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Terror Suspect Says He Was Sexually Abused By Three FBI Agents -- The FBI's Predators Continue To Violate Basic Human Rights

Further Indictments Of The U.S. Federal Garbagement(SIC)

Editor's Note: FBI agents continue to collude with the NSA in which to covertly torture this author by way of directed energy weapons. This in conjunction with years' worth of daily psychological operations. In addition to this, the FBI continues to wage an abjectly illegal smear campaign against my person, so outrageous, that it has now clearly set yet a new precedent in the violation of one's Constitutional protections under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

The FBI and NSA are operating illegally.

The FBI is also fabricating evidence in this smear campaign, which is why there is no judicial due process of law. The FBI has also engineered this situation so that they can covertly propagate this smear campaign without ever being challenged in a legal setting. And it is clear that if the FBI were in a legal setting, any truthful testimony in regard to these crimes would result in the indictments of the agents involved in this attack.

That, or they would perjure themselves as they have a history of doing in U.S. Courts of law. What continues to be problematic for the FBI is that their violations of the law are so egregious in this situation, that they must now rely only on their fabrications.

For example, if the FBI has conducted an illegal campaign of surveillance against this author (they certainly have), the agents involved could be indicted for having done so. Furthermore, if the FBI has engaged in the use of classified directed energy weaponry in which torture this author, whom they continue to illegally surveille (once again, they most certainly have), this, too, would result in indictments of the agents who've taken part in such acts of despicable cruelty.

Moreover, if the FBI has used coercion in which to threaten legitimate witnesses to these crimes into remaining silent (again, they have done so - Especially with this author's Family members), these agents could also be indicted on these additional charges as well.

And to say the least, in their conspiratorial attack on this author, the FBI and NSA have engaged in such outrageous crimes for many years, and are now doing everything possible in which to obscure these crimes through the creation of a smear campaign which has been designed as nothing more than an expensive and desperate smokes screen.

As for a list of crimes, the FBI/NSA collusion to deny this author and his Family our Constitutionally protected rights is not only extremely lengthy, but also growing by the day. Moreover, as for the dupes who are being used by these Intel agencies in which to furtively add to these crimes (there are many of you and you know who you are), time will prove that you have been misled by these agencies, and that the crimes that I have documented in regard to their attacks on my person are not only true - they are in fact amongst the worst crimes ever perpetrated by the U.S. Federal Government in the history of this country!

Specifically, the FBI's attacks are taking place completely outside the rule of law. And as such, the FBI can no longer maintain any claim that it supports and defends the United States Constitution. Furthermore, the FBI's guerrilla tactics in its attacks on this author and his Family constitute an entirely new set of abuses, which include but are not limited to the use of computer to brain interfacing of our persons. Such use of these weapons is further proof that these agencies have denied us our right to legal counsel. And we have never even been arrested or charged with crimes!!!

This outrageous abuse has now created a watershed event in this country, as this author indicts the FBI and NSA in the most despicable violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights ever before documented.

I also say to the FBI and NSA, you are LIARS who have wantonly disregarded the rule of law in this country, and are now acting pathetically in your desperate attempts to justify these horrendous crimes, while using the IDIOT mainstream media in which to obscure what you have done. Crimes which include the covert attempted murder of this author.

Moreover, the fact that the FBI and NSA would even attempt to justify decades' worth of illegal daily spying in the most abject violations of the 4TH Amendment ever documented, and without having ever obtained legitimate indictments, is proof that these so called agencies were never conducting a legitimate investigation of this author to begin with, but instead perpetrating a criminal conspiracy in which to violate my rights as an American citizen.

As for their demonization and dehumanization of my person, this is typical of what these agencies of the U.S. Federal Garbagement (SIC) do when they have been discovered by their victims, and can no longer operate with anonymity. Those who are targeted for these vicious and depraved crimes are quickly made into pariahs so that those perpetrating these egregious crimes can avoid being prosecuted for them. It is a clear instance of federal agencies demonstrating their belief to be above the rule of law. Something which has characterized the Intelligence community within the United States since its inception.

From my own personal standpoint as a target of those within Intel who've committed these crimes against my person under the color of law, these agents can take the Patriot Act and stick it where the sun don't shine! Because they are using this God damn piece of treasonous legislation in which to strip the American people of their rights as citizens. The FBI and NSA in particular have established new lows in their use of psychotronic weaponry in which to attack the minds of those whom they target, while perpetrating crimes of sadism that last until the persons being targeted have either ended their lives or been murdered by these Nazi indoctrinated goon squads of complete lunatics.

In perpetrating such acts against this author, the FBI and NSA have now violated the inherent rights of every member of this author's Family, in addition to dozens of other persons whom these agencies have illegally spied upon over the years. So is it any wonder why the U.S. Federal Government would now be forced to cover up for these monsters and their pernicious operations?

It's bad enough that through their brainwashing tactics these warts on the American landscape have driven many of my own Family members to the brink of their own sanity!

Agents who cannot indict you in criminal behavior, so they utilize psychological warfare in an attempt in which to force you into the commission of crimes.

And the mere fact that these agencies continue to operate covertly in which to demonize this author, is further proof that they never had any legitimate case to begin with, and that this ongoing atrocity of injustice which they have subjected us to is further proof of this.

Keeping this in mind, exactly what are federal agencies doing spying on American citizens who have no criminal records, and who have committed no federal crimes? This is just one in a myriad of questions that the FBI cannot answer honestly, because this too would implicate the NSA and FBI in a criminal conspiracy waged against this author.

And of course, if the FBI had any legitimate grounds in which to indict this author or any of his Family members, such indictments would have taken place decades earlier. However, it is the agents involved in this egregious injustice who should be indicted for such collusive efforts in which to protect their own criminal cohorts. Back stabbing, torturous, murderous rat bastards that they are. They have tortured and murdered many of their own former peers in the past who attempted to expose their crimes.

What the FBI and NSA have done here STINKS! And there is nothing legal in regard to the pathetic cover up that they are presently waging. One which depends on the murder of this author, because I was never supposed to learn that these agencies had targeted me for both illegal surveillance as well as a modern day version of MKUltra. However, through a number of serendipitous events I have learned the truth in regard to the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations, and short of death, will stop at nothing to ensure that every person on this planet learns of these outrageous deceptions of basic human rights for themselves; including government agencies who've committed more murders than all of the organized crime families combined; organizations which these agencies have in a number of well known cases used to eliminate those being targeted for COINTELPRO type operations.

Moreover, the FBI's latest smear tactics against this author offer further proof of this. And it is the completely underhanded ways in which the FBI is operating which leads me to believe that this so called agency is fabricating information to serve its own interests, while deliberately omitting exculpatory information which will serve to prove that this author has documented the most outrageous violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights in the history of the United States.

As such, the FBI's demonic tactics continue to indict these reprobates as the treasonous filth that they are. And their deliberate attempts in which to completely avoid answering any questions in regard to their own outrageous crimes, continues to serve as further evidence that these agents have placed themselves in a box, in which the Constitutional rule of law will only serve to further indict them in their own criminality. These agents are criminals and they are pathological liars. And they haven't a chance in hell of ever obtaining a legitimate indictment on this author or his Family, or they would have done so long ago.

And from the article below, many of these so called federal "protectors" of society are also nothing but sexually degenerate perverts who use a variety of means in which to perpetrate their crimes. I found this out several years ago, having been sexually assaulted on myriad occasions by the refuse at the NSA who use DEW weaponry in which to attack any part of the human body. And there are many men, women and even young children who've also been sexually assaulted by members of the U.S. Intel community, who've targeted these citizens for such abhorrent crimes.

Source: RussiaToday Website:

Terror suspect: Women abused me
February, 2009, 22:37

An alleged terrorist captured in the aftermath of the Mumbai bombings has blamed a three-member FBI team from the U.S. of sexually harassing him during an interrogation.

Terror suspect Faheem Ansari leveled sexual harassment allegations against a female FBI agent who he claims interrogated him in Mumbai.

Ansari, who is currently in the custody of the Mumbai Crime Branch, had his lawyer, Ejaz Naqvi, file the complaint before an Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate alleging that a female FBI agent, who had interrogated him, had “sexually harassed him all through the night.”

Faheem had been interrogated by three FBI officers in which one of them, a lady officer, had sexually abused him,” Naqvi told the court. Naqvi alleged that the “white woman” and two other foreigners sexually abused him, leaving bruises on his genitals.

The complaint also made a request for Faheem to be sent for a medical checkup as he has developed “itches and wounds in his private parts and all over his body”.

In court, Naqvi did not elaborate on the nature of the “sexual harassment.” But speaking to reporters outside court, he said that when he met his client in the police lock-up, Faheem had said the woman agents, in the course of the interrogation, showed him obscene pictures and videos.

“I suspect the woman was from the FBI,” said Naqvi, adding that Ansari claims the involvement of pornographic movies, as well as serious foreplay.

Ansari, a devout Muslim, believes that the whole incident amounts to torture because it is forbidden by Islam, his religion.

However, given the notorious incidents at Abu Ghraib in which women officers were found to have abused Iraqi male prisoners, Ansari has made a potentially serious charge.

Background Information on Ansari

Faheem Ansari, a suspect in the Mumbai attacks that killed 173 people last November, was arrested along with five other suspects. Police say Ansari has confessed to performing reconnaissance for Lashkar-e-Taiba, the terrorist group that conducted the deadly attacks.

Ansari and his alleged associate, Sabauddin Ahmed, are in the custody of the Crime Branch until February 17. The agency is investigating whether the duo were responsible for providing data regarding locations targeted by terrorists during the Mumbai attacks.

Both were arrested in 2008 in connection with the 2007 New Years Eve attack on a CRPF camp in Rampur in Uttar Pradesh.

However, 35-year-old Ansari had told his interrogators that he was asked by Pakistan's ISI to identify all the locations on that were later terror targets.

The FBI has questioned Mohammad Ajmal Amir Iman Kasab, the lone Lashker-e-Taiba militant involved in the November 26 terror strikes, for over nine hours to ascertain his role and who his handlers were in Pakistan.

Ansari also reportedly told his interrogators that he was shown Mumbai in the Google earth map and was asked to point out important places in Mumbai. The incident occurred at Baitul Mujahideen camp, located near Shivai Nallah in Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir.

Fahim added that his camp commander, identified as Kahafa, was keen to know about the availability of taxis near DGP's office, the height of the airport wall, wire fencing and the location of the aircraft runway from the nearest building.

Faheem Not In Touch With Family

Family members of alleged terrorist Ansari revealed that he had not been in touch with his family during the past year and the family had planned to lodge a missing person's complaint with Dubai police.

However, Faheem's eldest sister-in-law, Saba Ansari, told Mid-Day newspaper that he has been framed. Saba also added that she was not sure what “the arrested persons’ face. Moreover, the claims of him being a Pakistani are baseless,” Saba said.

The family has lived in Motilal Nagar, Goregaon, near Mumbai, for the past 40 years. “Our family is one of the respected ones in the area,” she added.

Ansari, who lived together with family members, including his five elder brothers, worked at Al Biladh printing press in Dubai. Seeking a better life, he had gone to Dubai to join one of his brothers in the printing business.

FBI Has No Right To Interrogate, Says Terrorist

Ansari, who had earlier filed an application seeking action against the city police for allegedly allowing the FBI to interrogate him, has now turned to the Mumbai High Court seeking an order to restrain the US agency.

The Crime Branch will have to file their reply on whether any foreign investigating agencies like the FBI had been allowed to interrogate the accused during the investigation of the terror attacks.

The lawyer has contended that there was no legal provision that allows foreign investigation agencies to interrogate persons arrested by the police in India.

“According to Indian law, no foreign agency can be allowed to interrogate an Indian suspect and we have sought relief from the court,” his lawyer Naqvi said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the U.S. investigating agency, is handling part of the probe due to the death of American citizens in the November 26-29 carnage in Mumbai.

The FBI has registered its involvement in the investigation of the Mumbai attacks, as U.S. laws require the agency to file charges in case of the death or torture of any American national outside the country.

Lawyer Says Ansari is Innocent

Naqvi says even if his client Ansari had prepared the maps, which the prosecution contended was given to LeT operatives, he was not aware of what it would be used for or its purpose.

“The one who made the maps is not the accused, the one who misused it should be the accused.” Naqvi added that the terror attack occurred in November and at that time his client was lodged in a jail in Uttar Pradesh.

“An accused cannot be tried in two different cases in different states. It amounts to double jeopardy. Faheem is at present in judicial custody in the UP case and also here he is in police custody. We will approach the High Court objecting to this,” Naqvi said in a statement.

A Possible Attempt To Derail Investigation?

Pradeep Samant, a High Court lawyer from Mumbai believes that the bizarre allegations could be an attempt by Ansari to derail the investigation. “I believe such acts are merely done to evoke public sympathy.”

“The allegations against the FBI are serious and it is only later that they may be proven. But right now they are serving the purpose of shifting the attention from the actual case,” Samant added.

When asked about the possible aftermath of this case, Samant said it is the first time the FBI has been involved such a case. “Right now Indian law is not capable of dealing with it and we might need special laws to tackle the case.”

Samant, who practices criminal law, also said that Indian law does not allow foreign investigating agency, such as the FBI, to interrogate Indian suspects. “It is against the law.”

Bhawna Sharma, another lawyer from Delhi, said “I am not aware of any such incident earlier in India where an accused has blamed a foreign investigating officer of sexual harassment. Had this case been in the U.S., the accused would have sued the officer and won huge amounts of money in lawsuits. But since the nationalities are in conflict here, we will have to wait and watch.”

Sharma also added that sexual harassment in Indian law is dealt with using labor laws and most cases in India have been filed by women victims. This case comes under “Third party harassment” – where sexual harassment occurs as a result of an action or mission by any third party or outsider, employer or person in charge will take all necessary and reasonable steps to assist the affected person in terms of support and preventive action.

In India, it has been only six years since sexual harassment was recognised as a human rights violation by The Supreme Court as well as a gender based systematic discrimination that affects a woman’s Right to Life and Livelihood.

“All laws in India related to sexual harassment refer to the word ”women.“ It's the first case where any male has filed such a complaint. We might need more laws about this,” Sharma added.

U.S. Law

In the United States, inmates and others held in custody have the right to sue, charging sexual harassment. The inmate could sue for damages under Federal statute 42 U.S.C. §1983. A lawsuit brought under this law is based upon a claim that a governmental entity deprived the individual of a constitutional right.

-- Nidhi Sharma for RT
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