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Tax Protestors Wrongly Incarcerated For A Non Crime -- The American People Must Never Be Allowed To Forget Ed & Elaine Brown

The Browns' Last Video Before Being Wrongfully Imprisoned

"To further confuse the American people and blind them to the real purpose of the proposed Federal Reserve Act, the architects of the Aldrich Plan, powerful Nelson Aldrich, although no longer a senator, and Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank, set up a hue and cry against the bill. They gave interviews whenever they could find an audience denouncing the proposed Federal Reserve Act as inimical to banking and to good government. The bugaboo of inflation was raised because of the Act's provisions for printing Federal Reserve notes. The Nation, on October 23, 1913, pointed out, 'Mr. Aldrich himself raised a hue and cry over the issue of government 'fiat money,' that is, money issued without gold or bullion back of it, although a bill to do precisely that had been passed in 1908 with his own name as author, and he knew besides, that the 'government' had nothing to do with it, that the Federal Reserve Board would have full charge of the issue of such moneys."

Ed & Elaine Browns' Quest For Justice Against The IRS

At a time where the Constitutional rule of law has all but been destroyed in the United States, we must remember those who have been and continue to be wrongfully incarcerated for non crimes. Ed and Elaine Brown were found guilty of tax evasion when at least thirty other Americans have been found not guilty of the same charges. The difference in their trials was that the men and women who were found not guilty of tax evasion, were allowed to cite Supreme Court rulings from the late 19TH Century, stating that the wages of the American workers were to be considered private property and non taxable, and an early 20TH Century ruling in which the Supreme Court ruled that the 16TH Amendment did not give the Congress any new powers of taxation.

*Ed and Elaine Brown attempted to cite the same rulings, however the corrupt Judge presiding over their trial refused to allow the Browns' attorney to submit this evidence, and instead cited lower court rulings which were decided on after the Supreme Court ruling. There is a major problem with what this Judge and all others within the United States have done in allowing juries to convict American citizens of tax evasion. And that problem is that by law all lower court rulings must be in compliance with the Supreme Court. And the Supreme Court has already ruled that taxing the wages of the American worker is unconstitutional!

So how can the IRS arrest American citizens who refuse to pay a federal income tax on their wages, when the IRS has no legal authority in which to do so? And when the IRS' own tax code clearly states that paying a federal income tax on one's wages is voluntary compliance - meaning that as an American citizen, if you choose not to pay a federal tax on your earnings, you don't have to.

So why are Americans going to prison for tax evasion?

The U.S. Media system has deliberately failed to report on these victories against the IRS, because they were told not to for obvious enough reasons. For if the American people were to tune into a news broadcast only to be told of the men and women who have beaten the IRS in court, these citizens would immediately inquire as to the veracity of the IRS' claims to have the authority in which to impose a tax on their wages, while citing these landmark cases (including that of Whitey Harrel - the first American to beat the IRS in court when a jury refused to convict Harrel based on the fact that the IRS could produce no law authorizing it to impose a tax on the wages of the American workforce). Cases which were based on the fact that there is no law authorizing the IRS to impose a tax on the wages of the American worker.

This is a clear deception on the part of the United States Congress, which is aware of the IRS criminality, yet remains powerless under the present Illuminati control, to shut the IRS down (the IRS is a private corporation used in which to collect the federal income tax which is then sent directly to the Federal Reserve System). This tax is nothing more than class warfare - a redistribution of the wealth, in which the American middle class is prevented from ever obtaining any significant wealth.

The IRS and Federal Reserve System, therefore, are tools of the Illuminati elite, used to wage class warfare on the American middle class, in an attempt in which to drive them back into a state of fully indentured servitude.

There is now also documented proof that the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified by the required number of U.S. States, which means that the Amendment should be immediately repealed by the United States Congress. This would also rid the American people of the malevolent Internal Revenue Service.

The 16TH Amendment Was Never Properly Ratified

The U.S. Treasury Department and *FBI's use in arresting American citizens on charges of tax evasion is only further proof of how the Illuminati uses government agencies to commit their crimes under the color and cover of law. And what's worse is that exposing these crimes can result in those who do so being demonized by these government agencies via the U.S. Media, and even covertly tortured and murdered by these agents, who refuse to admit to their own culpability in these treasonous crimes. The IRS is not even a government agency, and can be found nowhere in the U.S. Treasury Department's own branches of government.

*A fact which the FBI has attempted to obscure in its own questionable existence is that the Bureau has never been chartered to operate within the United States; unlike some of its other Intel brethren, for example, the CIA and NSA - both of which are chartered to operate within this country - even though both agencies have a history of clearly exceeding the boundaries enforced by such charters.

This as the IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA and the rest of the Illuminati's alphabet agencies, chartered and otherwise, are used to commit covert forms of predation against the American people - in particular, the hard pressed middle class which is always forced to assume the burden of the Illuminati's elite class. The TARP program which was commenced under the Bush Adminstration, in which the American taxpayer is now being forced to foot the bill for the grandiose miscalculations of many American companies, is one of the best illustrations in regard to how the American Proletariat has no real elected representation in this country, and as such finds themselves subjugated to whatever these Illuminati controlled politicians decide to do.

The American middle class has no real voice in this country. They remain little more than indentured servants, who are always one step away from falling into that abyss created by the Illuminati, as a result of the latter's abject greed for power and wealth.

See: America From Freedom To Fascism

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