Tuesday, June 30, 2009

As A Target Of FBI COINTELPRO & The FBI's Continued Attempts In Which To Covertly Murder This Author, I Cite The FBI's History Of COINTELPRO

See the following documentary on COINTELPRO since it defines the FBI as nothing more than a domestic spy and covert terrorist that operates behind the facade of a law enforcement agency. Since the attacks on 9-11-2001, the FBI has gone from an agency which was on the precipice of being completely restructured (the result of myriad criticisms of the Bureau's own criminality), to being given nearly absolute powers which took an agency known for its criminality and turned it into a Gestapo on steroids. The FBI is no longer accountable for any of the crimes committed under the color of law by its own agents. It is not unrealistic to state that an FBI agent can either commit or aid an abet others in the commission of murder, and still have the Bureau's full support in preventing them from ever being tried for such crimes - or certainly not convicted of them as we recently saw in the case of former FBI agent Lin DeVecchio.

Moreover, its control over the U.S. Media convicts those whom the FBI cannot obtain legitimate indictments on in the court of public opinion, while the FBI uses its coercive tactics as well as a myriad of psychological warfare operations (including brainwashing), in which to completely neutralize those who could offer support to those being targeted for the Bureau's COINTELPRO operations.

In each case, there is not even the semblance of law in what the FBI is doing. And those of us who continue to be denied our inherent rights as Americans, while being demonized and dehumanized by these Zionist controlled criminals, understand that like the Black Panthers of yore, we are in a covert war with the FBI and its Intel minions, based on Fascism. In other words, when the FBI or one of its Intel reprobates is involved in committing serious crimes against American citizens, the due process of law under the United States Constitution is completely suspended.

Furthermore, this author's information in regard to the NSA's illegal satellite surveillance via computer to brain interfacing of unwitting American citizens, is the type of information that eventually shatters criminally run governments, like the one which is presently driving the American people into the ground.

This expose on the NSA's Remote Neural Monitoring of American citizens (by way of their own unique bioelectric fields) is by far the greatest scandal in American History. And one yet to be discovered by most of the American people, who know little about the vast array of dirty little secrets that the NSA and its other Intel affiliates have deliberately kept from Americans.

It is those of us who are exposing such "secrets" who are being demonized, because we are telling some very ugly truths about a government which is in reality the exact opposite of what masquerades as.

Futhermore, when this author began to promulgate my own experiences as a target of both COINTELPRO as well as the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations, I knew that it would eventually end not only in the demonization of my person, but also my death.

That is the extent of the criminal influence which I am presently dealing with in regard to the FBI/NSA/DHS collusive campaign in which to murder my person.

As such, I spend what days remain making certain that the American people (as well as those of other nations) research the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations for themselves (beginning with John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA). The information contained within John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA describes an agency which is being used to undermine every aspect of the United States Bill of Rights, while deploying technology via the Echelon satellite spy network, which is capable of two-way communication with the human brain. Technology which can be used to target any American citizen without their knowledge or consent to destroy their lives.

The long-term FBI/NSA collusion in regard to the precedent setting violations (under the color of law) of this author's rights has become a watershed event in United States history, because my testimony (which corroborates much of the information contained within the AKWEI VS NSA lawsuit) is so significant, that these agencies have found it necessary to wage the most abjectly criminal violations of basic human rights against my person and Family.

The fact is that my Family is not only completely brainwashed by these agencies, after having been subjected to their vicious coercive tactics, but also terrified to speak out on their own behalf, given the fact their relationships could easily be destroyed just as Intel has destroyed this author's.

As such, they have been told to simply "hang in" until the Intel community can find a plausible means in which to remove my person from society, while taking part in daily psychological warfare operations against my person, which have now lasted almost exactly six years.

*The fact that the FBI has been using these psyops against my person each day for the past six years in an effort to force me into the commission of crimes which I can be arrested for, is indicative of the fact that the Bureau knows that I have no intention of committing crimes, and instead exposing every detail of the crimes which these agents continue to subject both my Family and person to. This situation has after six consecutive years and more than 2000 days become totally outrageous.

Moreover, the pain and suffering experienced by us as a Family has been absolutely horrifying, as the Intel community continues to gnaw in their rat-like fashion at every aspect of our lives.

The truth is that I would be doing my Family a great disservice had I not documented virtually every aspect of the crimes which they (as well as my person) have been subjected to over the past few decades. Crimes which have left a once happy Family now living in the proverbial pressure cooker of an environment, fearful to do anything which might expose the FBI's terrible crimes against them. Anyone who has been targeted for such coercion by this agency would love to tell you how they become prisoners of the FBI through its coercive tactics -except that they cannot without risking the FBI's despicable wrath. And my Family is no exception here.

Which is why I must do so for them.

In the interest of documenting every aspect of these outrageous injustices to each of us, I have maintained this Website for the past three years. However, Intel is constantly attempting to have it removed, given its use as a repository for archiving a myriad of crimes committed by the House Of Rothschild controlled U.S. Military-Industrial-Intelligence-Media-Medical-Complex.

In all this time, no arrest, indictment, trial or conviction for any crime has taken place in regard to this author, yet, these Intel agencies continue to violate every aspect of my inherent rights as an American citizen, as well as those of my Family. The FBI/NSA collusion in which to violate our 4TH Amendment rights remains without precedent.

And these egregious violations of our rights most certainly do not end with us, since the Internet has become the new home for millions of citizens utilizing their freedom of speech in which to document their own grievous cases of civil rights injustices, since their own New World Order controlled governments no longer represent their interests. Yet another reason why the FBI is looking to shut down any Websites which document these crimes in detail.

The Intel community may believe that they are invulnerable from prosecution for these outrageous crimes (since their inception they've never been held accountable for them), being protected by the fascist Patriot Act and those within the criminal banking syndicate in this country (The Federal Reserve System) who control their actions.

However, history has taught us that there will eventually be an extremely devastating price to pay for such abject viciousness, which includes the covert torture and murder of many citizens. Those agents who hide their horrific crimes from behind this facade of law enforcement cannot remain hidden forever. And the blood which they continue to wantonly spill will forever be on their own hands.

Nothing will ever save them from their own abject cruelty.

Absolutely nothing. If these agents believe that they are truly above the law in their commission of crimes which include torture and murder, then it is they who are acting delusionally; not those of us whom they are committing such crimes against.

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