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The Shocking Death Of Pop Star Michael Jackson - Was It A Covert Murder? And Where Does Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon Fit In?

Pop Icon Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009

Rest In Peace

Dr. Conrad Murray Disappears

Where Is Michael Jackson's Doctor?

Was He Used As A Pawn In Jackson's Murder?

Directed Energy Weapons Are Used To Commit Murder

Organized Stalking Crimes Are Used To Drive Targets Insane

The following is a few days of journaling by another target of DEW weaponry and the vicious and psychotic crime of psychological warfare known to its victims, as organized stalking.

*Organized Stalking crimes have now swept the United States, Europe, Asia and other parts of the world, and are clearly part of the House Of Rothschild's New World Order Illuminati agenda. I experience much of what the following TI does on a daily basis, as do millions of others within this constitutionally raped community. I offer the following as a preface to the post on the mysterious death of Michael Jackson, since there are many people within the TI community who believe that Jackson was covertly murdered - likely, by way of electromagnetic weaponry.

As has been reported by a very significant number of people targeted for these crimes, electromagnetic harassment and organized stalking crimes are used in conjunction with one another in order to drive the targeted individual into the commission of suicide, or into the commission of an act for which they can either be imprisoned or incarcerated in a psychiatric facility. Once incarcerated they can be murdered with the plausible excuse that they committed suicide.

What is apparent here is that those within the respective governments of countries that are taking part in these atrocities are not operating legally, and are in violation of virtually every aspect the constitutional rule of law as well as those laws which were created with the express intent of protecting basic human rights.

In post 9-11 America the Bill of Rights has come under the most aggressive attack since its creation. Illegal surveillance which has been carried out secretly by the FBI, NSA, CIA and other Intel organizations is now being carried out more openly, under the pretext of protecting Americans from terrorists.

However, the bogus war on terror propagated by the Bush Administration in order to give it a plausible means in which to attack Afghanistan and Iraq (in the Project For A New American Century's attempts to steal the natural gas and oil reserves in Iraq, and to construct the oil pipeline from the Caspian Basin across Afghanistan to Asia) has resulted in the decimation of the civil liberties of American citizens. There is no longer any rule of law in how the Intel community is operating, with agencies like the FBI, NSA and DHS acting as judge, jury and at times even executioner of selected American citizens.

Due process of law is dead in the United States.

As such, there is no doubt that these agencies are in large part responsible for the DEW and organized stalking attacks which have become a part of daily life here in the United States. The only question left is how much fight does the American middle class have left in them? Because this variable will be the determining factor in whether or not America is allowed to remain a fascist police state as it has certainly become since 9-11-2001, or restored to her former Constitutional Republic status.

*Editor's Notation: Regarding Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance activist Group's suggestion in their recent newsletter to place bumper stickers on public property: This is not recommended since these organized stalking groups are looking for ways in which set TI's up for entrapment. Placing bumper stickers on public (or private) property without the permission of town officials (in the case of the public property) or the owners of private property, may subject those TI's doing so to fines, or even arrest for defacing this property.

Remember that these miscreants are looking to entrap you, so you don't give them a reason for doing so.

Intel operatives who infiltrate activist groups which they are seeking to neutralize will often suggest doing something which is questionable (or even illegal), in order to subject other legitimate members of the group to a possible Intel entrapment scheme.

Remember that we are living in a police state now, where the norms of justice have been greatly perverted to the point were the Constitutional rule of law is virtually non existent.

As an alternative, if you want to get your message out to the public via bumper sticker, place those bumper stickers where they belong - the rear bumpers of your automobiles. This way there's less chance that the local cop will harass you (we know that the police are in on these organized stalking crimes and that they've even attacked other officers who in the past have refused to take part in them).

- James F. Marino

Blog of a member of Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveillance:

"June 27
- "I'm wearing my blue and white canvas shoes and a shirt that's blue with a white emblem. The stalkers are confident, cocky, and insistent on this covert bullying. And believe there's no way for them to get caught. However, I'm documenting all this because there will come a day of reckoning for all this subversive activity as surely as there is God.

Anyone among my family or friends that suddenly passes away over the next few days, it will not be accidental or due to natural causes. It will be due to perp subversive activity."

11:40 AM Terrorist Stalking June 26
- "This morning as I awakened, I was ruminating about the events of Wednesday - the death of Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett - and the following brief mental conversation occurred:

me: Wow, a lot of people being taken out...

stalker: Yes. I am.

me: They'll have to answer for this.

stalker: I don't think so."

2:36 PM Terrorist Stalking Re: Blue and White Terror Campaign
- "On Thursday, after wearing my blue and white shoes Wednesday, and a blue and white shirt, Thursday, a few interesting things happened. Please view the 2 photos below.

First of all, a few weeks ago, I had been reading about this coach in a magazine called Guideposts. He is pictured in that magazine on the left. And now I read in USAToday that someone walked into the weight room in the high school where he worked and just shot him point blank and killed him. The motive at this time is unknown.

The interesting thing about this article is that the store where I purchase the newspaper each day carries both the Cincinnati Enquirer and the USAToday. So I usually have to look and select which one to buy. On Thursday, all the Cincinnati Enquirers were gone so I could only choose the USAToday. I believe that someone wanted me to see this article.

Later Thursday night I also found out that Michael Jackson had died of a massive heart attack. Although this is unknown to the general public, many in our community are aware that heart attacks are one of the most common serious physical ailments that can be attributed to directed energy weapons. And noone suspects a thing.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I'm just starting to document this pattern. As so many items are blue-and-white, I can hardly avoid this combination, however, I do plan to document whenever I do utilize these colors and whatever happens just afterwards as well."

Michael Jackson Murdered?

Virtually nothing has been mentioned in regard to the possibility that the late pop star, Michael Jackson, may have been covertly murdered for a less than flattering music video which was directed at Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon. However, it is quite clear from the following article that Sneddon abuses his position as a prosecutor, and was out to drive Michael Jackson out of town because Sneddon and his political cronies were looking to buy up the 2700 acres of Jackson's Santa Barbara estate to use for their own investment purposes.

When Jackson left the country with his Estate in serious financial debt, it seemed that Sneddon would get his wish. However, Jackson would eventually negotiate a deal with developers in order to pay off the debt on his "Neverland Ranch" and move back in, while embarking on a business relationship with the developers and a new fifty-stop touring career which would have earned him millions of dollars. Those who were looking to destroy Jackson now had more reasons than ever to want him dead. And his return to the United States was interfering with their business plans.

There is also the racial component in this situation, in which the wealthy Jackson was once married to Lisa Marie Presley - a white woman. And Sneddon and his bigoted cohorts could not tolerate this interracial marriage.

*See the above video - Warning it contains adult themes and profane language.

DEW Weaponry Used In The Commission Of Murder

They are usually deployed by way of specialized government satellites which utilize the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in which to covertly attack those being targeted by such weaponry. And because they operate on a frequency which is invisible to the naked eye, they can be used to torture and murder citizens while giving the criminals who commit these heinous acts total anonymity.

Moreover, those who have a history of health problems, as well as those who have a history of alcohol or drug abuse, make for easy targets of those criminals who deploy this technology, because these variables offer those using DEW weaponry the plausible excuse that the persons whom they murder so furtively, either died of natural causes, or were victims of their own vices.

The fact is that many people subjected to these radiation weapons for long periods of time suffer from myriad health problems as a direct result of such exposure.

Moreover, as my regular readers are well aware of by now, satellite based weaponry utilized by Intel agencies like the National Security Agency, can be deployed in order to cause a variety of illnesses in subjects being illegally targeted by those using such weapons. In fact, the U.S. Intelligence community has long used these weapons in which to covertly torture and murder dissidents, as well as other citizens who were exposing some criminal aspect of either these agencies, or some other branches of the military/industrial/intelligence/medical/media complex - all of which are in one way or another controlled by the London banking cartel under the House of Rothschild.

It is also this author's belief that many people are murdered by way of these weapons each year, yet because of the furtive nature of Directed Energy Weapons, foul play is always ruled out as the cause behind these mysterious deaths.

I believe that UFO investigator, Dr. Karla Turner, eco-activist, Judi Bari, alternative journalist, Mae Brussell, and Hollywood producer, Aaron Russo (each of whom died from a fast spreading form of cancer), were all victims of DEW technology. All were well known personalities who had been targeted for illegal surveillance by some branch of the U.S. Intel community, for their participation in activism campaigns which challenged some aspect of the perverted and evil U.S. status quo.

Long before her own death, Mae Brussell had claimed that one of her daughters had been murdered by the very criminals whom she was exposing in her illustrious career as one of this country's earliest and most powerful alternative journalists.

Brussell's daughter had been struck by a car and killed after Brussell had received anonymous death threats to quit her broadcasting career. The Intel community is notorious for making such furtive threats and for causing such accidents which enable them to murder their victims with plausible denial. In each case, the constitutional protections of these citizens was completely disregarded.

* Since the mid 1980's (roughly four years after I was targeted by the FBI for an illegal and COINTELPRO Sting that is precedent setting in both its longevity and violations of the 4TH Amendment, as well as the NSA's use of my person for non consensual human experimentation) this author has been subjected to at least four car accidents which I am certain were orchestrated by the Intel community. I have also been targeted by Directed Energy Weapons for more than a decade and a half, and used for non consensual human experimentation since the early 1980's.

So is it any wonder now that I have publicly documented this that the Intel community is attempting to both demonize and dehumanize my person, after their covert and protracted campaign in which to drive this author to the commissioo of suicide failed miserably? One can only imagine the millions of dollars spent by Intel to commit these egregious violations of the United States Bill of Rights.

As for being murdered by an Intel agency, Mary Pinchot Meyer, the former wife of the late CIA Director Cord Meyer Jr., had claimed that her nine year old son was murdered by the CIA as a warning to her, when he was struck and killed while riding his bicycle. Pinchot Meyer had long been a thorn in the side of the CIA's covert operations, the result of her romantic relationship with the late John F. Kennedy. And while her ex-husband had once claimed that the investigation into Pinchot Meyer's murder was legitimate, he later said on his death bed (when questioned about who killed his wife) "the same bastards who killed Kennedy," referring to the CIA.

The following includes a conversation between Pinchot Meyer and the late CIA asset Timothy Leary, in which Meyer is clearly afraid for her life, after stating to Leary, that operatives within the CIA discovered that she and seven other women were as she put it "turning on powerful men in Washington" to new ideas which included the need for global peace. Something which the defense contracting industry in this country was not at all pleased to learn about, since a nation in peacetime is nowhere as lucrative fr them as one which is constantly at war.

See: Was The CIA Involved In The Murder Of Mary Pinchot Meyer?

Was Michael Jackson Killed By Way Of DEW Technology?

Author: James F. Marino

I find it of more than a passing interest that Michael Jackson should have died so suddenly, and from what has now been reported as a heart attack. As those who are targeted for DEW weaponry are already well aware of, these weapons can be used to cause heart attacks, strokes and aneurysms; all of which can instantly kill those being targeted by them.

Victims of DEW technology are often unwittingly exposed to these weapons over extended periods of time, in which to kill them slowly, causing cancers as well as chronic illnesses which can ultimately result in death.

Deaths which will be reported as having occurred as the result of natural causes.

It is the secrecy with which this technology is deployed that must be exposed. For once the general public becomes aware of DEW weapons, and their own vulnerability to such weaponry, it will make it that much more difficult for those within the Intel community to commit these crimes with the anonymity and impunity which they presently rely on in order to do so.

As for Michael Jackson, perhaps the less than flattering music video (which can be seen at the beginning of this post) in regard to District Attorney Tom Sneddon, may have also had more to do with Jackson's untimely demise than one might realize. Although it is clear from the following article, that Sneddon and some of his associates had had it in for Jackson as early as 1993. One thing's for certain: Sneddon and Company are not exactly mourning the death of Jackson, since his death may now clear the way for them to take control of the prized piece of Santa Barbara real estate known to Jackson fans as Neverland Ranch.

Moreover, we can count on the U.S. Media's disinformation network to convince the public that Jackson died of a drug overdose, or some other means which would give those who may have been responsible for his death, the plausible deniability they find necessary in which to commit these horrendous crimes.

And the fact that there was a doctor on scene at the time of Jackson's death only makes this situation more confusing, since there is no way of knowing if he was there to help Jackson, or to act as a conspirator in his death.

It would seem that at least one family member of Jackson's is already attempting to lead the media in this direction, but time will tell. Word has it that Michael Jackson had received a shot of the pain killer Demerol shortly before he went into cardiac arrest, leading to speculation that the drug may have caused his heart attack. Or perhaps the shot he received was laced with an untraceable poison like those which agencies like the CIA are notorious for using on those whom they choose to neutralize with extreme prejudice.

The point here being that if there was a failed conspiracy in which to permanently drive Jackson out of the United States, the only logical alternative would have been to murder him. And conspiracies, as we have seen in the murder of John F. Kennedy and more recently the government cover up in regard to the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, prove that there are a myriad of very powerful and corrupt people involved in these attacks, who can manipulate the law enforcement and medical communities into taking part in such cover ups.

For instance, if a coroner is told to ignore findings that might reveal that a well known personality was murdered, the coroner could be threatened into lying, or suffer retaliatory actions for failing to do so. This continues to be a question regarding the mysterious deaths of Anna Nichole Smith and her son Daniel over the past few years. The fact that the two died within months of each other and of cardiac arrest should be more grist for the mill of those who suspect foul play in these deaths. Especially when one considers that Anna Nichole Smith stood to inherit at least 400 million dollars from her late husband's estate; an inheritance that his family was vehemently opposed to her receiving. In this author's opinion the deaths of both Anna Nichole and her son were extremely convenient for the remaining members of her late husband's family.

I happen to think that both were murdered.

As for the late king of pop, whether or not Michael Jackson was murdered remains to be seen. Yet, there is no question that he was starting to put his career back together in the United States and that his Nazi minded detractors were not happy about it. His successful return to the music business would have again made their nemesis an extremely formidable opponent.

And with this in mind, don't be surprised if the coroner's report claims than an overdose of prescription drugs was responsible for Jackson's death, or that his heart was damaged due to years of drug use. A very convenient excuse used in the murders of many of the entertainment industry's superstars over the years, including Marilyn Monroe, who was clearly murdered in a made to look like suicide.

And of course the media aided and abetted this terrible crime as it has myriad others.

There's also this nagging question that remains in the death of the late actress Margaux Hemingway, who was also in the process of resurrecting her acting career, when she was found dead in her home, another reported victim of a drug overdose.

However, her sudden death, like Jackson's, remains a mystery. And so does the death of the late comedian, George Carlin, who was in the process of starting a new tour in which he openly stated that he was going to make George W. Bush the brunt of much of his sardonic act. A short while later, Carlin checks into a hospital and dies a short time later of a suffering a reported heart attack. And then there's comedian Bernie Mac, whose brand of humor got a bit of out of hand during a fund raiser for Barack Obama (and who was admonished by Obama), who suddenly also turns up dead. And then there's the death of Bush biographer J. Hatfield, shortly after he writes a truthful and disturbing biography on George W. Bush, and is then suddenly reported to have committed suicide.

Wasn't the late Bush associate Margie Schoedinger's sudden death after she filed a 50 million dollar lawsuit against George W. Bush also ruled as a suicide? A single gunshot to the head.

And there was the activist lawyer, Paul Sanford, who after questioning George W. Bush's possible role in treasonous crimes against the American people, reportedly fell from a building to his death during the Christmas Holidays. There are so many of these so called "suicides" and accidental deaths when it comes to Washington politics, that the only reason the American people have not noticed, is that the mainstream media in this country fails to report on most of them, and on the ones which they do report on, hold to the official explanation.

Doesn't anyone else find these deaths to be of questionable causes, as well convenient?

Moreover, to this author, the "Hemingway curse" of family suicides has never rung true. And given this, would it not be cruelly ironical if the so called suicides of writer Earnest Hemingway and some of his other family members turned out to be murders made to appear as suicides?

"July 1, 1996: Hemingway is found dead of an apparent suicide in her Santa Monica, California apartment at the age of 41. It is one day before the anniversary of her grandfather Ernest Hemingway's suicide. Sister Mariel Hemingway says: 'She was found with her legs propped up on a pillow, with a book in her lap. That does not sound like someone who committed suicide. The coroner said the same thing. Also, my sister was somewhat a drama queen. If she had committed suicide, she would have left a note ... a long note naming everyone who had ever wronged her.'"

Psychology Today -- What Killed Margaux Hemingway?

Also See the following article:

Part II: Tom Sneddon - A Strange Obsession

“Sneddon is a very determined individual who will go further than almost anyone to prove something which he feels needs proving.”

- Attorney Michael Cooney


When it comes to political corruption in Santa Barbara, anyone familiar with the workings of this county knows that nothing happens without the tacit approval of the good District Attorney Tom Sneddon. Often referred to as “the single most powerful person in all of Santa Barbara County,”1 his admirers point to the fact that he has run unopposed for the last six terms as evidence of his beloved status. Butterball sidekick Jim Thomas, former sheriff of Santa Barbara, defends him, insisting: “Tom Sneddon is and has always been an aggressive prosecutor, which is why he's been re-elected so many times unopposed."2 To understand the method of Tom Sneddon and how he operates, one only needs to consider the testimony of several persons who have borne the wrath of his prosecutorial obsession.


One of the worst examples of such behavior is Sneddon’s attack on Santa Maria attorney Gary Dunlap. Sneddon had charged Dunlap with a slew of charges including perjury and witness tampering. After being acquitted of all charges, Dunlap filed a $10 million lawsuit against Sneddon and his hood of bandits for violating his civil rights during the investigation.3 In an interview with the highly respected MJJForum, Dunlap leveled a number of serious charges against Sneddon and those in his office. This gentleman has been a practicing attorney in the Santa Maria and Santa Barbara area for nearly forty years and is not pulling stories of horrific prosecutorial misconduct out of his behind. In fact, a number of persons who do not even know each other are claiming the exact same thing with tangible proof of said misconduct. Among the many charges that Dunlap levelled against Sneddon:

§ Sneddon and the law enforcement officials assigned to Dunlap's investigation performed illegal searches and seizures. “Well, they engaged in a sting operation, which they manufactured and allowed to get out of hand, and it essentially became just a real witch hunt. There were a number of violations of my rights in the investigatory stage as well as during the prosecution stage.”

§ Stacking charges against defendants. “…I don’t know if you realize how difficult it is when they throw the kitchen sink at you, I mean, when they throw seven felonies against you, how difficult it is to get an acquittal on all charges. You know, I mean it’s one thing to be charged with one crime and have a trial and be acquitted on it, but the District Attorney in Santa Barbara has a policy that if they throw enough charges against you, the jury is bound to convict you on something.” Sneddon’s kitchen sink manufacturer must be working overtime, tossing sinks at the Michael Jackson case like friends toss Krispy Kreme donuts at Rosie O’Donnell.

§ Intimidation of officials whom they cannot control. “…but in one instance there is a gentleman in Santa Maria who had announced his candidacy for a public office and shortly thereafter he was illegally detained by sheriff’s deputies on what were pretty clearly bogus charges, and instead of the District Attorney acknowledging that, the District Attorney attempted to cover up the police officers' excessive force by filing charges against him and attempted to prosecute him on those charges and essentially ruined his opportunity to run for public office. He ultimately sued the District Attorney as well as the law enforcement officers and won a judgment in the federal court for several thousand dollars and several hundred thousand dollars in attorney’s fees.”4 This particular story from Dunlap sounds remarkably similar to Bill Wegener’s experiences. Is it any wonder that Dunlap is suing Sneddon and his cronies?


Intimidating foes he can no longer control is a particular talent for Sneddon. Just ask Judge Diana Hall. When the judge “ran” for the bench (more on that later), she was actually seen as an ally to the Sneddon regime but for whatever reason, that changed and so did Sneddon’s approach to dealing with her. In September 2003, Hall was convicted of misdemeanor drunk driving but was cleared of the more serious charges that had been brought against her such as brandishing a weapon and battery. While Hall's legal troubles had seemingly come to an end with the resolution of the trial, her contentious relationship with the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office would only intensify when she was later accused of election funding fraud.

During the 2002 re-election bid, Hall's ex-lover Deidre Dykeman had donated an unreported $20,000 to Hall’s campaign, a donation that eventually led to eight new misdemeaner charges being brought against Hall in 2004. Her attorney Mike Scott is none too pleased. "The District Attorney knew about this gift from her former roommate in December 2002," he said. "They did nothing with it until the DA failed to secure a felony conviction against Judge Hall last August. It was well known prior to the trial and should have been included in the original charges."5

To say that Sneddon and his people were not thrilled that the felony charges did not stick the first time they prosecuted Hall is no doubt an understatement according to unnamed sources. Despite the prosecution's stance that they were merely punishing a judge who had violated state campaign funding laws, someone with a brain and glasses not fogged by corruption thought differently and prevented the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s office from prosecuting Hall. Perhaps the most important reason for removing the DA's office from the case is the fact that Hall is slated to serve as a witness for Gary Dunlap in his civil lawsuit against Tom Sneddon.6 Can you say conflict of interest?

Now, if I was a District Attorney who was being targeted for violating the civil rights of some local attorney and I knew that one of the judges on my watch was testifying for the plaintiff (Dunlap, in this case), I would do my best to make sure that by the time she testified, her reputation would be so soiled with political and criminal scandal that she would not be considered credible. If making Hall look bad meant stacking a bunch of ridiculous charges against her or prosecuting her for essentially covering up a gay relationship, so be it. Of course, this is merely the hypothetical meanderings of a curious observer.

We doubt that Ms. Hall, once she has hopefully been freed from the vengeful clutches of a twisted legal scene in Santa Barbara, will allow Sneddon to rest much. We see him being sued big time for his illegal and unethical antics. Not shockingly, Hall is not the only public official Sneddon has it in for.


Just when you thought that massage parlor lovin’ had given way to chat room sex, two sisters in Santa Maria set out to prove that there is still a market for this hands-on service to the male segment of the community, even law enforcement officials (allegedly). Two sisters, April and Irene Cummings, were accused of running a prostitution ring through the guise of a massage parlor. Art Montandon, the Santa Maria city lawyer at the time, was conducting his own investigation in an attempt to get information on one of the persons alleged to have been serviced at the parlor - the Santa Maria police Chief John Sterling. A number of rumors swirled as names were floated as possible customers of the Cummings sisters, the biggest being one very important person: Tom Sneddon.

As one could imagine, Sneddon vehemently denied the allegations, even threatening to sue the sisters if they did not recant. “It’s outrageous…"I've never had a massage in my life," Sneddon claimed. After meeting with Sneddon about the allegation, the Cummings’ sisters attorney Michael Clayton said that “the sisters likely confused the District Attorney with a man named 'Tom' who looked similar to Sneddon and allegedly visited their business on that day” and that he thought “(April) was genuinely mistaken... I don't believe (Sneddon) was a client of either of them."7

Making matters even more interesting was the rumor that Bill Wegener (yes, that Bill Wegener), had caught Chief Sterling on tape but none of the parties - Wegener, Montandon, or even the members of Sneddon's office - have ever claimed to have seen such a tape.8

Enter Tom Sneddon and the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office whose job it was to prosecute the case. And this is where the trouble truly begins. As it turns out, Montandon had evidence that would prove beneficial not for the prosecution but for the defense. Upon learning about the existence of this evidence, the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office accused Montandon of bribery and interfering with their case. Although the DA's office attempted to prevent Montandon from providing the evidence to defense attorneys, a judge would ruled that Sneddon's office did not have the authority to stop Montandon from doing his own investigation. Montandon later promised that he would provide “the full and complete story of not only the District Attorney's unprofessional conduct, but the inappropriate conduct and motives of others working behind the scenes to cause community conflict."

Montandon also fired back his own assaults on Sneddon and his office, accusing them of "prosecutorial misconduct in pursuing a local attorney." Just who was Montandon referring to? That’s right - Gary Dunlap. In addition, Montandon even found time to chide his enemies: "Unlike (Assistant District Attorney Christie) Stanley and current and former members of her office, I have never had my license to practice law suspended by the State Bar, have never been convicted of a crime, and have never been terminated from any attorney job."9

After “retiring” after 19 years of service, Montandon filed an official complaint against Sneddon and his office, citing that Sneddon and his employees had engaged in "discriminatory, abusive, defamatory (and) negligent" tactics against him.10 After it was revealed that the California Bar Association was investigating Sneddon and others for misconduct Montandon added that: "We're geared up to file a federal court lawsuit in the next two months."11

We in no way necessarily endorse the actions of any of the parties who have accused Sneddon nor do we support coddling criminals in such a way that they have carte blanche to whatever they please. We believe in law and order. We also happen to believe in due process. But it only gets more interesting when we consider another often overlooked and often threatened person who had the courage to speak up about what really goes on in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria: Dr. Thambiah Sundaram.

Thambiah Sundaram

In an interview with Online Legal Review’s Ron Sweet, Thambiah Sundaram claimed that he was arrested and prosecuted by the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office for, among other things, grand theft, malicious mischief, and impersonating a doctor.

The case was later dismissed by then Judge Barbara Beck, who called the allegations against Sundaram “ridiculous.” The seriousness of Beck's charge is quite obvious and adds proverbial fuel to speculation that Sneddon has a predilection to misuse his prosecutorial authority. It is little wonder that Sundaram sued Sneddon and his office for malicious prosecution, false imprisonment, false arrest, abuse of power, and conspiracy and was awarded over $300,000 for his trouble. But Sundaram also had a great deal to say about Tom Sneddon and his subordinates in the Santa Barbara District Attorney's office in regards to the way they operate in other ways.

Sundaram alleges that in late 1994 or early 1995, he heard racist comments being made by the likes of now Senior Deputy District Attorney Mag Nicola as well as Tim Rooney - all in the glorious presence of Tom Sneddon - at a private fundraising function. For instance, a man named Rajan Ayyar was referred to as a “nigger” by Nicola as he and other government officials allegedly plotted about how they were going to “go after” him. Apparently, the fact that Ayyar was a Black man who claimed to be a Stanford alum was simply too much for these respectable white folks. Moreover, they were alleged to have believed that they could get whatever they wanted since they had just put a judge on the bench whom they were blackmailing at the time with some “dirt” on her personal life. That judge? Diana Hall.12

It would take ten years and would come without Hall’s involvement but their plotting paid off and Ayyar was convicted last year of “10 counts of grand theft, four of forgery and one each of securities fraud and commission of a fraudulent securities scheme.” And take a guess who Rajan Ayyar’s attorney was? Gary Dunlap.13 Ayyar was not the only “nigger” against whom they were purportedly plotting. Sundaram also maintains that the group discussed what to do with Michael Jackson. Among the things that authorities allegedly said about Jackson:

- Some of Sneddon’s friends wanted Jackson’s property to convert it into a thriving vineyard. Consistent with Sundaram's claims, wine-making is the leading agricultural industry in Santa Barbara where Jackson owns 2,700 acres of prime real estate.

- Authorities laughed and bragged about passing around pictures of Jackson’s genitalia, pictures that were taken during the 1993-94 investigation. This was done to embarrass Jackson. (These pictures were supposed to be sealed but are not. Even Geraldo Rivera admits that he has seen them)

- Nicola lamented that they had done everything they could to get “that nigger” out of town but had failed. Apparently, authorities did not like the fact that Jackson was the richest resident in Santa Barbara, that he had married a white woman (Lisa Marie Presley) and that he owned all of that property. They promised they would not fail to get rid of him the next time around.

- Sneddon allegedly stated that his goal was to get “some dirt to get him to leave” and that he wanted to “run him out of town.”14

These tidbits of information have been challenged by Sneddon supporters and Jackson haters alike as unsubstantiated gossip. However, if this information has any kernel of truth to it (and we believe it does), then it makes the events of November 2003 a mere fulfillment of an alleged obsession with Jackson on Sneddon’s part.


Not too long after the now-infamous November 2003 press conference in which Tom Sneddon joked about Michael Jackson with Sheriff Jim Anderson, Sneddon was quick to point out that he did not have a vendetta against the superstar.15 In light of the aforementioned accusations from others in the Santa Barbara area along the same lines, one should at least be willing to consider the possibility. Sneddon went so far as to state that he had not even thought about the singer or the allegations during the ten-year interval between the cases. However, a plethora of articles from news outlets from 1994-2003 reveal something altogether different. The following quotes, courtesy of, are evidence of Sneddon’s lack of attention to Jackson:

The Independent (London), August 20, 1994 :
A ruddy-faced veteran prosecutor with a reputation for bloody-mindedness, Thomas Sneddon is not burdened by a litany of heavily publicised previous blunders. Nor is he willing to accept that his case is hopeless without the testimony of its central figure - Jordan Chandler. ''The Santa Barbara office is still quite involved in investigation of the Jackson allegations,'' says Michael Cooney, an attorney who knows Sneddon well. ''Tom Sneddon is a very determined individual who will go further than almost anyone to prove something which he feels needs proving. Once he decides action is worth taking, he will pursue it to the very end.''

The New York Times, September 22, 1994:

Tom Sneddon, the District Attorney in Santa Barbara, where Mr. Jackson owns an estate, said more than 400 witnesses had been interviewed in the case and that two other possible victims had been identified. But he said one of these, who is now in therapy, had asked not to be involved in the case and the other was out of the country and had made a "general denial" of wrongdoing by Mr. Jackson.

Showbiz Today, September 22, 1994:

GIL GARCETTI, Los Angeles County District Attorney: We have concluded that because the young boy who was the catalyst for this investigation has recently informed us that he does not wish to participate in any criminal proceeding where he is named as a victim, that we must decline prosecution involving Mr. Jackson.

VERCAMMEN: Prosecutors said their investigation also turned up two other children allegedly molested by Michael Jackson. But the district attorneys added one boy is out of the country and denies wrongdoing by Jackson, and the third alleged victim is reluctant to testify. Prosecutors said they will reopen the case should any witnesses have a change of heart.

TOM SNEDDON, Santa Barbara County District Attorney: Should circumstances change, should other evidence become available within this period of the statute of limitations, like Los Angeles County, we would re-evaluate the situation based upon what information is available to us at that particular point in time.

The Chattanooga Times, August 19, 1995:

Meanwhile, Saturday's Today newspaper said Santa Barbara, Calif., District Attorney Tom Sneddon had twice contacted Presley's mother, Priscilla, for information about Jackson's relationships with young boys.

The New York Beacon August 23, 1995

Magazine: Michael Jackson Lied To Interviewer Diane Sawyer. Michael Jackson lied to Diane Sawyer about his relationship with young boys and withheld information about a pending civil action, Vanity Fair reported. Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon told the magazine that Jackson has not been "cleared" of sexual involvement with two boys, as Sawyer said during his interview of Jackson on ABC's "Prime Time Live."

"The state of the investigation is in suspension until somebody comes forward," Sneddon said. The magazine also reported, quoting unidentified sources, that there is a third boy whose lawyer is working on a settlement with Jackson. In the June 14 interview, Jackson told Sawyer there was "not one iota of information that was found that could connect me to these charges" of child molestation. But Sneddon told the magazine in its September issue that he has seen photos of Jackson's genitalia, and "his statement on TV is untrue and incorrect and not consistent with the evidence in the case." Others familiar with the evidence told Vanity Fair that the photos match descriptions given by a young boy to investigators.

The Advertiser January 27, 1996:

"But the reality is, no matter what he does, he can't escape the fact that he paid out millions of dollars to prevent a 13-year-old boy from testifying against him in court," says Santa Barbara District-Attorney Tom Sneddon, who originally investigated claims Jackson had molested the boy at his Neverland ranch. Charges against Jackson were dropped when the boy refused to testify. But Mr Sneddon says, contrary to popular belief, it would be "inaccurate" to say Jackson was cleared of all charges. "The state of the investigation is in suspension until somebody comes forward and testifies," he says.

Daily News (New York) February 14, 2001:

Michael Jackson is not out of the woods. So says Santa Barbara District Attorney Tom Sneddon, the man who brought child molestation charges against the singer in 1993. Jackson is scheduled to deliver a speech tonight at Carnegie Hall on behalf of his Heal the Kids initiative. Although Sneddon can't be there in person, he's definitely arching an eyebrow from 3,000 miles away. "The case against Michael Jackson was never closed, and he was never exonerated," Sneddon says. "It's in suspended animation and can be reopened at any time." 16

Clearly, Mr. Sneddon had been doing a great deal of thinking about Jackson and the 1993 case that he did not get to prosecute. Furthermore, either Sneddon had the gift of prophecy or he was smelling pay dirt in February 2003 when, in an interview with Court TV investigative reporter Diane Dimond (we’ll get to her later), Sneddon once again stated that all he needed was “one more victim” to re-open his case against Mr. Jackson.17


Despite the protests of Sneddon and his supporters, the tactics that the defense allege he has engaged in throughout the investigation support the idea that a vendetta is indeed the driving force behind this entire “case”. There are so many egregious acts on the district attorney’s part, that a list might be more practical:

§ Excessive number of search warrants (over 105 at the present writing), the majority of which came after Jackson was indicted by a grand jury.18

§ Bullying witnesses at the grand jury hearing.19

§ Lying to the media and the general public about the actual nature of the two grand juries that were called in 1993-94. While Sneddon insisted that neither were asked to indict Jackson, blaming collapse of the case on the fact that Jackson had settled with the Chandler family, both grand juries could have returned indictments. Based on the flimsy evidence, however, both grand juries wisely decided not to do so.20 Sneddon once again proves himself to be something else besides “Mad Dog”: A liar.

§ Harassment of persons close to Jackson with the express attempt to get them to turn on Jackson.21

§ Tossing in a conspiracy charge while not indicting the other five alleged co-conspirators (how can there be a conspiracy with only one person being charge?)22

§ Intentionally violating Jackson’s attorney-client privilege by (1) breaking in to the office of private investigator Bradley Miller, who worked for then-Jackson defense attorney Mark Geragos;23 (2) seizing material from the home of Jackson’s personal assistant Evelyn Tavvasci, material clearly marked “Mesereau” (the surname of Jackson's current defense attorney)24

§ Allegedly leaking damaging information through Diane Dimond (isn’t it obvious?)

§ Searching Neverland with 60 officers over a year after Jackson's arrest, all to allegedly “take pictures” and “get measurements” of some of the rooms in Jackson’s home.25

§ Seizing records that clearly have nothing to do with child molestation: financial, bank, land, rental car records.

§ Attempting to harass Jackson supporters, particularly online fan communities such as MJJForum. Sneddon actually went so far as to accuse MJJForum of being Jackson’s official site and, therefore, violating the gag order by showing public support for Jackson.26

§ Inappropriately joking and laughing at the now-infamous press conference announcing Jackon's arrest in November 2003 27

§ Inappropriately interjecting himself into the case as a witness during grand jury testimony. He made himself a witness and was summarily examined by Tom Mesereau at a later hearing.28

The list literally could go on and on but we have decided to end it here. The sad fact is that Sneddon, based upon the documented cases of so many others, has used the courts as his own little playground to metaphorically assassinate if not convict his enemies. And it does not help when the judge (who has already sat as trial judge over other questionable Sneddon cases) overseeing the Michael Jackson case has a history of reversing himself on certain key motions and also being checked by higher courts. Now that both Melville and the Attorney General of California have blocked any chance of Sneddon and his office from being recused, Sneddon may appear to have the upper hand. But do not bet it on for a minute.

Even as this is project is being written, there are other investigative bodies who have fleshed out a number of other documented cases where Sneddon and his office have been cited for prosecutorial misconduct.29 Egregious judicial and government malfeasance of this kind cannot and will not last forever. The chickens will, in the words of Malcolm X, come home to roost. The kingdom of Sneddon is a ticking time bomb.

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