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Was Music Star PRINCE Mind Controlled Into Committing Suicide? And Is There Some Significance In That His Protege Vanity Died Just A Month Before PRINCE Also At The Age Of 57?

How Mind Control Weapons Are Being Used To Destroy The Human Race - This MK-Ultra Target Describes How I Am Subjected To NSA Artificial Telepathy (Remote Mind Reading/Manipulation Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum) As A Target Of The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network - The Nazis Were Not Executed After The Holocaust, They Were Smuggled Into The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex By The CIA Through Operation Paperclip, And Have Since Been Used To Destroy Our Government

Editor's Note:

PRINCE'S Lawyer Insists That The Music Superstar Did Not Die From A Drug Overdose

How PRINCE'S Rebellious Attitude Against The Music Industry And Unwillingness To Play By Their Rules May Have Led To A Conspiracy To Murder The Superstar - Did A Recent Deal Prince Made To Consolidate His Music With One Company Seal His Fate?

PRINCE is just the latest of many famous people who've been murdered through the use of classified weaponry. His estate is said to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, which with his untimely passing will ultimately be raided through surreptitious means by those who carried out his furtive murder.

With his death, PRINCE, like the late Michael Jackson, will be worth even more to those who market his persona than he was in life. Moreover, was PRINCE secretly monitored within the privacy of his own home through the use of 3D thermal imaging audio visual satellites for a number of years? And by the NSA or any of the many other federal agencies within the ever present Intelligence apparatus, which operate under the cover of U.S. National Security?

A few years ago, after this author had seen the movie (Deja Vu 2006), I began to realize that the type of stealth domestic spy technology used in this movie is in fact similar to that used by the NSA and FBI to spy on American Targeted Individuals within our own homes, while completely circumventing our 4TH Amendment rights.

As the direct result of this, the movie was removed from YouTube after I embedded it on this Website in an article that I had written on the 1998 movie Enemy Of The State - in regard to how the movie was an illustration of art imitating life.

Months later, Deja Vu was offered on YouTube as a pay per view for $2.99.

This spying is not done under warrant because neither the FBI, NSA, DHS nor CIA could ever obtain a warrant for experimenting upon, torturing and even murdering American citizens within the privacy of our own homes.

Nor could they procure a warrant for decoding our brain maps and then through the use of EEG heterodyning or remote neural monitoring technology, report about the thoughts that we were having as the neural pathways of our brains were being remotely *accessed and scanned for such non consensual human experimentation.

*Google: NSA Brain Scanners And Brain Analyzers deployed via the electromagnetic spectrum.

A treasonous crime that the NSA and FBI are presently subjecting this author and myriad other American citizens to.

Atrocities which this stealth signals intelligence based technology is being used to secretly carry out by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This is the real reason for the current and slanderous propaganda campaign being fomented against this MK-Ultra target, by the U.S. Federal Government.

My documentation regarding crimes against humanity which are now being reported by thousands of other American citizens across the United States, yet being completely ignored by the three branches of the U.S. Federal Government as well as the mainstream media in America.

As for the movie Deja Vu, it's worth watching simply for the segment that involves the NSA's use of Advanced 3D Thermal Imaging Technology on the American people as it is directed at our own homes. This segment takes place about 31 minutes into the movie, and as Americans, we are all vulnerable to this type of Orwellian signals intelligence driven audio visual spying of our persons, as well as the remote neural monitoring of the neural pathways of our brains via such spy satellite predation.

I also find it of interest that "Enemy Of The State" director, Tony Scott, committed suicide by jumping off a bridge. The media initially reported that Scott had been diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. However, a subsequent autopsy proved that Tony Scott was not afflicted with cancer. So whether he was told by a doctor that he had cancer, or this was just a fiction spun by the mainstream media is unknown.

However, Enemy Of The State (1998) serves as an excellent example of the invasiveness of the NSA regarding the Agency's violations of the 4Th Amendment, and how easily the NSA can use its unlimited resources to destroy the life of any American citizen without the need for due process of law. Both DHS and the FBI can and routinely do the same thing.

The NSA is, like so many of the other alphabet agencies in the United States and abroad, an abject threat to our Constitutional rule of law, and to the safety and privacy of the American citizenry.

Perhaps this is why Tony Scott is said to have committed suicide. As revenge for his role in producing such a realistic portrayal of the Orwellian nature of the NSA, was Tony Scott unwittingly subjected to a computer to brain (or EEG heterodyned) induced suicide, remotely programmed into his subconscious during REM sleep?

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