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The Swine Flu Vaccine Is A Biological Weapon Being Used As A Form Of Covert Genocide Against America's Middle Class

FBI Allows Innocent Men To Get Death Sentences While Protecting Its Own Criminal Snitches

The Illuminati's Flu Vaccine Bioweapon

While the Illuminati have a myriad of horrible agendas in store for the human race under their global dictatorship, a primary interest of theirs is to depopulate the world's middle class through a myriad of schemes which on the surface are supposed to be caused by natural means. It is the opinion of many people (including this author) that the latest swine flu scare is an attempt to frighten citizens into being inoculated with a biological weapon which will chronically debilitate and eventually kill them.

And speaking of murder by injection, recently, alternative author Eustace Mullin's superbly researched and disturbing expose on the American Medical Association's criminal fraud, entitled "Murder By Injection," was removed from the Scrib'd website, under the pretense of having infringed on the copyright of another author.

"Murder By Injection" Removed From Scrib'd For Exposing The American Medical Association As A Rockefeller Controlled Crime Syndicate

This allegation by Scrib'd was a complete falsehood done in which to prevent people from reading the truth about the American Medical Association's vast criminal empire. The bottom line here is that Mullin's book told the ugly truth about the "drug trust" crime syndicate and its control over the American medical community, which is why it was removed from Scrib'd.

Moreover, there is no greater indictment against the "drug trust" than its demonization of Laetrile Therapy (Vitamin B17), while attempting to cover up the fact that cancer is a deficiency disease like scurvy. Scurvy is a deficiency of Vitamin C, while cancer the body's deficiency of Vitamin B17. Prior to the link between scurvy and a deficiency of Vitamin C, scurvy had taken the lives of many people. British seamen were particularly vulnerable when at sea, and once having learned that scurvy could be prevented by consuming foods rich in Vitamin C, they were able to rid themselves of this disease. British seaman would also carry large provisions of limes in the holds of their ships in order to prevent scurvy, which is how they earned the nickname "limeys."

More than a Century ago, the Trophoblast Theory regarding the origins of cancer proved that cancer is a deficiency disease. However, this theory has been completely disregarded by the American medical community, because if one follows a diet rich in Vitamin B17 and one which allows for a healthy level of pancreatic enzymes to be produced by the pancreas, cancer cells would be destroyed by the body before they had a chance to grow and metastasize.

The medical community does not allow for the patent of "natural" substances like Vitamin B17, which would prevent the pharmaceutical industry from "cornering the market" on such substances as they have with their inferior man-made substitutes.

Given that this has been the case since the drug-trust's inception, they have always demonized natural substances which are oftentimes much healthier for the body than their synthetic alternatives, while propagating the manufacture and distribution of such man-made substitutes which are highly profitable, yet oftentimes deadly.

What is also extremely disturbing is how federal agencies like the CDC are being used in which to misrepresent the severity of the swine flu, reporting that many flu cases which are not directly related to the swine flu are being included by the CDC as part of this alleged global pandemic.

Why would the Centers For Disease Control do this? Because their use by the Illuminati is to clandestinely propagate its genocidal policy against the American middle class.

The Cultivation Of A Mass & Evil Deception

This is being done in efforts to have the middle class population in this country injected with this biological weapon as a form of mass genocide. This author also questions the veracity of many public figures who claim to have received the flu vaccine, including the daughters of President Barack Obama. The President's daughters may have received some type of vaccine, however, it is doubtful that it was the same flu vaccine that the general public is being tricked into receiving.

In this author's opinion the "swine flu pandemic" which is being promulgated by government agencies like the Centers For Disease Control is as fraudulent as the official explanation regarding the attacks on 9-11-2001. If you're smart, you'll avoid the "Swine Flu Vaccine" as if it were the plague, because it may well turn out to be one!

Editor's Note: Dr. Blaylock, who is being interviewed by the owner of the Website in the following video, is now being demonized by the AMA (American Medical Association controlled) medical community in the United States). As such, Blaylock is now being referred to as a fraud and purveyor of quack medicine. However, Blaylock is telling the truth about the dangers of the swine flu vaccine.

Since having written World Without Cancer, a powerful expose on the Rockefeller controlled "drug trust" which oversees the medical community and pharmaceutical industry in the United States, author G. Edward Griffin has also been labeled as a purveyor of "quack medicine" when in reality, it's private organizations like the AMA, American Cancer Society, as well as federal agencies such as the National Cancer Institute and Federal Drug Administration, which promulgate the use of such quackery and harmful deception in using the media to convince the public that dangerous drugs are safe.

Before Dr. Blaylock becomes completely censured by these criminals, please see this interview between Blaylock and Dr. Steven Mercola of, regarding the swine flu conspiracy (and the biological weapon which is being sold to the public as a vaccine to protect them from this swine flu).

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