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Why The CIA Was Really Created - And By Whom - The Money Laundering Machine The European Drug Trust Built Here In America

FBI/CIA Coverup Regarding Attacks On 9-11-2001

The Federal Reserve System
Is Not The Only Legitimized Money Launderer In America

The following has been excerpted from Eustace Mullins' shocking book on the American medical profession, entitled "Murder by Injection." This book is so frightening in regard to its factual reporting of the Illuminati's control over this drug trust, that it will completely change everything that you have known about the medical profession in the United States.

Excerpted From Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection"

"The emphasis on drugs and experimentation which originated with the German allopathic school of medicine, and which was brought to this hemisphere by Illuminati initiates such as Daniel Coit Gilman, was the first step in transforming the entire medical practice of the United States from a patient-oriented, healing process to a totally different approach, in which the patient became an instrument to be manipulated for the benefit of various other programs, mainly experimental science. This had been typified by Dr. J. Marion Sims, the 'mad doctor' responsible for setting up what is now the Rockefeller controlled Memorial Hospital Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York. This total commitment to 'Science' also guided and inspired the CIA drug programs, Projects Bluebird, Artichoke, MK Ultra, and MK Delta, in which some 139 drugs were used on unsuspecting victims, the substances abused including cannabis, LSD, Scopolamine, Sodium Amytal, Chloral Hydrate (the knockout drops of the Old West) ergot, cocaine, morphine and heroin.

"The CIA drug story begins in 1943, when the organization was still known as the OSS. A Dr. Albert Hoffman was experimenting in the Sandoz Laboratories in Switzerland (Sandoz was then controlled by the Warburg family). Although Sandoz had been manufacturing a substance known as LSD, or lysergic acid, since 1938, it had only been used in experiments with monkeys. A later form of this substance, LSD-25, produced amazing psychotropic effects, as Dr. Hoffman accidentally discovered, when he absorbed a small quantity of rye fungus, the base for the drug, while he was working. This happened during August of 1943, at the height of the Second World War. Dr. Hoffman later reported, 'There surged upon me an uninterrupted stream of fantastic images of extraordinary plasticity and vividness and accompanied by an intense kaleidoscopic-like play of colors... I thought I was dying or going crazy.' This was the first 'trip,' the precursor of millions of such experiences by drug cultists."

Author Eustace Mullins - "Murder By Injection"

The CIA - The Drug Trust's Worst Kept Secret?

"No chronicle of the world's important drug firms would be complete without relating the connection between drug firms and the world drug operations know as 'Dope, Inc.' It began with a small group of international financiers, headquartered in London, who officiated in the setting up of an 'American intelligence service, which was initially known as the Office of Strategic Services during World War II. This organization was set up under the close supervision of the British Intelligence Service and was later disbanded by President Truman, who was highly suspicious of its operations. The OSS then went underground at the State Department as a 'research group' working on 'behavioral theory.'

"It was led by Evron Kirkpatrick, whose wife, Jeane Kirkpatrick, is a director of the Rockefeller financed Trotskyite group, League for Industrial Democracy and who is frequently touted as 'a great anti-Communist,' the catch being that all good Trotskyites are vehemently opposed to the Moscow branch of the Communist Party. They still mourn the passing of their leader, Leon Trotsky, who was murdered by a Stalinist agent in Mexico City in 1940. The Kirpatrick group then resurfaced as 'the Central Intelligence Agency,' headed by Allen Dulles, a partner in the Schroder Bank, the bank which handled Adolph Hitler's personal bank account. Dulles' brother, John Foster Dulles, was then Secretary of State under President Eisenhower.

"Whatever interest the CIA may have had in 'intelligence,' it soon became clear that its primary interest was in the realization of the enormous profits to be made in the international dope trade. Because British fortunes in the early nineteenth century had been founded in this trade, it was logical that the SIS operatives who set up our OSS, later CIA, would have been programmed to go into this business. It later became known as the inside sobriquet, 'the Company, ' meaning of course, an enterprise in which one became engaged for profit. The excuse advanced to justify going into business was that a 'stingy' Congress refused to advance enough money to the CIA to finance its covert operations; therefore, a loyal CIA agent would do whatever possible to aid 'the Company' to raise funds needed for this work.

"In fact, some of its most active agents, such as Edwin Wilson, suddenly wound up owning six million dollar estates in the developing areas off the Washington Beltway, a certain indication that there was indeed a lot of money coming from somewhere. What is the *present magnitude of the CIA world drug operation?

*Editor's notation: The readers should keep in mind that this book was written in 1988. The CIA's drug trafficking operations rake in far more than the 1987 estimate in the following paragraph.

"Lt. Col. Bo Gritx, who has thirty years of distinguished service with the United Army Special Forces, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee International Narcotic Task Force that 90 tons of heroin and opium would enter the free world in 1987, the source being Southeast Asia and the Golden Triangle. Col. Gritz had been to Asia a number of times to confer with one of Asia's largest drug producers, Khun Sa. Khun Sa then laid the blame for the world drug operation squarely at the door of some well known CIA operatives, including Theodore Shackley, who served as chief of station for the CIA in Laos from 1965 to 1975. Khun Sa stated that Shackely had worked closely with Mao Se Hung, who was then the leading drug smuggler in Southeast Asia. Another colleagues of Shackley was a 'civilian ' named Santos Trafficante. Trafficante had long been a leading figure in the Mafia, and had been called before Congress to testify about a possible attempt on the life of Castro in Cuba.

"When the Communist regime took over, the Mafia lost an empire of gambling and prostitution in Havana and other cities. They sought revenge. Trafficante was commissioned by Meyer Lansky, the Moneybags of the Syndicate, to get rid of Castro. Whether the attempt failed, or as is more likely, the Mafia came to an understanding with Castro about the dope traffic, is not yet known. Trafficante then became heavily involved in the Pacific area of the drug traffic, becoming a go-between for the Nugan Hand operation, the drug bank in Australia and the Golden Triangle.

"Another prominent personality identified by Khun Sa others as active in the drug trade was Richard Armitage, whose drug operations began during the Vietnam War. He later moved to the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok. From 1975 to 1979, according to witnesses, he used his embassy position to carry on drug operations. He then left that post, establishing the Far East Trading Corporation in Bangkok. Armitage was later appointed by President Reagan as Assistant Secretary of Defense in charge of International Security Affairs, reporting directly to the Secretary of Defense, Casper Weinberger.

"Business tycoon Ross Perot then learned of Armitage's history. He went to the White House, demanding that Armitage be fired. He talked to George Bush, former head of the CIA, who gave him the brushoff by sending him to FBI Director William Webster (shortly afterwards, Webster was quietly appointed head of the CIA).

"Webster refused to act on Perot's complaints, which opened the door for his appointment to the CIA post. Meanwhile, Weinberger, fearful that the role of the Defense Department in the drug scandal was about to unfold, hastily resigned. He was succeeded by Frank Carlucci, who was then serving as National Security Advisor, and who was well versed in the entire operation. Carlucci,personally ordered Perot to drop his crusade against Armitage. Because Perot's fortune had been built on huge government contracts, he had no choice but to back off. Other personages involved were General Richard Secord, who surfaced as a figure in the Iran-Contra affair, who had boasted of flying plane loads of gold to Southeast Asia, to pay off the drug smugglers.

"The daytime soap opera known as the Iran-Contra affair was made to order for the secretive operative of the CIA. They delighted in leading the obtuse members of Congress on one wild goose chase after another, while the real story remained untold.It was chef's surprise, a culinary delight of drugs, the sale of arms to belligerents, and money, well seasoned with political sauce, stirred with various commitments to the state of Israel by leading Washington politicians, and topped with luscious Swiss bank accounts.

"In fact, the Iran Contra affair was the logical culmination of the longtime involvement of the Rockefeller interests and the Drug Trust in pro-Communist activity."

To read the rest of this chapter access the following Website and scroll down to page 170. Or even better, just print out the entire book and read it. You'll end up with greater insight into the egregious fraud that the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, and their drug trust partners have been committing for more than a Century.

Eustace Mullins "Murder By Injection" Here
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