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Actress Jean Seberg - Did She Commit Suicide As A Result Of COINTELPRO Or Was Seberg Covertly Murdered By The FBI's Bureaucratic Sociopaths?

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  • An Early Photo Of Jean Seberg

    The FBI's Murder Of Actress Jean Seberg

    Taking a close look at the following two photos, it becomes clear that the psychological warfare campaign which the FBI waged against Jean Seberg for more than two years, had caused Seberg to age at least a decade in the 1979 photo taken of her person; even though she was just two years older than she was when the first photo was taken in 1977.

    Jean Seberg In 1977

    And while there's no question that the FBI's directly responsible for Seberg's untimely death, one must wonder given the Bureau's murderous culture, if the FBI may have actually murdered Jean Seberg in a made to appear as suicide, as punishment for publicizing photos of the dead baby which she miscarried.

    Seberg promulgated the fact that it was as the direct result of the relentless COINTELPRO campaign that the FBI subjected her to, that the late actress lost her unborn child.

    In retaliation for Seberg's support of the Black Panther Party, the FBI circulated a vicious and slanderous rumor that a member of the Black Panther Party was the father of Seberg's unborn child, when the FBI knew that the father was in fact Seberg's husband.

    A falsehood which caused Seberg and her husband nothing but misery, as the mainstream media quickly circulated the FBI's disinformation in efforts to demonize Jean Seberg with the public.

    This conspiratorial attitude between the Zionist controlled media in the United States & its Intelligence community has been problematic since the CIA's usurpation of the American media in 1948, under a black program called Operation Mockingbird.

    Mockingbird was initially used by the CIA to circulate the agency's black propaganda through the U.S. media. However, since that time the CIA has virtually taken over the U.S. media with CIA operatives overseeing the daily operations of virtually every media organization in America.

    This has enabled the House of Rothschild financed and controlled intelligentsia in America, to monitor and filter all information that is circulated through the U.S. media, which has in turn destroyed any legitimate reporting that involves the U.S. Federal Government.

    And in particular its military-intelligence complex.

    Moreover, such vicious slander campaigns as the aforementioned FBI propaganda smear against Jean Seberg, have long characterized the U.S. Intel community.

    The FBI has been smearing public officials, civil rights activists and virtually any other citizens whom the Bureau took a dislike to through such demonization campaigns, since its cancerous inception in 1908 as the Bureau of Investigation.

    And later in 1924, when the organization changed its name to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It was during this time under the leadership of John Edgar Hoover (a megalomaniac, who even in death, still stands as the definitive sociopath), that the FBI would become the Americanized version of the Nazi's Gestapo that it remains in the modern day; with Jean Seberg being just one of myriad victims of the FBI and its cadre of Constitution raping miscreants.

    The Emotionally Worn Face Of Jean Seberg
    Shortly Before Her Death In 1979 Shows How
    Two Years Of COINTELPRO Had Taken Its Toll

  • The FBI's COINTELPRO Attack of Actress Jean Seberg

  • The FBI Finally Succeeds In
    Covertly Murdering Actress Jean Seberg
    With The Help Of The U.S. Media

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