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The Hidden EVIL Behind The NSA's Signals Intelligence Operations - The Intel Community Doesn't Have The Authority To Remotely Enter Your Mind!

Denial's The Cornerstone Of Intel's Black Operations

By the time that most people targeted for an Intel psychological operation realize that they are being targeted, they've learned some of the finer nuances in regard to how these powerful forms of psychological warfare work. And at the forefront of the psyop is the complete denial by those who perpetrate them that these covert operations are taking place. In fact, it's this denial that makes these malevolent attempts at mind control so effective.

The target of such an operation can approach one of the members of such a terrorist organization accusing the person of taking part in a conspiracy against them, only to be ridiculed and told that they are paranoid and imagining the entire situation. It's this denial by the perpetrator which infuriates the victim of these crimes as much as the crimes themselves. In fact, these perpetrators oftentimes have difficulty in maintaining their composure when confronted by their victims, as that tiny bit of conscience that they have left in the pit of their psyche nags at them. Of course, the fact that these people have been reduced to little more than psychopathic torturers and murderers means that any guilt won't last long.

Moreover, those who take part in such activities are abjectly vicious in their attacks, and are themselves intensely brainwashed. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a member of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex who has not been subjected to such brainwashing protocols during the course of their training and later employment. The Intelligence community is staffed with such frightening personalities; many of whom routinely use such furtive means in which to torture and murder their victims. Since its inception, the Military Industrial Intelligence complex has proven that if you can find a budget for your criminal operations, then you are only acting criminally if you get caught.

For instance, when men and women who once worked for federal agencies like the NSA, CIA and FBI, state that they can no longer operate within these organizations because of the psychopathic mentality of those who operate within the hierarchy of the agencies, this is the best illustration that these organizations are indeed a threat to the population, and as such must be abolished.

In post 9-11 America these agencies have now become a very real threat to the average citizen, whose privacy can no longer be guaranteed (even within their own homes). And the fact that an agency like the NSA can actually read the mind of any American citizen by way of one of its spy satellites, should be cause for even greater concern, since the right to legal counsel and the 5TH Amendment right to avoid self incrimination have become moot with this clandestine technology. In fact, there are many people over the Internet in the present day who are blogging in regard to being illegally interrogated by such means. And even physically tortured by remote means via weaponized satellites that can target any part of the human body, in order to torture the targeted person by way of remote means.

Moreover, when these victims post this information on independent forums, it is by no means accidental that derogatory posts surface soon afterwards - oftentimes on Websites that have little traffic. This is a clear indication that the Intel community is cyberstalking those whom they are illegally targeting for non consensual human experimentation, in order to discredit their disturbing allegations in regard to a federal government that is now being controlled by people who represent nothing less than incarnated evil.

Make no mistake about this: these well dressed, well educated, and articulate monsters who operate within the Intel community, will use covert means in which to torture you to death and later laugh about it.

And why not, since the U.S. Congress is never going to order the DOJ to prosecute them for these crimes. Any elected official who's attempt to prosecute the Intel community has either ended up defamed, out of a job, or dead. The FBI's recent attack on former Senator Robert Torricelli is further proof of this. In fact, there are so many instances where honest politicians were subjected to the destruction of their careers simply because they attempted to do what was right for the American middle class, while provoking some faction of the Illuminati's criminal syndicate in this country.

Back in the 1950's a U.S. Senator by the name of Estes Kefauber experienced the destruction of his promising career, when he was called on by his constituents to investigate the criminal syndicate which controls the *drug trust in the United States. The Intel community was quickly called in to sabotage Kefauber's political career after this, which prevented him from making a run at the office of President. Prior to Kefauber's heading up of a formal investigation into this drug trust, the Senator had had a brilliant political career and was being groomed for a future career in the White House.

*Any politician who attempts to protect some aspect of the American Proletariat's interests which is in direct conflict with the Illuminati controlled Military- Industrial- Intelligence- Medical- Media complex will be subjected to the destruction of their careers. Moreover, depending on the situation, they may even be murdered for having challenged some criminal arm of the Illuminati.

As a target of a protracted and collusive campaign by the NSA and FBI in which to both illegally spy upon my person, as well as utilize me for such non consensual experimentation, I understand the importance of promulgating the following information globally, until every person on this planet begins to understand just how vulnerable they are to the type of satellite predation that this author, and many other citizens in both the United States and other countries are being subjected to in the modern day.

If you have an electromagnetic field around your body (and all living organisms including humans do) you are a sitting duck for agencies like the NSA, FBI, CIA and DHS (The Department Of Homeland Security - the consummate affront to the constitutional rule of law).

The FBI & NSA Are Still Trying To Murder Me

Moreover, Intel's aim for more than half a decade has been to murder this author in a plausibly deniable way.

However, given my promulgation of this conspiracy, they may succeed in killing me, but their plausibility in denying having done so is *gone.

*Probably the only reason that I'm still alive.

And the fact that I have been successful in circulating the following information, as well as getting many others to do the same, has only served to antagonize these government pit bulls. As such, their slander campaign against me remains as precedent setting as the violations of my inherent rights as an American have been over these many years. This in order to obscure the crimes that they continue to perpetrate against my person and to a lesser extent my own Family.

What I am presently witnessing in regard to Intel's frustration, is a very pronounced increase in their harassment of Family members through a myriad of venues, in order to drive me from my home. Not only are these Family members brainwashed, they are also electronically brain tapped.

I'm now certain of this, because I have witnessed on several occasions, Family members vocalizing thoughts that I was having without ever leaving my presence. For example, I would be having a very specific thought, and another Family member would then interject with a thought which was in direct response to a thought that I was having (yet had not vocalized). There is no question that these Family members are being subjected to computer to brain interface, and more recently showing concern that (as I have been telling them all along), their privacy is being violated in such egregious ways.

There is also no question that if they decided to no longer cooperate with the FBI and DHS, that these Family members would immediately be attacked as aggressively as I have been over the past several years; however having much more to lose at this point in time then this author, given Intel's attempts in which decimate every aspect of my life.

The most frustrating part here is in knowing that the FBI is behind these attacks, yet because of the Patriot Act, they are now free to commit these crimes publicly, when before this Orwellian legislation was erroneously passed, the FBI would have been far more clandestine in regard to these attacks, and denied them publicly.

In regard to the concept of brain tapping a person's mind, one must remember that when your brainwaves have been electronically tapped into by the Intel community, not only can they read your thoughts by way of satellite, they can also implant their own thoughts (words) into your mind in order to trick you into believing that such thoughts are your own.

This is even more insidious and also very different from the more obvious voice to skull transmissions which other mind control targets have documented (and I have also experienced), in which other people's voices are beamed through the IF spectrum into the audio cortex region of your brain; completely bypassing your ears.

This remote electronic sabotage of the mind by NSA, is clearly a more sophisticated continuation of the CIA's early MKULTRA mind control experiments of the 1950's through the 1970's. And when exposed to this technology for an extended period of time, one will unwittingly adapt to an altered state of mind, which will be manifest in the ways in which those using this programming care to manipulate the targeted person's thoughts and subsequent behavior. Moreover, while the existence of such an arcane technology would seem to be impossible to the uninitiated, those who have been subjugated to such brutality for extended periods of time, have a far more intimate understanding of how this programming can adversely affect the mind.

All the more reason for the general public to begin to understand what is really going on in the United States of America under the NSA and its EMF scanning network.

An electronic network which is capable of dialing up the unique EMF frequency given off by a person's brain, and then using it as a type of GPS tracking device.

Unfortunately, given its clandestine nature, this technology has destroyed your physical privacy as well as your privacy of thought. And I will not be around forever to circulate this information, so I implore new readers of this blog to circulate this information at your earliest convenience. (My regular readers are already aware of this technology and the threat that it represents to their own sanity.)

The Intel community is doing everything possible to discredit those who are circulating any information on government sanctioned mind control, because this is proof that our so called government was quietly overthrown long ago, and now controlled by those who have no interest in enforcing our Constitution, or protecting basic human rights.

Moreover, there is no question that my agenda to expose these government criminals is succeeding, and as such I am being attacked even more aggressively than usual, with these attacks varying from day to day.

There is also no question that the Intel community has found it necessary to fabricate information in their demonization campaign of this author, since no judge in his right mind would ever want the information that I have promulgated on this blog (in regard to the Intel community's attacks on my person) to be submitted to a jury. If the judiciary in this country was going to allow this to happen, John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA would have been heard two decades ago, instead of being shelved - a deliberate move to protect the NSA and its criminals from being exposed publicly. And given my exposition of AKWEI VS NSA, while corroborating first hand that such technology exists, is it any wonder why the Intel community is not obeying the law in its attacks on my person or my own Family?

Intel has repeatedly lied to the public in regard to the extent of its domestic spying, and as such they have far too much to lose here if this information gets into a courtroom and finds its way to a grand jury. Especially when one considers that the NSA is in the commission of an electronic rape of the minds of American citizens, in addition to the electronic sexual predation of men, women and young children.

So the job of promulgating Akwei VS NSA must continue to be done by the public, until such time as a government which actually enforces the constitutional rule of law (which is presently completely absent within the United States) is brought into being.

Until then, the citizens of this country are on their own. And we must all share some responsibility in allowing the present system of government in the United States to become the treasonous disaster that it has. And in accepting this responsibility, we must also take the helm in creating a new government which is based not on the Marxist Communist Manifesto (which explains the Federal Reserve System central bank's existence here), but instead, the Constitutional rule of law enforced by a constitutional republic. The kind of government that we used to have before the Illuminati parasited itself off the American people, while destroying our Constitutional Republic.

Think You're Safe In The Privacy Of Your Own Home?


Detecting EMF Fields in Humans for Surveillance

"A subject's bioelectric field can be remotely detected, so subjects can be monitored anywhere they are. With special EMF equipment NSA cryptologists can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEGs). These can be decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then perfectly monitored from a distance.

NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on the Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then pinpoint and track that person 24 hours-a-day. The NSA can pick out and track anyone in the U.S."

Source - John St. Clair Akwei VS The National Security Agency

Testimonies of more than 600 other targets of government sanctioned mind control research - There are millions of such victims in the United States alone; many of whom have not yet realized it

Also bear witness to the 900 names of torture victims of electronic harassment from several countries including but not limited to the United States, Great Britain, New Zealand, China, Australia, Belgium, Canada and Germany:

When you access the following Website the username is johnfinch and the password is TORTURECASES. Please note that both the username and password are case sensitive so copy them as they are.

900 Documented Cases Of Illegal Government Sanctioned Mind Control Experimentation & Electronic Torture, From Citizens Around The World

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