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Dr. Les Dove Describes Quite Accurately How The Intelligence Community Illegally Targets Selected Citizens For Torture And Death - Acts Of Terrorism

Editor's Note: My blog continues to expose the egregious violations of the constitutional rule of law within the United States by the Intelligence community, in addition to the most horrible crimes against humanity ever documented; in particular, the use of computer to brain interfacing by the National Security Agency, whose operatives use NSA Signals Intelligence via the agency's Echelon spy network, to illegally track the unique EMF fields emanating from the brains of targeted subjects. These citizens are not only denied their constitutional protections under the United States Bill of Rights, they are covertly tortured (many have even been driven to suicide or murdered by way of directed energy weapon's attacks which are able to cause a myriad of conditions including cancers, aneurysms and fatal heart attacks).

This author continues to be targeted by the NSA and FBI for death. However, my accounts have become so well documented, that Intel has now been forced to wage a precedent setting demonization campaign against my person, in which these agencies have engaged in outright slander, coercion of family members, entrapment schemes, psychological warfare, and covert attempted murder of this author. In fact, their crimes have become so precedent setting, that the only way in which these agencies will ever see this author in a court of law, is if these government reprobates find themselves as defendants for these outrageous crimes; crimes in which they will coerce others into making false statements as well intimidating them into taking part in the Intel propagated psychological warfare campaign against my person.

Crimes which include the most egregious violations of the 4TH Amendment ever documented. The FBI and NSA have instead, chosen to manipulate this situation so that they can avoid the due process of law, making whatever statements they want, while never being challenged in a legal setting. This is indicative of the Totalitarian police state that the United States has become since the attacks on 9-11-2001 (and passage of the Constitution raping Patriot Act), where there is no longer any rule of law in how these Zionist controlled agencies are operating.

I cite the following chapter in Dr. Les Dove's excellent book "The Torture Report," because I have been targeted for the exact types of psychological operations which Dr. Dove describes below. He is also a TI, who's been illegally targeted for such "neutralization tactics" for many years. There is no longer any question that those of us who are being illegally targeted by these Intel agencies are in a fight for our lives, as this covert terrorism against our persons and the fundamental rule of law continues unabated.

A government agency that would illegally spy into your home for decades on end without a warrant is a threat to every citizen in your country. A federal agent who would use an agency's resources and funds in which to wage their own personal vendetta against you is not only a criminal, but also anathema to the Constitutional rule of law.

You can read "The Torture Report" in its entirety here:

The Torture Report By Dr. Les Dove

The following two chapters have been excerpted from "The Torture Report." And it is strongly recommended that anyone targeted for the crimes of illegal mind control experimentation and organized stalking read this fundamental primer on the genesis of these crimes, in order to have a better understanding of how the U.S. Federal Government and British Government are deliberately violating the inherent rights of their own citizens. If such egregious violations continue, the only logical recourse will be civil disobedience.

4-3 Assessing the plan

Once a particular plan of action has been finalized and is ready to be put into action nothing is left to chance. Governments simply cannot afford to engage themselves in repression and torture unless they are very sure they will get away with it. However, as reported by Hollingsworth and Norton- Taylor (9) "The intelligence services will do whatever they can get away with."

The writer's own experience in these matters is that when mistakes are made by the security forces and their goon squads it is nearly always due to their over-confidence. These people are often extremely arrogant and self-assured in manner, as Nazi types often are. They believe they own the world and everyone in it. Whatever, these first actions against a dissident are then all that is required before a full ongoing torture action against him/ or her, can begin. The only other consideration would be whether the full operational action against the dissident should be set in motion. This must be given serious thought by those directing the Psyop's team, for once the 'orders' have been given the dissident has in reality all but been sentenced to death.

4-4 Implementing the action

Once Britain's MI-5 torture department has sanctioned a torture order, a complete action against the dissident begins.

Note: In the United Kingdom no official sanction by a government minister is necessary for the security services to begin a torture action against a dissident. The British security services are, unfortunately, a law unto themselves. British politicians in particular are easily deceived by the security services and are thought to be all but totally ignorant - or pretend to be, of cases concerning 'security torture actions against dissidents.' Whatever the case may be, after being sanctioned by MI-5 or Special Branch the action against a dissident will then be carried out in stages and to a carefully set pattern. Every detail of the operation will have been well prepared and nothing will have been overlooked.

Whether the dissident lives alone, or with others, makes little difference at this stage of the operation. Though, by this time, it is probable that the dissidents who have been targeted by Psyop's are already living alone. Dissidents are by nature usually very determined people. They have a strong will power and are strong
psychologically. Their families, however, are not always so, by the time dissidents have been targeted for total ‘neutralization’ by Psyop's they are usually living alone.

Many writers also tend to live alone because of their work. However, some dissidents do, of course, live with family, friends or lovers. Nevertheless, because of the psychological pressures put upon them by the security forces - and their goon-squads, these relationships may soon quickly break down as the torture team begins to repress and torture the dissident. Thus, the breaking up of personal relationships is simply the first part of the Psyop's 'softening up' process.

The action against the dissident is now developing as follows:

1. The dissident is denigrated, smeared and discredited wherever possible.

2. This will bring about social isolation, ridicule and provocation by security 'stooges' on a daily basis.

3. This will lead to 'internal exile' the effects of which are well documented by the Rehabilitation and Research Center for Torture Victims (RCT) in Denmark. (35)

4. Security forces will inform anyone who may come into contact with a dissident to denigrate and abuse him in any way possible. They will also be told to use the term 'communist' and 'subversive' when referring to the
dissident in any way.

5. Security 'goons' will in public use much verbal abuse against the dissident. They will also try to provoke him in physical confrontations in attempts to criminalize him.

6. If the dissident has a job his/her employer will be contacted by security and he will either lose that job or their work will be made much more difficult (9). If the dissident is self-employed his/her customers will be contacted by security and ‘persuaded’ to take their business elsewhere. (10)

7. The dissidents phone, fax and mail and e-mail, will be monitored around the clock. Messages will fail to get through and their phone line will suffer from many disruptions.

8. The dissident will suffer much abuse from his ‘neighbors’. There will be many 'noise' problems and 'sleep deprivation' will undoubtedly become a daily part of the actions being taken against him.

9. The dissident's property will be entered and damaged on a regular basis whenever the dissident leaves it. His personal property, documents, electronic devices, etc, will be stolen or damaged. Money will also be taken and the dissident’s car will be damaged and sabotaged.

10. No matter what locks are installed on a dissident’s apartment, or house, the security services are always able to get inside. Having done so, one of the many things they often do is to get into a dissidents computer and alter or delete any files there. This has happened to me many times. They also damage some computers in various ways.

As time progresses, just a few days - or weeks at the most, the dissident will be under no illusion that the pattern of their life is rapidly changing. They will quickly notice that the attitude of people who were once friendly towards them has changed dramatically. There will be much hostility directed at them, sometimes even from people they considered their close friends.

As a result, the dissident will, naturally enough, become confused and upset. More so as nobody will have told the dissident the real reason for this change in attitude towards him. The dissident will then be left with a constant anxiety he cannot alleviate. Gradually this in turn will result in chronic stress. He will be unable to concentrate properly and proper sleep will evade him. His work suffers and he will begin to get severe headaches and other disorders.

In effect, the dissident's personality has already begun to change in response to the new environment surrounding them. Soon they will be totally stressed out as they become upset more restless and angry at a situation that is totally beyond their control. This process of change within the dissidents will now also begin to alter their daily habits and their personalities to a degree they could never before have imagined.

The Psyop's torture team will note every single detail of these personality changes and they will be exacerbated wherever possible. For most people their home is their refuge. When friends, work and so on, get them down they can return home and relax. Home is where people unwind from the day's stresses, where their mind can be eased into a restful state and where they can just be themselves away from the cares of the world. Home is where all animals, human or otherwise, can recuperate in order to face another day. Home is not a luxury. Home is a necessity for peace of mind, and the recuperation of the body.

However, in a police state, and during an action against them, dissidents are totally denied the benefits their homes should allow them. Indeed, the Psyop's torture team makes very sure that dissidents receive no peace of mind whatsoever. For their job is to make sure that the dissident cannot recover from the actions being taken against him. They do this by turning the dissident's home into what can only be called a torture chamber.

Sleep deprivation has long been used as a weapon by the security forces (11). Keeping prisoners constantly awake for long periods of time soon reduces them to a very pitiful state of mind.

This particular method of torture is fully used against dissidents inside their homes as they discover they suddenly have 'new neighbors' - and these really are the neighbors from hell.

For these new neighbors are an essential part of the torture team, and they will fit neatly into whatever neighborhood the dissident lives in. The difference being that these 'goons' will become very troublesome indeed, particularly if the dissident lives in an apartment. Banging doors and loud music being played throughout the day and night will just be a prelude to the ‘goons’ actions against their target.

Other actions against him/or her will be committed on a daily basis and they will include; stalking, damage to cars and property, burglary, theft of all kinds, and various petty assaults against his person.

These assaults are attempts to provoke dissidents into making some kind of physical retaliatory action against them. These attempts at provoking and criminalizing the dissident are a common feature during actions against targets.

Any efforts on the part of the dissident to counter these violations against them and their property will be met with hostility and derision by those to whom they complain. Indeed, it is the dissident 'targets' themselves whom will be labeled as the 'real troublemakers.' They will also be vilified as being 'communists' in attempts to justify the actions being taken against them.

Trying to 'move away' from home and live somewhere else - anywhere else in the same country would be pointless. Psyop's and their goon squads would simply follow the dissident wherever he/or she went.

Simply moving house is also no solution to the dissident's problems, so the dissident will be forced to remain where they are in a constantly disturbed frame of mind twenty-four hours a day, which of course is the intention of security. The continuous harassment and provocation is simply an integral part of the
action being taken against dissidents. Who may then quite naturally develop a paranoid state of mind? (An acute form of paranoid disorder brought about by an abrupt shift in occupation or in living conditions.)

Being outside their homes also offers no relief to dissidents. For again 'goon squads' follow them, stalking them wherever they may go, constantly trying to provoke them as they try to incite other people to do the same. Wherever the dissident goes he/she will be under constant pressure to defend them self.

In so doing, a constant flow of adrenaline is being pumped into their bloodstream, for the dissident quite naturally believes that he, or she, may be attacked and injured at any moment. Adrenaline is nature's way of preparing the body to defend itself against any possible attack. Adrenaline in small amounts is the body's own natural stimulant and in small doses it is quite harmless. However, large amounts of adrenaline induced into the human system become a poison. It can also bring on severe headaches and other trauma.

Note: The overproduction of Adrenaline, also called Epinephrine, may also 'turn off' the digestive system, the reproductive system and indeed lead to a breakdown of the entire human system.

The social isolation of torture victims may also lead to a twofold increase in probable heart attack. Source: UK Equinox. TV Channel 4 7pm. 15/9/96 The latter is simply one of the reasons why Psyop's torture teams make very sure that dissidents will continually be subjected to all kinds of vindictive pressures that undoubtedly will introduce very large amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream. Indeed, this kind of 'pressure' will be applied against the dissident every single time that he or she leaves their 'home.'

In addition to this type of harassment, persecution and assault from MI-5 and Special Branch agent’s the targeted dissidents will also be subjected to the same kind of 'treatment' from local political stooges, the intention being to increase the already tremendous pressure on the dissident to either fight or
flee. These measures also act as a 'visible warning' should any other local people be tempted to dissent in any way.

However, even if the dissidents could physically retaliate in order to defend them self against that kind of persecution, neither they, nor anyone else, could do so every single day without sustaining grievous bodily injury.

It is simply not possible. So again, the dissidents will find them self in a no win desperate situation. And, of course, the dissident has nobody to complain to. Should anyone try to describe the kind of actions that have just been described to the police, they will, of course deny all responsibility, and simply say that the dissident is suffering from paranoia. Special Branch is the British secret police in any case so any complaints of torture directed at them are pointless and of no use whatsoever.

Accusations of a dissident suffering from paranoia is, of course, exactly the kind of condition security would want believed. For afterwards anything that the dissident says has happened to him / or her would simply be put down to a 'persecution complex.' ‘Security’ can then change or label that purported condition into anything they want it to mean, which can then result in British dissidents being railroaded into mental institutions by their secret police.

This happened to George Farquhar, who then ran the excellent Freedom Network Web site that widely exposed the political corruption in Britain, just as I had so many years before. This kind of repression is still happening to other British dissidents just as it did to many Russian political dissidents years ago.

Note: Dissidents in the UK will in any case almost certainly be accused of paranoia as a part of the actions taken against them by the security services. Researchers on this particular subject may also have similar charges leveled against them.

As the action taking place against the dissident moves steadily along, it is then increased as the process of breaking the dissident continues unabated until a 'personality disintegration', which means changing the dissident's thoughts and personality into whatever the Psyop's department would like them to be, has been accomplished.

Security has more than enough time until this eventuality is brought about, for the dissident is by this time 'locked in.' He or she has been totally isolated. The dissident has no one to turn to for help, and they have nowhere to go. There is no safe heaven for him/her not even in their own home.

Slowly but surely, the dissident is being worn down as their entire system begins to disintegrate under all the pressures that have been carefully built up around them and applied for twenty-four hours a day. Indeed, most people would already be on the verge of a severe nervous breakdown, and undoubtedly many of them would breakdown completely. Many ‘targets’ are thought to have been driven into committing ‘suicide’ by British security forces. Those that had not become broken human beings would probably be placed in ‘accident’ situations and killed by ‘security’ therefore becoming permanently ‘neutralized’.

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The Torture Report By Dr. Les Dove
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