Friday, November 20, 2009

Another Sign Of The Next Great Depression Which Looms Over The American Middle Class

The Great Depression Part Deux

To hear your average financial analyst speak of America's emergence from the terrible recession of 2008-2009, one would think that the U.S. economy is beginning to improve and that in the near future the job market will begin to rebound from its recent quarter of a Century lows.

However, the only reason that the quarterly earnings of many companies have improved significantly is that they have fired thousands of their employees, outsourced for cheaper labor, and are automating any positions that they can.

The end result is an economy which has permanently contracted and will no longer be able to support the number of workers that it did only 24 months ago. This means record unemployment in the future, as more businesses close due to a dramatically reduced number of consumers. This while the ultra class picks up bargains like Detroit's Silverdome Stadium, which may sell for under $600,000, when the replacement value of this facility should be in the area of roughly $220 million!

As in the case of the last Great Depression of the 1930's, the ultra class is prospering at the expense of an American middle class that is being driven into bankruptcy and a "new" feudal system - courtesy of the House Of Rothschild's Federal Reserve central banking cartel. These propagators of the "fiat money" trust have taken over the global economy by raiding the treasuries of the respected nations in which these interlopers have established themselves, while furtively destroying the need for intensive labor in what were once major economic powers such as the United States.

As such, the next decade in this country may end up making Dicken's "Hard Times" seem like a fairytale.

Pontiac Silverdome May Sell For 1% Of Its Construction Cost!

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