Friday, June 05, 2009

The Strecker Memorandum -- Proof That AIDS Is A Manmade Virus Created By The National Cancer Institute Under Dr. Robert Gallo

The Strecker Memorandum documentary to be accessed in the above video reveals to the public just how insidious the ideology of the military industrial intelligence complex is, when those within this Illuminati controlled complex would allow for the creation of weapons of mass genocide. These are the same creatures that spy into American homes via spy satellite networks like Echelon, while subjecting many American citizens to covert forms of torture (and even murder) via the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. This is happening to millions of Americans whose only recourse is to take to the Internet to document these crimes, in the face of adversity that is beyond what most people can imagine.

AIDS Is A Biological Weapon

In his book Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola, Dr. Len Horowitz documents irrefutable proof that the AIDS virus was created by the National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute Division, under Dr. Robert Gallo; and financed by the Pentagon. The Pentagon's interest here was in developing a biological weapon that could be used for the purpose of committing mass genocide.

The AIDS virus would later be used to target African Americans (as well as the blacks in South Africa) as well as the gay population in San Francisco, CA., and Manhattan, NY. In the United States, this crime against humanity was perpetrated by advertising Hepatitis B vaccine inoculations to the gay populations in both States. However, what these men received was not the Hepatitis B vaccine, but instead, the AIDS virus. Thus it was not long afterwards when they contracted AIDS. The spread of this retrovirus was propagated by way of both sexual transmission as well as its infiltration and contamination of the nation's blood supply when many of these men donated blood. A number of these men were also bisexual, which resulted in their spreading of AIDS to their female partners.

There is irrefutable proof that South Africans and Haitians were both targeted for AIDS by the Pentagon, likely having been infected with the virus through some type of ostensible vaccination program. This would explain the outbreaks of the virus in both countries.

Emerging Viruses AIDS & Ebola is a well written piece of investigative journalism which proves that the Pentagon was behind the creation of AIDS. Click on the following hyperlink to learn more about this mass government conspiracy, and abject deception of the American people.

Editor's Note: This author has in the past found the use of profanity in order to vent the tremendous rage that I experience as a target of psychological warfare to be very helpful. However, I have now made a solemn vow to myself to avoid the use of such profanity in the future ( a great challenge given the demonic attacks to which I am subjected each day). Taking such vows as this author has done in observing celibacy and vegetarianism are in my humble opinion the pathway to a higher sense of understanding.

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