomes even more apparent, when months will go by without Bin Ladin's name being mentioned; that is until the CIA rings their operatives within the U.S. media and orders them to plant new fabrications regarding Bin Ladin, which only the brainwashed amongst us would still believe.

    How long has the CIA secretly controlled the U.S. media system? Since 1948, when the agency fomented a black operation in which to use American journalists to promulgate the CIA's own propaganda.

    This treasonous usurpation of the U.S. media, as well as government betrayal of the American people, was called Operation Mockingbird. And more than six decades since its inception, Mockingbird is still controlling how the news in the United States is disseminated.

    And given that the media hype regarding Osama Bin Ladin, is pure Operation Mockingbird in its flagrant disregard for the truth, Americans should wise up to the fact that Osama Bin Ladin, the man, has long been dead and buried.

    And it is now time for the American people to bury Bin Ladin, the CIA myth.

    -- James F. Marino

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