Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swine Flu Pandemic - Disinformation Abounds While Public Is Tricked Into Receiving Biological Weapon Being Offered Under The Guise Of A Vaccine

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Crime and Embellishment - The Recent Hysteria Over Fear and Crime Is Based More on Myth and Manipulation Than True Danger and Dread

How To Protect Yourselves From The Swine Flu

With the controversy over the latest swine flu vaccine continuing to grow more each day, and the inherent belief by many citizens that the vaccine is unsafe, the public's focus must now be on taking alternative measures in which to protect themselves.

*It is this author's opinion that both the present swine flu pandemic as well as the so called vaccine which is being offered to combat it are biological weapons. And that the swine flu has in fact been deliberately released into the U.S. population with the intent of not only causing harm to American citizens, but to frighten them into being inoculated with a far more potent and deadly biological weapon; one which is being disseminated under the guise of a swine flu vaccine. The Department Of Defense did the same thing with the AIDS virus back in the 1970's when it sought to destroy the gay population in the United States, by offering gay men Hepatitis B vaccinations, which in reality were the AIDS virus.

In 1976, another swine flu outbreak was found to have been caused deliberately and originated from Fort Dix, New Jersey. As the direct result of this treasonous deception, Americans were frightened into receiving another biological weapon under the guise of a swine flu vaccine. As such, many Americans would later develop the oftentimes deadly Guillaume Barre Syndrome as the direct result of having received the "1976 swine flu vaccine." To this day the U.S. Federal Government will take no responsibility for this deception, nor its creation and dissemination of the AIDS virus.

Swine flu prevention with natural herbs and supplements

Preventing swine flu & the spread and transmission of this potentially dangerous disease
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