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The Rothschild/Rockefeller Crime Syndicate's Control Over The Tobacco Industry - Why Their Tobacco Gives You Cancer

The FBI Hall Of Shame - A Brief List Including Just A Few Of The Myriad Crimes Committed By FBI Agents - Most Crimes Committed By FBI Agents Are Covered Up By The Department Of Justice

Adding Sugar To Tobacco - Part Of The Medical Monopoly

As one researches the collusive nature of the Illuminati and the myriad tentacles that it uses in which to control virtually all aspects of our societies, the better one can understand why these ultra elitists continue to crush the Proletariat, while demonizing those who challenge their criminal supremacy.

In Eustace Mullins' "Murder By Injection," a powerful indictment of the Illuminati's collusion in which to control the global medical profession, Mullins makes a very interesting observation in regard to the cancers that are associated with smoking tobacco. However, not all tobaccos, but instead those grown by the Illuminati's tobacco cartel; one controlled by the Rothschild Family in Europe, and their Rockefeller crime under bosses in the United States.

For this tobacco, unlike the untainted tobacco grown by Native Americans for hundreds of years, is laced with refined sugar in which to give the tobacco a sweeter flavor. This sugar interacts harmfully with the nicotine in the tobacco which ultimately results in many different forms of cancers in humans.

At it's not by accident either, since the Rothschild/Rockefeller criminal syndicate controls the medical monopoly in Europe and the United States; in particular hospitals like Memorial Sloan Kettering in Manhattan, which have only served to profit handsomely by avoiding any research which could actually help to effect a cure for cancer. These Illuminati driven organizations have shown us that they must propagate cancer in any way possible, in order to profit the drug trust which they control through myriad venues.

Read Eustace Mullins' Murder By Injection to learn more about the Rockefeller's control of the medical profession in the United States, and how it adversely affects you with regard to the higher medical insurance premiums which you're forced to pay each month.

Murder By Injection should be required reading in every medical school in the United States. And as you read through this well researched book, you will immediately understand why the Rockefeller controlled institutes of higher learning would never allow this powerful book to be included in any of their curricula. They have far too much to lose by doing so.

Eustace Mullins Murder By Injection

The Illuminati Takes Control Of The U.S. Economy

The Rockefellers have been successful in carrying out their treasonous crimes, by propagating systems of education which are based on untruths that have allowed these Illuminati criminals to flourish in the United States. To expose the Rockefellers' hidden agendas is to expose a plot in which to destroy the American way of life, while propagating a Communistic system of government - a paradigm of government in which the wealthy live as royalty, dependent on a powerful military to protect their interests, while ensuring that the Proletariat live lives of indentured servitude. In most respects this describes the system of government within the United States. An ultra rich class which uses a central bank (The Federal Reserve System banking cartel) in which to redistribute the wealth from the middle class to the upper class.

Your average American worker cannot afford to purchase a home, and is losing further economic ground each year, due to the Federal Reserve System's deliberate propagation of inflation. With the recent sub prime mortgage meltdown (one which was orchestrated by the Federal Reserve System), the unemployment rate of the middle class in America is beginning to grow to frightening levels, while the mainstream media is again used to mislead the American people into believing that this situation is not as dire as it truly is. Another of the Illuminati's massive con jobs.

The best example of such fraud perpetrated by the Illuminati through government agencies is when the Zionist bankers bribed Senators to pass the treasonous Federal Reserve Act, which allowed for the creation of the Federal Reserve System central bank. This was done under President Woodrow Wilson's Administration.

The next best example of a treasonous fraud committed by the Illuminati occurred in 1933, under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Administration. It was at this time that the *Illuminati orchestrated the greatest robbery in global history. They had Roosevelt pass laws which made it a crime for American citizens to own more than $100 worth of gold coins. As such, Americans were forced to surrender their gold coins (which were quickly stolen by the Federal Reserve System's Zionist bankers and placed in the Federal Reserve System's own private vaults) in exchange for the worthless paper notes that the Federal Reserve continues to counterfeit in the present day.

This was the beginning of what would become the Illuminati's "looting" of the American people's gold. There have been a myriad of such egregious and criminal frauds perpetrated against the American people by these criminals since the mid 1800's. As for the theft of this gold, all one need do is gain access to the Federal Reserve System's balance sheet, which lists considerable amounts of gold in its holdings - the gold which it has stolen from the American people over the past Century.

*The Illuminati always perpetrate their crimes through the use of federal and state government agencies, which provide effective cover for their treasonous activities. They are presently doing so through the Obama Administration, which refuses to address the Federal Reserve System's major role in destroying the U.S. economy and our Constitutional Republic.

"Warburg responded that the administrators of the proposed central banks should be subject to executive approval by the President. This patent removal of the system from Congressional Control meant that the Federal Reserve proposal was unconstitutional from its inception, because the Federal Reserve System was to be a bank of issue. Article 1, Sec. 8, Par. 5 of the Constitution expressly charges Congress with 'the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.' Warburg's plan would deprive Congress of its sovereignty, and the systems of checks and balances of power set up by Thomas Jefferson in the Constitution would now be destroyed. Administrators of the proposed system would control the nation's money and credit, and would themselves be approved by the executive department of the government. The judicial department (the Supreme Court, etc.) was already virtually controlled by the executive department through presidential appointment to the bench."

Eustace Mullins - "The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

Read the following two excellent E-books to develop a better understanding of how the Illuminati have taken over control of the United States Of America through government agencies and secret societies.

"The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

"Final Warning - A History Of The New World Order"
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