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When Getting Your Message Out Regarding The Crimes Of Organized Stalking & Electronic Harrassment Make Certain To Do So Legally

"If the Intel community had their way they'd entrap every last civilian in the United States so that they could utilize them for their own covert operations. As it stands they seek to entrap our own elected officials whenever possible in order to control the way they vote. Which is why any legitimate Congressional investigation into the U.S. Intelligence community has become all but impossible."

- James F. Marino

Target Of Electronic Harassment/Organized Stalking

COINTELPRO Type Stings Are Unconstitutional & Must End!

Beware Of Entrapment Schemes

*Editor's Notation:

Regarding the Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance activist Group's suggestion in their recent newsletter, for targets of electronic harassment and organized stalking crimes to place bumper stickers on public property: This is not recommended since these organized stalking groups are looking for ways in which to entrap TI's. Placing bumper stickers on public (or private) property without the permission of town officials (in the case of the public property) or the owners of private property, may subject those TI's who do so to fines, or even arrest for defacing this property.

Remember that these miscreants are looking to *entrap you, so don't give them a reason for doing so. For example, placing a bumper sticker on a park bench may seem benign enough, however, technically anyone who does so can be charged with defacing public property.

*Actually, their real goal is to murder you with plausible denial, which is why they resort to the complex military psychological warfare operations that they are Illegally deploying against the TI community. Once you are locked away and out of the public eye those who are perpetrating these crimes can then finish you off so that your death will be reported as a suicide. The reported suicides which are said to take place in prisons and mental institutions are in large part murders made to appear as suicides. Dr. Bruce Ivins , the FBI's last scapegoat in regard to the anthrax mailings which took place shortly after the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, was setup by the FBI for such covert murder. The FBI first deployed psychological warfare on Dr. Ivins, when their case against Dr. Steven Hatfield went out the window. And when Ivins finally cracked under the stress of this vicious attack, he was then quickly incarcerated into a psychiatric facility where his death from a reported suicide occurred soon after.

The FBI quickly jumped on this "opportunity" in which to state that Ivins was the anthrax mailer, and that they had been about to arrest him when he killed himself. Extremely convenient for the FBI, and just another of the Bureau's outrageous lies. If given enough time the FBI could have * fabricated enough information to demonize Ivins even more than they did. However, they sought to expedite the situation when Ivins broke down under the stress of the psywarfare operations against him, and gave the FBI a golden opportunity to murder him, once he was incarcerated in a mental facility.

*As they have done with this author

Intel operatives who infiltrate activist groups which they are seeking to neutralize will often suggest doing something which is questionable (or even illegal), in order to entrap legitimate members of these groups. Once they've entrapped you, they own you, and your use in such activist groups will become nothing more than as a provocateur which serves the interests of these Intel agents. There is absolutely no doubt that many organizations that were created to expose the crimes of electronic harassment and organized stalking have been infiltrated with just such operatives, whose talents as chameleons enable them to convince legitimate members of these groups that they are well intentioned; when in reality, they clearly are not.

It also pays to remember that we are living in a police state now, where the norms of justice have been greatly perverted to the point were the Constitutional rule of law is virtually non existent. This is the last stage of the Illuminati's destruction of the United States Constitution. And the fact that Intel agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS would even attempt to justify the outrageous spying and subterfuge that they are in the commission of is only further proof that these so called agents of the U.S. Federal Government have become henchmen of the New World Order -- there is no longer even a semblance of Constitutionality in their actions, which include the torture and murder of American citizens.

As a legitimate target of these crimes, if you want to get your message out to the public via bumper sticker, place those bumper stickers where they belong. The rear bumpers of your automobiles. This way there's less chance that the local cops will harass you (we know that the police are in on these organized stalking crimes and that they've even attacked other officers who've in the past refused to take part in them). Under the New World Order, Intel's use of the police is to lay in wait until these groups of organized stalkers can harass a targeted individual to the point where they commit an act which the police can then be called in to make an arrest for (or to find a plausible reason in which to commit the person to a psychiatric facility). Some of the best street theater this author has seen to date has been from the police, who act not as legitimate law enforcement, but as aiders and abettors to these dastardly crimes.
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