Monday, November 16, 2009

If Americans Fail To Fight To Preserve The Bill Of Rights They Will Lose Their Freedoms As A Result Of The 9-11 False Flag Operation & The Patriot Act

9-11's Delayed Legacy - Cancer For Rescue Workers & No Aid From The U.S. Federal Government

"FBI/CIA PIMPS TRIED TO SHAKE ME DOWN" -- Robin Head, former Madam Whom The FBI Sent To Prison For 10 Years For Refusing To Rat Out Her Clients, States That The FBI & CIA Are Interested In Shaking Down Our Politicians In Order To Control Them

Blacklisted News - Independent Media For Independent Minds

"FBI Assholes Caught Spying On Teenage Girls Undressing In Changing Room" - Yet Another Reason Why This Gestapo/Predator Of A Crime Syndicate Should Be Abolished

FBI Agents That Spied On Martin Luther King Also Ran An Illegal COINTELPRO Operation Against The Omaha Two

FBI Creates Terrorists Through Its Entrapment Schemes - The Federal Bureau Of Entrapment by Paul Craig Roberts

"Welcome to the USSA: Between the FBI entrapping people like this, and having people pimp on their friends we're becoming a freaking police state. Bill of Rights? What Bill of Rights?"

    - The Democratic Underground Website

    Editor's Note: It would appear that Intel is again aggressively attempting to have this Website taken down. Such attempts have taken place repeatedly since I created this blog back in 2006 in order to document the crimes that my Family and person have been subjected to by the FBI, NSA and DHS.

    I created this Website after Intel succeeded in getting an Angelfire site that I had published a year earlier taken down, under the pretext that the site was in violation of Angelfire's terms of service - a convenient loophole for Intel to use anytime they seek to violate the 1ST Amendment rights of one of their victims.

    And when I say that the FBI has repeatedly lied in regard to its slanderous attack against this author, I do so knowing that the FBI is attempting to demonize my person in order to exculpate themselves from the most treasonous and outrageous attacks on the U.S. Bill of Rights in American history. The fact that these agents would even attempt to justify egregiously violating the civil rights of any citizen, while covering up for their own outrageous crimes, is typical of the cowardly mindset of the Intel community, and their refusal to take responsibility for their own actions.

    Moreover, their vicious abuse of this author's Family is yet a further indication of the "scheming nature" of these agents, and their fear of being prosecuted for these crimes.

    There is also no doubt that these agents will attempt to fabricate information as well as witnesses if they believe that they are in serious jeopardy of being prosecuted for their crimes against this author and his Family, and will attempt to corrupt anyone whom they can use for such illicit purposes, through their use of the very coercive tactics (blackmail) which they use to victimize our society.

    Furthermore, the FBI's aggressive organized stalking campaign against this author is now well into its sixth year, and as is always the case around the turn of the "new year," the psychological warfare campaign which Intel wages against this author becomes even more aggressive and outrageous than it is during the rest of the year. I expect the same to be true in the coming year, and as I have stated in the past, will defend my inherent rights as an American citizen against this egregious and treasonous attack on the U.S. Bill of Rights.

    And regardless of what the cost may be. Americans have become far too complacent over the past Century in allowing our elected representatives to take control of our nation, which the American middle class is now suffering terribly and unfairly for.

    Something must be done to return this nation to the Constitutional Republic that it was before the Zionist controlled House Of Rothschild began their conspiratorial campaign (via the Federal Reserve System) in which to destroy the United States of America.

    It is time for the American people to fight for their rights as American citizens, and to enforce the United States Constitution, since this government has abjectly failed to do so. This fraudulent war on terror perpetrated by the PNAC/Bush Administration and carried over into the Obama Administration, is an Illuminati controlled false flag operation being used in which to destroy our rights as Americans; one which we should not tolerate under any circumstances.

    Another Electronic Attack By Intel Against This Author

    Another sexual assault by way of NSA satellite deployed weaponry. Early this morning this author was sexually assaulted via electronic means, via NSA satellite and electromagnetic weapons. This author has experienced a myriad of such DEW (directed energy weapons) attacks against my person for the past two decades, which include everything from the sexual assaults to interference with my ability to breathe; as well as heart arrhythmia's being created via such remote means. The NSA can access any part of the body, including every portion of the human brain. The sexual aspect of these attacks (which is tantamount to a remote form of electronic rape) has been documented by a myriad of men, women and children being targeted for government sanctioned non consensual human experimentation.

    Many adults targeted for non consensual human experimentation experience an artificial form of sexual arousal as a result of having the portion of their brains which controls libido remotely influenced. Given that an agency like the NSA has the ability to use its satellite array in which to electronically attack the mind of any person being targeted by such Orwellian technology, these organizations are capable of committing a myriad of crimes via the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum with complete impunity. So is it any wonder why they would demonize those of us whom they have committed such outrageous crimes against?

    The end result is that the government denies that such atrocities are taking place, and instead attempts to paint those being targeted for such outrageous crimes as being mentally ill. Oftentimes these targets will also be portrayed by Intel as being criminals, when in fact they have no criminal records to speak of. What is clear here is that it is these government agencies who are operating criminally, and seeking to demonize those whom they commit such terrible crimes against.

    Especially when federal agents use the classified technology available to their own agencies in which to commit these crimes under the color of law. Crimes which Intel agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA are notorious for perpetrating clandestinely against the American people.

    There is no rule of law in what these agencies are doing. Unless one refers to the law of the jungle.

    Moreover, the agents involved in these hideous crimes must be brought to justice no matter what the cost involved in doing so, for any government agent who believes that it is within their authority to electronically enter and interfere with the thoughts of any citizen is not just criminal in such activities, but inherently EVIL.

    This is not about formalized religion or the implicit fear of some God; this is about the Constitutional rule of law having been completely disregarded by those who have been appointed to enforce this rule of law, while using religion as yet another angle in which to brainwash the public. This while demonizing those whom these agents have committed the most serious violations of human rights against.

    Furthermore, because of the criminal use of the very spy satellite networks being used by government agencies in which to destroy the inherent protections guaranteed to all Americans under the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, these global satellite networks themselves must now be seen for the evil which they represent, and dismantled for the preservation of humankind.

    For if these spy satellite networks continue to propagate as they are at present, the entire concept of human privacy will remain as nothing more than an illusion, since any person on this planet can be tracked by way of their body's own unique electromagnetic frequency, while being subjugated to the electronic invasion of their minds.
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