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Why The NSA Found It Necessary To Murder NSA Whistleblower Steven Smith/ How The Abolition Of Rothschild Central Banks Globally Will Lead To The Destruction Of Their Plan To Abolish All Constitutional Governments In Place Of A Communist Central Government

Donald Trump Has His Own "Franklin Cover Up" Scandal To Deal With As A Woman Files A $100 Million Dollar Lawsuit, Claiming That Trump Raped Her When She Was 13 - Trump Is A Pathological Liar Who Lies As Easily As He Breathes - If Katie Johnson - Trump's Alleged Victim - Is Telling The Truth, Then This Would Support Ivana Trump's Claim That Donald Trump Raped Her During The Latter Part Of Their Marriage (A Claim Made By Ivana Trump Which Was Included In A Vanity Fair Article Regarding Donald Trump In The Early 1990s) - Ivana Has Since Claimed That Trump Never Raped Her, However, Katie Johnson Claimed That Trump Threatened To Kill Her If She Ever Told Anyone About Trump's Raping Her, So One Must Wonder If Trump Threatened To Murder Ivana If She Did Not Recant Her Allegation Of Donald Trump's Rape Of Her Person, Which Could Have Destroyed His Presidential Campaign?

"NSA Citadel Of Evil" By Steven Smith - An Inside Look At What Hitler's Third Reich Would Become In The 21St Century - Who Knew That They'd Be Operating Out Of The United States And Protected Under The Cover Of National Security?

Was Veronica Lueken An Unwitting Target Of NASA's Operation Blue Beam Program And Were The Apparitions Which She Claimed To Have Seen Of Jesus Christ And The Virgin Mary Caused By NASA, Through The Use Of Holographic Projection Via Specialized Satellites?

The New Underworld Order By Christopher Story Describes Rothschild Zionisms' Complete Subversion Of The British And U.S. Federal Governments, As Well As How Our Leadership Serve This Zionist Cabal And Its Satanic Minions; While Pretending To Represent The Interests Of The Citizenry - Story Was Murdered Not Long After He Published This Excellent Book, And In Fact Wrote The Book As His Epitaph, Out Of Concern That He Was Going To Be Murdered For Having Written It

NSA Sabotages Another Of Our Automobiles
Using Signals Intelligence Satellites

Editor's Note: The NSA's latest signals intelligence sabotage of this author involves the remote tampering of the electrical system in one of our SUVs. This time, a warning light is remotely triggered indicating that the emission system needs to be serviced, even though this vehicle was serviced recently.

The electrical system of anything we own, be it an appliance such as dishwasher, microwave, or oven range, a TV, motion sensitive spotlights, the alarms or computers in our automobiles, or even the unique *EMF signatures that are produced by our own bodies, are fair game to these National Security camouflaged terrorists.


Chronology Of NSA/FBI/DHS Directed Energy Weapons' Attacks Against This Author Since 2012

In one instance, this author actually had to disconnect the alarm to one of our automobiles because these murderous psychopaths decided to set the alarm off every time we opened the driver's side door to this vehicle.

These expensive signals intelligence based acts of vandalism are used in an effort to bankrupt us, as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO operation that we have been subjected to for several decades.

The U.S. Presidency Has Become A Figurehead
Secretly Controlled And Undermined
By The Zionist Israeli Government

The House Of Rothschilds' Control Over The Israeli Government & Its Attempt To Liquidate The Assets Of The United States And The American People

As for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump becoming the next U.S. President and putting an end to such satellite predation, it really makes no difference which one of them gets into office. The situation will only get worse regardless of which of these politicians is elected (yes, Donald Trump is now a politician), since one of them will be used to aid and abet the Rothschilds' complete destruction of the American middle class.

I say this because in spite of all of the rhetoric which surrounds the U.S. Presidential election every four years, and the billions of dollars spent by the Republican and Democratic nominees, the 2016 election will be rigged.

Rigged like all U.S. Presidential elections have been since *Woodrow Wilson was put into office by the House of Rothschild and its Zionist banking cartel, so that they could get the Federal Reserve Act and 16TH Amendment enacted into law; even though the 16Th Amendment was never legitimately ratified since it lacked the necessary votes to pass this Amendment into law. And the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson - who was blackmailed into doing so - thereby completely bypassing the United States Congress.

Both pieces of treasonous legislation would from then on be used to usurp the Congress and Treasury's control over the coining and regulating of American currency, in favor of a corrupt cartel owned by the Rothschilds (The Federal Reserve System). The same cartel would create the Internal Revenue Service in order to impose an unconstitutional tax on any American citizen who was able to gain employment in the United States.

With his signing of the Federal Reserve Act, our entire system of Constitutional checks and balances was destroyed with the stroke of Woodrow Wilson's pen.

Rothschild Shill, Edward Mandell House Describes For President Woodrow Wilson, How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Create A Communist Central Bank In The United States, Which The Rothschilds Will Then Use As A Secret Means Of Enslaving The American People

*Woodrow Wilson was having an affair during his time in the White House, which was used as a means to blackmail him into signing the Federal Reserve Act into law. A few years after he did so Wilson made the following statement:

“I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” -Woodrow Wilson

Also See: Famous Quotations On Banking And The Dangers Of A Central Bank

**In 1913 Colonel Edward Mandell House Describes To President Woodrow Wilson How The Federal Reserve Act Will Be Used To Enslave The American People

The situation for the American middle class will become much worse under the next U.S. President than it is now, since the destruction of the American middle class is necessary, because unlike the lower class, we are the only Americans who are well enough educated to recognize that the ultra wealthy investment class in the United States is aggressively implementing a genocidal policy against the American underclasses.

Our system of government has been under Rothschild control since the early 1900s, and until the Federal Reserve System is abolished and the Rothschilds driven out of the United States for good, the American middle class will continue to be the slaves of Rothschild Zionism, and the main focus regarding the Rothschilds' intent to create a global dictatorship under one central governing body.

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