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Mystery Deepens As 2013 WACO Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion That Killed 15 People Ruled Intentional - Were Directed Energy Weapons Involved? Whatever Happened To The $6 Billion That Went Missing From The U.S. State Department During Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary Of State? How Come The FBI Isn't Investigating The Missing $6 Billion Instead Of Conducting A Red Herring Into Clinton's Emails?

"ISIS: A CIA Creation To Justify War Abroad And Repression At Home" - Americans Are Living In A Country Whose Own Puppet Government Is Controlled By A Terrorist Shadow Government That Uses Covert Methods To Perpetrate Its Own False Flag Terrorism, Then Offers Oppressive & Unconstitutional Solutions To Prevent The Very Terrorism That They Secretly Create - This Is Done In Order To Destroy American Freedoms And The Legislation Which Protects American Civil Liberties - America Has Become A Military Dictatorship Which Operates Under The Guise Of Democracy

Pentagon Plan To Create A Mind Controlled Human Race, Beginning With Soldiers Whose Minds Are Remotely Interfaced With Artificial Intelligence Super Computers

Female Astronaut Speaking At A UFO Conference Begins To Describe Having Seen A UFO, When She Suddenly Passes Out - She Was Targeted By A Signals Intelligence Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon Which Could Have Easily Been Used To Kill Her If That Was The Intent Of Those Using These Weapons At The Time - Instead, Their Intent Was To Prevent Her From Speaking At This UFO Conference And Describing The UFO She Saw (Which They Succeeded In Doing)/ Years Ago, UFOlogist, Dean Warwick, Had Just Taken The Stage At A UFO Conference, Having Told Some Members Of The Audience That He Had Some Shocking New Information He Was About To Share With Them, When He Collapsed & Died Of A Heart Attack On Stage - Warwick Was Likely Murdered By A Satellite Deployed Directed Energy Weapon - These Are The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Stealth Weapons Of Choice, For Committing Plausibly Deniable Murders With Total Anonymity & Impunity From Prosecution

UFOlogist Dean Warwick Was Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon Having Just Taken The Stage At A UFO Conference - Did The Pentagon Murder Him?

Sudden Heart Attacks, Strokes, Aneurysms, And Fast Spreading Cancers - Have A Rash Of Deaths Over The Past Few Years, Regarding Well Known Hollywood Personalities, Been Related To Directed Energy Weapons? And Were The Deaths Of Actress, Brittany Murphy And Her Screenwriter Husband, Simon Monjack, The Result Of Natural Causes? Or Were They Murders Committed Through The Furtive Use Of Directed Energy Weapons?

Editor's Note: When the 2013 fertilizer plant explosion in Waco Texas occurred, this author wondered if it was the result of directed energy weapons. Now that the explosion has been officially ruled intentional, I am more certain than ever that some type of directed energy weapon was involved. Who has access to directed energy weapons? The United States and Russian governments for certain. However, so do many other governments who can use HAARP weaponry to create the type of plasma fireball that likely caused the 2013 explosion in Waco.

Who controls the HAARP program in the United States? The U.S. Department Of Defense (AKA Pentagon)

*Fire That Left 15 Dead at Texas Fertilizer Plant In 2013 Is Ruled Intentional

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Editor's Note: According to former Assistant HUD Secretary under Bush 41, Catherine Austin Fitts, the American middle class is deliberately being destroyed by the House of Rothschild, and the same Zionist criminals who were the masterminds behind the 9/11 false flag operation have been secretly looting the U.S. Federal Government and moving American currency overseas. The $6 billion that went missing during Hillary Clinton's time as Secretary Of State and the $2.3 trillion that went missing during Donald Rumsfeld's time as Secretary Of Defense are just two of myriad examples of what Catherine Austin Fitts was referring to.

"The Decision Was Made - Let's Get All The Debt Up, Let's Move The Jobs Abroad, And Instead Of Reengineering Your Skills, We're Gonna Dumb Down America So The Middle Class Will Disappear"

- Catherine Austin Fitts

Former Assistant HUD Secretary
Under The Bush 41 Administration

Where's The $6 Billion That Is Still Unaccounted For During Hillary Clinton's Time As Secretary Of State? Has Any Of It Found Its Way Into The Clinton Foundation?

Former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts, Describes How The Federal Reserve & The Zionist Controlled Banking Industry Are Secretly Moving Trillions Of Dollars Out Of The United States, Before The U.S. Federal Government Is Dissolved - Fitts States That This Is What Happened To The Pentagon's Missing 2.3 Trillion Dollars In 2001 - On 9/10/01 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld Stated That The Pentagon Couldn't Account For The 2.3 Trillion, But That A Team Of Accountants Had Been Hired To Locate This Money - These Accountants Died At The Pentagon The Following Day When It Was Hit By A Cruise Missile

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The Looting Of America: The Federal Reserve Made $16 Trillion In Secret Loans To Their Bankster Friends And The Media Is Ignoring The Eye-Popping Corruption That Has Been Uncovered

Is The Pentagon Using The Excuse Of Low Flying Meteorites As A Cover For Its HAARP Weather Warfare Program? When HAARP Is Used To Abruptly Affect The Ionosphere The Result Is The Artificial Creation Of Plasma Fireballs Which Appear To Be Meteorites

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