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FBI COINTELPRO Target Charles Amsellem On The FBI - The FBI: A Covert Terrorist Lackey Of The Illuminati Controlled Ultraclass

The Judi Bari Bombing Revisited - An FBI Disgrace

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FBI TerrorAuthor
charles amsellem

Date Created
01 Apr 2002

cartoon c 2002 by charles amsellem Posted in the spirit of solidarity with judi bari re: fbi terror. the text is my story...

When I lived in king county near Seattle in 1999/2000, agents of the fbi abducted me and subjected me to torture using hypnosis, electroshock and trauma based conditioning including multiple sexual assaults. They did this because I was inspired by the WTO's shutdown by the people and began to get more active and also, to protect the interests of the Walt Disney corporation and the Microsoft corporation. Also, I had been harassed by all of my former employers in the computer gaming industry and I was set to file complaints about them as well. I was fired from several jobs and moved from city to city as the harassment continued until Seattle.

My former employer in King County was Chris Taylor, of gas powered games, a contractor with the Microsoft corporation. I was doing 3d modeling and animation for gas powered's computer game. After he and his staff harassed me I was set to make complaints with the eeoc; there were immediate incursions into my home, i believe by the fbi and they sprayed my bed with mace or some other irritant that got me very sick and stole and then subsequently replaced items from my home to terrorise me. I got another gaming job in Canada and took it, in part to escape harassment. An agent I knew as Joel, who is from the Los Angeles office of the FBI, whom I recognize from previous years abducted me at my home when I was asleep along with other agents and subjected me to the above mentioned abuse. Joel personally sexually assaulted me many times.

In Canada, my bedding was once again sprayed with the same substance as before upon arrival via truck from King County. My employer was Steve Bergenholtz. After Steve's lying and breaking agreements with myself and the rest of the staff, I took part in an organizing effort with many of the other gaming artists on staff. He threatened to fire us if we did not submit to his demands and the RCMP and local London, Ontario police began incursions into my home. They left an effigy of a street fatality in my apartment outlined with my white clothing, erased my printer drivers from my computer, left threatening messages, and other abuses.

An officer of the RCMP gestured towards me with another agent that I would be stabbed and then Mr Bergenholtz handed me a contract to sign when I went in the office later. I did not sign the contract and quit in disgust the next day. Subsequently, the rcmp, Joel , and corporate thugs once again abducted me from my apartment when I was asleep and subjected me to torture again . I was going to sue Mr Bergenholtz for the $5500USD he owed me which he refused to pay. Other artists on staff were not paid what they were promised as well. A contract that I previously signed under duress still proved that he was a liar. It was backdated to a time that I was not even in the country and it would also have proven with bank statements that I did not get paid a $500 raise for one of the months that it was owed.

The rcmp and London police had me raped repeatedly until I signed another contract with Joel in attendance. That new contract was post dated to eliminate all of the above discrepancies. Subsequently, I was subjected to several sexual assaults, hypnotic trauma based conditioning, forced confessions about deeply personal subject matter, and I was forced to sign other contracts that I believe were bogus. There were several of these sessions over a period of several months.

Incidentally, both in King County and Seattle and under hypnosis there was a staged concerted effort to make me believe that this was an alien abduction rather than merely federal agents and local law enforcement. They repeatedly threatened me to get a job back into the corporate world and never tell anyone about what happened or I would be killed and/or jailed. I responded that I would expose their perfidy with my artwork to the best of my ability.

The above cartoon was created after I heard recently that the fbi was trying to broaden the scope of the term eco terrorism to make it a legal term that included posting stickers. I have posted on indymedia about this subject before as well as interacting with other victims of mind control. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of resistance and skepticism about the existence of mind control today and absolutely no willingness on the part of the apparatus of 'justice' to recognize the existence of the issue. I have found this video to be an excellent introduction:

I know fbi agent Joel because he infiltrated the JDL when I was unfortunately a member of the org at the age of 13 or 14. I repudiate the JDL and I am not interested in their antics but I believe that their current troubles with the fbi are a setup too. I have never seen any evidence that they were into bombs but that was twenty years ago. I was not in the JDL for very long at all and I was just a kid that didn't know any better. That unfortunate association was my intro into a long standing pattern of abuse that began with an unflattering rumor campaign about my sexuality and other false accusations. I don't believe in the JDL's position on anything and I think that they do more harm than good. I regret my association with that organization and I have not contacted them or associated with any of them since I left as a mere preteen twenty years ago.

I respectfully submit that the CIA, the FBI and the RCMP should disband. They should go the way of the HUAC (House Unamerican Activities Committee). That organization was dissolved after the general public was shown in time that, like an Orwellian doublespeak paradigm, they are in fact unamerican themselves. The HUAC's explicit contempt for the civil liberties of its citizenry and their right to freely associate and express their views was so evident that in time pressure was placed on congress to dissolve that odious organization.

The bombing of Judi Bari should indicate to people that the FBI is not concerned with law and order or the civil liberties "that make America a great country" but for unhindered commercial interests and the repressing of dissent and free association. Thankfully, even though there is a sad skepticism regarding mind control and thus, my and other victims' story, there is an ever growing groundswell of dissent against the corporate interests' hegemony over our lives and the environment. Judi Bari's case is a wonderful opportunity to bring the true nature of the FBI to light.
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