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What Is The Real Definition Of The CIA's MK-Ultra Program? What Does This Acronym Really Stand For? -- Also See: A Chronology Of The House Of Rothschilds Intent To Establish World Government Began In The 18Th Century And Is Now Nearly Complete

The 27 Club Refers To Those Celebrities Who Have Died At The Age Of 27 - The Best Known Of These People Includes Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain And Amy Winehouse - However, There Are Many More Who Were Offered Up As Satanic Ritual Sacrifices - Numbers Play An Important Role In These Sacrifices As Each Is Symbolic Of Paganism

Was The 1996 Crash Of A ValuJet Flight In The Florida Everglades Intentionally Caused, Because A Murder Suspect Named Delmarie Walker Was Supposed To Be On The Flight? If So, Did Walker Engineer The Crash Or Did The Person Or Persons Who May Have Been Trying To Set Walker Up For The Murder Of Her Friend, Do So In An Attempt To Murder Walker In Order To Cover Up Their Involvement In Her friend's Murder? Was Delmarie Walker Even On The Flight? Her Body Was Never Recovered

Reading The News Is Dangerous To Your Mind Because It Is Mostly Disinformation - However There Are Other Reasons As Well - "News works like a drug. As stories develop, we want to know how they continue. With hundreds of arbitrary storylines in our heads, this craving is increasingly compelling and hard to ignore. The more news we consume, the more we exercise the neural circuits devoted to skimming and multitasking while ignoring those used for reading deeply and thinking with profound focus. Most news consumers – even if they used to be avid book readers – have lost the ability to absorb lengthy articles or books. After four, five pages they get tired, their concentration vanishes, they become restless. It's not because they got older or their schedules became more onerous. It's because the physical structure of their brains has changed. News wastes time. If you read the newspaper for 15 minutes each morning, then check the news for 15 minutes during lunch and 15 minutes before you go to bed, then add five minutes here and there when you're at work, then count distraction and refocusing time, you will lose at least half a day every week. Information is no longer a scarce commodity. But attention is. You are not that irresponsible with your money, reputation or health. Why give away your mind?"

Mass Murderer James Holmes Admits That He Is A Target of MK-Ultra Mind Control Experimentation, And That his Programming As A Manchurian Candidate Is Responsible For His Commission Of Mass Murder - Whichever U.S. Intel Agency Programmed James Is The Real Criminal Responsible For These Murders

Article Written By the Late NSA Agent Steven Smith Regarding Remote Forms Of Mind Control Via The EM Spectrum, Using Mediums Including Cell Phones, Cell Phone Towers, Phased Array Radar, Signals Intelligence Satellites And GWEN Towers - Smith Was Murdered For Attempting to Expose This System Of Mass Mind Control Against The American People

Did The Federal Reserve System Order The Pentagon To Foment The HAARP Attack On Japan In 2011? And Was Japan Later Blackmailed By The Fed To The Tune Of 60 Trillion Yen, In Order To Prevent Another HAARP Attack (This Time On Mt. Fuji), Which Could Have Been Used To Cause Mt. Fuji To Erupt? - The United States Has Signed No Agreements Regarding Geophysical Manipulation Of The Weather, Which Enables The Pentagon To Use HAARP Technology To Cause Devastating Weather Borne Destruction In Any Country, Including The United States

Driverless Cars Are The Proverbial Accident Waiting To Happen - If God Had Intended For Cars To Be Driverless He Would Have Made Them Without Steering Wheels

"Echoes Of COINTELPRO - Why It's Time To Abolish The FBI"

"The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those who speak it"

- George Orwell

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation. At the head is a small group of banking houses generally referred to as 'international bankers.' This little coterie... run our government for their own selfish ends. It operates under cover of a self-created screen, seizes our executive officers, legislative bodies, schools, courts, newspapers and every agency created for the public protection."

- John F. Hylan (1868-1936)
- Former Mayor of New York City

What was the purpose for the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 and why was the Bush 43 Administration under its PNAC leadership complicit in these ruthless attacks?

The terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001 were a false flag operation. And what is a false flag operation?

"A horrific staged event blamed on a political enemy and used as a pretext to start a war or enact draconian laws in the name of national security."

The attacks on 9/11 have accomplished most of the objectives of their Zionist orchestrators within Israel, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom and of course the Zionist controlled Bush 43/PNAC Administration. With their passage of the Draconian Patriot Act they have destroyed the U.S. Bill of Rights, and with it, any protections that the American people once had under this legislation.

They have allowed for the total subversion of the United States and her people by a shadow government. And they have allowed for the terrorist attacks on Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the raping and pillaging of their citizenry and natural resources; all done under the cover of two completely illegal wars.

False flag operations are now commonly perpetrated by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex under Rothschild Zionism, while the three branches of the federal government and media system collude to cover up these crimes against humanity, and their Satanic origins.

The American people have now become the slaves of this Satanic cabal, through the NSA's illegal and treasonous signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting of our persons, and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network; an Orwellian domestic surveillance system which enables the NSA to instantly identify any American citizen, by searching the electromagnetic spectrum for the unique EMF fields which are given off by our own bodies. Those Americans who are exposing this high crime of treason are being systematically killed off in order to hide this scandal from the American people.

Were Natalie Wood And William Holden's Deaths Related? And Were Both Murdered By The Same People? An Interesting Theory In Regard To How Wood And Holden (Who Died Just Two Weeks Apart In 1981) May Have Been Murdered, And How Stephanie Powers & Robert Wagner May Have Been Involved

Huge Tree Uproots Without Any Warning Seriously Injuring 2 Boys - This Could Very Easily Be Done With A Directed Energy Weapon - More Than Two Dozen Trees Have Been Uprooted On My Property As The Result Of Directed Energy Weaponry - At Times You Can Even Hear A Cracking Sound As The Wood Is Hit With A Laser Equipped Satellite Which Weakens Its Integrity

News 12 Anchor Danielle Campbell Under Computer To Brain Interface Mind Control - All Of The Major Media Personalities Are EMF Fingerprinted By The NSA, Which Enables The NSA To Instantly Remotely Enter Their Minds Without Their Knowledge Or Consent - The Same Holds True For Our Politicians

***The Tremendous Benefits Of Using Energy Medicine To Treat Various Forms Of Drug Addiction Including Crystal Meth - If Anyone You Know Suffers From Drug Addiction And Has Been Unable To Become Drug Free, The Following Information Is A Must Read

"Who Is In Control Of Our Mind?" By Karin Pekarcik - An Excellent Article That Gets To The Heart Of The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Electronic Warfare Program & Its Signals Intelligence Based Mind Control Weaponry

How The CIA & NSA Provided The Seed Money To Finance Google As Part Of Their Plan To Take Total Information Control Of The Internet

Yvonne Selke, Long Time Employee For Booze Allen Hamilton (The Employer Of NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden) And Her Daughter, Among 150 Others Killed In French Alps Plane Crash - Was Selke Liquidated And The Plane Crash Caused Intentionally? If So Why? And Was The Pilot EEG Heterodyned By An Agency Like The NSA In Order To Manipulate His Mind In Order To Crash This Flight? Or Were Directed Energy Weapons Used To Cause This Plane To Crash? Directed Energy Weapons Can Be Used To Remotely Stall The Airflow Around A Planes' Wings, Forcing It To Rapidly Lose Altitude And Crash

"THERE ARE two governments in the United States today. One is visible. The other is invisible. The first is the government that citizens read about in their newspapers and children study about in their civics books. The second is the interlocking, hidden machinery that carries out the policies of the United States in the Cold War. This second, invisible government gathers intelligence, conducts espionage, and plans and executes secret operations all over the globe.

The Invisible Government is not a formal body. It is a loose, amorphous grouping of individuals and agencies drawn from many parts of the visible government. It is not limited to the Central Intelligence Agency, although the CIA is at its heart. Nor is it confined to the nine other agencies which comprise what is known as the intelligence community: the National Security Council, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, Army Intelligence, Navy Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research, the Atomic Energy Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Invisible Government includes, also, many other units and agencies, as well as individuals, that appear outwardly to be a normal part of the conventional government. It even encompasses business firms and institutions that are seemingly private."

- David Wise (1964 book "The Invisible Government")

“He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.” – V. I. Vernadsky (1863-1945)

The Zionist Deception Of Ashkenazi Jews
And Rothschild Zionism's Intent To Destroy Judaism

"The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress in 1897 to promote Zionism (a political movement with the sole aim of moving all Jews into a singularly Jewish nation state) and arrange its first meeting in Munich. However due to extreme opposition from local Jews, who are quite happy where they are, this meeting has to be moved to Basle, Switzerland and takes place on 29 August. The meeting is chaired by Ashkenazi Jew, Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries, 'It is essential that the sufferings of Jews become worse... this will assist in realization of our plans…. I have an excellent idea…. I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth…. The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.'"

"If you're a legitimate target of Organized Stalking and Non Consensual Human Experimentation in the United States, don't waste your time searching for activists' groups who claim to be exposing these crimes, since the FBI and DHS control virtually all of them. Instead, start your own Website and document your experiences as a target of these Orwellian crimes. Those who encourage you to network out to other Targeted Individuals or who promote "activist Websites" (or their own Websites) are part of this conspiracy, since if you are a legitimate target of these crimes you can never trust anyone - their goal is to murder you. This is especially true given how many federal agents are posing as TIs over the Internet, in an attempt to entrap legitimate targets of these crimes so that they can be removed from society and then murdered.

If you think that Targeted Individuals are delusional when they claim to be the subjects of government criminal conspiracies think again. The FBI/DHS international "electronic" slander campaign against this author should prove that these conspiracies do exist, and that the more credibility you have as a target of non consensual human experimentation, the more aggressively you are going to be demonized.

- MK-Ultra target James Marino

Beware Of Startpage.com's Claims Of Being Able
To Protect Your Internet Searches From NSA Spying

*Editor's Note: The Startpage.com search engine offers a false sense of security in this age of NSA signals intelligence satellite surveillance, by claiming that Startpage.com prevents the NSA from monitoring the content of Startpage.com Internet searches. Startpage.com is now getting more exposure and attracting more people who in the past have used other Internet search engines, since its creators were recently interviewed by New World Order Zionist shill, Alex Jones, who remains the most effective controlled opposition in the alternative media venue today.

Jones' meteoric rise to prominence on the Internet has made him just as powerful in the alternative media as Zionist shills like Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh have become in the mainstream media.

Bill Cooper exposed Alex Jones for the Zionist shill he is several years ago, and was then terminated by a SWAT team for having done so. This gives more credibility to allegations that Alex Jones has been a CIA asset for many years, which has led to his meteoric rise on the Internet, and his status as the most frequently listened to alternative media personality.

Startpage.com's servers can be easily hacked into by the NSA, just as the NSA can remotely hack into the brain of any person whose EMF brain map the NSA has decoded.

In all likelihood this is in reference to the United States and United Kingdom's civilian populations, at the very least, since the NSA has major operations in Fort Meade, Maryland USA, and Menwith Hill, England.

Startpage.com claims that its users are safe from NSA surveillance, however, the NSA's signal intelligence technology is capable of spy protocols that are well beyond what Startpage.com's creators are familiar with.

The Netherlands (home to Startpage.com) is controlled by the House of Rothschild through a central bank, which means that even if their intent to protect the privacy of Internet users began in earnest, it could not be maintained indefinitely, because Startpage.com exists in a country whose government has now become little more than one region of the Rothschilds' world government.

This means that Startpage.com will now be used as controlled opposition, attracting a large number of users from Google and other search engines under the pretense that Startpage.com is safe.

However, there is no longer any such thing as a safe search engine because of the NSA's ability to remotely hack into the servers of any company on the face of this planet using its signals intelligence technology; including Startpage.com's servers in the Netherlands.

The global population should become familiar with the term NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, because this Network operates within that vast area that comprises the Electromagnetic Spectrum, and is being used by the NSA to enslave the American people, just as other similar Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning networks are being used by the governments of this planet to enslave their own citizenry.

Editor's Note: Over the past few years the controlled media in the United States has described how Lyme Disease has now become a national problem, adversely affecting the continental USA, and how the illness is reported to have experienced a rise of over 300% in the last few years.

There's no question that Lyme Disease has experienced a significant increase in American cases over the past few decades with millions of Americans having become infected with this illness.

However, the fact is that the CDC and NIH have been deliberately under reporting Lyme Disease cases for decades, in an effort to help the medical insurance industry to shirk its responsibility in treating legitimate patients with Lyme Disease. Because of this, many Lyme Disease patients continue to be misdiagnosed due to treatment guidelines that are completely inadequate. Those physicians who specialize in treating Lyme Disease are not only ignored by the CDC and NIH, but also conspired against by their peers in the medical community who also treat this infectious disease with an alarmingly high failure rate.

What the controlled media should be publicizing and has been told to ignore is that Lyme Disease is not just an ordinary bacterial infection, but instead a biological weapon which was created by the U.S. Military, and has destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people over the past forty years. A significant number of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients have died either from direct complications of this bioweapon, or from suicide, having become so emotionally drained from dealing with its debilitating symptoms year after year.

7/16/15 - *Editor's Note: Since Barack Obama has decided to cooperate with Iran's uranium enrichment program, as part of their construction of a future nuclear weapon's arsenal, the Congress has become largely divided, with most Democrats approving of this alliance, while the Republican Party remains staunchly against it.

The Zionist government in Israel has clearly become concerned that their historic influence over the U.S. Federal Government is now eroding, with Obama's decision to allow Iran to continue down the path to constructing a nuclear weapon's program; even though it will be years before the country can actually manufacture nuclear weapons.

However, this negotiation with Iran is yet another red herring as is the Obama Administration's recent reestablishment of U.S. ties to Cuba after more than five decades.

The fact is that the real politics which are presently occurring from behind the scene, are quite different from what the American people are being spoon fed by the Zionist controlled media in the United States.

The United States is extremely concerned about the growing alliance between Russia and North Korea, and the fact that both countries have no intention of being absorbed into the House of Rothschilds' Communist world government agenda.

Iran continues to maintain ties with these countries, which is why the Obama Administration has attempted to broker this nuclear arms deal with Iran.

However, what the public remains largely unaware of is just how obsolete nuclear weapons have become, given the development of electronic warfare technologies that operate through the electromagnetic spectrum, and are completely superior in everyway to the traditional weapons of war that have been used for the past century.

Directed Energy Weapons operate through the electromagnetic spectrum and harness the energy from the EM spectrum, which is then converted for use as a weapon of mass destruction.

One of the most important aspects of these directed energy weapons is that their use in warfare is unlimited. A directed energy weapon could be used to create a plasma beam that when directed at an entire city, could instantaneously vaporize its inhabitants.

The same technology can be used to override the computer system which controls the launch of nuclear missiles, which would result in a failed launch.

Nuclear weapons are only useful when they can be launched by the country that owns them. However, when the computers that are used to launch these weapons are remotely hacked into in order to disable these missiles, the missiles become useless.

Even worse, the nuclear warheads on the missiles could be remotely detonated while they are still in their silos causing a nuclear blast within the military facility that they are housed in.

There have been several instances over the past seventy years where the computer systems used to launch American missiles were remotely overridden during the time that UFOs were alleged to have been seen hovering over these military bases.

Today, agencies like the NSA have access to these types of stealth technology. And the NSA certainly has the ability to remotely hack into any computer system that is used to oversee the operation of missiles with nuclear capabilities; regardless of which countries these missiles are located in.

The same technology can be used to remotely target the EMF signatures given off by the body of the president of another country. And this would allow another government with access to these weapons to murder this president with plausible deniability.

Or, if they chose to be more discrete, this president could be remotely implanted with an illness that could lead to his being forced to step down from office.

He could even be subjected to the manipulation of his thoughts via signals intelligence computer to brain interface, which would lead to his decision making being artificially influenced by those utilizing this technology against him, without his knowledge.

This would result in the other country gaining control over this president and his country without any of the citizenry even realizing that they had been taken from within their own borders by a foreign power.

There are those of us who have been targeted by these weapons for many years who believe that this has already occurred with the body politic in the United States.

So all of the media attention being given to nuclear weapons is really a smokescreen used to conceal the aggressive use of electronic warfare technologies in the modern day.

Moreover, the primary purpose for maintaining this red herring is to convince the public that we need these weapons in order to protect our countries, when in reality the primary focus in creating these weapons in the modern day is purely for economic reasons.

The defense industry and the enormous budgets that Congress grants them each year, which are then oftentimes spent on ridiculous projects that are never even utilized - have come to define this industry and its wasteful spending.

If electronic warfare technology was used for the express purpose of creating the type of electromagnetic shield that inventor Nikola Tesla offered to construct over the United States (for the U.S. Military in the early 1900s), the United States would become impervious to the traditional attacks made by missiles; since such a shield would be able to create an invisible barrier that could not be penetrated as long as this electromagnetic field was in operation.

The message here is that this electronic warfare technology is the future, and the traditional weapons that the military have been using over the past century have become completely outmoded by these newer space based weapons.

Consequently, the American deal with Iran over nuclear weapons should indicate that these weapons have now become antiquated, because they are inefficient and can be remotely disabled through the use of signals intelligence technology. Thus, they have no place in the 21St century.

7/7/15 - Hollywood Actress, Amanda Peterson Found Dead In Her Greeley Colorado Home Just Days Before Her 44TH Birthday - Is Amanda Another Target Of The FBI's "Dead Pool List" Psychological Warfare Campaign Against This Author In which Many People Have Been Covertly Murdered?

At first I thought that this rumor was just a sick hoax floated by someone on YouTube.

I wish more than anything that it was a hoax, however, I just found out that it is true.

Amanda Peterson has died under mysterious circumstances. Her death is under investigation. With the way in which Hollywood actors and actresses are being killed off through the use of directed energy weapons, Amanda may be yet another victim of these Orwellian crimes.

I also find it of interest that the movie Fatal Charm was posted to YouTube just four weeks before her death, and in the movie, Amanda becomes the target of a serial killer who nearly succeeds in killing her.

There have been a few of her movies on YouTube for quite some time, so why did this particular movie in which she is targeted for murder show up on YouTube just weeks before she died?

A furtive foreshadowing of her death by those who intended on killing her?

I have been a target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation since childhood, and part of the psychological warfare operations that have been conducted against me over the past 12 years involve the covert murders of many people, based on psychological triggers. At first I just though that the deaths were coincidental, however, I am now certain that these deaths were intentional.

The crimes are made to sound as outlandish as possible so that no one will believe that such outrageous crimes are taking place.

However, they are taking place at an alarming rate and on a scale that most people could not imagine.

And because directed energy weapons are used to commit many of these crimes, those who take part in these atrocities can murder anyone, including your own Family members, friends, or even people who are arbitrarily chosen because their name or some other aspect of their person serves as a psychological trigger that you are supposed to react negatively to.

Google: Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment.

"Can't Buy Me Love" has been a favorite movie of mine since I first saw it in 1987, and Amanda Peterson is my all time favorite actress.

So last summer I created a tribute Website to Amanda and one for the movie Can't Buy Me Love.

Shortly after I created the Can't Buy Me Love Website Patrick Dempsey is alleged to have become involved with another woman, and was later alleged to have been fired for it by Grey's Anatomy producer Shonda Rhimes.

Grey's fans were furious at the way Dempsey's character was killed off, and many of them have stated that they will not watch any future episodes of this TV series in protest.

Within six months of my creating this tribute Website Dempsey lost his job and his wife of 15 years, and was forced to put his multimillion dollar home on the market.

Google: 27Th Anniversary Tribute To Can't Buy Me Love and The Incomparable Actress Amanda Peterson.

Now just days before her 44TH Birthday Amanda Peterson has died under mysterious circumstances.

And I was going to update her site today to wish her a Happy Birthday when I read a post on YouTube and thought it was just a joke done in bad taste.

I am fairly certain that Amanda Peterson was murdered with a directed energy weapon. There were rumors that she was a meth amphetamine addict, however, those rumors were never substantiated.

If she was addicted to drugs this could have given those who wanted to murder her plausible deniability in doing so, as well as explain why her Family has stated that she has had so many health issues over the past few years.

Amanda's parents have stated that she suffered from a number of illnesses including sleep apnea. And her father stated that he believes that this may have contributed to her death.

What I find of interest here is that I have suffered from sleep apnea since contracting Lyme Disease in the early 1990s, and since that time can no longer experience a Delta brain state or REM sleep. In other words, I never fall into an unconscious state.

The best that I can do is to nap. However, I am always conscious and aware of my surroundings.

I was just discussing this with another Family member of mine the other day, and now I hear that Amanda may have died from sleep apnea, based on comments from her own Family.

It's just too coincidental. I think there is a very strong possibility that Amanda was covertly murdered using directed energy weaponry, which may have caused her to have a heart attack, stroke or aneurism, and as part of the psychological operation being conducted against my person, simply because I have admired Amanda for her tremendous talent as an actress.

However, also because I believe that she was the target of a conspiracy to drive her out of Hollywood because she would not play their game; which I write about in my tribute to her.

This lady had tremendous talent and beauty and her millions of fans have always wondered why her career took a tailspin after Can't Buy Me Love, when she had super star qualities that should have made her an A-lister in Hollywood.

When she was promoting Can't Buy Me Love in the summer of 1987, Amanda went on Howard Stern's radio show and Stern himself told her that he truly believed that she was going to become a big star.

So her fans have always wondered why with her talent and beauty Amanda never received the type of acting roles that she deserved.

Hollywood is notorious for programming actors from an early age in MK-Ultra Monarch mind control programming, in order to split their personalities. However, there is no way of knowing who is programmed and who is not.

What I do know is that there is a conspiracy to murder Hollywood actors who fall out of favor with the studios, and I believe that Amanda's turning a cold shoulder to Hollywood years ago may have eventually resulted in her covert murder.

Regardless of what the coroner's report says, I don't believe that Amanda Peterson died of natural causes. I think she was murdered.

7/6/15 - Targeted Individuals Are Being Denied Their Inherent Rights As Natural Persons And Are Instead Being Treated As Artificial Persons With The Same Status As Corporations

How the creation of the corporate constitution's 14TH Amendment was used to allow for a legal fiction which has since been utilized to enslave the American citizenry to their own corporate government, under Rothschild Zionism. If you were given birth by a woman who was an American citizen at the time of your birth, you are both a natural person (a human being based on your Mother's biology), as well as an American citizen with inherent protections under the U.S. Bill of Rights.

You are a natural person, as opposed to an artificial person like a corporation that has no protections.

If your rights have been violated under the color of law by the FBI or any other government agency, the agents involved have committed a heinous and treasonous crime against you for which they must be held accountable.

All Targeted Individuals living within the United States are now being treated as if they have been given the status of an artificial person (a non human being with the same status as corporations are given in both the United States and Canada) which makes these people slaves to the government.

Because of this total subversion of the Bill of Rights in the United States, Targeted Individuals are being denied their inherent rights under the Totalitarian regime which has existed in America since the 9/11 false flag operation took place, and thousands of our own citizens were murdered by this Zionist regime in the interest of creating a world Zionist government.

"A natural-person is defined as 'A human being that has the capacity for rights and duties.' Note that the word capacity means the ability, but not the obligation for rights and duties.

An artificial-person is defined as 'A legal entity, not a human being, recognized as a person in law to whom legal rights and duties may attach - e.g. a body corporate.' Sometimes an artificial-person may be referred to as a CORPORATION, which is not always the same as an Incorporated Company. These subtle re-definitions are made in Statutes whenever the Government wants to change the meaning of the word.

There are many different types of artificial-persons, each with different duties. Here are a few different types of artificial-persons:

Taxpayer, Resident, Driver, Voter, Citizen, Homeowner, Officer.

Whenever you read any Law or Statute, you must be sure to check the meaning of the word 'person' as it applies to that particular law.

In order to implement slavery of it's citizens and control them according to its whim, the Government had to invent a system that would not violate a human-being's fundamental rights, but would allow the Government to 'own' everything produced or gained by its citizens.

The technique used by the Government was to create an artificial-person (referred to herein as a *CORPORATION for emphasis) for every human-being in Canada. As creator of a CORPORATION, the Government can demand anything it wants from the CORPORATION. As a legal entity, a CORPORATION does not have feelings and cannot be hurt. It can be subject to slavery and complete domination by its creator and the CORPORATION must obey its creator.

*In the United States corporations were given the same rights as people, with the creation of the 14Th Amendment.

Source: Natural V.S Artificial Person

7/1/15 -

What Is Energy Vampirism?

The CIA And Its Energy Vampirism In The Controlled Media

If ever there were a textbook example of what has come to be known as "Energy Vampirism," it is in the controlled media. Today's media is for all intents and purposes a circus of actors shouting at each other and seeking to steal each other's psychic energy, by imposing their wills on one another.

It does not matter whether it is the evening news, talk TV, *soap operas, sitcoms, or any other genre, since they are all geared to do one thing: destroy your intelligence quotient by both dumbing you down and antagonizing you.

*The soap opera genre and its focus on men and women deceiving each other in their relationships, has historically been used to brainwash the minds of young female viewers, into believing that their own romantic relationships are not interesting enough, and that it is normal for them to engage in such deception. This is a prime example of how the Rothschilds (under the CIA's Project Mockingbird) use the controlled media as part of their Satanic brainwashing of an unwitting society.

This concept, which has been coined "Energy Vampirism," was first described in detail in the fictional novel "The Celestine Prophecy," written by Author James Redfield two decades ago.

Now while the novel may be fictional, Redfield's account of Energy Vampirism is not. Each day people are faced with this challenge, having to decide whether to impose their will on another, and by doing so stealing some of the psychic energy from these people, or by finding that their own psychic energy is being stolen from them by those persons whose intent is to impose their own will on another person, in an effort to control them.

These battles in the mainstream media are based on abject egocentrism, and have evolved to the point where it has become not only painful, but exhausting just watching these people attempting to steal each other's psychic energy.

Is it any wonder why Hollywood is run by Satanists, since this venue reaches into the homes of hundreds of millions of people for the express purpose of stealing their souls.

Moreover, today's media has largely evolved into a gigantic gossip column for the masses, where scantily clad attractive young women are used as eye candy, to conceal the fact that there is actually little to be gained in the way of obtaining any new and important knowledge from these programs, that will actually enhance one's mind.

Instead, we are fed the same brainwashing each day ad nauseam, while the news media focuses its venom on the latest creations of the CIA, whose demonization campaigns run rampant throughout Cable TV, radio and print media.

Americans, like their brethren in other nations, have become the targets of such Psychic Vampirism.

And while there is little hope of changing this Orwellian aspect of our societies in the near future, there are ways in which to at least give your own minds and psychic energy some relief from this constant onslaught of media overload.

Refrain from using (better yet, sell) any mediums that are used for the primary purpose of brainwashing you.

Specifically, your TV set and radio. Moreover, use your computer to choose TV programs and movies that will enhance your mind; which means focusing on programs that are uplifting and leave you feeling energized, instead of the contemporary programming that zaps your energy and leaves you feeling oftentimes confused and resentful.

Choose literature for the same reason. And spend more time reading worthwhile books, while avoiding mainstream media blurbs that result in your brain's reconfiguring itself, to the point where your concentration becomes so limited that it becomes worthless to you as tool of learning.

Your mind is a temple that you should fastidiously guard against anything that would seek to harm it.

Yet most people remain completely unaware of how their own minds are ravaged daily by a controlled media system that follows them into the privacy of their own homes, and becomes the focal point of their very existence.

As further proof of this, do you turn your TV or radio on from practically the moment you arrive home? And on those days when you are at home, is your Television or radio on all day long? Do you spend more than an hour a day on your computer playing video games, or listening to satellite radio?

If so, consider that you have been programmed to do so as part of the mass mind control that is taking place within our own society.

Also consider that the media is in its own right, as addictive to you as crack cocaine or meth amphetamine are to the habitual drug user.

How can you break this vicious cycle? By learning to think outside of this matrix of deception.

Your mind belongs to you; not the government nor the media system. And your mind and your ability to think independently is one of the greatest gifts you have ever or will ever be given. So don't ever willingly allow anyone to take this gift away from you.

Read books of your own choosing. Use the Internet to watch TV programs and listen to radio programs and music of your own choosing. Entertainment that relaxes and inspires you; not which provokes you to violence.

Moreover, lead your own life and don't follow others, since most people are unwitting prisoners of this matrix, whom through the covertly implemented genocidal policy of their own governments, are gradually being quietly and deliberately led to their own eventual slaughter.

Dr. Mehmet Oz' Battle Against the Medical Status Quo

On an aside, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a world renowned cardiothoracic surgeon, who over the past several years has become a TV sensation - since being given Oprah Winfrey's imprimatur on his work - has recently come under fire by the American Medical Association and U.S. Congress, for claims he's made in regard to a miracle weight loss product.

Dr. Oz is familiar with much of the junk science that the allopathic community in the United States is guilty of practicing, and has, with his well known celebrity and criticism of the AMA's medical status quo, now found himself under attack. This can be further evidenced by the recent demand of several of his fellow doctors at Columbia University's School Of Medicine, that Dr. Oz resign his teaching position at the School.

There have been a myriad of physicians over the past century who've challenged the Rockefellers' (yes the Rockefeller Foundation controls the American Medical Association as a very lucrative business) autonomy over the medical profession in the United States, only to find themselves becoming the targets of very aggressive and oftentimes vicious smear campaigns, in order to discredit their claims.

Dr. Royal Rife is probably the best example of such victimization, since had Rife's electromagnetic research been fully developed, most illnesses could have been cured by now, and the general population would have become much healthier.

This would have also meant that the Rockefellers' Drug Trust would never have been able to successfully propagate into the monstrosity that it has since become.

Perhaps the best example of the Rockefellers' demonization of one of their own, through the use of such slanderous attacks, was in regard to the smear campaign promulgated by the Rockefellers against Dr. Kenneth Sugiura, after Dr. Sugiura determined that Vitamin B17 and its Laetrile derivative, were far superior in treating cancer than the Rockefellers' surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments were.

What the late political historian, Eustace Mullins, referred to as the Rockefellers' murderous slash, poison and burn philosophy in regard to treating cancer patients.

Prior to his findings, Dr. Sugiura was well thought of and considered to be an institution amongst Sloan Kettering Memorial Hospital's staff.

However, in the early 1970s, after his positive findings in regard to Vitamin B17, Sugiura was fired by Sloan Kettering's board of directors, which at the time included three members of the Rockefeller family.

Fearing that Vitamin B17 would quickly replace its own slash, poison and burn medical protocol for treating cancer, the Rockefellers also used their influence to ban Vitamin B17 from the United States, as well as its Laetrile derivative, and to make it a crime for any physician to use Laetrile in the treatment of their cancer patients.

It would appear that Dr. Oz has now offended the Rockefeller Dynasty and with his celebrity, threatened some aspect of this Drug Trust's autonomy over the medical profession.

So Dr. Oz is now experiencing the type of backlash that many of his earlier peers experienced when their brilliance threatened some aspect of the Rockefellers' "junk" medical status quo in the United States.

6/29/15 - The controlled media today reports that Elon Musk's Space X9 rocket exploded shortly after take off. Once again, we see the number 9 being used as part of the FBI/NSA psyop against this author.

In this author's opinion, the Space X9 rocket was sabotaged, and directed energy weaponry was used to perpetrate this act of sabotage.

Musk is a genius who is being used to develop advanced battery technologies which will ultimately benefit the New World Order. Once he has outlived his usefulness, he will be liquidated like other great minds, whose technologies have benefitted human kind, but not before the elite class has both monopolized and profited from these technologies.

The greatest victim whose contributions have helped the human race to advance as rapidly as we have, remains Nikola Tesla, who was murdered in the late 1940s, in order to cover up the theft of some of his technology by the German government. Tesla is always given short shrift when compared to Thomas Edison, not nearly Tesla's equal, because Edison was a minion of the Rothschild/Rockefeller dynasty in the United States.

However, for all of Tesla's good intentions towards humanity, his research into free energy and the harnessing of the energy produced by the electromagnetic spectrum (HAARP), has been completely perverted by the global military industrial intelligence complex, whom through their nefarious utilization of directed energy weapons and mind control technology, have turned Tesla's research and inventions against the human race.

6/25/15 - The media continues to report on weather anomalies all over this planet, which are the direct result of the Pentagon's use of HAARP technology to perpetrate geophysical manipulation of the weather, as part of Rothschild Zionism's World Government agenda to depopulate this planet through plausibly deniable mass genocide - under Agenda 21.

We have seen record setting floods in Europe, a current heat wave in Alaska that now has the State battling 16 separate fires (more than likely created through the use of HAARP technology that can be used to produce plasma based lightning strikes), as well as myriad other weather anomalies around this planet; many of which continue to adversely affect the North American continent.

To those who state that the Rothschilds plan on implementing their world government, I say that to a large extent they already have.

The main problem that the Rothschilds face in accomplishing their full implementation of this Zionist world government is that the governments of all countries must first be subverted by the Rothschilds.

However, Russia and North Korea have no intention of allowing their governments to be dissolved, or their land absorbed into the Rothschilds' global real estate holdings.

And the more intent the Rothschilds become in fomenting false flag conspiratorial operations against North Korea and Russia, like the Ukraine debacle, the more likely they are to provoke the next world war.

The world now realizes that the United States of America, while once the greatest experiment for a free nation ever created, has become nothing but another holding of the House of Rothschild, which will be used against any nation who attempts to prevent the Rothschilds from expanding their hegemonic and Satanic empire.

6/24/15 - Given that as a target of MK-Ultra, I am constantly being gas lighted and told stories that are at times true, while at other times complete fabrications, I always preface this when reporting experiences that I am told about by other people, that appear to be related to directed energy weapon's attacks.

Keeping this in mind, today, a group of old friends of my Father's got together to attend a birthday party for him. The party took place at a Manhattan restaurant.

The person who put this party together (who's first name is also James) arrived at the party late and agitated. After awhile, he began to calm down and speak with other guests at the party.

However, after a time, he complained of being very warm (microwave energy heating) and said that he felt as if he was going to pass out.

He was assisted to quickly by my Dad and other party goers, who immediately called the EMTs (who arrived quickly), and took him to the hospital so that he could be examined.

The fire department also showed up.

The last time that this occurred was when my Mom was hit with a directed energy weapon a few years ago at a restaurant, during a birthday party for another Family member.

The directed energy attack today was staged in advance, with the fire department and EMTs knowing in advance that it was going to happen. This was done to this man as punishment for throwing my Dad this party.

Several years ago my Dad was having lunch with a few friends.

After lunch, they dropped one of them off only to learn that he died later that day of an aneurism. The man's name was Frank Morello, and he was murdered with a directed energy weapon as part of the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation that I am subjected to.

Ironically enough, my Dad's last comment to Frank was that if he did not water a shrub that he was walking past at the time, on the way to his front door, that the shrub was going to die.

Morello would die several hours later.

I have always found it of interest that the police, EMTs and fire department, collude in these attacks, and then act totally nonchalant when they are called for help.

Similar situations regarding medical personnel have been reported by myriad other targets of these crimes.

I also find it of equal interest how the FBI passes what I write along to these personnel in an attempt to create further problems, even though the Bureau knows that what I have documented is accurate.

The FBI also passes information furnished to it by the NSA in regard to the NSA's illegal remote neural monitoring of my subvocalized thoughts, on to members of the Supreme Court as well as Congress. I usually create some type of unique thought that I will routinely think about before attempting to block my mind before going to bed at night.

Over the past few weeks I have tried thinking about someone doing reverse somersaults. Today, on our TV programming a U.S. Supreme Court Justice can be heard making an analogy in regard to someone doing reverse somersaults.

Now the person may have really made this comment or it could have been just a CGI video animation of this Supreme Court Judge used for the purpose of psychological warfare.

The fact is that I did have this thought recently, and it was mentioned by this person (or a CGI created version of this person)as I was switching TV channels.

The comment was made when I switched from one cable TV channel to another. And as part of the FBI COINTELPRO against this author which involves remote tampering with our cable TV programming, our TV programming is frozen TIVO style so that we see exactly what the FBI wants us to see when we turn from one TV channel to the next.

If you turned consecutively from one channel up to the next 100 channels, each channel would function like this. And if you randomly selected a channel the same thing will happen.

If you go back to a channel where you just experienced this frozen programming, you will experience the same situation again.

These programs are all preselected by a computer that has been programmed for the particular psychological operation that the FBI continues to perpetrate against my person.

In other words, our cable TV programming is completely tampered with 24 hours a day. It's plausibly deniable, however, this particular aspect of psychological warfare is occurring, and has been for the past 12 years.

Moreover, this is further proof that the FBI has been involved in a criminal conspiracy against my person that goes back decades, and includes the most egregious violations of civil rights ever documented.

The FBI has been conducting what can only be described as an out right demonization campaign against this author in retaliation for the written works that I have published as a target of MK-Ultra over the past decade.

My writings in regard to Rothschild Zionism have also resulted in a covert psychological warfare attack being conducted against this author by the mainstream media, as well as Hollywood executives, which is equally as precedent setting.

The Constitutional rule of law is absent here because of the FBI's total abrogation of my Constitutional rights, as well as those of my Family and many other people; each of whom the Bureau has used its intimidation tactics against, in order to cover up these crimes.

When these agents are placed in a position where they must conceal their own crimes, they become extremely ruthless and dangerous, as they are at present.

Especially since the crown jewel and backbone of the NSA's domestic spy operations is now being openly discussed by many of the people who have been illegally targeted by this Orwellian system for many years. The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and the Agency's EMF fingerprinting of the American people.

The NSA is trying to enslave us with this Orwellian technology. And my intent is to alert both the American people as well as the rest of the people on this planet to this treasonous betrayal of their trust, since these SIGNIT EMF Scanning Networks are being used to electromagnetically brand each of us like heads of cattle.

Editor's Note: The NSA sends Barack Obama audio visual information regarding this author attempting to dunk a cookie into a glass of milk several months ago, while I was in my own kitchen. The cookie was too large for the glass and I had to break the cookie in order to do so. The reader will note the YouTube video of Barack Obama attempting to unsuccessfully dunk a cookie in a glass of milk was in reality Obama mimicking me, as part of this demented FBI psyop. Your tax dollars hard at work.

Of course, it is not presidential to be seen eating a cookie soaked in milk, so Mr. Obama skipped that part of the mimicry and went on to his February/Febuary "mirrors" antics. This president is under total mind control and does not even realize it.

Vehicular stalking continues at what I would refer to be a medium pace, with these mind controlled puppets racing up and down our 30MPH limit road at speeds more than twice the limit.

If the Targeted Individual lives on a closed road with a cul de sac, they will drive through the TI's neighborhood in various colored vehicles, used for the specific purpose of psychological warfare, and then turn around and leave the neighborhood, while a new group of vehicular stalkers follows them.

There are days where up to hundreds or even thousands of different vehicles will travel in front of a Targeted Individual's home for the purpose of psychological warfare, and other days where only a small group of vehicles will stay in the neighborhood and circulate for the purpose of harassing the TI.

This is by its very definition a criminal conspiracy to violate the person's Constitutional right to both privacy and quiet enjoyment under the U.S. Bill of Rights 4Th Amendment.

However, since we are now dealing in Washington DC. with what can only be described as another Zionist financed Third Reich, the Constitutional rule of law clearly no longer applies.

There are days where hundreds of cars can travel in front of a Targeted Individual's home in less than 30 minutes, while over time doing damage to the roadway and creating additional air and noise pollution.

Not to mention representing a serious danger to those who live in these neighborhoods, given the reckless ways in which many of these people drive.

Most of the vehicular stalking that this author has witnessed involves drivers who are speeding, and often traveling at two to three times the posted speed limit.

Forget about the rule of law here, because Organized Stalkers are told to do whatever they think they can get away with.

Some follow greater regimentation than others, however, they would have to admit in court to taking part in a criminal conspiracy that is not only illegal, but also completely unconstitutional.

Vehicular stalking has many different facets to it. And it has evolved substantially over the past 12 years, since it first became used on a national basis in the United States.

This specialized branch of Organized Stalking involves the use of automobiles in carrying out psychological warfare operations against selected targets of these vigilante hate crimes, and in complete violation of the targeted citizen's civil rights.

There are at present millions of Americans who are being targeted by these crimes, however, only a fraction of this number know that they are being targeted, and as part of an Orwellian and conspiratorial government program that involves the genocide of the American middle class.

Who is orchestrating these crimes? Organized Stalking is sanctioned by the White House with the approval of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches of the U.S. Federal Government.

If it were not, these crimes would not have been able to continue. They would have instead, ended a long time ago.

Moreover, this is why these crimes are perpetrated in complete secrecy under the Patriot Act.

The actual oversight of this Third Reich program is by a network of fusion centers scattered throughout the United States.

Who oversees fusion centers? The U.S. Justice Department, The Federal Bureau Of Investigation and The Department Of Homeland Security.

FBI Director, James Comey, has been on 60 Minutes at least twice since he became head of the FBI. So with Organized Stalking becoming the most common crime being committed and reported in America, how come Mr. Comey has never mentioned Organized Stalking or Electronic Harassment crimes in the media, or how they are being illegally perpetrated against American citizens?

The answer is that these crimes are being perpetrated under the cover of various anti-terrorist legislation that has been created as the direct result of the 9/11 false flag operation.

However, this legislation is being used against American citizens who are not terrorists, yet, have been included in this category because the government cannot legally prosecute them without raising all types of Constitutional issues in the process.

This is particularly true for those of us who have been used for some form of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation.

Director Comey is not a stupid man. Therefore he must be well aware that two of the recent terrorist attacks which were perpetrated by two different men (Aaron Alexis and Myron May), were the direct result of retaliation for Organized Stalking crimes which were used to drive these men to commit these terrible crimes.

Prior to these attacks, both men made a concerted effort to obtain help from law enforcement, in order to end these illegal and Orwellian attacks on their persons, and were instead completely ignored.

The Congress has also ignored thousands of formal complaints made by men and women who remain the targets of these attacks.

And should any of these people commit an act of violence in their frustration, like Aaron Alexis and Myron May did, these people will be referred to as terrorists, while the Congress and controlled media ignore the fact that these people contacted them for help and were ignored, and are in fact the targets of a criminal conspiracy which finds its roots within the U.S. Federal Government itself.

So if you are a Targeted Individual living in the United States, you don't have to look any further to determine who is responsible for the program to exterminate you, since I have just identified them for you.

Together, these organizations form the foundation for the new Third Reich. And while it may come as a surprise to you, this new Third Reich is being financed by contemporaries of those who financed Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s, in the interest of circulating international hatred for the Jews under a Zionist Congress; in an effort to force them to adopt to a singularly Jewish state of their own - which the Jews did not want to do.

This is precisely why the Zionist Congress was moved from Munich, Germany to Basle, Switzerland in 1897, because of the Jewish protest against the Zionist Congress in Germany.

It was in fact the Rothschilds who forced the Jews into fleeing to Israel, after their use of Anti-Semitism created an international hatred for all Jews.

For years, this author has documented how as part of the multifaceted psychological warfare operation that I am subjected to, people are often murdered by the FBI/NSA operatives who perpetrate these crimes against my person; and through the use of directed energy weapons and signals intelligence technology.

As just a few examples of such crimes, the signals intelligence technology can be used to stop an engine by remotely blocking the electricity traveling from an ignition to spark plugs. If someone was flying a plane, this could certainly result in the plane crashing unexpectedly as we saw with actor Harrison Ford (whose plane number 50, has been a psychological trigger used by FBI/NSA agents against this author for several years). Was the plane crash that Harrison Ford was involved in meant to kill him? Or perhaps just a warning?

Today, I read that composer James Horner, best known for his Titanic musical score, has been killed in a plane crash, when his own private plane crashed. Was the engine in Horner's plane the target of signals intelligence predation?

Also consider that both the name James (my first name) as well as the word Horn (er) have also been used as regular psychological triggers against my person for the past several years. Is James Horner just another in the myriad murder victims that these federal psychopaths have killed as part of this psyop against this author, simply because his name and fame made him ideal for such a covert psyop?

A Madison Avenue executive by the name of Suzanne Hart was murdered when the electronics controlling the elevator she was attempting to enter were remotely accessed using signals intelligence technology, in order to cause the elevator door to trap Suzanne as she was entering the elevator. She would end up being crushed to death when the elevator moved to the next floor."

On the morning that this crime took place, a van was parked in the road in front of my home with the name HART painted on its side. And the evening before, I had watched a movie called Paper Man (1971) which contained a scene in which a woman was crushed to death by an elevator that was deliberately electronically tampered with in order to kill her.

Less than a week before a woman named Elisa Lam died from an apparent drowning in a cistern water town atop a building, I watched a movie called Dark Water (2005), in which a girl is drowned in a cistern water tower atop a building on Roosevelt Island. Before her body is found in the water tower, Elisa is recorded by an elevator camera entering an elevator, as she appears to be hiding from someone who is chasing her. However, her death is suspicious, yet ruled accidental.

I have also publicly questioned if the 9Th Amendment is being used by state governments against the community of Targeted Individuals who live in the United States, in order to deny them their Constitutional rights.

Once I mentioned the 9TH Amendment I noticed that the number 9 began appearing far more frequently in the media, including the recent shooting deaths of 9 African Americans in Charleston, South Carolina; which I am certain was another politically motivated false flag operation perpetrated by the U.S. federal government, as part of its plan to abolish the Second Amendment.

This is yet another example of how these federal psychopaths collude with the mainstream media to carry out such furtive psychological warfare operations against an unsuspecting public.

Have you also noticed all of the accidents reported in the controlled media over the past few years which involve automobiles crashing into buildings and homes? Even a hospital emergency room was recently the target of such an accident.

There are far too many of these types of "accidents" occurring for this to be a coincidence. These staged accidents are the result of the drivers of these vehicles being remotely brain tapped (EEG heterodyned) by Artificial Intelligence computers, and programmed into deliberately causing these accidents.

At their very base, what are psychological warfare operations? They are the most twisted and sadistic forms of mind game ever devised.

And by those whose minds are as twisted and evil as the mind games that they create.

Also consider Horner's best known musical score from the motion picture Titanic. The word Titanic has also been used as a psychological trigger against this author for more than a decade.

If signals intelligence was not involved in the tampering of his aircraft, could Horner have been mind controlled into crashing his plane via computer to brain interface? If this is the case, and no evidence of mechanical or electrical failure is found as the cause of his plane crash, will allegations surface that James Horner died due to pilot error? Or perhaps will they claim that Horner had a medical emergency which caused him to lose consciousness?

Or perhaps that he may have even committed suicide?

It has been my opinion that many Hollywood personalities are murdered through the use of covert means, as Satanic ritualistic sacrifices, by the Zionist elite in Hollywood. Could James Horner be yet another of such sacrifices?

And if so, what Hollywood celebrity will we read about next having died under mysterious circumstances? It seems like we are constantly hearing about someone in Hollywood dying under mysterious circumstances, and this must provoke a series of important questions. Not the least of which is, are these people being offered up as Satanic sacrifices, while their lucrative estates are then divided up by those Satanists in Hollywood who conspire against them?

6/22/15 - The directed energy attack on this author over the past several days has involved infecting me with a cold virus. I have also been subjected to the use of electronic warfare technology to compress my bronchial airway which causes an artificial shortness of breath. In conjunction with this, the FBI in its sadism has commercials for the respiratory illness COPD integrated into the psychological warfare broadcasts we are subjected to through our cable TV programming each day.

Today, the shortness of breath symptom has ended and what I would describe as a slight vertigo symptom has begun, as these weapons are moved from one part of my person to another.

The EMF fields around our bodies make us extremely vulnerable to these EMP (electromagnet pulse) weapons. They are pulsed because if we were subjected to the full power of these weapons we would be killed instantly.

The technology is highly advanced and could be used to cure virtually all illnesses that cause premature ageing and death in the human species.

Instead, these technologies are being used as the latest weaponry of the global military industrial intelligence complex. The weapons are completely stealth in that they operate through the electromagnetic spectrum, are invisible to the naked eye, and can be used to torture or murder anyone with complete anonymity and plausible deniability.

These weapons give those who use them, powers that come as close to those of God as has ever been created. The Pentagon has the ability to create hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, floods, fires, droughts, earthquakes, mudslides, sinkholes, microbursts and any other type of artificially created geophysical manipulation of the weather.

Such manipulations of the weather can be used to cause crop damage and massive food shortages across the United States, like those intentionally created during the Russian famine. This famine resulted in the starvation murders of more than 40 million people.

This sabotage of crops is now starting to take place in the United States as part of a genocidal agenda against the American middle class.

The DOD also has the ability to remotely access the mind of any American citizen via the electromagnetic spectrum, as part of the NSA's covert and treasonous EMF finger printing of the American people.

Moreover, because the NSA can instantly access the unique EMF signature sets of each of our bodies, by scanning the electromagnetic spectrum to search for these signatures, NSA cryptologists can remotely access and even manipulate our minds.

To say that this technology is Orwellian is understating the case, since what we have here is technology that gives these Satanists god-like power over the rest of us.

6/19/15 - My parents as well as this author are all suddenly experiencing colds. However, we never get colds this time of year.

The fact that I had remarked this past week in regard to how I had not had a cold since the Winter of 2013, and now suddenly not only do I have a cold, but so do my parents.

Our food could have been infected with a cold virus, or the virus could have easily been broadcast into our bloodstreams by way of a microwave energy weapon. Two years ago, these agents began to target my arm with a laser, and have left permanent scarring from this.

Is it any wonder why their completely illegal COINTELPRO slander campaign against my person has become so aggressive since the Summer of 2014?

The demonization campaign is as revenge for exposing the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Fingerprinting of the American people.

And I will soon pay the price by either being setup on trumped up charges in which I will later be murdered. Or, given the abject violation of my Constituional rights, I will instead be murdered with a directed energy weapon.

The FBI has aggressively tortured my person both physically as well as psychologically for the past 22 years through the use of directed energy weapons and computer to brain interface.

The Illuminati who control our governments do not take kindly to those of us who attempt to warn humanity about the covert enslavement of the human race. And the reader must begin to understand that your brain is a computer that is readily accessed by the NSA, for the purpose of either monitoring your thoughts, or programming your mind in Delta mode during REM sleep.

As a target of this Orwellian program for the past forty years, and the subject of the most aggressive demonization campaign in United States history, I know that I have told the American people the truth about this EMF fingerprinting of our persons.

And I hope that the world will awaken to this Satanic agenda to enslave and ultimately destroy the human race.

The reader will also note that over the past 12 years, the FBI has done everything possible to provoke me into committing a violent act through the use of the most vicious psychological warfare operations ever perpetrated, and failed miserably. However, this has only resulted in the FBI's crimes becoming even worse, where they have now completely abrogated the Bill of Rights.

When the government's crimes against you are so outrageous that they must abrogate your rights, fabricate evidence against you, suborn witness perjury, and then demonize you to justify their crimes, the government loses its legitimacy.

We have now arrived at such a situation in this country where any citizen's mind can be remotely accessed by the National Security Agency.

The Charleston shooting massacre was another mind controlled and politically motivated psychological operation, used by the Intel community in order to shame African Americans into accepting the abuse that they are routinely subjected to at the hands of the police.

This is why this mind control technology was used to create a mass murderer. To shame those African Americans who protested after the Ferguson and Baltimore attacks for responding understandably to an unnecessary killing of one of their own people.

The racially mixed community in Charleston responded in a far more organized fashion, with the families of the victims stating that they forgave the shooter for committing these murders.

While this is now politically correct, would you respond the same way if your family was murdered in cold blood?

While pacifism is fine when you are not the target of a criminal conspiracy as African Americans most certainly are, when you are the target of such a criminal conspiracy, all pacifism will result in is your surrendering your rights as a citizenry, and you will die quietly instead of speaking out in defense of your rights.

It post 9/11 America, it has become very dangerous to speak unpopular truths because the government's use of classified weapons to torture or murder your person becomes a very real threat.

Moreover, in this author's opinion, the shooter, Dylann Roof, is a target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation, and in fact a Manchurian Candidate, just like James Holmes and Jared Loughner were.

* This evening is extremely quiet. There is no wind to speak of. Yet just seconds ago I heard a large tree felled on a neighbor's nearby property. Undoubtedly, this is another example of directed energy weapons being used to uproot a tree.

And this will result in a crew of brainwashed people with chainsaws showing up at this property over the next day or so, as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO operation against this author.

This is how these agents operate in a plausibly deniable manner and how they plan their psychotic attacks.

** The evening after I heard the tree fall I was sitting outdoors for a few minutes when I suddenly heard what appeared to be very loud white noise coming from an area in the woods behind my home. Within a matter of 40 seconds a heavy rain could be heard moving in from the distance. I have documented these types of HAARP related manipulations of our weather for years now, and I am certain that HAARP technology can be used to almost instantaneously alter weather patterns anywhere on the face of this planet.

Because of this, one must now seriously consider that the Pentagon's use of its HAARP antenna farm in Gakona, Alaska constitutes a weapon of mass destruction that is used to create geophysical manipulation of the weather. In other words, a weather driven doomsday machine that can be used by the U.S. Department Of Defense to create total chaos where ever they choose to deploy this weaponry.

For many years now I have also seen HAARP created plasma fire balls which look very much like lightning, travel in the sky over our property. These plasma based fire balls can vary in length and appear as anything from a streak of lightning to a *meteorite (*which the Northeastern part of the United States witnessed on 3/22/13 at approximately 8PM EST). From what I have witnessed on numerous occasions, the sky turns a marine aqua color at the time that these weapons are fired.

Also notice the last name of the Charleston shooter. Roof, as in a sniper concealing himself on a roof before shooting his victims. These people are chosen to perpetrate these crimes, by the cowards who control them through computer to brain interface programming.

Both Aaron Alexis and Myron May had publicly stated that they were the targets of Organized Stalking campaigns and mind control experimentation before going on their shooting sprees, in an attempt to stop the attacks on their persons. Their shooting sprees were the direct result of having been Organized Stalked and tortured with directed energy weapons, and being ignored by Congress and their own state legislators when they attempted to obtain help in ending these crimes.

Had Congress or the FBI intervened on their behalves, these shootings would never have taken place.

The Military Intelligence complex routinely uses unwitting Americans for mind control programming, by programming these people through the use of computer to brain interface when they are in REM sleep.

The American people are going to see a lot more of these mind controlled mass shootings in the future, in order to abolish the Second Amendment and private gun ownership, while the blood of a lot of American citizens will continue to be spilled.

Former NSA head, Michael Hayden, was mocking Edward Snowden in a recent article on yet another Intelligence controlled Website, claiming that after two years the NSA is more powerful than ever, and that Snowden's whistleblowing has done nothing to harm the Agency.

As head of the NSA, Hayden would have known all about the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and how this Orwellian spy machine is being used to enslave the American people through the decoding of our bodies' own unique EMF signatures.

However, as both a Satanist and pawn of Rothschild Zionism and its hegemony, Hayden has no loyalty to the American people or this country.

His loyalty is to the Zionist banksters who finance the NSA and its Nazi ideals, while Hayden functions as just another cog in the wheel of this pernicious attack on humanity.

Whether Snowden realizes it or not, he has functioned as a member of the controlled opposition, which Hayden himself is well aware of.

Like the rest of the hierarchy within the NSA, Hayden knows that the information that Snowden was allowed to liberate, was a red herring used to mislead the Russians and the rest of the world, while also being used to cover up a much greater scandal. The NSA's EMF fingerprinting of the American people, which is used as part of an Orwellian attack on our freedoms.

Like Hayden and his Satan worshiping Intel cronies, the NSA is an absolutely evil organization, which through the utilization of its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, regularly tortures and murders American citizens through the use of directed energy weapons.

6/18/15 - Reports of EEG heterodyned Manchurian Candidate murders are becoming common place in the controlled media, where these modern day targets of MK-Ultra are programmed while they are in REM sleep (through the use of computer to brain interface via the electromagnetic spectrum), to commit these horrific acts. While those within the NSA and other alphabet agencies with access to this Orwellian technology perpetrate their horrendous crimes with complete impunity.

A cellmate of mass murderer, James Holmes, has recently stated that Holmes admitted to him that he is a target of Mk-Ultra mind control experimentation, and that he was programmed to commit these murders. One must wonder which Intel alphabet agency is responsible for Holmes' mind control programming?

And how many other MK-Ultra Manchurian Candidates are currently awaiting orders to commit mass murders, by being subjected to whatever psychological triggers they are programmed to respond to?

What even those who are familiar with this technology don't realize is that many people who are chosen to commit these crimes are selected based on something as simple as their name.

In the case of Targeted Individuals, we will often see an increase in the number of crimes committed by people who have the same first name as a TI, whom the FBI has fomented a furtive smear campaign against.

This is done in order to reinforce a negative connotation with the TI, even if the TI has had nothing to do with the crime.

This is just one example of the types of machinations that these agents formulate during a COINTELPRO operation.

As a target of COINTELPRO for nearly 40 years, and having documented from these experiences myriad different types of tactics that are used by these agents in their covert and illegal operations, I am certain that the FBI fabricates evidence, uses coercion to force witnesses to lie to grand juries (suborning witness perjury), circulates information (oftentimes completely fabricated by FBI agents) in regard to the TI, in order to demonize them with the public, even though the TI has never been arrested, Mirandized, or charged with a crime.

I am also certain that the FBI colludes with the NSA to utilize the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to remotely access the mind of a COINTELPRO target, in order to decode that person's subvocalized thoughts, while these Agencies violate the person's 4Th Amendment rights, as well as 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights to due process of law.

However, the U.S. Courts are not equipped to deal with cases that involve such egregious violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights, because the federal government will not admit that their domestic spy technology has evolved to the point where the NSA can instantly access the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain - including the brains of our own politicians.

If the media were to publish this information regarding the NSA, the outcry from the American people would completely overwhelm the U.S. federal government, and the only way that the government would be able to placate the situation would be to officially abolish the NSA.

When John St. Clair Akwei filed his lawsuit against the NSA in the early 1990s, it was the first time that the Agency actually faced the threat of being legally held accountable for using its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to perpetrate terrible crimes against an American citizen.

Rather than face up to the fact that the Agency was using an Orwellian system to spy domestically, as well as secretly enslaving the U.S. population while targeting a myriad of American citizens for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation, the NSA used their relationship with a corrupt circuit court judge to make sure that Akwei would not be allowed to try his case against the NSA.

This has enabled the NSA to continue its covert experimentation, torture and murder of American citizens, while the victims of these crimes are completely ignored by the mainstream media.

The politicians in this country do not control the Intelligence community, but are instead just figureheads of the elite class, who are in fact controlled by the U.S. Intelligence community.

And the mainstream media are nothing but parrots of the CIA, who disseminate the Agency's propaganda to the American people.

Television has become as mindless as it has because of the CIA's attempt to both brainwash and dumb down the average American citizen.

As proof of this, the late former head of the CIA, William Casey, stated not long before he was murdered, that the CIA's job will be complete when everything that the American people have been conditioned through mass brainwashing to believe, is a lie.

Clearly, the CIA has achieved its goal of complete deception in regard to the American people, for we are now living in a total matrix of such falsity.

The propaganda which the U.S. Military *Industrial Intelligence complex uses to discredit those who are unwittingly subjected to this covert form of mind control experimentation is extraordinarly aggressive, and utilizes the mainstream media as well as Internet social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube.

* The Industrial complex designs and manufactures much of the classified technology that is secretly and treasonously utilized by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, including the directed energy weapons which are presently being used to torture and murder American citizens, who have been blacklisted by the U.S. federal government, and are also the targets of fusion center orchestrated Organized Stalking & Electronic Harassment campaigns.

These weapons are in turn concealed from the American people under the Inventions Secrecy At Of 1951 and the cover of national security.

Those of us who are targeted by this Orwellian attack on our persons are subjected to the most vicious slander campaigns and psychological warfare operations imaginable.

The campaigns are conducted 24 hours a day and include the manipulation of everything from our cable TV programming, radio programming, E-mail, snailmail and any print media that we subscribe to.

Moreover, any print media can be tampered with including newspapers and magazines, in order to serve such COINTELPRO propaganda campaigns.

The objective is to destroy the target of such conspiracies' ability to think for themselves.

To fragment their mind so that they are forced to accept the corrupted and often Satanic ideologies of those within our own subverted governments, who have sold out the citizenry in the interest of promoting a future world government based on these Satanic ideologies.

Directed energy weapons are also routinely used on Targeted Individuals in order to torture them with plausible deniability.

The medical profession has been completely coopted by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, so that any legitimate target of such counterintelligence operations and mind control experimentation can be discredited.

One of the most insidious aspects of these COINTELPRO operations is to drive the TI to such a state of despair that they are railroaded into seeing a psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist, who becomes totally complicit in this conspiracy, will then attempt to either entrap the TI, or to diagnose them with a mental disorder that they are either wrongfully medicated or institutionalized for.

In many instances, the psychiatrist will write a prescription for the TI which is either used to treat depression or some other form of mental illness (such as schizophrenia), that the TI has been wrongfully diagnosed with.

However, the prescription will be replaced with a placebo by the pharmacy the TI has their prescription filled at.

This will be denied by both the treating psychiatrist as well as the pharmacy, both of whom engage in this criminal conspiracy.

The reader will also note the numerology that is involved with these particular types of orchestrated murders, and how this numerology is directly connected to the Satanic worship and ritualistic sacrifice which exists within the very framework of the Illuminati controlled societies that we live in.

This is especially pertinent to the NSA (An Illuminati operation if there ever was one), whose leadership has been involved in Satanic worship as far back as retired General Michael Aquino, who was once in charge of the NSA's operations.

Who founded the Illuminati as well as world Zionism? The Rothschild family, whose ill gotten gains are the result of war profiteering and the counterfeiting and laundering of counterfeited currency, through the Treasuries of every country the House of Rothschild has furtively taken control of; with its establishment of a Zionist central bank in these countries.

As the Roman emperor, Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known by his nickname, Caligula, once stated in regard to his own tyranny, "let them hate as long as they fear me."

It is clear that the Rothschilds subscribe to the same belief, as do those puppets who control our own Rothschild overseen governments.

The Rothschilds' intent to create a Satanically driven world dictatorship is nearing its final stages, in which the investment class will first enslave, and then through programs of mass genocide murder the human race.

By the end of the 21st century billions of us will have been murdered by these Satanists, including many of those within our own governments and media, who have wittingly or otherwise helped to expedite this crime against humanity.

6/17/15 - As this author has documented on many occasions, as part of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra mind control experimentation that I have been subjected to for decades, over the past 12 years, our cable TV programming has been tampered with on a daily basis.

CGI fabricated programming is often inserted into our regular TV programming (including commercials) as part of this psychological warfare "brainwashing" operation.

For instance, last night, Bill O'Reilly interviewed Donald Trump on his program, as the result of Trump's announcement to enter the 2016 U.S. Presidential election.

Except that we did not receive this program. Instead, we received another O'Reilly Factor program that had nothing to do with Trump, and was likely just a CGI creation of Bill O'Reilly interviewing CGI created images of his guests, instead of the real people.

Many of the programs that we receive, including news broadcasts and TV commercials , are nothing but CGI created virtual reality broadcasts that never really took place. If you own a digital TV set this type of manipulation of your cable TV programming is now possible.

And they include just about every famous news personality who is currently employed by the U.S. media system.

This technology has allowed for the most Orwellian takeover of our media system ever imagined.

If you are the target of such a conspiracy your TV programming will be taken over and so will all of the communication that enters your home.

For instance, your daily newspaper will be tampered with (created just for you as part of the psychological warfare that you are being subjected to).

Even your snail mail will be loaded with junk mail that has been sent to you for the express purpose of psychological warfare, while your mailman acts as a willing accomplice. I say willing because if your mailman refused to take part in this particular aspect of the government psyop against you, he would be fired and replaced by another postal employee who would.

The same is true of all businesses in the United States under the FBI's Infragard program, which has been used to turn American commerce into a snitch culture that spies on everyone, while reporting back to the FBI and DHS, as part of this Orwellian Totalitarian government that America has become since the 9/11 false flag operation.

Companies that you do business with, including utilities, will take part in this campaign against you, by overcharging you for their services. In other instances utility bills, as well as home and medical insurance bills will either be delayed, not sent at all, or intercepted by the U.S. Postal Service, as part of this COINTELPRO operation.

During the Winter months in the colder parts of the United States, the oil company that you deal with will be told to find a reason to delay delivery if possible so that you run out of heating oil.

Another plausibly deniable type of psychological harassment perpetrated by these murderous government psychopaths.

The FBI or DHS will also hack into your credit card account and steal your information, then have the credit card company claim that your credit card information had been stolen, so that you must cancel the credit card and have a new one issued.

This author has experienced these tactics for over a decade as well as many others, as have other Family members. What is frightening is how through this government's use of Gestapo-like fear tactics, our society has become totally coopted and criminalized since the 9/11 false flag operation took place, and how anyone who now refuses to take part in this Satanic insanity, will become the target of such psychotic and criminalized operations.

The United States federal government has become the modern equivalent of Hitler's Third Reich!

Moreover, denial remains the most important component in these Satanic operations, since plausible denial is the cornerstone behind every psychological warfare operation.

Our cable TV programming is remotely and illegally tampered with like this constantly. And as is typical of the crimes committed by these government Satanists, done with plausible deniability.

I have also seen live TV broadcasts, including sporting events, where the dialogue can be remotely altered if I happen to tune into the program. This is done in real time, and has also been reported by many other targets of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation.

The fact that these programs are broadcast live allows for their use in such psychological warfare programming by the FBI and NSA, since the scripts allow for an open format, unlike those programs that are prerecorded.

If you have been able to endure this Satanic abuse for years on end, those who perpetrate these sadistic crimes against you will create an infinite number of psychological triggers which will then be used in an attempt to drive you insane.

They are the most abject of criminals and through their treasonous EMF fingerprinting of our persons, have turned out to be the most evil people on the face of this planet.

Moreover, these psywarfare operations are as malevolent as any that have ever been created, and through the use of their duplication tactics, the federal psychopaths who carry them out, will attempt to mimic everything that the Targeted Individual says and does while in the presence of the person (Google: Organized Stalking Street Theater), as part this furtive conspiracy to drive the TI crazy.

You've experienced what it is like to have someone jokingly mimic something that you have done. For instance making a funny face.

Imagine that everything that you say and do is mimicked by hundreds or even thousands of people 24 hours a day, because this is exactly what those men and women who are targeted for these psychological operations are subjected to every day.

While these Orwellian crimes against humanity are occurring throughout this planet, in the United States, they consist of military grade operations being orchestrated by the Pentagon through over 70 fusion centers that are overseen by the U.S. Justice Department and Homeland Security - a 21St Century 3RD Reich is what really governs America in the present day.

6/16/15 - Animals dying off en masse all over this planet is another sign of Rothschild Zionism's depopulation/genocidal policy under Agenda 21. Over the past decade we have seen myriad instances where animals have died off in massive numbers. Dead fish are turning up by the tens of thousands in the harbors of seaside towns; whales, dolphins and sharks beaching themselves in what appears to be mass suicide; birds by the thousands dropping out of the sky, dead before they even hit the ground.

What is causing this phenomenon? HAARP weaponry. In the United States who controls HAARP? The Pentagon.

And the animal population are not the only victims of this Orwellian and Satanic conspiracy against the living inhabitants of this planet.

HAARP weaponry is being used as part of a genocidal plan to murder most of the Earth's human population over this century, through the use of geophysical warfare: artificial manipulation of the weather, which in turn is causing floods, mud slides, earthquakes, droughts, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, and massive fires.

The unwitting human population of this planet is completely unaware that they are the targets of a conspiracy to murder them with every possible means that our subverted governments have at their disposal, including biological, chemical and electronic warfare (including HAARP scalar weapons' technology.

6/15/15 - How Thin Skinned Intel Agents Are/ Why America Can't Survive Another Bush In The White House And Why Jeb Bush Will Be The Likely Winner In 2016.

You would think that the Intelligence community in the United States would have better things to do with their time then to foment a covert smear campaign against an American citizen. However, it all depends on who that American citizen is, and exactly what that citizen has exposed in regard to this Intelligence community.

I have noticed myriad different forms of covert psychological operations which the Intel community has been perpetrating against my person, since in 2005 publicly documenting the NSA's use of this author as a target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation, while publicly accusing the NSA of creating a furtive means of enslaving the American people, by making copies of the unique EMF signatures which are produced by our bodies.

These EMF signatures are as unique to us as own finger prints and because of this, function as a type of unique electromagnetic DNA fingerprint for each of us.

This has enabled the NSA, to in complete secrecy, and in the greatest act of treason in United States history, electromagnetically brand each American citizen like a head of cattle; who can then be instantly identified by the NSA through its use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, that is used to remotely track us via the electromagnetic spectrum.

To say that this scandal involves the most grievous attack on basic human rights in the past two thousand years, is not an understatement. Just as is not an understatement to say that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is so enraged at this author for exposing this act of outright Satanism against the American people, that they are now in the process of carrying out a plot to murder me.

Imagine having perhaps a few hundred thousand federal agents simultaneously taking part in an international smear campaign against you, which is completely illegal as well as plausibly deniable, by using Neural Linguistic Programming as a means in which to demonize you.

The FBI and NSA began this NLP smear campaign against this author in late 2005, and it has grown in size to comprise an international propaganda campaign being covertly carried out by hundreds of thousands of federal agents across the United States, who understand that my allegations in regard to the NSA's illegal EMF fingerprinting and brain mapping of the American people, as a means in which to enslave us in the face of a future Zionist driven Totalitarian dictatorship, are true.

As revenge, these agents are fabricating information in regard to this author, running smear campaigns through the Zionist mainstream media in regard to my person, and conducting Internet smear campaigns in regard to this author that are without precedent.

This whistleblower is being demonized by Satan's own minions, and as revenge for exposing the greatest criminal conspiracy against the human race in the past few millennia.

The electromagnetic branding of the American people as if we were nothing more than a giant herd of cattle.

I have also alleged that all other governments have secretly implemented similar signals intelligence systems which are used to enslave their own citizenry, under the House of Rothschilds' agenda to create a world government dictatorship, which will be used to govern what were once our own sovereign nations.

The price that I will pay for having exposed this Satanic conspiracy against the human race will be death. However, my ultimate legacy will be not only as both a target of MK-Ultra and COINTELPRO, but also as the first person in human history to expose his own corrupted government's role in using the electromagnetic spectrum as the means in which to enslave its own citizenry.

Jeb Bush VS Hillary Clinton
When Illuminati Organized Crime Families Battle
For Control Of The White House

If you think that Barack Obama is bad, wait until Jeb Bush has been U.S. President for a year. And yes, unless something extremely unexpected happens, Jeb Bush will be the next President of the United States.

In 1995, this Nazi wannabe proclaimed the need to publicly shame unmarried Mothers who lived in the State of Florida. Bush has claimed that anyone whom he believes to be a burden on the financial infrastructure of a state should be publicly shamed.

Bush's own Zionist financed and Nazi idealized familial crime syndicate, starting with his paternal grandfather, Prescott Bush (whose bank was laundering money stolen by the Nazis from the Jews during the Holocaust, was eventually shut down under the Trading With Enemies Act), should have been tried for their treasonous crimes against the American people long ago.

Talk about public shaming!

George W. Bush's association with several members of the Zionist think tank (Project For A New American Century) and Bush's outright acts of treason before and during the 9/11 false flag operation, allowed for the murders of thousands of American citizens, the destruction of the U.S. Bill of Rights, and two illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, which resulted in the murders of millions of other people; not to mention the deaths of many U.S. troops, and the crippling of many others.

Several years ago, Jeb Bush's own wife, Columba, snuck back into the United States after a shopping spree, intentionally refusing to report thousands of dollars worth of items which she purchased on that shopping spree, in order to avoid paying taxes on them.

Jeb Bush, his brother Neil and his father, George Herbert Walker Bush, were all involved in the savings and loan debacle back in the 1980s that cost the American taxpayer over $1.4 Trillion dollars.

"There are several ways in which the Bush family plays into the Savings and Loan scandal, which involves not only many members of the Bush family but also many other politicians that are still in office and still part of the Bush Jr. administration today. Jeb Bush, George Bush Sr., and his son Neil Bush have all been implicated in the Savings and Loan Scandal, which cost American tax payers over $1.4 TRILLION dollars (note that this is about one quarter of our national debt).

Between 1981 and 1989, when George Bush finally announced that there was a Savings and Loan Crisis to the world, the Reagan/Bush administration worked to cover up Savings and Loan problems by reducing the number and depth of examinations required of S&Ls as well as attacking political opponents who were sounding early alarms about the S&L industry. Industry insiders were aware of significant S&L problems as early 1986 that they felt would require a bailout. This information was kept from the media until after Bush had won the 1988 elections.

Jeb Bush defaulted on a $4.56 million loan from Broward Federal Savings in Sunrise, Florida. After federal regulators closed the S&L, the office building that Jeb used the $4.56 million to finance was reappraised by the regulators at $500,000, which Bush and his partners paid. The taxpayers had to pay back the remaining 4 million plus dollars.

Neil Bush was the most widely targeted member of the Bush family by the press in the S&L scandal. Neil became director of Silverado Savings and Loan at the age of 30 in 1985. Three years later the institution was belly up at a cost of $1.6 billion to tax payers to bail out.

The basic actions of Neil Bush in the S&L scandal are as follows:

Neil received a $100,000 "loan" from Ken Good, of Good International, with no obligation to pay any of the money back.

Good was a large shareholder in JNB Explorations, Neil Bush's oil-exploration company.

Neil failed to disclose this conflict-of-interest when loans were given to Good from Silverado, because the money was to be used in joint venture with his own JNB. This was in essence giving himself a loan from Silverado through a third party.

Neil then helped Silverado S&L approve Good International for a $900,000 line of credit.

Good defaulted on a total $32 million in loans from Silverado.

During this time Neil Bush did not disclose that $3 million of the $32 million that Good was defaulting on was actually for investment in JNB, his own company.

Good subsequently raised Bush's JNB salary from $75,000 to $125,000 and granted him a $22,500 bonus.

Neil Bush maintained that he did not see how this constituted a conflict of interest.

Neil approved $106 million in Silverado loans to another JNB investor, Bill Walters.

Neil also never formally disclosed his relationship with Walters and Walters also defaulted on his loans, all $106 million of them.

Neil Bush was charged with criminal wrongdoing in the case and ended up paying $50,000 to settle out of court. The chief of Silverado S&L was sentenced to 3.5 years in jail for pleading guilty to $8.7 million in theft. (Keep in mind that you can get more jail time for holding up a gas station for $50.)

Today Neil Bush is working on closing a deal in Florida, where his brother Jeb is governor, to sell a software package to schools with his startup company Ignite."

Jeb Bush will be elected President just the way that his father and brother were, in a rigged election.

This is a case where the two finalists for U.S. President, Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, will use their connections to organized crime to see who has more political clout.

The Bush crime syndicate or the Clinton crime syndicate.

In this author's opinion, the Bush crime syndicate has the greater clout and this will result in Jeb Bush becoming the next U.S. President. Moreover, the rest of the candidates who have now entered the 2016 political race, have virtually no chance of winning this election. That is, unless the powers that be decide that Bush and Clinton will be too much of a liability for them.

If this turns out to be the case, then we'll see another Barack Obama type dark horse arising in this field of candidates over the next year.

6/14/15 - Many of today's cable TV programs (particularly news and talk shows) are produced live. This means that if you are a Targeted Individual, the content of the program can be altered while you are watching it. In particular, I refer to the dialogue by those taking part in these programs.

For instance, the commentators broadcasting a live sporting event or talk show can be alerted to the fact that a Targeted Individual has suddenly tuned into the program, and these commentators will then insert psychological trigger words or phrases that have been created with the TI in mind, into their dialogue, in order to let the TI know that they have been alerted to the fact that the TI has tuned into the program.

As a target of MK-Ultra, I have experienced this with a number of TV programs including but not limited to: "Live With Hoda And Kathie Lee," "Outnumbered," "The Five, "The View," and "The PBS Nightly News Hour." I have also experienced the same situation with live sporting events such a tennis, in which commentators will add psychological triggers that I have been conditioned to respond to, during their regular dialogue.

Moreover, during live sporting events in which players wear numbered Jerseys, the camera persons will be told to focus in on the players who wear Jerseys with numbers that I have been psychologically conditioned to respond to. And they will spend the entire program following the players who wear these particular numbered Jerseys around.

* In the case where the sporting event is an older prerecorded one, a specific sporting event will be chosen where the camera persons were focusing on players who had numbered Jerseys that serve as part of the NSA/ FBI psyop against this author.

Of course, this conspiracy is plausibly deniable, even though these people are well aware that the conspiracy does exist, is in complete violation of my civil rights, and is being illegally fomented by the FBI and NSA.

Many of today's cable TV and virtually all through the air radio broadcasts are produced live which makes this possible.

Moreover, if the TI were not to tune into a live program, the dialogue of the commentators would be different, because there would be no reason to alert them to use these psychological triggers, simply because the TI is not watching the program.

In many of today's live broadcasts (including news broadcasts), commentary is also spontaneous, so there are an infinite number of different permutations which can be used by commentators during these broadcasts.

This makes the live broadcast ideal for the purpose of conducting psychological warfare on a *Targeted Individual, as well as for use in promulgating CIA propaganda to the general public.

* Virtually all legitimate Targeted Individuals have reported this type of tampering with their cable TV programming. That is for those TIs who have not yet been driven out of their homes by these government psychopaths, institutionalized, or covertly murdered through the use of directed energy weapons.

6/11/15 - Why Most Hollywood Actors Are Secretly Subjected To MK-Ultra Monarch Mind Control Programming -- In the early days of the CIA's MK-Ultra program, those who were targeted for this Agency's mind control programming were basically sold to the CIA by other members of their families, who were in some way connected to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Their programming involved many different forms of torture which was used to split their personalities, before they could be programmed. As the program evolved, more refined methods of conducting mind control programming were developed, and later used on those in our society who have considerable influence over the general population in this country.

Specifically, Hollywood and TV actors, as well as others within the entertainment industry (in addition to politicians and others with high profiles) have since become the unwitting targets of covert forms of mind control experimentation via the electromagnetic spectrum. We see constant examples of this with the very public mind controlled meltdowns of many of today's young Hollywood stars, whom the heartless and Satanically inculcated controlled media, then use to demonize with the public.

Actresses Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes, as well as musician, Justin Beiber, are perhaps the best examples at present of what occurs when a subject of Monarch mind control programming starts to unravel, and who then becomes the target of relentless negative media attention.

Many of the marriages in Hollywood between two famous actors are in fact covertly arranged by Hollywood's motion picture studios, and for the express purpose of better marketing these men and women to the public; actors who are seen as little more than the property of these studios. This is one of the primary reasons why the divorce rate in Hollywood is so high, and why Zionist based publications like "People Magazine," have made a cottage industry out of gossiping about the misery in the lives of many of Hollywood's "Royalty" each week, while giving the public more mindless drivel about these actors; most of whom cherish their privacy, yet, having lost such privacy, now realize the extraordinarily high price that they have paid for their fame.

Once Congress forced the CIA to shut the original MK-Ultra program down in the early 1970s, the CIA and other agencies involved in mind control experimentation (including the *NSA) began a more aggressive program involving mind control which would take this program from the confines of a laboratory environment, into the general population of the United States, by turning the Electromagnetic Spectrum into the medium by which much of the mind control research would take place in the future.

These Orwellian programs now operate under many different names and without the original paper trails that resulted in the CIA's having to shut its original MK-Ultra program down.

*Even though the NSA is prohibited by its own charter from spying domestically, under Executive Order 12333 (signed by President Ronald Reagan in 1981 after the EO was suggested to Reagan his friend, then CIA head, Bill Casey) in which the U.S. Intelligence community was given the ability to privatize and finance all of its treasonous operations, the NSA was given the authority to collect every single piece of information on all American citizens. The NSA is even sent the serial number of the home personal computer that you purchase.

Even though it is a treasonous violation of the 4TH Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights for the Agency to do so, the NSA maintains files on all American citizens from the time we are born. Included in these files is bioelectric information on our bodies which enables the NSA to use the electromagnetic spectrum and a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to instantaneously target and remotely track our bodies 24 hours a day.

This Orwellian system of surveillance has allowed for the furtive creation of an invisible prison, because the electromagnetic spectrum is the means by which the NSA uses to conduct this illegal surveillance of our persons.

A surveillance system which also enables the NSA to interface its Artificial Intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our brains.

As a result of this, no American citizen has any physical sense of privacy, since the NSA tracks the body by way of its own unique EMF signature set, which means that regardless of where you are located, the NSA is spying on you.

Moreover, because the NSA can remotely access the evoked potentials that are produced by your brain every time you have a thought, the Agency's digital computers can be used to read your mind from a great distance.

So because of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the American people have been reduced to the status of unwitting slaves, who can be experimented upon, tortured, or even murdered through the covert use of directed energy weapons.

And this Orwellian attack on our freedoms will only grow worse when the next U.S. Presidential puppet of the Rothschild's gangster banking cartel, is placed into office through yet another rigged election.

In this author's opinion it will be either Hillary Clinton or Jeb Bush.

Moreover, because the EM spectrum is now being used as the medium in which to conduct such furtive mind control experimentation, anyone living within the United States can be unwittingly targeted for mind control research without their knowledge or consent; since the EMF brain maps for our persons are decoded by the NSA at the time we are born, which makes us virtual slaves of this Satanic organization, throughout our lives.

This EMF brain mapping also allows the NSA to interface its digital Artificial Intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our brains, for the purpose of programming us while we sleep. The human brain experiences five different types of brain states: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves.

Using the EM spectrum for such mind control programming, the NSA's mind control experimentation of our persons takes place while our brains are in a Delta state during REM sleep (REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement). It is during this time that a subject of this non consensual human experimentation can be programmed to do anything that they are subconsciously programmed to do; including committing the act of murder. The NSA and CIA create many types of "Manchurian Candidate" assassins through their furtive use of such mind control programming. And many of these people we later read about in the media, after they have committed mass murder while under their mind control programming.

What the reader must remember is that the human brain functions as a type of organic computer. And since computers can be remotely programmed and tampered with by using specific technology designed expressly for this purpose (Google: NSA Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network), the human brain can also be reprogrammed without the knowledge of the target of such an Orwellian crime - while that person is in a state of REM sleep.

And this means that you or your loved ones can be subjected to this atrocity without ever knowing it!

Fortunately, there are a number of targets of these crimes who are not nearly as susceptible to this programming as the result of sleep anomalies which prevent us from actually falling into a traditional sleep state.

Since the early 1990s, after contracting chronic Lyme Disease, this author has never been able to experience a Delta brainwave state, which means that my brain never enters a REM state (which is where the NSA conducts its covert mind control programming).

This means that I do not dream in a conventional sense, because it is only in REM state that we dream.

Instead, the only dreams that I experience are not in REM state, but rather, artificially created by an AI computer as part of the specific MK-Ultra non consensual human experimentation that I am targeted for, which is then used to implant the synthetic dream into my mind while I am in a semiconscious state, via computer to brain interface.

This prevents me from being programmed like those who experience Delta brainwaves and REM sleep are programmed, simply because I am awake all of the time. I never sleep in the traditional sense of falling into an unconscious state.

The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex is concealing a scandal here that is beyond the comprehension of the general population in this country.

And because I am the first person in history who has ever publicly accused their own government of secretly decoding the unique EMF signatures of its own citizens for the purpose of enslaving them, this subverted government has chosen to promulgate a completely illegal slander campaign against my person that is being used to demonize me, as revenge for exposing this cowardly act of outright Satanism, that threatens the well being of every person living within the United States.

I have also publicly accused all other governments of secretly implementing similar signals intelligence domestic spy programs, in an effort to enslave their citizenry, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a global Totalitarian dictatorship; which will be used to usher in a New World Order and the murders of billions of people under this Satanic regime.

As an American citizen, you may think that you are invulnerable to this program because you maintain a low profile and refrain from speaking out publicly in regard to the 9/11 false flag operation.

In other words, going along to get along.

However, you have been EMF fingerprinted by the NSA without your permission, and as a result of this, you are already enslaved by this Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, whether you are willing to acknowledge this or not.

The United States of America began as the greatest experiment regarding a sovereign nation, in the history of the human race.

A country whose citizenry were at least initially, free from the class warfare characterized by the global monarchies.

A citizenry who elected officials who represented their interests and not those of the investment class.

However, the existence of such a nation would threaten the monarchist paradigm and with it, the future of the monarchs who controlled this hegemonic system.

It was this concern that would eventually lead the Rothschilds to infiltrate the United States through the creation of their Communist central banks, while fomenting a Trojan-like horse plan in which to destroy America from within her own borders.

Today, the United States of America is just a front for the House or Rothschilds' Zionist agitators, who control the federal government and the monetary system as well as the educational and media systems in this country.

The concept of freedom that our founding fathers dreamed of when they set sail for North America died long ago, and with it, any hope of creating a nation that was truly founded by and for its own citizenry.

The United States is now being sold off block by block to international interests whose loyalty is to the Rothschilds and their Zionist world government ideology.

While those Americans who are loyal to this country's founders are being systematically murdered for trying to restore our Republic to its former glory.

One must wonder, with a nation of citizens who are furtively enslaved through this government's decoding of their own bioelectric DNA, how much longer will it be before we are either subjected to mass genocide, or the fomentation of a revolution against this tyranny, in efforts to remove these Satanists from power?

Since the original CIA program was shut down in the early 1970s, the programming now takes place via computer to brain interface and the Electromagnetic spectrum during REM sleep. The NSA's EMF fingerprinting program ensures that all Americans are EMF brain mapped by the NSA, so that the NSA can instantly access the neural pathways of any American's brain without that person knowing it.

The program is based on Satanism, and the heads of the NSA have been Satanists going all the way back to General Michael Aquino.

All Hollywood actors are under Monarch mind control programming and many young female actresses are under Beta sex kitten programming, where they have multiple personalities. This goes all the way back to Marilyn Monroe - the first CIA Beta sex kitten.

Many of this young women experience psychosis as they get a little older as we have recently seen with Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan.

The main problem with Monarch programming is that these people can act perfectly normal under their public persona, yet have an alternate personality that can be trained from anything from sex programming to Manchurian Candidate murderer.

Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes were once perfectly normal successful young actresses. At least on the surface they were.

Then when they reached puberty their programming started to unravel and they got into trouble. The same is true of Brittany Spears.

Confining them to a psychiatric hospital under a 5150 order is not used to cure them, but instead to get them reprogrammed.

Justin Bieber is now dealing with the same problem and we will be seeing many other young Hollywood actors getting into trouble as they reach puberty and their Monarch programming unravels.

The brain is an organic computer that can be remotely programmed when it is in a delta state and the person is in REM sleep.

Given the NSA's SIGNIT EMF Scanning Network and the Agency's ability to remotely access the mind of any American citizen, there is no way of knowing how many Americans have been programmed when in REM sleep, or what they have been programmed to do.

We are living in a society where virtually anyone can be a target of MK-Ultra, yet never realize it.

It's like playing Russian Roulette. You never know who's programmed, or what psychological triggers will set them off.

Imagine a Mother who is well respected, loves her children and husband, and then one day hacks her husband to death with a kitchen knife claiming that she had no idea why she did it.

This happened to a Long Island woman by the name of Kathleen Prisco several years ago.

Prisco was more than likely an unwitting target of MK-Ultra. And she was ruled to be insane so they never tried her for the murder of her husband, so that they could conceal this programming from the public.

6/10/15 - The other day I posted in regard to how I had blogged a few years ago pertaining to how a man named Michael Grande was killed in 2009, a day after I wrote an article in regard to how Abraham Lincoln refused to borrow money from the House of Rothschild to finance part of the Civil War, and how Lincoln's threat to the Rothschilds' autonomy over the global banking system would result in his murder.

Grande was parked in his "Lincoln" at a Long Island railroad crossing, when through the use of signals intelligence sabotage, the crossing gate was prematurely raised. Thinking it was safe to proceed, Grande began to drive across the tracks, right into the path of a speeding Long Island Railroad commuter train.

Now today, I notice the media reports that two buses crashed inside the "Lincoln" Tunnel. These types of "coincidences" happen to me all the time, because the NSA AI computer that monitors my thoughts using remote neural monitoring, is then used to create some type of situation that I will read about in the media. This happens to many targets of MK-Ultra thought reading/mind manipulation.

However, because this is done in a furtive manner as part of the psychological warfare operations that the NSA and FBI perpetrate against this author, these crimes are committed with plausible deniability.

See:Two Buses Crash Inside Lincoln Tunnel

The neighbor across the road from my home had the entire porch in front of his home torn up and completely redone less than a year ago. This past week a construction crew came in and tore up all of the masonry that was done at that time, and are now redoing it again. A job like this must cost at least $15,000 to $20,000. So doing it twice in such a short period of time makes no logical sense at all.

However, we are not talking logic here. We are talking about the mind being a computer that can be artificially programmed using computer to brain interface via the EM spectrum. This neighbor was also combative in the early days of the Organized Stalking campaign against this author. In other words, he didn't want to waste his valuable time taking part in violating someone else's Civil Rights.

As punishment for this, it appears that his business was adversely affected (he has been home for over a year now), one of his automobiles was "accidentally" damaged by someone who was hired to plow his driveway, and one night he and his wife were followed home by someone driving another car, who began a verbal altercation with this neighbor. While this could have been a piece of street theater, it is also entirely possible that the altercation was real, and orchestrated against this neighbor in order to force him to take part in the Organized Stalking campaign against my person.

If I am correct, then this neighbor is now being controlled by a local fusion center. Moreover, the fact that the human brain is a computer which can be remotely accessed and tampered with now makes all Americans vulnerable to signals intelligence satellite/cell phone/GWEN tower predation, once their individual brain maps have been decoded by the NSA. If my allegation in regard to the NSA EMF fingerprinting Americans from the time we are born is correct, then all Americans are EMF fingerprinted and brain mapped - electromagnetically enslaved without even realizing it, from childhood on.

And the same will be true for the rest of the citizenry of this planet, if they are EMF fingerprinted by their own governments.

Vehicular stalking has become an integral part of the Organized Stalking phenomenon that is being reported across this planet.

I can usually tell the difference between those who are paid to take part in the Organized Stalking of my person, and those who live within my own community who do so.

Those who get paid to do so drive in from elsewhere - oftentimes other states. And the automobiles they drive are much less expensive, and have the ever present missing hub cabs, squeaky brakes, noisy mufflers and other characteristics of automobiles that are used for the express purpose of conducting psychological warfare on a Targeted Individual.

However, when I experience vehicular stalking by way of my own affluent community, I am usually vehicularly stalked by people driving Mercedes, Ferraris, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Cadillacs, Maseratis, Jaguars, Lamborghinis etc.

I won't call them a higher class of Organized Stalker because they reside in the same sewer; just a wealthier one.

Moreover, if these people became of aware of how a signals intelligence satellite could be used to take over the computer and controls of their own automobiles, they would probably find alternative means of transportation in the future.

Simply put, the NSA through the use of its signals intelligence technology, can take your automobile (loaded with a full tank of gas) and turn it into a guided bomb. Consider that the NSA can do this with any automobile and the millions of automobiles on American roads in the modern day, and we have yet another disaster in the making.

I also believe that the unintended acceleration issues experienced by a number of automobile manufacturers over the past few decades, beginning with Audi in the 1980s, were done through the use of signals intelligence technology, and as a covert form of corporate espionage.

6/9/15 - Through our *cable TV, the media reports a bomb scare at the White House today, which forced the press to evacuate the White House. The biggest question that the press corps had when they returned is why the Secret Service did not also evacuate the President and his family.

*As a Targeted Individual This author is constantly being subjected to fabricated news programming, so I must preface my statements regarding these broadcasts, given that they may be bogus.

Those around me are also often forced to take part in these psychological operations which include information about other people whom we know, that is fabricated. For instance, we may receive a phone call in regard to a friend or acquaintance whom we are told has had a heart attack, or been in an accident, when in reality the person is perfectly fine, and this is instead just part of a daily FBI/NSA orchestrated psychological operation.

However, there are other times where people whom we are familiar with really are suddenly taken ill as the result of directed energy weapon's attacks - including several members of this author's family. And some of these people have been killed with directed energy weapons.

So it is difficult to report on these situations in knowing that at times they are real, while at others they are complete fabrications being orchestrated as the result of COINTELPRO.

If the situation in regard to the bomb scare at the White House is true, the question in regard to why Barack Obama and the Obama family were not evacuated from the White House is a valid one.

In this author's opinion, the phoned in bomb scare was a false flag operation by the Secret Service, in which DHS, the FBI and even CIA may have also been involved.

Perhaps the Secret Service was just having a boring day and decided to liven things up by getting some media attention.

After all, who would know except those who were directly involved in this machination?

If the bomb scare did not take place, then this is just another example of the fabrications that are broadcast through our cable TV line as part of a decades' long psychological warfare operation.

NSA/FBI Signals Intelligence vandalism is a means by which these Satanic psychopaths attempt to destroy the finances of a Targeted Individual and other members of their Family.

Over the past decade we have had to replace a number of electronic appliances which were damaged through the use of signals intelligence technology, in which electronic circuitry was remotely burned out.

In our kitchen alone, we have had to replace a countertop range, an oven, two microwave ovens, a TV set, a toaster oven and a refrigerator freezer; all due to signals intelligence sabotage. And in less than a decade

We have also had to replace a washer and dryer, and three VHS machines. Several pieces of vintage hi-fi gear have also been damaged, and can no longer be repaired due to the parts for these pieces of equipment no longer being available.

Our automobiles are routinely tampered with by the NSA and FBI, through their use of signals intelligence satellites and directed energy weapons, in which the infrared signals from key fobs are remotely blocked; the car's alarms are remotely triggered, and the warning lights on the dashboards are also trigged by remote means.

In some instances the ignition switch to one of these vehicles has been artificially blocked in order prevent electricity from traveling from the battery to the engine's starter motor. Once the signals intelligence sabotage was ended, the car was able to start perfectly fine.

The motion sensitive spotlights around our home are also turned on by remote means as are TV sets and radios in our home.

We are also routinely attacked with directed energy weapons as part of this Satanic torture campaign.

Family members are blackmailed by the FBI to deny that these crimes are taking place, or that they are being perpetrated in order to conceal the fact that this author has been the target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation for the past forty years; mind control experimentation which involves the interfacing of artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of my brain, conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum and signals intelligence satellites.

The American people are the unwitting targets of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program conducted by the National Security Agency, that involves the decoding of the unique EMF signatures from our bodies, which the NSA then uses as a means of remotely tracking us by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is being used to enslave the American people.

6/6/15 - The Belmont Triple Crown race was rigged using directed energy weaponry - American Pharoah wins in what looked to be a completely rigged race from its inception. This race looked fake from the start, from the fact that only *8 horses were entered (usually anywhere from 11 - 14 horses run in the Belmont Stakes - were horses that could have beaten American Pharoah kept from running in the Belmont Stakes?), to the fact that Pharaoh was wearing the number 5, to the fact that the horses looked like they were running in an exhibition instead of a real race.

The field looked slow, which has me wondering if directed energy weapons were used to remotely interfere with the electromagnetic fields of the horses and their riders, in order to give American Pharoah an unfair advantage. Especially since American Pharoah seemed to be loafing along (not getting a very good start), only to then easily take control of the race without even being tested by the other horses.

*8 and 5 have been two of myriad psychological triggers that I have been subjected to as part of a 12 year psychological warfare operation. The minute that I saw these numbers I suspected that this race would be fixed (just as the 2013 America's Cup Race and 2014 Super Bowl were), and it turned out to be.

American Pharoah is not a legitimate Triple Crown winner. He was the pawn in another Intel psyop and a competitor in a bogus race marred by the use of classified weapons. Since the US Military Intelligence complex has been given access to directed energy weapons, they have used these weapons to deceive the American people in every way imaginable - including using them to manipulate sporting events for profit.

6/4/15 - Through the use of its Satanic COINTELPRO operations, the FBI has committed so many crimes in regard to this author over the past 40 years, fabricated so much evidence and suborned so much witness perjury, that the Bureau can never follow the Constitutional rule of law in regard to my person. Because in doing so, its agents would be forced to either admit to the worst violations of civil rights in American history (NSA EMF fingerprinting of the American people), or be forced to commit the most abject acts of perjury in American history.

For the past 12 years our cable TV programming has consisted of nothing but psychological warfare. In many instances newscasts that we see are actually computer generated imagery (CGI) reproduced from the physical likenesses of real people. I first became familiar with the capabilities of CGI technology when watching the 1981 movie LOOKER. The script for LOOKER was written by the late Sci-Fi novelist Michael Creighton, and the movie focused on the use of CGI technology to digitally recreate the physical likenesses of real TV personalities, which were then used to replace the real people for doing TV commercials, TV programming, movies and newscasts.

As in any case where art imitates life, in the modern day, CGI imagery has come to rule Hollywood and daytime Television, where artificial news events can be broadcast as though they have really taken place, while the average citizen is completely deceived by what they are seeing on their own TV screen.

As a target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation, this author has experienced this phenomenon each day for more than a decade, and as such, understands the Orwellian nature of the mainstream media in the modern day; not as a seeker of truth, but instead, as a promulgator of the most abject deception imaginable. The media live in a world of their own lies, which they then force feed to the general population, as part of the propaganda which enables this matrix to not only exist, but also to prosper.

Like the movie Matrix, another excellent example of art imitating life, we are now truly living in a matrix of deception, where Satan rules the Electromagnetic spectrum, and the masses have become his unwitting mind controlled slaves.

The NSA/FBI signals intelligence satellite predation of this author and other members of my Family, continues to result in damaged or destroyed electronic components in our home.

Over the past decade the NSA has either damaged or destroyed several of our electronic components. The Agency uses signals intelligence satellites to remotely turn the motion sensitive spotlights around our home on a regular basis.

They also remotely trigger the motion sensitive spotlights as well as home and car alarms on the homes around us, on regular basis.

TVs and radios in our home are also remotely turned on. The channels on TV sets are also changed by remote means.

Several of our automobiles are remotely tampered with. The alarm and door locks on one of our vehicles is remotely triggered using signals intelligence satellites.

Through its signals intelligence EMF scanning network, the NSA remotely triggers the idiot lights on the dashboards of several of our automobiles. In some instances, leading to costly visits to a mechanic that would have otherwise been unnecessary.

Over the past few months the key fobs to one of our vehicles stopped functioning at the same time and had to be reset. Only one of the key fobs functions now, even though both were serviced. An electronic brake sensor was also remotely damaged and needed to be replaced on this vehicle only weeks after this vehicle's key fobs were remotely hacked into.

A few months earlier two batteries in the key fobs of another vehicle both stopped working at the same time, even though one of the key fobs is rarely used. This was all directed energy related.

A month ago our dryer suddenly started making a screeching sound which required a service to replace one of its bearings. The damage was done by way of NSA signals intelligence technology and directed energy weaponry.

Recently a water hose for the kitchen sprang a pin hole leak (caused by a laser), so that we now need to call a plumber to install a new hose. Over the past week one of my canister filters for an aquarium developed a pin hole leak which was caused by a satellite deployed laser. And a week earlier, the seam to one of my aquariums was opened using a laser, which caused to the aquarium to leak. The aquarium is only about a year old.

Over the past few years a few of the shower heads in one of our showers were damaged with directed energy weapons and needed to be replaced.

The flush mechanism on all of our toilet bowls are routinely damaged using directed energy weapons, which requires that they be replaced far more frequently than they should.

Today, a toaster oven suddenly stops working. It is an older oven, however has been very reliable. Either the electricity is being blocked from entering the wire on the toaster oven, or the NSA decided to burn out the circuitry in this toaster oven while I was using it.

In any event, this resulted in the purchase of a new toaster oven.

Over the past few years we have had two new microwave ovens damaged. The first was destroyed when its circuitry was burned out at less than a year.

The second microwave oven needed a service after its electronics were remotely damaged through the use of directed energy weapons.

A few years ago the circuitry in a TV that was less than a year old was destroyed with a directed energy weapon, when our cable was remotely tampered with and the cable company was "attempting" to restore the signal.

And at least three VHS machines, two of which were practically brand new, were damaged with directed energy weapons.

At least half a dozen pieces of expensive vintage stereo equipment were damaged through the use of directed energy weapons. And some of these replacement parts can no longer be obtained.

I also have several aquariums which these federal (POS) psychopaths enjoy vandalizing. They also use directed energy weapons to routinely kill some of my tropical fish for enjoyment, while burning out aquarium heaters and light bulbs, and using directed energy weapons to vibrate the electromagnetic motors in aquarium filters which become very noisy when subjected to this covertly perpetrated Sadism.

Of course, they also attack this author and other members of my Family with directed energy weapons, as a furtive means of torturing us. Attacks that have been taking place for the past two decades. Satanists are in charge of Nazi run organizations like the NSA and FBI, and they are by definition not only psychopaths, but also the most evil and sadistic filth ever created.

6/3/15 - Is NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden a hero or a member of the controlled opposition? Edward Snowden has become an international symbol for freedom since he went public with his allegations against the NSA a few years ago. On the surface, Snowden is as much admired by those who seek freedom from oppressive government as he is despised by those whose intent is to enslave through the use of false flag operations such as 9/11.

However, many in the alternative media have questioned whether Snowden may either willingly or unwittingly be a member of the controlled opposition; being utilized by the NSA to distribute faulty information to the Russians, while being used to cover up the most unsavory aspects of the NSA. In particular, the Agency's covert EMF fingerprinting of the American people, as part of a furtive program of enslavement under a Zionist controlled Totalitarian world government.

In this author's opinion, Edward Snowden is indeed a member of the controlled opposition whether he realizes it or not. Moreover, for those who believe that the NSA would never create such negative publicity for themselves, consider that before Snowden went public, the NSA was already suffering serious public relations issues, because of its use of private companies to collect data on American citizens under the Bush 43 Administration.

Moreover, what the NSA is really trying to cover up with the Snowden false flag, is its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and how this illegal and treasonous domestic spy program is being used for mass mind control/enslavement of the U.S. citizenry.

Also consider the lengths to which the U.S. federal government will go to deflect attention away from their own complicity in the 9/11 false flag operation.

In particular, targeting the only reinforced side of the Pentagon with a cruise missile in order to murder the accountants who were hired to find the missing trillions of dollars that the Pentagon claimed it could not account for.

I say claimed, because the Pentagon most certainly knows where the missing trillions went to, and so did Donald Rumsfeld, when on the day before 9/11 he blatantly lied to the U.S. media by claiming that the Pentagon could not account for the missing currency.

It is this author's opinion, that the reason that only one side of the Pentagon had been structurally reinforced prior to 9/11 was for the express purpose of serving as part of the 9/11 false flag operation.

In other words, the U.S. federal government could use this as an excuse for their own innocence by claiming that if they were responsible for the 9/11 false flag operation, why would they attack the Pentagon?

Reinforcing the one side of the Pentagon was also done to limit the damage caused by the cruise missile, so that only those hired to locate the missing trillions would be killed.

Of course, when we see how this attack was just part of a much larger plan, and how convenient it was for the accountants (who were hired to locate the missing trillions of dollars that the Pentagon could not account for) to be murdered on 9/11, we begin to understand just how complicit the Bush 43 Administration was in carrying out 9/11. However, Bush 43, controlled by the Zionist think tank *Project For A New American Century at the time, was hardly the only conspirator.

*More than 30 former members of the Zionist think tank, PNAC, were incorporated into the Executive branch of the U.S. federal government just weeks after Bush 43 was elected to office in 2000 - in a rigged election. For roughly a decade prior to 9/11, PNAC had been trying to convince the U.S. federal government to attack Iraq. They attempted to do so with the Clinton Administration, however, Bill Clinton refused to wage war against Iraq. It was not until Bush 43 was in office that PNAC was able to fulfill their goal of attacking Iraq, through their fomenting of the 9/11 false flag operation.

Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United Kingdom were also complicit, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to implement world government.

5/30/15 - American Express President Ed Gilligan Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon? Today, the media reports that American Express President, Ed Gilligan, died suddenly on a flight from Japan to New York. The media reports that Gilligan was 55 years of age. For the past decade the FBI/NSA psychological operation waged against this author has involved the use of myriad different words, names, numbers and objects which have been used as psychological triggers.

55 has been one of these psyop triggers for the past few years. Is Gilligan yet another covert target of the FBI/NSA psyop against this author? 50 is also a number that is used regularly as a psyop, and the vintage plane that actor Harrison Ford was flying when its engine failed, and Ford was forced to crash land, was 50.

The electrical system in Harrison Ford's plane could have been remotely tampered with using signals intelligence satellites, which could have blocked the electricity from reaching the spark plugs in the plane's engine, causing it to stall.

Psychological operations are made to sound as outlandish as possible so that those who experience them will sound crazy. However, once you have been the target of these completely insane operations you begin to recognize that they are perpetrated this way for the purpose of discrediting legitimate targets of these Orwellian crimes.

After all, what person in their normal mind would carry out such psychotic protocols? Then again, those who perpetrate these crimes from within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex can hardly be characterized as being normal.

Many of them are complete psychopaths.

It has long been this author's opinion as a target of directed energy weapons for more than two decades, that those in powerful positions within government and business are routinely liquidated through covert means which offer plausible deniability.

And that directed energy weapons have become the weapons of choice for doing so, because they offer those who perpetrate these crimes complete anonymity in committing them, in addition to plausible denial.

If this is the case with Ed Gilligan, then the people on the airline flight that Gilligan was travelling on should consider themselves fortunate, because the plane could have just as easily have been intentionally crashed in order to murder Gilligan with plausible deniability.

One must wonder if Gilligan died from a directed energy weapon's attack? And if so, why was he murdered? Did American Express want to replace him, yet have no legal cause for doing so? Or was there some other reason that Gilligan needed to be terminated?

And what will the excuse be for his death? Heart attack, stroke, aneurism?

Or perhaps a case of bad sushi. There are certain types of edible fish that are poisonous and must be prepared properly or consuming them can be fatal. Since Gilligan was in Japan, it would not be unreasonable to ask if he had consumed fish while he was there. Perhaps even this type of fish. The fish may have even been prepared properly, however, the fact that the fish is poisonous would offer plausible denial in murdering Gilligan. Those who might have been seeking to murder him would have already researched him and known that he'd eaten this type of fish in the past.

These psychological operations are often carried out with a demented inside joke in mind that only the agents who perpetrate them and the person who is the target of these psyops is aware of.

As an example of this think of the bogus NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden who is more than likely controlled opposition. And the first part of his last name: Snow as in "Snowjob."

Many Targeted Individuals have described how people they know are murdered for doing something as simple as eating a food that is "not allowed" or wearing a piece of clothing that is the "wrong color."

Of course, these TIs are telling the truth about a horrifying situation that describes how federal agents who utilize this technology regularly decide to use the technology to play god (of course their god is non other than Satan himself) in life or death situations.

As for the pathology reports regarding those who are terminated with such extreme prejudice, the fact is that the medical community colludes with those who perpetrate these furtive crimes, to falsify autopsy reports, in order to ensure that homicides are covered up and never investigated.

Consider the following:

If my allegation that the NSA has secretly established an EMF fingerprinting program that allows the Agency to instantly identify and track any American citizen by using a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to search the electromagnetic spectrum for this person, then the NSA can instantaneously locate and murder (or torture) any American citizen with complete anonymity.

In much the same way that a computer is used to choose the psychological warfare programming that is broadcast through the cable TV line of a Targeted Individual, a computer can be used to choose from over 300 million American citizens, any of whom can be used for whatever reason serves as the ideal psychological trigger for a particular psyop.

Depending on the reason that this person is chosen, they can be subjected to anything from a minor inconvenience in their life, to non consensual human experimentation or even torture or murder. And as previously stated, since any American can be randomly chosen, no one is safe from this signals intelligence predation.

* I also believe that it is entirely possible that Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joseph Biden, was the target of directed energy weaponry, and artificially given the brain cancer which has now taken his life.

5/29/15 - Microwave energy is being directed at my Father today which results in slight neurological impairment. He has been doing quite well over the past year because these attacks have subsided, however, he is remote neurally monitored 24 hours a day via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, so he can be attacked (or even murdered)at anytime with directed energy weapons.

The NSA can also remotely program anyone who is targeted for this EEG heterodyning of their brain, while these people are in REM sleep.

I will update Dad's condition to see if the attack becomes more intense or subsides.

Every member of this author's Family is remote neurally monitored.

Another extended Family member is now said to be developing Alzheimer's Disease, which is more than likely just a manifestation of a directed energy attack on the neural pathways of his brain.


"The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress in 1897 to promote Zionism (a political movement with the sole aim of moving all Jews into a singularly Jewish nation state) and arrange its first meeting in Munich. However due to extreme opposition from local Jews, who are quite happy where they are, this meeting has to be moved to Basle, Switzerland and takes place on 29 August. The meeting is chaired by Ashkenazi Jew, Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries, 'It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.'"

The demonization of the Jews is becoming more apparent each day, as the world wakes up to Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a global oppression, with its implementation of a Satanic world government based on Zionism.

Unfortunately, all Ashkenazi Jews are in many instances being wrongfully blamed for the crimes of those Ashkenazis who propagate the Zionist world government ideology, and the planned genocide of billions of this planet's human inhabitants during this century.

And this is leading to an unwarranted hatred of these people, who are as much victims of the House of Rothschild as the rest of the people on this planet.

Most Ashkenazi Jews had nothing to do with Zionism prior to the Holocaust. In fact, in 1897, when the Rothschilds created the first Zionist Congress and chose Theodore Herzl to preside over this Congress, only one percent of Ashkenazi Jews were Zionists.

One of the primary goals in the creation of the Zionist Congress was to find a way in which to foment a conspiracy against the Ashkenazi Jews, that was based on the concept of Anti-Semitism.

Theodore Herzl once stated that Anti-Semitism would become the best friend of Zionism for its use in demonizing Jews with the rest of the world. Herzel and his Zionist minions wanted to create an international hatred for all Jews, in order to force them to flee their own countries and to become part of the Zionist movement.

This is the primary reason that the Rothschilds financed Hitler's (also an Ashkenazi Jew) rise to power. The Holocaust would become the single greatest means for intimidating all Jewish ethnicities to accept Zionism as their only means of survival.

The Rothschilds' deception was extremely successful, since it would force the Ashkenazis to adopt this radical ideology and to consolidate in the Middle East, with a country of their own.

In 1948 this was realized with the founding of Israel, and the use of the Federal Reserve System to ensure that the U.S. federal government would financially cater to Israel's every whim, at the expense of the American middle class.

However, Israel did not become a haven for all Jews as was promised, but instead an apartheid society in which certain Jews were ostracized; in particular, Sephardic Jews (the only Jews biologically related to the Israelites), whom to this day are treated like inferiors to their Zionist counterparts.

A courageous Ashkenazi Jew by the name of Jack Bernstein married a Sephardic Jew. As a result both Bernstein and his wife were discriminated against, and forced to flee Israel.

Bernstein would later write several books in regard to his experiences in Israel, and described the terrible treatment that he and his wife were subjected to while living in this country, and how it is controlled by the House of Rothschild and its international banksters.

Jack Bernstein would later be covertly murdered for his exposition of the Zionist control over Israel. Zionist Congress head, Theodore Herzel, was once quoted as saying that a cow in Israel is worth more than all of the Jews in Poland, which illustrates how Zionists are far more interested in their radical movement to take control of the entire planet, than they are with helping Jews to find a safe haven of their own.

To this day, Ashkenazi Jews as well as the Palestinian people are amongst the greatest victims of the House of Rothschild, and its Satanic ideology to enslave the human race.

Moreover, the NSA's signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting of the American people and the Agency's use of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network (as a means in which to electromagnetically enslave us), serves as further proof of the Rothschilds' world government Satanic agenda.

5/28/15 - The southwestern United States continues to be plagued by a severe drought problem. In fact, the State of California is now researching the possibility of using a desalination system to siphon salt water from the Pacific Ocean which can then be used as drinking water.

The State of Arizona's reservoirs are now at critically low levels that have not been seen since the 1930s, and Texas is in a similar situation as is the State of Nevada.

Americans living in these States will have to find alternatives to solving their water problems without the help of the federal government.

Without access to water, these states will eventually have to import their water from other states. Property values are already being compromised in these states due to the water issue. And the fires which occur there each year do nothing to help this situation. Who wants to live in a state where the most precious commodity on earth is in extremely short supply?

The Pentagon's HAARP technology could be used to artificially create rainfall in the southwest portion of the United States. However, under the House of Rothschilds' Agenda 21 genocidal depopulation agenda, this will not be allowed to happen.

What we are seeing globally is the geophysical manipulation of weather patterns to artificially create what appear to be natural disasters, through the use of HAARP technology; which results in millions of murders being perpetrated each year through the use of plausible deniability.

And the Pentagon is not the only organization that has access to HAARP. There are several other organizations in other countries that have access to this weapon of mass destruction, which is why we are seeing so many different weather anomalies across the globe.

Earlier ...

During the early days of the FBI/NSA COINTELPRO psychological warfare operation in regard to this author, our cable TV programming was completely stopped.

One day in the Spring of 2003 our normal cable TV programming was operating. The next day the TV programming was completely altered, and has to one degree or another remained so for the past twelve years.

Once this occurred the hundreds of cable TV channels that we had became blank screens, and we only had a few channels whose programming contained nothing but psychological warfare.

A few examples include a Wheel Of Fortune episode with Pat Sajak and Vanna White in which every time a player spun the Wheel, they would land on bankrupt.

This went on for about 15 minutes until the program went to commercial. However, the program never returned after the commercial.

Another example was a commercial for the movie The Last Samurai, starring Tom Cruise. The commercial was frozen at the point where Tom Cruise says "You can't believe what their weapons can do." This was obviously in reference to the signals intelligence technology that the NSA has been using on this author for decades, as well as the directed energy attacks that I have been subjected to for the past two decades.

I have seen a few trailers for this movie and none of them have this dialogue, which means that this appears to be another one off creation as part of this psyop.

Another example of this psyop programming had to do with an auto race and race car driver Ted Musgrave. Except that Musgrave's car was the only one that was covered during the race, even though there were other drivers on the race track.

Another one off program involved the TV series *Family Guy and the Chart House restaurant. Except that I have never seen this particular episode listed in the Family Guy episode guide.

* I find it interesting that during the Summer of 2014, an episode of Family Guy entitled Fatman and Robin aired on British TV just hours before Robin Williams is alleged to have committed suicide. The episode included Williams' character and concentrated on the attempted suicide of Family Guy's main character, Peter.

Perhaps the most interesting psyop program involved the 1988 movie Frantic. Except that the opening scene of this movie was done with Harrison Ford and Betty Buckley about twenty years after the original movie aired.

You could see that they were much older than they were when they did Frantic back in 1988. They were also acting comically in the scene, even though the scene was supposed to be played dramatically.

When the opening scene of the movie ended for a commercial break, the commercial was another psyop. And when the commercial ended, the movie continued with the original second scene with Ford and Buckley looking much younger.

So the first scene of this movie was a complete spoof. Whether it was really done with Harrison Ford and Betty Buckley or computer generated images of themselves remains to be seen.

Our cable TV programming for the past 12 years has been nothing but psychological warfare. However, the mainstream media have been gradually incorporated into these psyops over the past several years and now aggressively take part in these psyops, even though their dialogue can be altered for the purpose of psychological warfare.

Our cable TV programming remains centered around psychological warfare that is delivered via TIVO technology. Particular content is frozen until a TV channel is accessed, then delivered to us.

Every single cable TV channel is like this. And there are hundreds of them, which appear to be chosen by a computer which is programmed to search for certain TV shows, movies, newscasts and sporting events; all of which have themes and psychological triggers that are used as part of a custom tailored psychological warfare operation being perpetrated against my person by the FBI and NSA.

This is done as part of a vicious psychological warfare operation that is conducted in an effort to drive my person insane, or to provoke me into committing a violent act.

Since this conspiracy has failed, the FBI's intent now appears to be an authoritarian attack on the U.S. Bill of rights, through an aggressive and completely illegal smear campaign being conducted against this author, that is based largely on slander; yet, which I cannot prove the existence of.

The fact that this smear campaign is taking place, however, and done in such a furtive manner in order to subvert the Constitutional rule of law, serves as further evidence that there is in fact a criminal conspiracy being conducted against this author by the FBI and NSA, that involves the most egregious violations of the Bill of Rights in United States history.

5/27/15 - The FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) scandal which has broken over the past 24 hours is yet another example of how the U.S. Intelligence community sits on these scandals for years, until they decide to feed them to the controlled media. The scandals are used to overshadow corruption within the U.S. federal government, like the CIA's orchestrated hacking of Sony Pictures, and the FBI's allegation that North Korea was responsible for this hack, which was then used as a distraction by the CIA, in order to cover up a Senate report based on the CIA's use of torture.

*SeeSony Hacking Scandal & The Interview Movie Used As A Distraction By The CIA, Shows Collusion Between Hollywood, The CIA and The FBI To Deceive The American People

Newly appointed U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, will be overseeing the investigation of this latest DOJ red herring, proving that she is in fact just another Obama Lackey whose investigations will be controlled by the Obama White House.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of red herring type scandals such as "Deflate Gate," "steroid doping in American Pro Baseball," and Hillary Clinton's "E-mail Gate," are smokescreens which are used to deflect public attention away from the crimes of this complex, and the U.S. Legislative and Executive branches of government.

This means that instead of publicly addressing these crimes when they occur, the DOJ is instead used to cover them up (under the cover that they are gathering evidence) until some future date, when the media will be fed the information for the purpose of propaganda.

This offers further proof that both the FBI and DOJ are pawns of the Zionist controlled White House.

' Moreover, just like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Loretta Lynch can be subjected to mind control via computer to brain interface, and by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, without ever realizing it. She may very well be remote neurally monitored by the NSA at present.

5/25/15 - The media is spending a lot of time covering section 215 of the Patriot Act, instead of the section that has really allowed for this Orwellian spying and destruction of the U.S. Bill of Rights - Section 213.

It has already been established that section 213 has only been used on about 1% of Americans who are claimed to be terrorists. The remaining 99% of the American people who are being spied upon are not terrorists, which shows how much section 213 is being abused by the NSA, FBI and DHS.

In reality, virtual spying via signals intelligence and audio visual satellites has been taking place for the past half century; long before the Patriot Act or section 213 were passed.

Moreover, signals intelligence EMF scanning networks like the one John St. Clair Akwei (in his 1992 civil action against the NSA) accused the NSA of using to spy domestically, are capable of tracking the unique EMF signature set of any American citizen's body, without the use of section 213 of the Patriot Act.

So section 213 is just another formality. Even if the entire Patriot Act was abolished, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network would still allow the Agency to remotely track the unique EMF signatures from any American citizen's body, while the NSA completely circumvented that person's Constitutional rights under the 4Th, 5Th and 6Th Amendments.

It is the NSA that needs to be abolished.

In fact, the entire Patriot Act is a treasonous piece of legislation which was based on the 9/11 false flag lie, and used to destroy the U.S. Bill of Rights. The Patriot Act should also be abolished.

FBI/NSA psyops continue aggressively against this author. E-mail accounts are hacked, snail mail serves as a venue for psychological triggers using specific pieces of junk mail 6 days a week. Cable TV programming is completely subverted and used for psychological warfare. Hollywood is creating its own entertainment programming based on the FBI/NSA psyop against this author, and has been doing so for the past several years.

Moreover, incidences that are reported in the U.S. media often involve crimes which are being artificially created using mind control technology. And specific numbers and words are often used as psychological triggers as part of the FBI/NSA psyop against this author.

Aggressive vehicular stalking continues as does air traffic, with many low flying planes passing overhead every 30 seconds or so. Vehicular stalking rotates with airline stalking.

Psychological triggers continue to be used aggressively while every person this author sees is remote neurally monitored and controlled by the Intel community.

Directed energy weapons are also used as part of this torture, and are directed at both this author as well as those around me.

I have permanent scarring on one of my arms as part of these directed energy attacks.

Signals intelligence vandalism continues to take place and has been used to damage automobiles as well as electrical appliances. Any item that contains an electronic circuit can be tampered with, damaged, or even destroyed through the covert use of this technology.

Weather is altered using HAARP in order to cause anomalies which include sudden rain storms, HAARP based plasma storms which mimic *lightning. Strong wind gusts (even microbursts) can be directed at a particular area of our property to knock trees down. At least three dozen trees have been knocked down using HAARP technology over the past decade.

* On March 22nd, 2013, a HAARP created plasma fire ball was sent directly over our home and reported by the media to be a comet. The fireball was an aquamarine green and made a hissing sound as it passed over head.

Our next door neighbor passed away a few months ago. It could have been from natural causes, or from a directed energy attack. He called our home two days before he died and sounded very confused. His family later called to inform us of his death. He has been attacked with directed energy weapons in the past which led to being hospitalized on a number of occasions. His wife may have also been given cancer through the use of a directed energy weapon, which she later died from.

This neighbor was definitely under mind control and often used as part of the vehicular stalking of this author. He may have just outlived his usefulness to these psychopaths, which would mean that his death was a covert murder.

Family members are forced to watch cable TV programming that is used for the express purpose of mind control. Constant phone calls continue to be part of this psychological operation, as does Internet contact with one Family member, whose E-mail account has been used as yet another venue for psychological warfare for most of the past decade.

Three of the people who have been used as part of this E-mail psyop have died over the past few years. One died of cancer, and two others died suddenly of heart attacks.

It seems that when a person who is used as part of these psyops outlives their usefulness, they are murdered using directed energy weapons.

Another member of this author's Family was the target of an FBI smear campaign which resulted in his being fired from his last two jobs. He is now forced to sell his home.

His coworker and best friend died of brain cancer shortly before he was fired.

This person had used their position to prevent another employee controlled by the FBI from firing this Family member. However, once this woman contracted a fast acting form of brain cancer and died, the FBI orchestrated this Family member's being fired. There's little doubt that this woman's brain cancer was caused by a directed energy weapon.

When the FBI fabricates as much information as they have with this author, suborns witness perjury, and commits myriad other crimes including murder using classified technology, they must eventually murder you; since there is no way that they will ever allow you to challenge their claims in a court of law.

The FBI is completely manipulating these people, fabricating evidence, attempting to destroy exculpatory evidence, and doing everything possible to conceal the fact that this author is a target of MK-Ultra and has been for several decades.

The FBI's precedent setting smear campaign is just another example of the Bureau's attempt to abrogate the Constitutional rule of law, while concealing the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network from the American people.

The FBI does not want the U.S. population to learn that they have been EMF fingerprinted by the NSA, because this would result in the abolition of the NSA.

5/24/15 - Is Mathematician John Nash The Victim Of Another Signals Intelligence Induced Murder?

The controlled media reports that world renowned mathematician, John Nash, and his wife, were killed when the taxi they were traveling in crashed on Saturday, after its driver lost control of the car when attempting to pass another vehicle. A few years ago I wrote an article in regard to John Nash, inquiring as to whether or not Nash was one of the first targets of the CIA's MK-Ultra mind control program, and if the diagnosis of schizophrenia was just a cover for this.

John Nash is alleged to have developed schizophrenia after finishing a contract that he was working on with the Department Of Defense. The number *86 became another psychological trigger this past week (with people around me using the number, and Nash was 86 when he was killed).

Unlike the movie "A Beautiful Mind" in which Nash (played by actor Russell Crowe) hallucinates three different personalities who befriend him, in real life John Nash never saw these people. This was just artistic license on the part of Hollywood.

Instead, Nash heard voices which could have been the result of voice to skull technology delivered by way of computer to brain interface. John Nash stated that the medications that he took never "stopped the voices," which further supports his being a target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation. Perhaps Nash was starting to figure this out, which may explain his sudden death in a car accident that may have been staged using signals intelligence technology.

Can you imagine John Nash suddenly publicly proclaiming that he was never really a schizophrenic, but instead a target of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation, and a government conspiracy to ensure that he never learned of this while he was still alive?

*A Long Island man named Michael Grande was killed several years ago (also at the age of 86) when the gate at the railroad crossing his car was parked at was raised (through the use of signals intelligence technology) by artificial means, before the train had passed through the crossing. Grande was killed when he drove his Lincoln on to the train tracks and it was struck by an oncoming train. At the time, I had just written an article in regard to how Abraham Lincoln was murdered for refusing to borrow money from the House of Rothschild to finance the U.S. Civil War, and instead used the U.S. Treasury to print U.S. currency interest free; which threatened the Rothschilds' autonomy over the global monetary system.

It is interesting to know that John Nash only developed this condition after his contract with the U.S. Department Of Defense was completed. Could he have been artificially afflicted through the use of hallucinogens such as LSD or computer to brain interface voice to skull via the EM spectrum, in order to cause the symptoms of schizophrenia, to ensure that whatever government secrets he had learned of while working for the U.S. Department Of Defense, were never publicly revealed? In other words, with the diagnosis of mental illness, Nash could have been labeled crazy in order to discredit any statement that he made that could have implicated the DOD in some type of criminal activity.

Nash's son was eventually also diagnosed with schizophrenia, however, this could have been done through artificial means in the modern day using signals intelligence computer to brain interface (via the electromagnetic spectrum), in order to support the official medical diagnosis of schizophrenia for John Nash senior. This being done in an attempt to prove that their schizophrenia is genetically inherited.

One must ask if John Nash and his wife are the latest murder victims of signals intelligence satellite predation. Specifically, was either the driver of the taxi they were riding in mind controlled into crashing the taxi (like the pilot of the recent GermanWings plane crash probably was), or was the computer in the taxi remotely tampered with via signals intelligence satellite, in order to take remote control of this vehicle causing it to crash (in the way that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings' car likely was when Hastings was killed, or the livery cab that 60 Minutes personality Bob Simon was in when it crashed resulting in Simon's death)?

Both Nash and his wife were ejected from the taxi they were riding in. It is interesting to note that UFO investigator, Barbara Bartholic, and her husband, were ejected from their vehicle a few years ago, which flipped over after it was hit by another car traveling at a high rate of speed. Neither this car nor its driver were ever found, indicating that the deaths of Barbara and her husband may have been covertly perpetrated murders by some agency within the federal government. Her husband died from his injuries and Barbara died from a stroke (likely directed energy induced) not long afterwards.

Bartholic used regressive hypnosis on UFO abductees and targets of MILABS (military abductions that were used to mimic UFO abductions) in order to gain further insights into what these people experienced during their abductions. She also worked closely with Dr. Karla Turner, another UFO and MILAB abductee, who had written several books on the abduction phenomenon. Both Turner and Bartholic had been warned to end their research and reported being subjected to government psychological operations, including black helicopters conducting flyovers of their homes.

In the 1990s Karla Turner would develop a fast acting form of cancer that took her life only months after being diagnosed. Many people believe that Turner was infected with a cancer virus in retaliation for her work in exposing the U.S. government component regarding UFO abductions. When speaking at UFO conferences she would also tell her audiences how she was followed to the speaking engagements by government vehicles, and how she was monitored by the U.S. Military 24 hours a day. Turner described how all immediate members of her family, including her husband and son, were also abductees who were under 24 hour government surveillance. We can conclude that her husband and son remain under this surveillance nearly two decades after Turner's death.

Karla Turner also described seeing a UFO flying over their town, and questioned whether it could have been reverse engineered by the U.S. Military.

5/22/15 - Senator Rand Paul's political grandstanding on the floor of the Senate for 11 hours as a filibuster to protest the renewal of section 215 of the Patriot Act, was meaningless. Even if section 215 is not renewed, the NSA and its Intel brethren will continue opening your E-mails, accessing your medical records and tax records, spying into your homes using their signals intelligence surveillance systems (Section 213's sneak and peak clause), and using many of us for non consensual human experimentation. While also using directed energy weapons to torture and murder American citizens with plausible deniability.

The American people should have wised up by now in understanding that the alphabet agencies that comprise the Intelligence community in the United States consider the U.S. Bill of Rights to be an outdated document that has no place in the high-tech world that we live in today.

These organizations have achieved near god like supremacy with their classified weaponry; weapons that operate through the electromagnetic spectrum which have the capability of doing everything from tracking a person by way of their body's own unique EMF signature and remotely accessing, reading, and even manipulating a person's mind, to creating (HAARP) weather anomalies that can be used to instantly murder millions of people with plausible deniability. Having become completely corrupted by this power, they are not going to ever freely give up their control of these weapons.

These are the weapons for the new millennium. And any politician who would attempt to force the military intelligence complex to surrender these weapons will find his or her political career destroyed.

The U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of red herring type scandals such as "Deflate Gate," "steroid doping in American Pro Baseball," and Hillary Clinton's "E-mail Gate" are used to deflect public attention away from the crimes of this complex.

Moreover, in many instances this complex will orchestrate false flag terrorist attacks like Benghazi (ever notice how Benghazi sounds like Ben Gay - a trigger that was being used as part of the FBI/NSA psyop against this author at the time that the terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi took place) in order to place a politician whom they are seeking to in some way control, under public scrutiny. Hillary Clinton and her husband have long been assets of the CIA, however, that does not mean that this organization will not keep them on a tight leash, or that the CIA's own myriad enemies will not attempt to set these people up whenever it is convenient for them.

The Republicans and the Democrats are both puppets of the U.S. Intelligence community and the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve System. These parties have historically both publicly and privately warred with each other, while key members in both parties have attempted to protect the interests of the alphabet agencies to whom they are beholden. And any politician who forgets to whom they are indebted, is quickly reminded of such indebtedness through covertly orchestrated scandals, that serve the interests of their masters as well as the controlled media.

In this way, politicians are always reigned in and kept under control, which prevents them from serving the interests of the American people.

The same is true of the controlled media in America. Can you imagine an Intel lackey like Bill O'Reilly suddenly changing his views on war, and publicly stating that the United States should close the military bases around the world that it has maintained at American taxpayer expense since right after World War II?

O'Reilly would be fired before his next broadcast, and he'd be lucky to remain alive for any period of time. Especially with the way in which agencies like the NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, as well as the Department Of Defense, are willfully torturing and murdering anyone who gets in their way through the use of directed energy weapons.

This is the kind of control that the Rothschilds have over the military intelligence complex in America (as well as the rest of the world), and in turn the type of control that this complex has over the mainstream media and the U.S. federal government.

The Rothschilds not only profit from, but also use their control over the mainstream media to glorify wars and their needless carnage, as part of their brainwashing of the global population.

Anyone with a powerful voice who preaches peace or attempts to end a war becomes an enemy of the system who must violently die before the eyes of millions, as we have seen in the cases of Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy.

5/21/15 - Mats have become the latest psychological trigger. Car mats are left out after vacuuming a car without returning them to the car. A door mat is removed without replacing it. Even kitchen table place mats have become part of this insanity. Those who orchestrate these psyops are mentally imbalanced. And the fact that their psyops are done in order to sound as outlandish as possible serves as further proof that the goal of psychological warfare operations is to drive the targets of these black operations insane. However, if this fails to occur, then the goal is to at least make these targets sound insane when they attempt to explain the outlandish nature of these psyops.

5/18/15 - Our first landscaper worked for us for about a decade and a half. He was well paid and did not want to give up this job. In 2010 he suffered a massive heart attack (most likely caused by a directed energy weapon) and was forced to retire from the landscaping business. Our new gardener worked out well for the first few years. Then one day the trailer he keeps his landscaping equipment in was vandalized and a few of his lawnmowers were stolen.

This was a warning for him to either quit working for us or to take part in the Organized Stalking harassment campaign that the FBI and NSA have been conducting against us for the past decade.

Since that time this landscaper shows up whenever he is told to. Our lawn is often overgrown looking because he does not show up when he is supposed to. When we ask him about why he does not show up when he is supposed to he always makes up an excuse.

The fact is that if he did not do as the fusion center that now controls his business told him to, he would suffer the consequences. The damage to his trailer and theft of some of his equipment was just a warning that he either follow orders or suffer the consequences.

He could very easily be put out of business by this fusion center, or even murdered in a plausibly deniable way, so he has no choice but to comply. He has become a slave to this fusion center.

Organized Stalking targets often describe how their neighbors are coerced into routinely taking part in the street theatrics that they are subjected to.

However, in many instances vehicles from outside the area operate on a rotational basis, and arrive in a Targeted Individual's neighborhood for anywhere from a day to week or so, in which they carry out street theater against the Targeted Individual, by constantly driving in front of their home for the purpose of psychological warfare.

Often, they will drop off a few people who will carry out this street theater, while the driver and the rest of his cohorts then go to another Targeted Individual's neighborhood in order to harass them. Unlike the neighbors of Targeted Individuals, these people are professional Organized Stalkers who get paid for violating the Civil Rights of those persons whom they are paid to target.

Local police completely ignore these crimes. And, in many instances when a group of Organized Stalkers carries out a piece of street theater that may involve them appearing to fight amongst themselves (in order to prompt a Targeted Individual to call the police), when the police arrive the people have either left, or will claim that there was no fight and that the person who reported it is delusional.

Like the police and all members of society, Organized Stalkers are *EMF brain mapped by the NSA and remote neurally monitored via computer to brain interface without realizing it. So their thoughts can (and often are) be remotely manipulated without their knowledge.

*EMF stands for electromagnetic flux.

EMF is created when the electricity in a circuit is surrounded by a corresponding magnetic field. Together, the two comprise a unique signature. Each person's body gives off its own unique EMF signature set, which in turn functions as a form of electromagnetic DNA, which can be decoded by the NSA for purpose of enslaving us. I was the first person to coin this phrase a few years ago, however, I have since seen other people within the TI community using it. This is important because these people are now beginning to understand how crucial these EMF signatures have become to the governments that are using them to enslave us.

Those who are targets of this non consensual human experimentation are well aware of some of the amazing capabilities of this technology. Unfortunately, we are subjected to the technology's negative capabilities as part of the torture programs directed at us, instead of the miraculous healing capabilities of this technology.

Imagine being able to use myriad different frequencies that exist within the electromagnetic spectrum to destroy all of the illnesses that kill people prematurely, which could give us all a much better quality of life, while making the pharmaceutical industry and its harmful practices and products obsolete.

This capability is there, however, those in power have no intention of using this technology to promote the common good, since their intent is to lower life expectancy in the interest of global depopulation.

5/16/15 - *Our mailman (I nominate him for the Guinness Book Of World Records for the number of times that he has intentionally delivered the wrong mail to our home) has been taking part in the Organized Stalking street theater of this author for the past decade. Today, he intentionally delivers a piece of mail from our next door neighbor. He regularly and intentionally delivers other people's mail to our home as part of the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation that these Satanists perpetrate against this author.

* A few days after I post this, this mailman delivers a package containing eight separate items, however, reports to the seller of six of the items, that they were refused even though they were not - since all 8 items were in the same package. This is the type of spitefulness that Organized Stalkers emulate during their covert attacks on a Targeted Individual.

If he failed to do so this mailman would be fired and replaced with another who is willing to take part in these psychological operations. This happened to a UPS driver some years back after I told him about the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and he was immediately replaced with another UPS driver who seems to enjoy taking part in Organized Stalking.

It is my opinion that most people who are forced into taking part in Organized Stalking don't enjoy it, and instead consider it to be a chore. This is the case with most people who are employed in regular jobs. They are intimidated into taking part in these crimes as are the families of targeted individuals. If they fail to do so they become the targets of Organized Stalking and directed energy weapons' attacks.

As for those who earn their livings taking part in Organized Stalking crimes, they are psychopaths who do this for sport, and are indicative of the Satanic wasteland that this planet has become under Rothschild Zionism and the excrement who promulgate this cancer on humanity.

Organized Stalking is also being used to brainwash decent people into becoming murderous sociopaths who are classically conditioned to be punished for obeying the law, while being rewarded for violating the law.

*The FBI Gets Tired Of Its Failed COINTELPRO Tactics Against This Author And Sinks To A New Low By Playing The Religious Card - This began aggressively in 2009 after my Website exceeded an Alexa.com international ranking 0f 700,000 and the public began to read about my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra, and my exposition of the NSA as a Satanic entity controlled by the House of Rothschild (and my condemnation of Zionism), which has been used to enslave the American people, by decoding the unique EMF signatures from our bodies, which the NSA can then use to remotely track us via the electromagnetic spectrum.

*On 5/17/15 FBI director James Comey's cowardly and furtive response to the questions I asked him in the following post has resulted in a painful microwave induced headache against my Mother. Directed Energy Weapons are a tool of Satan and his minions.

And the FBI and NSA's Satanists have no problem using directed energy weapons to attack innocent elderly people when it serves their purpose.

The FBI has been using covert means in which to demonize my person over the Internet since 2005, while committing myriad crimes against this author in the process.

In 2009 a poster claiming to be a Targeted Individual made the following comment in regard to how a TI can be portrayed as a demon in order to create a common enemy, and this person could then be blamed for crimes that were committed by the military intelligence complexes around the world, including HAARP created weather disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, draughts, fires, earthquakes, famines, plagues), or signals intelligence created accidents like plane and train crashes; which would give these Satanists a "straw man" to use to take the blame for their crimes.

There are a number of Targeted Individuals being used in this way, including this author. And many people have been murdered by these monsters using classified weapons, while we get the blame.

The following quote is an example of how these FBI scoundrels fold into the TI community, speaking their lexicon while using covert means of isolating and demonizing a legitimate target of COINTELPRO, so that we can't challenge the allegations that these agents are making against us. This is how these agents get away with their slander campaigns.

"Our minds are complex structures, our memories (long and short term), our thought processes, our fears and so on. If it is true that we do indeed manifest what we think as countless experts have us believe and that spiritually we are indeed one soul fragmented but unequivocally connected in a unified field, then it stands to reason that if one or a few souls and minds can be controlled then this will lead to the occupation of ALL. This of course sounds like insane rantings but assuredly this is the reality humanity faces today. There is a dark agenda to control all minds by controlling the energetic fields of existence, our physical bodies, dna, etheric fields, mental and emotional fields and so on."

Editor's Note: The following is the part of the FBI's covert smear campaign against this author:

"Next, imagine for a moment if a *‘Lucifer’ were also created from one of the targeted individuals, more than just the social pariah they started as, what if society is lead to believe that they are actually a satanic entity or individual. In doing so, a common enemy is created with which to blame all eventual chaos upon. This is another portion of the agenda."

"It is in the end the stuff of nightmares and what has been called dark prophecy or conspiracy theory is actually ancient agenda in its final stages of being played out.

On a personal level, participating in any form of gangstalking is not only *insane but utterly immoral, and spiritually and criminally corrupt. If you care, choose never to participate, inform the target (carefully/secretly), make a united stand with friends and neighbours not participate and log all the evidence you can - takedown all information you can. Be smart, technology and the capability of those that have orchestrated these world terrors are immense."

*Yet the FBI, DOJ and DHS keep orchestrating Organized Stalking & Directed Energy Weapon's attacks through their use of fusion centers, while torturing and murdering American citizens with plausible deniability.

"But most of all remember that the 'fear matrix' within the collective consciousness of humanity is an overall target. If people are afraid they can be controlled. Stand firm in a belief of your divinity and eternal being (whether you believe in a God or not) you are still part Omnipotent Grace experiencing on earth."

* In 2009, having exhausted all of their legal options, the FBI in its infinite chicanery decided to play the religious card in their attack on my person. In doing so they chose to portray this author as a 'Luciferian' entity in order to justify the international smear campaign that is presently being conducted against my person, through the use of neural linguistic programming/brainwashing of the public. In 2006 I publicly stated that if the FBI became desperate enough, they would play the religious card against my person, which is exactly what they ended up doing.

The piece that I have quoted here (there have been many similar posts by various FBI provocateurs over the past several years on many different Websites and Internet forums) was without a doubt written by an FBI provocateur who posed as a Targeted Individual in order to infiltrate the TI community, while using covert means in which to demonize my person. This agent and their COINTELPRO cronies are duplicitous snakes who are demonizing me for exposing the NSA's electromagnetic enslavement of the American people, and for publicly describing my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra mind control for the past forty years.

Perhaps now that I've written this we will see James Comey on 60 Minutes again talking about how terrorists are living in their Mothers' basements plotting against the American people. James, for the record don't any of these alleged "terrorists" have fathers too? Or do they just come from broken families like the ones that the FBI destroys using its Satanic COINTELPRO operations?

While we're on the subject: are you going to attempt to arrest me on trumped up charges anytime soon, or have the State of New York declare me an enemy combatant or mentally incompetent, so the FBI can get away with the thousands of crimes that they have and continue to perpetrate against me with plausible deniability? Or will you just finally murder me with a directed energy weapon? (since the FBI has certainly gone out of their way to demonize me with the American people) - Enquiring minds want to know. And so do I.

Perhaps you can have Pat Sajak or Jim Carrey or whomever else in *Hollywood you've used as part of your psyops against me in the past announce this in advance on a future show?

*Is there anyone in Zionist Hollywood that the FBI and Congress haven't used yet in this psyop? All finger pointing aside, James - just between you me and the rest of the world - how much has this FBI fiasco cost the American taxpayer over the past 40 years?

And how many people have been murdered as part of this Satanic psychological operation through the use of signals intelligence technology and directed energy weapons?

Moreover, is the FBI willing to go into a court of law and admit to collusion with the NSA in using me as a target of mind control since childhood?

Or how the NSA can remotely access the mind of any person whose EMF brain map has been decoded?

Or how you are currently conducting a completely illegal and slanderous smear campaign against me that involves fabricating evidence and suborning of witness perjury, that is without a doubt the most precedent setting violation of the Bill of Rights in United States history.

I doubt it. What is not in doubt is how you will find a way to integrate what I have just written here into the FBI's death by a thousand cuts scenario, as you have done with myriad other articles on this Website.

5/13/15 - Last night's Amtrak crash was likely the result of *signals intelligence satellite predation, which was used to cause the computer in the train to raise its speed in order to deliberately cause this crash. These artificially created catastrophes are planned out well in advance and used to instill a sense of fear and foreboding in the population, in order to create a global sense of despair and complete hopelessness.

We are now being told that a rock hit the glass of a window on this Amtrak train, however, the glass could have been intentionally broken after the crash in an effort to detract from the likely possibility that the Amtrak train was the target of signals intelligence sabotage. Will the FBI attempt to make this into another racial issue in regard to what occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore, claiming that this train crash was caused by an African American in protest to what occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore? And by doing so creating further racial tension? And will the controlled media quickly adopt this deception as they usually do with other FBI fabrications such as WACO, TWA Flight 800, 9/11 and the Boston Marathon bombing?

* Those who are familiar with this Website know that people are regularly murdered by the FBI and NSA in regard to the psychological warfare operations that they subject this author to. The number of the Amtrak train which crashed was 188. When I checked an older Email account that I have not accessed in a few months, earlier today, I had exactly 188 unopened Emails. Moreover, the Amtrak train crash took place on another Family member's wedding anniversary, and Hurricane Sandy in 2012 took place on yet another Family wedding anniversary.

Were the people on this train killed as yet another psychological operation against my person, in the same way that *Suzanne Hart, *Elisa Lam and a number of other people have been covertly murdered over the past decade?

* I had written about Suzanne Hart's murder when the elevator she was attempting to enter was electronically tampered with using signals intelligence technology, which caused the elevator door to close on her leg, which then resulted in her being crushed to death. Elisa Lam was recorded by an elevator camera acting erratically going in and out of the elevator, prior to her body being found in a cistern water tank on the roof of the hotel she was staying at. Just prior to Lam's death I had watched the movie Dark Water (2005) in which a girl drowns in a cistern water tank that sits atop a building on Roosevelt Island. And the night before Suzanne Hart was killed in an elevator accident, I had watched a movie called Paperman, in which a woman was crushed to death in an elevator that was deliberately tampered with in order to kill her. On the morning of Suzanne Hart's death a van was parked in the road in front of my home with the name Hart painted on its side.

Could mind control have been used in regard to many of the artificially created airline crashes (like Germanwings) which have taken place over the past few decades. The Amtrak engineer claims to have no memory of the crash. Could he have been subjected to computer to brain interface that resulted in his blacking out, which then caused the crash? Or was the Amtrak train's central computer remotely tampered with using signals intelligence technology, in order to cause the train to crash; or perhaps a combination of the two?

Moreover, in the instance of many of the recent train crashes in the United States, these "accidents" are also being caused to force the railroad industry into making a very expensive investment in something called train control technology; which the proponents of this technology claim could have prevented these crashes.

However, there is no way to prevent a train crash which is caused when the computer in the train (or the mind of the train's engineer via computer to brain interface) is deliberately tampered with by remote means using signals intelligence technology.

It is frightening to think that the powers that be would intentionally create such a catastrophic incident in order to justify some agenda that they have. However, if anything proved that this is true, it was the 9/11 false flag operation and their intentional murders of thousands of our own people; even going so far as to reinforce only one side of the Pentagon in advance of, and as part of the 9/11 false flag operation.

The high profile personalities whom we regularly see in the mainstream media bringing us this news are all subjected to mind control via computer to brain interface, and can be tortured or murdered with plausible deniability if they fall out of favor with the powers that be.

Everyone from David Letterman and Bill O'Reilly to Judy Woodruff and Bob Schiefer are EMF fingerprinted and remote neurally monitored without their knowledge, just as the *politicians in this country are. Unwitting marionette puppets hanging on the end of a signals intelligence string, controlled by their NSA puppeteers.

*As an example of how quickly any of these people can fall out of favor with the powers that be, Nancy Pelosi, once well respected by her Democratic peers, has become the source of derision, after she publicly stated that the CIA had told her nothing about its waterboarding of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. The CIA then claimed that Pelosi had lied, while Pelosi countered by insisting that the CIA had lied. Pelosi has on many occasions also manifested symptoms that appear to be the result of computer to brain interface; at times acting very confused. Is she the target of a directed energy weapon's attack which is being used to either mimic or cause the early stages of Alzheimer's? Was Ronald Reagan's Alzheimer's artificially induced through the use of this technology.

It's the same situation with actors who can be liquidated at any time. A number of viewers of the TV series Family Guy have noted the strange coincidence between an episode called Fatman and Robin (which focused on the actor Robin Williams and the attempted suicide of the main character in Family Guy), airing on the same day that Robin Williams was reported to have committed suicide. The theory is that Robin was another Illuminati Satanic sacrifice. It is also quite possible that *Robin Williams was forcibly suffocated while one or more people held a plastic bag around his head, even though the media reported that Williams committed suicide.

* Actor Ben Kingsley's character in the movie House Of Sand And Fog died the same way.

We also can't ignore the strange deaths of Anna Nicole Smith and her son Danny, or actress Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack. In the case of Murphy and Monjack, Murphy was having a falling out with Warner Brothers Inc. at the time of her death. And her husband has publicly stated that he planned to sue Warner Brothers in the wrongful death of Brittany, when Monjack himself died of the same diagnosis as Murphy, only five months later.

To think that these people were not the targets of a criminal conspiracy is ludicrous. What is even more disturbing is how many of these covert murders take place each year, while the police are controlled and prevented from investigating these murders because the powers that be don't want them investigated.

Moreover, as part of this furtive control of our society, classified weapons are often used during televised sporting events that we see in order to manipulate these events. The 2013 America's Cup series was perhaps the best example of how HAARP technology can be used to alter the weather; in this case affecting the wind currents on the race course which allowed Team Oracle to come back from a precedent setting deficit to beat challenger, Team New Zealand.

Tennis star, Serena Williams has been unwittingly subjected to directed energy weapons attacks since playing at Wimbledon in 2014, as punishment for doing her cript walk dance in celebration of her 2012 Wimbledon women's singles championship; which the British Monarchy found to be offensive.

YouTube video showed Serena completely out of it during this Wimbledon doubles' match with her sister Venus in 2014. Back in January of 2015, Serena lost in the finals of the Hopman Classic in Perth, Australia, complaining of tremendous fatigue, which I am certain was caused by a directed energy weapon.

"Williams, who arrived in Perth on Saturday, again appeared lethargic and later complained of fatigue. 'It's weird. I can't get my body to move. I feel like I've got no energy,' Williams said. 'It's a little frustrating because I know I can play 2,000 times better.'" The Pentagon's use of HAARP weapons to manipulate weather patterns in order to create what on the surface appear to be natural disasters (as part of a genocidal program used to ultimately murder billions of people) is part of this conspiracy, and includes earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, mudslides, draughts, tsunamis, and other forms of geophysical manipulation of this planet. These man made disasters kill millions of people each year in furtherance of the genocidal policy set forth by the Zionist Illuminati.

The Pentagon also oversees this mass mind control program over the American people, given the Pentagon's oversight of the NSA and the Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

The goal of this genocidal policy is depopulation, since the elite class has determined that the earth is over populated. The intent of these Satanists is to murder approximately 6.5 billion people before the end of the 21st century, while creating a completely automated society for future generations of the investment class.

With a system of artificially implemented population control in place this will ensure that over population never becomes a problem again. And the soulless elite will continue to enjoy this planet's natural resources as they always have, however, this time, without the fear of the underclasses revolting against them.

5/12/15 - The latest signals intelligence tampering of our automobiles occurred today, when the sensor for the electronic parking brake in one of our automobiles failed. These types of covert forms of vandalism occur constantly in an effort to bankrupt us.

Moreover, rotational directed energy attacks continue against other members of this author's Family. Since posting regarding the FBI/NSA directed energy attack against my Mom over the past few weeks, her arthritic symptoms have eased considerably.

However, now my brother is under directed energy attack again, in which the attacks mimic *kidney stones. He was under attack a few years ago which resulted in his being forced to undergo an endoscopy, which turned up nothing. The doctor concluded that he must have passed the kidney stone.

However, there was no kidney stone.

*Kidney stones can be artificially crated with directed energy weapons so if it turns out that he has kidney stones this time around, it is quite possible that they were created artificially.

The last time the pains were caused by a directed energy weapon. I have been documenting these attacks on other Family members for the past several years in an effort to save their lives, since no physician will admit that these weapons are being used to covertly torture and murder American citizens.

I am well aware of how the FBI has coerced testimony from members of my Family as part of the FBI's COINTELPRO smear campaign against my person, which the Bureau appears to have then circulated as part of its precedent setting slander campaign against this author.

These Family members have not acted of their own free will, but have instead been coerced by FBI agents into taking part in the FBI's illegal smear campaign against this author.

For the past 12 years, the FBI's usurping of our cable TV programming has involved the use of aggressive brain washing. All programs are frozen TIVO style so that whatever dialogue or video the FBI wants us to see is broadcast the moment that we access a TV channel.

A constant theme throughout these Orwellian psyops has been the saying "we are going to kill your Family."

This is how the FBI states that they are intent on not only murdering my person but also my Family. The FBI is also quite obviously intent on murdering my brother, who himself remains an unwitting target of non consensual human experimentation.

I document this here in an effort to prevent any further directed energy attacks against him, because I love my brother and understand the torment that the FBI has subjected him to as part of this COINTELPRO operation. We have both been targets of MK-Ultra since childhood, yet it was only over the past decade that this author has learned about this and publicly documented it.

And there have been other people whom we knew as children who were also unwitting targets of MK-Ultra beginning in the 1970s, after the formal CIA MK-Ultra program was shutdown by Congress, and later continued without a paper trail. However, unlike the laboratory environment of MK-Ultra from the 1950s to the 1970s, this second generation of MK-Ultra has largely been conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum and through the use of covertly implemented signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting programs, which are used to instantly identify any American citizen via the electromagnetic spectrum.

5/11/15 - For several years now this author has documented how part of the psychological warfare that I am subjected to involves the covert murders of people who are sacrificed as part of these psychotic psyops. The word van has been one of myriad psychological triggers used as part of this psyop against my person for a number of years. Vans are often parked in the road in front of my home as part of the vehicular stalking I am subjected to each day.

And a van with the name Hart painted on its side was parked in the road in front of my home on the same morning that Madison Avenue executive, Suzanne Hart was murdered, when a signals intelligence satellite was used to tamper with the electronics in an *elevator that Hart was attempting to enter, which caused the elevator door to close on Hart's leg and drag her body to the next floor, where she was crushed to death.

*The night before I watched a movie called Paperman in which a woman is crushed to death when the electronics in an elevator are deliberately tampered with to cause her death.

Today, tornadoes travel through the town of Van, Texas, killing some people and injuring others, in what was likely a HAARP orchestrated manipulation of the weather; done as part of the MK-Ultra psychological warfare that I am subjected to.

The perpetrators of these horrendous crimes are able to commit them because of the outlandish nature of the crimes themselves. Simply put, they sound so unbelievable that only someone who is the subject of such MK-Ultra mind control experimentation can relate to the absolute insanity and inhumanity of those who perpetrate these horrific crimes.

Moreover, the people they murder as part of these psyops are seen as little more than heads of cattle who can be tortured or killed with such plausible deniability.

And the NSA is the organization that oversees much of these covert operations.

This is the Satanic world that we are now living in, with those in power having access to classified weapons which offer them the types of abilities once associated with gods. Unfortunately, their allegiance is instead to Satan and his Illuminati.

As for the Illuminati, in this author's opinion, the next President of the United States will be Jeb Bush, whose family hails from a long line of Satanists. And under Jeb Bush, Rothschild Zionism's world government dictatorship will be fully implemented, with the global population completely enslaved by the investment class, under the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

5/4/15 - Food critic, Joshua Ozersky, died suddenly today at the age of 47 while attending the James Beard convention in Chicago. Is Ozersky another target of directed energy weaponry? Those with access to these weapons are willfully murdering anyone they care to simply because they can.

SurveyMonkey.com's 47 year old CEO, David Goldberg, is reported to have died this past Friday while exercising. Goldberg is said to have suffered head trauma after falling off a treadmill while vacationing at a Four Seasons' resort hotel. It appears that there were no witnesses to confirm or dispel this claim, which has this author concerned that Goldberg may have been murdered in a made to appear accident.

Of still greater interest is that Four Seasons' management claims that Goldberg was not even registered as a guest at the hotel at the time he is said to have died.

The *controlled American media was also quick to publish information in regard to how thousands of people are injured in treadmill accidents each year. However, according to statistics, only three people die in treadmill accidents annually. Could Goldberg have been caused to become dizzy while on a treadmill through the use of a directed energy weapon, which resulted in his taking a fall that caused the fatal blow to his skull?

Or could he have been hit in the head with a blunt instrument and left for dead by an intruder, who used the treadmill for plausible deniability in Goldberg's murder?

* The mainstream media in America continues to lose viewers at an alarming rate, who are leaving in droves, and instead taking to the alternative media to obtain their information. At this rate it is only a matter of time before a major restructuring of the mainstream media takes place, including a substantial reduction in the obscene salaries earned by the upper echelon of this profession.

Moreover, unlike their predecessors of yore, who were for the most part very professional, most of today's media personalities are not only completely unprofessional, but also crude, rude and downright obnoxious.

As for David Goldberg, the mystery into his death becomes even more perplexing since police have claimed that there is nothing suspicious about Goldberg's death, so no investigation will take place.

Are Goldberg and Ozersky the latest people to be covertly murdered with a directed energy weapon?

Directed energy weapons have become the most effective means of perpetrating acts of covert torture and murder that have ever been created. The three branches of the U.S. federal government continue to ignore the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' use of these weapons on American citizens because of their effectiveness, while allowing these crimes against humanity to continue to take place.

Top level executives, politicians, newscasters, actors and other individuals with high profiles who have fallen out of favor with those in power, continue to be murdered through the use of these weapons, because they offer both anonymity in committing these crimes as well as plausible deniability.

David Goldberg and Joshua Ozersky are likely the latest victims of this high tech crime.

There have also been a number of people who have been murdered by FBI/NSA operatives, as the direct result of the psychological warfare operations that this author is subjected to.

The murders often involve the use of signals intelligence technology to remotely tamper with electronics via signals intelligence satellites.

In 2009, a man by the name of Michael J. Grande was killed when the gate at a Long Island Railroad crossing was remotely tampered with using signals intelligence technology. Thinking it was safe to cross the tracks, Grande proceeded, right into the path of a speeding commuter train.

There were three (three is another psychological trigger that has been used since that time) accidents involving the Long Island railroad during that week.

At the time I had just finished an article I had written in regard to how Abraham Lincoln was murdered for refusing to borrow money from the House of Rothschild in order to finance the U.S. Civil War, and how he instead printed his own currency interest free.

Lincoln was murdered for this. Michael J. Grande just happened to be driving a Lincoln at the time he was killed. This was no coincidence. The word Lincoln has been used as one of myriad psychological triggers against my person since I wrote the article on Abraham Lincoln.

A Madison Avenue executive named Suzanne Hart died after the door to the elevator she was trying to enter closed on her leg, dragging her to the next floor and crushing her to death. The night before this occurred, I had seen a movie called Paperman (1971), in which a woman was crushed to death by an elevator door after the electronics in the elevator were intentionally tampered with. There was also a van parked in the road in front of my home with the name Hart painted on its side. The last name of the woman killed in the elevator was Hart. Suzanne Hart was murdered and so was Michael J. Grande; both as part of the FBI/NSA psychological warfare operation conducted against my person.

Hollywood oftentimes profits off of the information given to them (or sold to them) by the NSA, in regard to an MK-Ultra subject who's being remote neurally monitored by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

My Website has been the source for scripts in many Hollywood movies over the past several years (as well as several TV shows), much of which pertains to mind control. The latest movie presently being filmed called Sense8 involves 8 people from different parts of this planet who are psychically linked simultaneously, as they are used to expose the New World Order.

They then become hunted by the world government as the result of this. This movie is clearly a case of art imitating life, based on the information that I have described as a target of NSA computer to brain interface for the past 40 years (and so is the Matrix series), and many of the articles that I have both written and referenced in regard to this phenomenon.

As a target of this second generation of MK-Ultra I have experienced what it is like to have computer generated thoughts implanted into my mind via the EM spectrum. My sub vocalized thoughts (evoked potentials) have also been remotely decoded, recorded, and stored in the NSA's computer data base.

I have also documented how copycat types of crimes are perpetrated by NSA operatives who remotely access the neural pathways of my brain while I am watching movies.

In a number of instances the media has reported the deaths of people in frighteningly similar ways to what I have seen in a movie. For instance, a week before the body of a woman named Elisa Lam is found in a cistern water tank on the roof of a building, I watched the 2005 movie Dark Water, in which a girl's body is found in a cistern water tank on the top of a building on Roosevelt Island.

The night before a Madison Avenue advertising executive named Suzanne Hart is killed, when her leg is caught in an elevator door that malfunctions and closes on her, I watched a movie called Paper Man, in which a woman is crushed to death by an elevator door, when the door is intentionally forced to close by a computer that is used to automate the building. The computer is intentionally tampered with in order to kill the woman.

On the morning that Suzanne Hart is killed, there is a van parked in the road in front of my home with the name Hart painted on its side. The electronics in the elevator that Suzanne Hart was attempting to enter were remotely sabotaged using signals intelligence technology, and the NSA is the likely culprit.

This means that Suzanne Hart was murdered!

When NSA agents anonymously state that they would like to put a bullet in Edward Snowden's head, they are really referencing this author, for exposing the NSA's treasonous EMF fingerprinting of the American people, and the myriad crimes that this agency has perpetrated against my person and Family over the past few decades.

The fact is that the information that I have described as a target of MK-Ultra goes well beyond anything that Edward Snowden has offered the public. And because of his former employment with the NSA, Snowden would be murdered if he ever publicly admitted to the existence of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

Moreover, my allegations regarding Rothschild Zionism's Satanic control over this planet (including Hollywood) has now resulted in a covertly driven demonization campaign by Hollywood studios against my person, as revenge for my allegations that Hollywood uses CIA Monarch mind control programming on its actors, and that all actors as well as politicians and media personalities in America are EMF fingerprinted by the NSA; which allows an NSA operative to instantly access the unique EMF signature set of any American citizen's brain, via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

My Family, including my parents, brother and several other Family members are all remote neurally monitored by the NSA, and being used as part of the FBI/NSA smear/slander campaign against my person. My Family members will deny this out of fear that the FBI will carry out whatever threats they have made against them.

In spite of this I am doing everything I can to protect them.

This serves as further proof that the FBI is deceiving the American people in regard to its smear campaign against my person, and that the FBI's crimes against this author have resulted in precedent setting violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights dating back roughly 40 years.

The FBI has also attempted to provoke me into an act of violence over the past 12 years using the most vicious psychological warfare imaginable (as part of its COINTELPRO against my person), yet failed to do so. So now the FBI will attempt to portray me as being mentally imbalanced in an attempt to have me committed to a mental institution, even though the FBI knows that I am sane, and has done everything possible to drive me crazy through the aforesaid conspiracy, using both psychological warfare as well as directed energy weapons, to torture my person for more than two decades.

The FBI continues to fabricate information on this author as part of its illegal smear campaign, as well as suborn witness perjury, while concealing from the American people the greatest scandal in American history: The NSA's signals intelligence EMF fingerprinting and covert enslavement of the U.S. population, which I exposed a decade ago, and have since referenced in John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA; as further corroboration of my experiences as a target of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

When concerned citizens post my information on Website forums, FBI/NSA provocateurs quickly post derogatory comments where my allegations are posted, in order to cover up the crimes these organizations continue to perpetrate against my person and Family.

I have been describing this for the past decade and I was the first Targeted Individual to aggressively circulate John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA to the TI community, alleging how there is no need for a person to be implanted with a brain chip, in order to be subjected to computer to brain interface, because it is the unique EMF signatures of the brain that the NSA targets via the EM spectrum, which are used for the purpose of mind control experimentation.

I am also the first person in history to publicly accuse their own government (the U.S. federal government) of secretly EMF fingerprinting its own citizens, by decoding the unique EMF signatures (including each person's own unique brain map) of each person's body, as part of a covert means in which to enslave them. And I am certain that my allegation is correct.

The U.S. National Security Agency has illegally EMF fingerprinted the American people, who have become the unwitting slaves of this Orwellian program.

However, mind control has only become a popular topic in Hollywood over the past few years, largely due to the millions of Websites on the Internet which have been created in an effort to expose the fact that as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a world government, every person's mind must first be accessible to computer to brain interface via the EM spectrum.

The media is now involved out of concern that these Websites are exposing serious and treasonous crimes within the global military industrial intelligence complex. Except that rather than expose this scandal, the media is being used as a source of disinformation by this complex, in order to discredit legitimate targets of this mind control experimentation.

Hollywood will certainly be used to distort this fact, given Zionist/CIA control over the motion picture industry. And the movie Sense8 will be used as part of this disinformation campaign. It will be portrayed as nothing but fiction, even though the NSA has been using this mind control technology on American citizens for at least 40 - 50 years, and can remotely access the mind of any American citizen via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

4/28/15 - NSA directed energy attacks on this author's Mother begin again. Through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, the NSA can remotely access the bioelectric signatures of any American citizen's body, using the electromagnetic spectrum in order to do so.

Keep in mind that even though the FBI may well have illegally circulated video testimony by this author's Mother, making negative claims in regard to my person (which she was coerced into doing as part of the FBI's smear campaign against me), that I am doing everything possible to save her life by documenting how she, my Father and other members of my Family are being attacked with directed weapons.

The FBI's agents are lying pathologically when they claim that they are not committing these crimes against us. Just as they are lying when they claim that this author is not the target of an FBI COINTELPRO operation that has established an entirely new precedent in violating the U.S. Bill of Rights; given the duration (forty years) of this illegal operation and a financial expenditure that may well have exceeded $100 million dollars.

The FBI's crimes against us are indeed precedent setting violations of U.S. law.

Both of my parents as well as my person and other members of my Family have been attacked with directed energy weapons for many years, through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

After I post that my parents have not been subjected to directed energy weapons attacks for sometime, the NSA starts to attack Mom again.

I document this here in an effort to end this attack. The media in America, as well as our politicians, are all EMF fingerprinted by the NSA as part of a clandestine signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, and unwittingly subjected to the NSA's remote tracking of their persons via the EM spectrum.

This means that the NSA can both spy upon these people within their own homes, while also remotely accessing and manipulating their thoughts.

The NSA can also use (even create CGI video) video and photos of these people taken illegally, in order to blackmail them if necessary. Blackmail is the stock and trade of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, given their ability to collect compromising information on any American citizen.

There is no doubt that the NSA maintains such information on all of the media personalities including actors and newscasters, as well as politicians, judges and anyone else whom this Satanic organization would want to control. The same can be said for other alphabet agencies including but not limited to the CIA, FBI and DHS; all of whom have access to spy satellites that can be used to spy on any American citizen, while in complete violation of that citizen's Constitutional rights.

4/27/15 - FBI/NSA provocateurs hack into another Website that I have and tamper with the page counter so that the number of visitors is artificially lowered. These types of psyops take place everyday, and have been occurring aggressively for more than a decade. The purpose is to commit acts that seem so outlandish so that no one will believe them. That is why psychological warfare operations have historically been so effective.

As an example of such psyops, another Family member brings home some fresh basil. However, the basil leaves are completely dried out and instead of being returned to the store, the basil is simply thrown out. The basil was purchased this way intentionally as part of another psyop, and this Family member cannot admit to it without fear of being hit with a directed energy weapon or some other crime being committed against them. This is how these murderous government psychopaths are committing their crimes against Targeted Individuals with total impunity, under the Patriot Act.

4/17/15 - NSA cryptologists use a *signals intelligence satellite to remotely set off the alarm in another of our automobiles (They did the same to another of our vehicles a few years ago). As further proof of this, I am able to drive the car around my driveway while the alarm is still running.

*These types of signals intelligence related attacks are deployed against this author on a daily basis, oftentimes involving directed energy weaponry. Today, 4/26/15, I am subjected to a directed energy attack on my left eye which has caused my vision to become very blurry out of this eye. This covert attack on my eyes has been occurring for the past two decades. When the attack ends my vision is restored. It is just one in myriad types of electronic warfare attacks that the NSA and FBI subject my person to using plausible deniability.

Several other members of my Family have also been attacked with directed energy weapons in order to control them. The attacks have been very effective in doing so, since these Family members are now under the complete control of these federal murderers.

As a result, the directed energy attacks against their persons have subsided significantly. This offers further proof of how the U.S. Intel community uses these classified weapons to covertly torture American citizens in order to control them, while at other times using these weapons to murder American citizens.

Automobiles and home alarms in our neighborhood have been remotely triggered via NSA signals intelligence satellites for years, when the people living in a particular home are either on vacation or out for the day, so that they are not home to turn these alarms off.

The NSA sets these alarms off at all hours of the day and night, and they will run continuously for up to 30 to 40 minutes before they reset themselves, or the police show up to turn the alarms off.

For instance, the way to turn the alarm off in the vehicle that the NSA triggered this morning is to use the ignition key in order to open the lock on the car's driver's door. However, because the NSA has overridden the alarm system by remote means, the alarm will not turn off until it cycles for a few minutes, or the NSA cryptologist who remotely triggers this alarm turns the alarm off by remote means.

Over the years, the NSA has committed many such acts of remote signals intelligence sabotage in regard to this author, and a number of these acts of sabotage have resulted in the deaths of other people; including a Madison Avenue advertising executive by the name of Suzanne Hart.

Suzanne Hart was murdered when the electronic circuitry in the elevator she was attempting to enter was remotely triggered by these murderous government psychopaths, so that the door to the elevator closed on Hart's leg, trapping her. Suzanne was then crushed to death when her body was dragged to the next floor.

In researching Suzanne's death I have also found Internet posts stating that she deserved to die, which indicates that Suzanne Hart may well have been the target of an Organized Stalking campaign without realizing it. And that she was blacklisted and targeted for covert extermination using plausible deniability.

It would be interesting to know if the company she worked for was interested in replacing Suzanne, yet might not have been able to fire her for cause. I believe that this was also the case with a number of well known media personalities including Mark Haines (CNBC) and Judy Martin (News 12) both of whom died unexpectedly. And I believe that many employees who cannot be fired for due cause, yet who have for one reason or another fallen out of favor with their employers (perhaps the employer believes that these people have become too old for their job), have become the targets of Organized Stalking campaigns, in order to force them to resign from their jobs through the use of mobbing protocols at the workplace.

Moreover, better known targets (media personalities, actors etc.) who are murdered through such covert means, are often praised by the media at their time of death, in order to direct suspicion away from the fact that these murder victims were the targets of foul play.

4/11/15 - Last weekend, a friend of this author's Family calls to confirm a dinner engagement for next week. The person remarks how she and her husband have been fortunate to have been able to avoid a lot of the health problems that some of their other friends are having.

Then, this past Thursday, this woman's husband suddenly suffers a massive heart attack and nearly dies. Of course the dinner engagement is now off. However, the timing here is once again far too coincidental to ignore, and more than likely the result of a directed energy weapon's attack via the FBI/NSA criminals who continue to subject *this author and other Family members to COINTELPRO black ops, non consensual human experimentation, and directed energy weapon's torture.

As of today this person remains in critical condition, and could very well die from this covert attack.

*Chronology Of FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO/MK-Ultra Attacks On This Author And My Family Documented Since 12/25/2012

As part of a massive COINTELPRO black operation, many Hollywood personalities are being used as part of organized stalking street theater, in regard to the NSA/FBI covert attack on this author.

This is the implied death by 1000 cuts scenario that the NSA and FBI have employed as revenge against my person for exposing the NSA's EMF fingerprinting of the American people, and documenting my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra for the past 40 years.

The latest of these pieces of street theater involve Dennis Quaid's recent and completely fake rant in regard to the film crew he is working with (the best acting he's done in years), and Ashley Judd's smooch with coach Dick Vitale, which was completely orchestrated in advance by Judd and Vitale; even though they, like *Quaid would deny it. In fact, the entire Zionist controlled media system in the United States is being used as part of this psychological warfare operation against my person.

Who is responsible for these covert psyops? The U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

Moreover, if Dick Vitale, Dennis Quaid, Ashley Judd, or for that matter any person whom the FBI and DHS are using in this covert psyop against my person, would publicly admit that this conspiracy exists, their careers in Hollywood would be finished, and they would become blacklisted targeted individuals like so many of us.

The fact that all of these people are EMF fingerprinted by the NSA also means that their brains can be remotely interfaced with NSA AI computers at anytime. And it is entirely possible that many of these well known personalities are remote neurally monitored 24 hours a day; which means that they can be reduced to the mental state of a robot, depending on the extent of the programming that they are subjected to while they are in REM sleep.

Moreover, the threat of becoming targeted is enough to not only prevent these people from telling the truth, but to also force them into taking part in this precedent setting psychological warfare operation.

Who in America would be worth this type of attention and the millions of dollars spent to conduct such psychological warfare each year? No one. That is, unless this person had publicly exposed a scandal regarding this government that is not only true, but that implicates this government in a treasonous act against the entire U.S. population, that is so horrendous, that the government can never admit that this conspiracy does in fact exist, without being concerned that the American people having learned of this conspiracy, would be forced to abolish this government. And that is exactly what will happen when enough Americans learn for themselves that they have been EMF fingerprinted by their own subverted and murderous government, in order to enslave them.

The FBI, NSA and DHS, whose counterintelligence operation in regard to this author remains the longest and most expensive psychological warfare operation in regard to one American citizen, in U.S. history, continue to demonize my person as revenge for exposing this treasonous scandal.

The cost for this covert black op may well have also exceeded the $100 million dollar mark over the past few decades.

As revenge for this, the FBI and DHS are conducting an illegal slander campaign against my person by circulating information (much of which is fabricated) as part of this COINTELPRO smear campaign, in which media personalities (including actors) are given certain information, which they are then told to use in order to link their street theatrics with this author, using Neural Linguistic Programming.

The fact that Hollywood is now involved (actually has been for a number of years), has occurred as the result of my allegations that the film industry is controlled by Zionist Satanists, who exploit children, as well as men and women, in the interest of promulgating the Satanism which is so prevalent in many of Hollywood's feature films.

And that children in Hollywood become the targets of the CIA's Monarch mind control programming from an early age, and continue to suffer from this programming well into adulthood; whether they remain in Hollywood or not.

I have also publicly stated my concerns in regard to how American soldiers are being used (and too often sacrificed) as pawns by the Rothschild' controlled government in the United States - fighting wars not to defend America, but instead to support the greed and financial interests of the Rothschild central bank in America - The Satanic Federal Reserve System.

Moreover, I have also stated that soldiers who have lost limbs and been given artificial robotic replacements are being exploited, by being paraded before the American people, by the Zionist controlled media, in the interest of promoting the New World Order agenda to create a race of hybridized beings. Once again, not only have these soldiers been exploited by being forced to fight wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that were used to steal natural resources from these countries with plausible deniability, they are now being exploited as part of Rothschild Zionism's trans-humanism agenda.

Furthermore, because of the tremendous expense that the FBI has incurred financially in its COINTELPRO against this author, the Bureau has now chosen to make a mountain out of the proverbial molehill in order to justify their crimes against this author, and to abrogate the Constitutional rule of law.

My blogging of this phenomenon is the best regarding the use of NLP as part of a brainwashing campaign, that has ever been documented since the time that NLP was first utilized decades ago. And my written works and references to Rothschild Zionism and its Satanic influence over and control of our society, has now made me the target of a Zionist driven murder plot.

It is no longer just the FBI and NSA who are intent are murdering this author.

* Dennis Quaid's brother, Randy Quaid, is also a target of Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment, who has accused his brother, Dennis, of taking part in this criminal conspiracy against him. Dennis Quaid, like Ashley Judd, Dick Vitale, and anyone else who is used to take part in these criminal conspiracies, are all unwitting subjects of NSA computer to brain interface; and thus targets of this modern day version of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation.

What this means is that the behavior of these people can be remotely altered via computer to brain interface without them having any idea that they are being used for such non consensual experimentation.

It also means that you can never trust anyone again, because a person's behavior can be instantly altered when being targeted by computer to brain interface. And in this author's opinion, most of the American population (those born after World War II) has been EMF brain fingerprinted since birth, and electromagnetically enslaved by the NSA.

This means that those who have been employed by the NSA (either within the hierarchy of the Agency) or through private organizations like Booz Allen Hamilton or the Kinnecome Group (through Executive Order 12333 - and its later revised incarnations), can instantly access the mind of any American citizen, while in complete violation of that person's Constitutional rights.

Moreover, as part of the COINTELPRO that this author is subjected to 24/7/365, electronic appliances are routinely tampered with and damaged in an attempt to financially bankrupt us. The latest appliance to be sabotaged is a clothes dryer that is less than 6 years old. This dryer receives average usage and should have lasted a minimum of 10 - 15 years before needing to be replaced. *It may be serviceable, however, the service would itself not be necessary were it not for this remote form of sabotage.

*After I document this, the dryer begins to operate normally, proving that its electric motor was remotely tampered with by these government psychopaths.

Directed energy weaponry is the likely culprit here, and this is just one of many of our electronic appliances which has been either damaged (or destroyed) by these FBI/NSA Satanic psychopaths, over the past decade.


The function of cell phones in the Orwellian vigilante hate crime organized stalking, is for fusion centers to contact those who are taking part in the organized stalking of a particular individual, in order to have these people carry out some part of this psychological warfare operation.

The people living within a neighborhood in which a targeted individual lives will each be given a role to play in the illegal harassment of the TI. These conspirators are contacted via their own cell phones and told what types of psywarfare street theater they are to conduct against the particular TI on any given day.

Neighbors have become one of the primary means in which to conduct these illegal psyops, because they live within close proximity to the TI. This means that every home within a TI's neighborhood will become part of this covert attack, with neighbors operating on a rotational basis. Cell phones are the means by which most of this communication takes place. Personal computers and the Internet have also become a primary venue for these conspiratorial murder campaigns, which are conducted completely outside of the court system, and done with plausible deniability.

While many TIs have reported this, few have actually described how as part of these campaigns, other people are often murdered as part of the psychological warfare operations that they are subjected to.

A phenomenon that I have experienced as a target of MK-Ultra which has had devastating consequences for certain individuals involves the murders of people in copycat types of crimes perpetrated by those within the NSA and FBI who target this author for these vicious and psychotic psywarfare operations.

In early 2013 I had watched a movie called Dark Water (2005) in which the ghost of a girl who is drowned and left in a water tower atop an apartment building on Roosevelt Island, haunts the apartment that she lived in. A short time later in real life the drowned body of a woman by the name of Elisa Lam is found in a water tank atop a building, after she is last seen in an elevator in this building acting very nervously, as though she is being chased.

This is just one of many situations that I have experienced in which something I have seen in a movie is later carried out in real life by those who subject me to this non consensual human experimentation. After seeing the movie Paper Man (1971) in which a woman is crushed to death by an elevator door, the following day, a Madison Avenue executive named Suzanne Hart is crushed to death when the elevator she attempts to enter, closes on her leg and she is dragged to the next floor. Hart dies an horrific death. During the morning that this occurred, a van with the name Hart painted on its side was parked in the road in front of my home which served as a furtive warning that they had committed a copycat murder using someone named Hart as the victim.

Since researching this I have also found Internet posts in regard to Suzanne Hart saying that she deserved what she got, leading me to believe that Suzanne Hart (either witting or otherwise) was a target of Organized Stalking, and murdered in a covert manner.

For more on this see the following article:

When Government Psychological Warfare Operations Turn Deadly

FBI & NSA Continue To Sabotage Alternative Media Websites

The FBI has successfully neutralized the Internet community of men and women who are the targets of the government sponsored terrorism program dubbed Organized Stalking. It has taken thousands of agents to accomplish this, and through their chicanery they have managed to subvert every single activist organization that deals with Organized Stalking and Electronic Harassment.

In America, these agents have managed to create such utter confusion within this community that it has become absolutely impossible to determine who is a legitimate target of these crimes and who is an FBI provocateur - COINTELPRO at its most nefarious and effective.

In order to gain credibility, agents who head up various OS/EH activist organizations will go to Internet forums and deliberately start arguments amongst themselves which can often become very heated, in an attempt to cause the legitimate members of these groups to leave in search of other organizations that at least on the surface promote activism.

By pitting one activist organization against the other the credibility of both organizations is irreparably damaged, which prevents any legitimate activism from taking place, while once loyal members leave in search other organizations that claim to expose OS/EH crimes.

However, they ultimately find that any organization that claims to promote OS/EH activism is already under the control of the Intelligence community; whether it's the FBI and DHS in America, MI5 in the United Kingdom, or whatever Intel agencies exist in other countries where OS/EH is being reported.

If you are a TI who has done your due diligence in exposing this to the legitimate members of this community, the Intel community has already created a special type of torture just for you.

They circulate BOLO (Be On The Lookout For) videos in regard to you (much of which is likely manufactured), claiming that this information is based on files that the Intel community maintains on you (while they are violating your civil rights).

From there, the federal provocateurs within the TI community set about to do a virtual dissection of your person, using legitimate TI's whenever possible, as well as politicians, media personalities, and anyone else who has a public persona, where every single piece of information in regard to what the Intel community has claimed to have collected in regard to your person, is then circulated throughout the mainstream media and Internet using Neural Linguistic Programming.

Before long, you become the focal point of all of this attention, even though your name is never mentioned, given the NLP hidden meanings regarding virtually all topics that are being discussed. After a long enough period of time, an entire population can be conditioned through this brain washing protocol to think of you.

And the most frightening part is that the Intel community has brainwashed everyone by using NLP, without the public even realizing it. Instead, they all think that they have been let in on some open secret, when in reality, the real secret is that they themselves have been unwittingly brainwashed in order to cover up an even bigger and darker secret.

The fact that they are already the slaves of a covert program that makes use of the electromagnetic spectrum to enslave them, by tracking the unique EMF fingerprints of each person's body. This program can instantly target the mind of any person living within the United States using computer to brain interface. That is how evolved it is.

And what's worse is that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using some of its provocateurs to create their own spin on how this technology works (much of which is disinfo) which is then used to discredit those who have been legitimate targets of the technology for years.

As part of this disinformation campaign, it is now quite common to find federal agents creating Websites in which they pose as Targeted Individuals, while giving some very elaborate disinformation to woo their visitors - most of whom are legitimate targets of this technology, looking for any information that may offer them some relief from this Orwellian program of torture and murder.

The only constant aside from the fact that any legitimate activism has become impossible in the present climate of Intel COINTELPRO subterfuge, is that people who are targeted for OS/EH continue to be tortured and murdered.

The alternative media also continues to be infiltrated by the FBI and other Nazi inculcated alphabet agencies, who attempt to conceal from the American people the NSA's treasonous electromagnetic fingerprinting of the U.S. population.

As V. I. Vernadsky once stated, "He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world." Vernadsky knew what he was talking about, since those who control the EM spectrum can obtain powers so close to that of what we are told God can do - omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, the ability to control the mind, or to torture or murder selected people at will, that it's no wonder why the FBI and NSA are currently engaged in an attempt to murder those of us who know about the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network (done under the Pentagon's oversight), and its use in furtively controlling the EM spectrum, from first hand experience as targets of this MK-Ultra derived technology.

As for the U.S. federal government's intent to also take control of the alternative media on the Internet, the FBI's sabotage of the Before Its News.com Website is unfortunate, because like many other alternative media organizations which were once quite useful in promoting legitimate news, before they were infiltrated, "The Before Its News.com" Website has become the latest casualty of the FBI's subversive tactics; since much of what is now posted on this Website is nothing but government disinformation.

What else can we expect from the Zionist controlled and murderous miscreants at the FBI: an organized crime syndicate with no legislative charter that has either directly taken part in false flag terrorism (1995 Oklahoma City bombing, 1993 bombing of the WTC, COINTELPRO at the Wounded Knee Indian Reservation, Ruby Ridge, WACO) or fabricated evidence while covering up the real perpetrators in other false flag terrorist attacks (TWA Flight 800, 9/11 false flag terrorist attack, Boston Marathon bombing).

And since a group of federal provocateurs can anonymously or under a pseudonym post hundreds of articles on this or any "news" Website, for the purpose of disinformation (even on a daily basis), the Before Its News.com Website (like so many other once viable alternative media Websites) now serves as little more than a shill for the U.S. Intel community and its gestapo psyop psychobabble.

This has led many legitimate authors who once posted their articles on this Website to refrain from doing so, in understanding that like so many of the once credible alternative news sites, Before Its News.com has now become a shill for the Zionist controlled media and its Intel lackeys. This means that legitimate articles which expose government corruption and other types of serious malfeasance will either be blocked from this Website, or edited in a way in which to change their meaning.

Before Its News.com is a great loss to the alternative media because it had previously allowed any person to self publish their articles like the Indymedia independent news franchises once did without concern for these articles being edited. However, like Indymedia - which was subverted by the FBI after the 9/11 false flag operation as part of the FBI's infiltration of the 9/11 truth movement - Before Its News.com has now become just as worthless.

That is unless you think that satirical stories about Barack Obama passing out in his bathroom are humorous (yes there is actually a fictional story posted about this in yesterday's Before Its News.com). The cowardly chicken sh*t Intel poster made certain to block the comment section so that no one could comment on what a waste of Internet space this tasteless piece of fictional trash was. Undoubtedly, the work of a demented and perverse FBI psychopath. Which leads this author to the following conclusion. Most FBI agents are murderous psychopaths who are in "FACT" a menace to society.

Once again, these lowlife Intel turds have managed to destroy another once newsworthy Website, while replacing it with one of their own Orwellian propaganda mills.

Germanwings Airbus Plane Crash Today (3/24/15) - Why Did The Plane Unexpectedly Descend For 8 Minutes Before It Crashed? Was Directed Energy Involved In The Crash? The Number 8 Has Been Used As One Of Many Psychological Triggers As Part Of The FBI/NSA COINTELPRO/MKUltra Attack On My Person - The Number 8 May Well Have Significance Here As Part Of This Psyop Since These Murderous Government Psychopaths Regularly Kill People As Part Of Their Psyop Against Me, Including Madison Avenue Executive Suzanne Hart - Google: Suzanne Hart Was The Target Of A Signals Intelligence Orchestrated Murder And Suzanne Hart Was Murdered Through The Use Of Directed Energy Weapons

District Attorney Robert Mcculloch Acknowledges Suborning Witness Perjury In Fergusson Shootings, Stating That He Knew That Witnesses Lied Under Oath When Testifying Before A Grand Jury, Yet No Charges Were Filed By The DOJ

Are American Journalists Being Systematically Liquidated For Some Covert Government Agenda? Journalist Lisa Colagrassi Dies Suddenly Of A Brain Aneurysm At The Age Of 49 (Was She Murdered With A Directed Energy Weapon?) - This Follows The Recent Sudden Deaths Of Wall Street Columnist David Carr (heart attack just hours after interviewing Edward Snowden) And "60 Minutes" Bob Simon (car accident - could the limo that Simon was riding in have been targeted by signals intelligence sabotage?)

Was Ashley Judd Used As Part Of A U.S. Government Attack On Twitter, As Revenge For A Recent Lawsuit That Twitter Has Filed Against The Obama DOJ Regarding Privacy Issues?

In October 2014, Twitter Sued The US Department Of Justice Regarding Limits On The Site's Ability To Disclose The FBI's Surveillance Orders - Just Days Ago Ashley Judd Sued Some Twitter Users Over Their Comments Regarding Judd's Kissing Coach Dick Vitale On The Lips During A Kentucky Basketball Game - Is Ashley Judd Either Wittingly Or Unwittingly Being Used By The Government As Revenge For This Lawsuit? And Was The Entire Situation A Staged Government Event, In Order To Punish Twitter For Its Lawsuit Against The Department Of Justice?

Tennis Star Serena Williams Forced To Withdraw From 2015 Indian Wells Semifinals After She Suffered A "Sharp Pain" In Her Knee, Which Steroid Injections Have Not Helped - Serena Continues To Be Covertly Targeted With Directed Energy Weaponry As Punishment For Doing Her Cript Walk Celebration Dance After Winning Wimbledon In 2012, Which The British Monarchy Found Offensive - A 2014 Video During A Wimbledon Double's Match With Her Sister, Shows Serena Under An Aggressive ELF Attack, Which Left Her So Exhausted That She Could Hardly Stand Up, And She Was Completely Exhausted When She Lost The 2015 Hopman Cup (She Had One Eight Consecutive Hopman Cups Until This Loss - Any American Can Be Instantly Targeted By Directed Energy Weaponry As Part Of A National EMF Fingerprinting Program Started By The NSA In The 1950s - The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Has Been Used To Electromagnetically Brand Each Citizen Like A Head Of Cattle - If You Know Serena, Have Her Research Directed Energy Weapons, Since She Is Definitely Being Targeted By Them, And Is Also Likely A Target Of NSA Computer To Brain Interface, Which Will Likely Be Used To Force Her Into Retiring From Professional Tennis

"It Is Dangerous To Be Right, When The Government Is Wrong. To See Who Rules Over You, Simply Find Out Who You Are Not Allowed To Criticize" -- Voltaire

The Global Population Has Been EMF Fingerprinted
Enslaved By Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Networks

"The primary focus of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order is to create a global slave society which is controlled through signals intelligence satellite networks via computer to brain interface, and overseen by the global investment class. This covert form of slavery began after World War II had ended, when EMF fingerprinting programs were secretly established in NATO countries, and hospitals were used to collect the bioelectric information from babies after they were born; which was then sent to the federal agencies who then collected and stored this information on each citizen in a government computer database.

Prior to the launch of manmade spy satellites in the late 1950s, agencies like the NSA used over the horizon radar to remotely read the minds of an unwitting global population.

Today, satellite based signals intelligence EMF scanning networks like the one described by NSA whistle blower John St. Clair Akwei, have become the means by which such remote forms of MK-Ultra mind control experimentation are secretly carried out.

In the United States the NSA maintains files on all American citizens. This has since allowed for the electromagnetic fingerprinting of all citizens from infancy - each of us EMF branded like a head of cattle before we even leave the hospital for the first time.

For those who claim that it would be impossible to have enough computing power to monitor every person in America (or even on this this planet) simultaneously, consider that the NSA's Artificial Intelligence supercomputers are likely more advanced and capable of operating even faster than any official figure publicly given for the fastest computers in the world. With this in mind, the following is in reference to the official fastest supercomputer in the world as of 2014.

'A four-time winner, Tianhe-2, a supercomputer developed by China's National University of Defense Technology, once more took home the title as the world's fastest computer, with a performance of 33.86 petaflops (quadrillions of calculations per second) on the Linpack benchmark.'

A series of these computers networked can simultaneously monitor the thoughts of every person on this planet many times over.

Perfect for secretly enslaving us, while remotely decoding your EEG based thought patterns via the EM spectrum.

As such, the global population must begin to realize this and universally combat this Orwellian conspiracy, or we will eventually become the subjects of the most elaborate genocidal program in the history of the human race, perpetrated under the Agenda 21 legislation for depopulating this planet.

The goal is to reduce the present population of more than 7 billion people to a more manageable population of 500 million by the midst of the 21St century, which means the mass murder of more than 6 billion people will take place before Agenda 21 has been completed.

Why? Because we are using up this planet's natural resources at an alarming rate, and the powers that be have decided that they will exterminate the rest of us so that they can conserve these resources for themselves.

They are concerned that the global human population will double over this century and completely exhaust the natural resources on this planet. As far as they are concerned, their extermination program is necessary.

Why has this situation become so critical over the past century instead of earlier on? Because prior to the industrial revolution, the human population was much smaller, and as such, the use of our natural resources was very limited.

Moreover, automobiles did not exist, nor did the need for petroleum based products to operate automobiles, or the electric utility plants which we depend on for our electricity.

Hence, air pollution was much less of a problem pre Industrial times.

If we were living off the land as an agrarian culture, our natural resources could be preserved indefinitely, however, having become accustomed to the industrialized world, we are instead using these resources up at alarming rate.

Furthermore, with over 7 billion people presently living on this planet, our elite controlled governments perceive the human brain to be little more than an organic computer, which can be remotely hacked into and programmed in any way that they see fit - just like a home personal computer.

That is how these soulless misanthropes perceive the rest of the human race. A group of machines to be programmed however they see fit, and destroyed whenever they decide to. And since it is the unique EMF fingerprints - including a brainwave signature for each person - that a government records and decodes (under the cover of national security), this means that no citizen is safe from such predation of their own mind, regardless of what country they live in.

We have all become slaves to this Zionist orchestrated Orwellian technocracy.

And those of us who have done the most effective jobs of exposing these Orwellian crimes are now being subjected to the most aggressive and illegal slander campaigns in history, while the agencies which have perpetrated these crimes against us attempt to justify their complete circumvention of the law."

- James F. Marino
MK-Ultra Target

Editor's Note: Recently, NY Times journalist David Carr died only hours after interviewing Edward Snowden. According to reports, Carr was speaking with someone and then just collapsed and died. An autopsy report claimed that he had cancer, however, the autopsy report could very easily have been fabricated.

Moreover, the fact that Carr died only hours after interviewing Snowden is extremely coincidental. He was in all likelihood murdered by way of a directed energy weapon, since this electronic warfare technology has become the preferred method of committing torture and murder with plausible deniablity.

*Chronology Of FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO/MK-Ultra/Directed Energy Weapon Attacks On This Author And My Family Documented Since 12/25/2012

"We The People Will Not Be Chipped's" Gregg Nikolettos Disappears For 60 Hours Back In June 2014, On In His Way To A Conference - Gregg Appears To Have Been Kidnapped And Later Set Up For Arrest So That He Could Be Temporarily Incarcerated In A Psyche Ward - This Was Done So He Could Now Be Labeled As Delusional, In Order To Discredit The Work He Has Done In Exposing The RFID Industry - Is Gregg Now The Target Of Mind Control Experimentation, And Was He Implanted With A Brain Chip During His Missing 60 Hours? - Katherine Albrecht Was Likely Given Cancer Twice (Stage 3 Breast Cancer Then Metastatic Brain Cancer) As The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon's Attack In Order To End Her Work In Exposing The RFID Industry, Which Means That This Industry Is Aggressively Attacking RFID Whistleblowers

Has The Gold In The Federal Reserve Bank Of NY Been Transferred To Other Central Banks In Different Countries? And Is This Why Netherlands' Central Bank Representatives Who Traveled To NY Were Refused Access To The Federal Reserve's Vaults?

"Nick Jones 2001 Article On Mass Mind Control Via The Electromagnetic Spectrum," Which Proves That The Human Race Is At Present Under Mass Mind Control

Excerpt: "This article is an overview of how we are controlled by technology - from having our brainwaves deliberately changed en masse by transmitters regulating our state of consciousness, to how we are victims of electromagnetic waves disrupting the state of our health and finally how many of us will die, as decided by our global masters.

Intelligence agencies are in league with each other, behind this disablement of the masses to such a degree where they can‘t even fight back. In order to implement their plans, that of total control of the populace, they need the overall *'frequency' of each victim to function at a specific rate, below the threshold of awareness."

*Editor's Note: This supports what I have said in regard to the NSA's EMF fingerprinting of the American people (And those of other nations controlled by Rothschild central banks) as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which for all intents and purposes, has been used to electromagnetically brand each of us like a head of cattle. This also supports the claims made by NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, in regard to the NSA's utilization of a Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network which can be used to instantaneously "dial up" the unique EMF signatures of any American citizen, by using the Electromagnetic Spectrum in which to search for these unique "signatures."

How has the NSA been able to collect the bioelectric information from our bodies? In all likelihood, the NSA uses the hospitals in the United States to collect this information from us at the time we are born. Specifically, heartbeat and brainwave signatures, which the NSA can then use to locate us via its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, in order to obtain more bioelectric information from our bodies.

This type of data "collection" would ensure that all citizens are ultimately EMF fingerprinted under the cover of national security, while only the hierarchy of hospital staff would both know about, as well as participate in this covert program of enslavement. - The key here is for the U.S. federal government to decode the EMF signatures from each of our bodies, so that we can be remotely tracked (and our brainwaves remote neurally monitored) by whatever signals intelligence technologies the federal government has at its disposal. This in addition to whatever new surveillance technologies are developed in the future. The bottom line here is that we really have been electromagnetically branded like a gigantic herd of cattle. And if one percent of the American people actually know about this Orwellian crime against them, it's a lot. In fact, if one percent of the global population knows about this invasive surveillance system and how it's being used to enslave them, it's a lot.

This author also believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin is under directed energy attack at the present time, for his refusal to allow Russia to join the Rothschild controlled European Union, and Putin's intent to remove the Rothschild central bank from Russia. If so, will Putin be murdered? Or, will he be made so ill that he will be forced to step down from office, so that a Rothschild puppet can be installed as Russia's new president?

"Could this be part of a greater plan with mind-control transmitters covering the whole of USA and England, cleverly disguised as cell phone towers and trees? The power from microwave towers may be turned up to such a level that people will die. Another source says that these (computers) have been fed with the world‘s languages and synthetic telepathy will reach into people‘s heads making people believe God is speaking to them personally to enact the Second Coming, complete with holograms! (Project Blue Beam)

The *Russians broke the genetic code of the human brain. They worked out 23 EEG band-wave lengths, 11 of which were totally independent. So if you can manipulate those 11 you can do anything. NSA‘s (U.S. National Security Agency) Cray computers can remotely track people just by knowing the specific EMF waves (evoked potentials from EEGs in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range) of a person‘s bioelectric-field. Each person‘s emissions are unique and they can remotely track someone in public. Now if this isn‘t a horrifically frightening thought, I don‘t know what is." - Author Nick Jones

*Editor's Note: If the Russians broke the genetic code to the human brain many decades ago, then the Obama Administration's claims of funding a brain mapping initiative are bogus (Google: Obama 2013 Brain Mapping Initiative), and being used as a cover for the NSA's EMF fingerprinting of the American people. Imagine that your child is EMF fingerprinted before they even leave the hospital that they are born in, and their unique EMF signatures are then sent directly to the NSA as part of the Agency's domestic spy operations - Your child has been enslaved from birth. This Orwellian operation is taking place in America and many other countries without the general population knowing anything about it.

The Following Are A Number Of The Hand Signs Used In Freemasonry - We Regularly See Media Personalities (Including Newscasters During Live Broadcasts) And Politicians Using These Hand Signals (Including Pointing With Their Index Finger) In A Covert Manner To Show Their Support Of Rothschild Zionism - Freemasonry Was Subverted By The House Of Rothschild More Than A Century Ago

Did Mark Zuckerberg Create Facebook To Spy For Israel's Mossad Intelligence Agency?

Was Apple's Steve Jobs Murdered For Pursuing Lawsuits Against Several Powerful Companies, Whom Jobs Had Claimed Were Violating Apple's Patents (Including Microsoft?), And Was The Cancer He Died From Caused As The Result Of A Directed Energy Weapon Attack On His Person? - If So, Jobs Is Just One Of Many People Who've Been Murdered With Directed Energy Weapons

Why Was The 13Th Amendment Not Included In The Corporate Constitution Which Was Created In 1871, As The Result Of The Legislative Act Of 1871 Being Passed By The U.S. Congress? Because The 13Th Amendment Prevented Lawyers From Serving In Government - Today, Any Member Of Congress Who Is Also A Lawyer Is In Violation Of The 13Th Amendment - The 13Th Amendment Was Never Repealed, Which Means That Any Person Serving In Federal, State Or Local Government In The United States, Who Is Also A Lawyer, Is In Violation Of the 13Th Amendment

News Anchor Brian Williams Is Clearly Being Scapegoated Because The Powers That Be Wanted Him Replaced. Who Will They Replace Williams With And What Was The Specific Reason For Deep Sixing Him? Williams Is Just Another Example Of How Newscasters Are Used As Pawns For The Zionist Controlled Media In America, And How They Are Replaced Whenever These CIA Overseen Media Outlets Deem It Necessary - It Is Also Interesting To Note The Death This Week Of 60 Minutes Correspondent Bob Simon, Who Was Killed In A Car Accident Last Night (2/12/15)- Was Simon, An Award Winning Journalist, Just Unlucky? Or Could His Death Have Been Orchestrated For Some Reason? - There Also Appears To Be A Conspiracy Recently To Attack Media Personalities Including Actors, In Order To Publicly Destroy Them - Actor Chevy Chase Is The Latest Target Of This Smear Campaign - Chase Appeared To Be Out Of It On The Saturday Night Live 40Th Anniversary Special This Past Weekend - Could He Have Been Targeted By A Directed Energy Weapon As Serena Williams Likely Was During One Her 2014 Wimbledon Double's Tennis Matches?

Editor's Note:

Wall Street Journal Latest Disinfo On The Federal Reserve

Today's Wall Street Journal contains one of the greatest pieces of disinformation in American history. The article claims that Washington bureaucrats have stripped the NY Federal Reserve System of much of its regulatory power over its 12 regional banks.

However, the article states that Federal Reserve Board member, Daniel Tarullo, is now overseeing a Washington committee which has quietly taken over the duties of regulating this central bank, since the 2008 subprime mortgage meltdown.

As usual, the Federal Reserve is using another of its disinfo tactics to deceive the American public into believing that the Federal Reserve is no longer making the major decisions in regard to monetary policy in the United States, and that these decisions are now made by Washington's bureaucrats.

However, the fact that Daniel Tarullo is overseeing this banking committee proves that the Federal Reserve is still calling the shots, regardless of what the Rothschild controlled Wall Street Journal claims.

They've just made it sound like Washington has finally exercised their Constitutional right to oversee the coining and regulating of American currency. However, if this were truly the case, Congress would have abolished the privately held Federal Reserve System, and empowered the U.S. Treasury to again coin and regulate American currency (interest free) as the Treasury did before the treasonous passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

The Congress would have also exercised their authority to audit the Federal Reserve, which they have never done. And the Congress would repeal the Pepper McFadden Act of 1927, which has since given the Federal Reserve a perpetual charter, instead of the 20 year charter that the Federal Reserve had prior to Pepper McFadden.

This would mean that every 20 years, the Congress would have to renew this charter. And if they decided not to, the Federal Reserve would be abolished. Moreover, under this 20 year charter, even if Congress voted in favor of the Federal Reserve's charter, the President of the United States would have the power to veto Congresses' renewal of this charter as President Andrew Jackson did in 1836.

The Federal Reserve System's furtive control over the United States Treasury has also existed since the 1913 passage of the Federal Reserve Act and creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, because one of their own representatives has always been appointed Treasury Secretary, in order to ensure that the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve maintains its secret control over the U.S. Treasury.

The same subversion of governmental policy in regard to a nation's banking system has taken place in every country in which the Rothschilds have managed to establish one of their Satanic central banks.

Recently, Hungary paid off its debts to the Rothschild central bank established in this country, and Hungary has since replaced the central bank with its own national bank.

Vladimir Putin is presently attempting to do the same in Russia, if he is able to succeed in removing the Rothschild controlled central bank, and creating a Russian national bank which will print its own currency interest free.

The House of Rothschild is attempting to enslave the human population through its control over the global economy. However, if the Rothschilds' banks are removed from power, they lose control over our governments, and the citizenry of our respective nations can once again reclaim their sovereignty, and ensure that the Rothschilds' plan for a world government will never succeed.

This is why the Rothschilds are so intent on forcing Russia to become part of the European Union, which would effectively dissolve the country, and make its citizenry slaves to the Rothschilds' New World Order world government.

The question this author has is: Has the NSA decoded the unique brainwave map of Vladimir Putin, which would give the NSA the ability to remotely access Putin's mind at any time, without him realizing it?

This could actually result in Putin being mind controlled into changing his mind about nationalizing the central bank in Russia, which would ultimately result in Russia losing its sovereignty, and its remains becoming part of the European Union arm of the Rothschilds' world government.

However, there is little doubt that Vladimir Putin knows all about this signals intelligence surveillance technology and many of its capabilities, so he may have been able to have his army construct some type of Faraday based building which might be impervious to this technology.

If only the TI community had access to some type of technology which would prevent the NSA from remotely accessing our minds when we are in the privacy of our own homes.


The FBI continues to interfere with all contacts that we deal with. The latest is the oil delivery. The oil company has been delivering heating oil to us without a problem for decades. They have delivered oil in over two feet of snow. Today, with only inches of snow on the ground, the driver makes the excuse that the area to the oil spigot must be completely shoveled before he will deliver, even though he could have easily delivered this oil.

He was told not to. This is typical of how the FBI and DHS (using fusion centers) orchestrate this plausibly deniable harassment. All it took was a phone call to the oil company and the driver was told to show up, yet not make an oil delivery today.

The insanity is that he drove here and wasted fuel to do so, even though he knew that he was told in advance not to deliver heating oil to us.

This is how agencies like the FBI and DHS control every person in a Targeted Individual's life.

It doesn't matter whether we are dealing with doctors, dentists, mechanics, lawyers, clergy, credit card companies etc. Under the Patriot Act, they are all controlled by the U.S. federal government, and none of these people will ignore an order that they are secretly given, under threat of prosecution, or the fear of becoming a Targeted Individual.

This is the nature of the furtive enslavement of the American people under the Orwellian Patriot Act. In a country where the citizenry are secretly branded through the decoding of our bodies' own electromagnetic fingerprints, the only people left who are truly sane are those "paranoid" individuals who are portrayed by the media as being conspiracy theorists.

The result is a citizenry, whom with few exceptions, are now compliant out of fear. The same situations which we have historically seen in Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Communist Russia have very much become a reality in post 9/11 America.

A nation whose government was long ago subverted in the interest of serving a future world government. A nation whose founding fathers created a Republic, which was quickly destroyed in favor of a much worse form of government - democracy: the Democratic and Republican parties, whose allegiance is to the Rothschilds and their counterfeiting/war profiteering dynasty.

The mainstream media in the United States continues to parrot the Rothschilds' disinformation, while being used to demonize those who document the Rothschilds' history of mass murder through war profiteering, and the enslavement of once free nations, through the establishment of Rothschild Communist central banks in these countries.

Karl Marx once stated that ninety percent of turning a free nation into a Communist country whose citizenry are then enslaved through the implementation of an illegal income tax on their wages, is through the establishment of a central bank. And in America we have had a central bank since 1914.

The Federal Reserve System.

Rothschild central banks have a history of looting the Treasuries of the countries they establish these bogus banks in, while forcing the government and citizenry of each country to accept the Rothschilds' paper currency/debit charge back system as their means of monetary exchange.

We can't even call what these central banks are doing money laundering, because that would indicate that they were taking real money (like gold) that was earned illegally, and laundering it through legitimate businesses.

The Rothschilds' currency has always been fraudulent. Nothing but worthless paper, which its central banks charge usury interest rates to governments who borrow this worthless paper, which is then secured through an illegal system of taxation, that is used as a form of slavery against a country's working class.

The income tax imposed on the American workforce has always been illegal, and used as an aggressive form of class warfare against the American middle class, which (like the U.S. federal government) is financially bankrupt.

This is why since the Rothschilds used FDR to force the American people off the gold standard in 1933 (Gold Confiscation Act Of 1933), and the U.S. Federal Government off the gold standard in 1971 under the Nixon Administration, that America has become a debtor nation.

America owes roughly $770 trillion in debt to other countries, which it could never afford to pay back.

How did we become so indebted? Through the Rothschilds' looting of the U.S. Treasury in the early 1900s after the Federal Reserve was created, The Fed's creation of worthless paper, and the usury interest which it charges on the loan of this worthless paper to the U.S. Treasury.

Keep in mind that under President Abraham Lincoln during the U.S. Civil War, the U.S. Treasury printed its own currency interest and debt free.

The Treasury could do the same in the modern day if the Congress would abolish the Federal Reserve System. However, the Congress is controlled by the Rothschilds, so there is no way that the Federal Reserve will be removed from power unless the American people collectively decide to do so.

This could eventually happen, since without the Federal Reserve System, there would be no need for the income tax. And the abolition of the income tax and the IRS, would mean that the American people would no longer be slaves to the Federal Reserve System.

When the Federal Reserve prints reserve notes it creates debt, not wealth. And each time a federal reserve note is printed, represents more debt that the American people are forced to pay the interest on in the form of the income tax.

A vicious cycle in which the American working class is unwittingly enslaved, and prevented from obtaining any personal wealth of their own. Only the *elite class in America are allowed to accumulate personal wealth, and then avoid paying taxes through the IRS' tax avoidance system.

* The only exception here is that employees of the U.S. federal government are not required by law to pay the federal income tax, and at least 100,000 government employees don't pay the federal income tax.

Americans are not free as they have been told. They are in fact, the slaves of a very clever and malignant group of people who comprise the elite class. Those who are controlled by Rothschild Zionism and their Satanic ideology.

Dr. Katherine Albrecht
Under Directed Energy Attack Again?
And With The Same Technology Used To Cure Valerie Harper?

A few years ago, this author wrote an *article in regard to my concern that Katherine Albrecht had been the target of a directed energy weapon's attack which caused the stage three breast cancer that she had contracted; and as punishment for the work she did in exposing the RFID industry for its intent to eventually implant the U.S. population with RFID chips. This, as well as her appearance in the late Aaron Russo's America Freedom To Fascism documentary, which she used as a platform to expose the RFID agenda, which later resulted in her co-authoring the book SPYCHiPS.

*Are Her Detractors Within The RFID Industry Trying To Murder Dr. Katherine Albrecht?

I wrote the article with the hope that this would prevent Dr. Albrecht from being attacked any further, since I believe that Aaron Russo was also subjected to a directed energy attack which resulted in reactivating a cancer which he was previously treated for, which ended up killing him.

In this author's opinion, this was done as revenge by the Rockefeller family (The House Of Rothschilds' change agents in America), for what they perceived to be a betrayal of Nick Rockefeller's confidence, after Nick shared information about the 9/11 false flag operation with Aaron a year prior to these attacks taking place.

I have now read that after having undergone treatment for stage 3 breast cancer a few years ago, Dr. Albrecht has recently undergone brain surgery to remove two tumors from her brain, which have turned out to be *malignant.

* I can't help but notice the recent spontaneous remission of brain cancer by actress, Valerie Harper, who in 2013 (after being unsuccessfully treated with surgery, chemo therapy and radiation), was given three months to live.

Those who have researched radio frequency medicine and RIFE technology (Google: Royal Rife and the Rife Machine as well as Dr. Robert Becker's books: "Cross Currents" and "The body Electric" ) are well aware that all things (including people) vibrate at their own unique electromagnetic frequencies. Viruses and bacteria also have their own unique EMF frequencies. Consequently, when the specific radio frequency that a cancer virus in a tumor is composed of, is artificially generated (by way of some type of EMF weapon) and directed towards that tumor, the two will cancel each other out; thereby, destroying the cancer virus in the tumor.

A directed energy weapon can be used to torture or murder someone. It can be used to artificially generate cancer in a person or any number of other illnesses. However, directed energy weaponry can also be used to heal someone. This author believes that actress Valerie Harper has experienced the miracle of science, in that she may very well be an unwitting non consensual experimentee, used to demonstrate the healing properties of radio frequency technology.

Just as Dr. Katherine Albrecht is being used as a non consensual human experimentee, but in the opposite way. Since while Valerie Harper has been healed by this arcane technology, Dr. Albrecht is being covertly murdered by the same technology, as are many other targets of this government financed non consensual human experimentation.

As for Dr. Albrecht, fortunately, doctors were able to remove these cancerous tumors, however, once again, I am concerned that these tumors are the result of a criminal conspiracy to murder Dr. Albrecht using directed energy weaponry, for her work in exposing the RFID industry.

Albrecht's CASPIAN activist group has resulted in global concern about the safety of microchip devices when they are implanted in the body, and thus caused this industry tremendous economic problems. There is no question that they would like to even the score with Dr. Albrecht, even if they must do so through furtive means.

Moreover, it appears that Dr. Albrecht remains unaware of how easily anyone's body can be targeted by way of the EM spectrum, as the result of a national EMF finger printing program that has been used by the NSA under Executive Order 12333, since 1981, in order to instantly identify and track (via the EM spectrum) the *unique EMF signatures emanating from the body of any American citizen.

There are thousands of American citizens on the Internet representing every U.S. State, who have started Websites describing how their minds are being remotely read and manipulated, while they are denied their Constitutional rights, and targeted for a government psychological warfare operation which includes an Orwellian form of illegal community policing know as either "Organized Stalking," Gang Stalking," "Cause Stalking," or "Vigilante Stalking."

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency

*Part of the U.S. federal government's COINTELPRO attack on this author involves a computer generated psyop on virtually all message boards over the Internet. This includes forums for every topic imaginable. As an example of this, the FBI and NSA have been using the comment area under most YouTube videos to post their own psychological triggers in regard to their smear campaign against this author, as part of a public brainwashing campaign.

Other Targeted Individuals have also noticed this phenomenon in regard to themselves. Specifically, any person who posts a video in regard to Organized Stalking has described how the comments' section under the YouTube video is quickly taken over by federal agents or their paid provocateurs, in order to discredit the person who posted the video.

The comments are usually very vulgar and in violation of YouTube's own public decency standards.

These words, numbers and phrases involve thousands of different combinations, that serve as psychological triggers. And you will hear them repeated in every venue imaginable, including the mainstream and much of the alternative media, as part of the psychological warfare the federal government is conducting against you.

After more than a decade of this psychological abuse 24 hour a day, their psyops no longer work on me, which is why they were forced to subject you to them, in their demonization against my person.

Mass brain washing!

I also believe that the main reason that these psyops don't work is because since contracting Borelia Burghdorferi (better known as Lyme Disease) in the early 1990s, I have never been able to fall into an unconscious state.

My brain never enters REM sleep so I never dream in a normal sense. It also prevents me from being remotely programmed in the way that someone who actually falls into a deep sleep can be programmed.

According to a number of government whistleblowers, the NSA uses REM sleep in which to remotely program the minds of unwitting subjects of this second generation of MK-Ultra, which is conducted by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

This enables the NSA (as well as CIA and possibly other government organizations including the FBI) to subject American citizens to mind control experimentation while they are asleep in the privacy of their own homes.

If I am correct in my allegation that the NSA has illegally decoded the brain maps of the entire U.S. population, through a covertly implemented signals intelligence driven EMF brain mapping program, then all Americans have been made vulnerable to this Orwellian surveillance system.

However, because I don't fall into an unconscious state, the only "dreams" that I experience are artificially created, and remotely implanted into my mind via NSA signals intelligence computer to brain interface, while I am in a state that exists just before one falls asleep.

This is known as the hypnogogic state, and it is where you can rest comfortably by napping. However, unlike someone who actually falls asleep, I am always fully aware of my surroundings, which would make it virtually impossible for me to be programmed via computer to brain interface.

That is not to say that my thoughts and behavior are not influenced, because they are. However, unlike someone who is capable of falling into a deep sleep, where their subconscious mind can be reprogrammed without them knowing it (for instance politicians and media personalities who are programmed in this covert manner), this author is aware of these remotely implanted thoughts as they are being transferred to my mind via computer to brain interface by way of the EM spectrum.

As such, I can ignore these negative thoughts, yet document them in order to prove how NSA cryptologists can remotely access your mind and implant their own perverse and oftentimes evil thoughts via computer to brain interface.

Interestingly enough, I became a target of this second generation MK-Ultra program back in the 1970s. And up until the early 1990s I was able to fall into an unconscious sleep, which I am certain was used to remotely influence my thoughts. This went on for nearly two decades prior to my contracting Lyme Disease

This remote means of interfacing an Artificial Intelligence super computer with the mind of any person whose brain map has been decoded by the NSA, is the current state of the art in mind control technology, because it utilizes the EM spectrum and the specific wavelengths of a targeted subject's brain, in order to access that person's mind with an AI computer.

One can only guess as to what name this government program is presently operating under, and how many of the alphabet agencies have access to this programming. We know for certain that the CIA, NSA and Pentagon have access to this technology, because they have been using earlier versions of it since the 1970s, and on a largely unwitting U.S. population.

What I am certain of is that those within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, who are illegally conducting this program against myriad American citizens, are doing so by way of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I share this information, since as the target of one of the most aggressive MK-Ultra and COINTELPRO operations in United States history, I have the advantage of seeing first hand, how these operations are conducted, after experiencing them for many years.

I am also well aware that many targets of these aggressive psyops are eventually murdered, as I am certain that I will eventually be.

And that the majority of these murders are perpetrated as the result of directed energy induced cancers, heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms and other artificially induced means of committing such plausibly deniable murders.

This Orwellian targeting of our bodies via the electromagnetic spectrum also leaves us vulnerable to such signals intelligence driven directed energy weapon's attacks. And I am certain that Dr. Albrecht is being intentionally struck down in the prime of her life, as retaliation for her work in exposing the RFID industry.

The reader must remember the most important two words in the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complexes' lexicon are "PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY."

Their covert operations are based on plausible deniability, for without this concept, these organizations would have a far more difficult time in perpetrating their crimes against humanity.

As a result of this, even if she is fortunate enough to experience a remission from this latest cancer, Dr. Albrecht can be remotely subjected to directed energy weapon's attacks at anytime in the future, which would result in her experiencing more artificially induced cancers in her body.

The frustrating part is that all I can do in an attempt to save her life is to write about this here, and I fear that it will not be enough if she is being targeted by directed energy weapons, as I truly believe she is. Weapons which can be used to form new malignant tumors in her body at any time, under the guise that because she has already had cancer, the cancer has simply returned.

And if Dr. Albrecht ever publicly stated that she is in fact the target of a criminal conspiracy to murder her, this complex would use the enormous system which it has in place (the system that is presently being used to attack this author) to discredit the targets of these non consensual experiments, in order to portray Dr. Albrecht as being mentally imbalanced, even though they know that she is perfectly sane.

Moreover, because she has had cancer, this offers those who would target Dr. Albrecht with directed energy weapons, plausible deniability in perpetrating this covert attempt at murdering her person in the future, while causing her endless suffering during the time that she is being treated for cancers that are being artificially created within her body.

In other words, endless punishment through plausible deniability, for exposing the RFID industry for its intent to implant the U.S. population with RFID tracking chips, and the fact that RFID chips do cause cancer once they have been implanted in the body.

Editor's Note: This author has noticed that the comments' sections on virtually all of the YouTube movies that I watch have been subverted by the FBI. Specifically, the FBI agents posing as YouTube visitors post derogatory and oftentimes vulgar messages which are used as psychological triggers. This may be limited to the YouTube account that I use, since the FBI can customize the dropdown menu in which to leave posts on a Targeted Individuals' account, so that its agents can post messages for the purpose of psychological warfare; when the average YouTube visitor sees a drop down menu that contains regular posts (non psyop posts) from YouTube users who watch that particular movie.

However, it is also entirely possible that this subversion of the YouTube comments' section applies to the YouTube Website itself, in which as previously stated, all YouTube videos are subjected to a similar tampering of their comments' section.

I document this as yet another of the myriad types of psychological warfare operations that the FBI continues to perpetrate against my person; since I've witnessed thousands of these psyops over the past decade, and documented most if not all of them.

I have also documented the FBI's use of local TV stations in the state in which I reside, to take part in these psychological operations, who would deny that this criminal conspiracy exists.

I have cited the situations regarding Sarah Carlson, Judge Judy Sheindlin, Al Roker, Anderson Cooper, Mark McAllister, and Serene Branson, as just a few of the examples of TV personalities who have been subjected to mind control experimentation during TV broadcasts. In many instances, this non consensual human experimentation has been done during live TV broadcasts, and it appears that transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain was used to turn off certain portions of the brain of these people during their broadcasts. The result is that their brains don't properly perceive the text that they are reading off a teleprompter. In the case of Sarah Carlson, she was reading fine, and then suddenly began to speak gibberish - it almost sounds like she is speaking in tongues. Serene Branson's broadcast was complete gibberish from the moment that she began speaking on camera.

In the case of Judy Sheindlin, she was speaking fine during the taping of one of her shows when she started to speak gibberish. Some of the people who witnessed this have claimed that Sheindlin also sounded as if she was speaking in tongues.

A similar situation occurred with Mark McAllister and Anderson Cooper; both of whom were subjected to transcranial magnetic stimulation of their brains via signals intelligence computer to brain interface.

Al Roker was perfectly fine one minute, and the next he was staring blankly (looking completely hypnotized) into a camera for nearly 20 seconds during a live broadcast.

In this author's opinion, the entire media system as well as political system in the United States is subjected to the remote neural monitoring of their subvocalized thoughts via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and because of this, any actor, newscaster, or politician (even U.S. Judges) can be instantly subjected to the remote hacking of their minds by way of an Artificial Intelligence computer.

As punishment for my documenting these crimes against humanity, the Constitutional rule of law is being completely disregarded, and replaced with the FBI's smear/slander campaign against my person.

Furthermore, because the FBI has been able to fabricate evidence, as well as suborn witness perjury in its COINTELPRO attack of my person, the Bureau does not want to be challenged, since they would have to admit to the most egregious violations of the Bill of Rights in American history.

We can safely conclude that the FBI's illegal surveillance of this author for at least 35 - 40 years without interruption is the worst violation of the 4Th Amendment in United States history.

And that if the Bureau can violate my Constitutional rights as abjectly as they have, then they can do the same to you.

Moreover, the FBI's tampering with our cable TV programming for the past decade as part of its psychological warfare campaign against this author, offers further proof that these agents have totally subverted the Constitutional rule of law, and do not want to be held accountable for having done so.

Specifically, this psyop programming constitutes vicious psychological abuse which is plausibly deniable.

The goal was to force this author into the commission of a crime which the FBI would then be able to incarcerate me for, or to drive me crazy. Instead, the Bureau failed to do so. The result has been a vicious and slanderous campaign to demonize my person, so that these agents can avoid being held accountable for the thousands of crimes that they have perpetrated against me over the past four decades; which include mind control experimentation via the EM spectrum, torture via directed energy weapons, and myriad other crimes which are punishable under Title 18 of the United States Code.

This is especially of import, when these agents would be forced in a court of law, to admit to the NSA's illegal signals intelligence surveillance and remote neural monitoring/manipulation of the brainwaves of this author for several decades.

Given he FBI's egregious violations of my Constitutional rights as well as those of other Family members, and the Bureau's coercion of these Family members (in order to conceal the FBI's crimes against us from the public), the Bureau's primary intent is to cover up their own crimes.

Moreover, the fact that the FBI would attempt to cover up the NSA's EMF brain mapping of this author and MK-Ultra experimentation of my person for decades, indicates the Bureau's concern that the general population in the United States will learn that they have also been illegally brain fingerprinted by the NSA, and that the public will never tolerate such an abject violation of their Constitutional rights.

The crimes here are so outrageous that the federal government can only collude to take part in this conspiracy, in order to cover up the fact this author has exposed the most treasonous criminal conspiracy by a government against its own people in human history.

The enslavement of our persons through the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

If the FBI's crimes against my person are so outrageous that these agents must abrogate the Constitutional rule of law in order to get away with them, while suborning witness perjury through the use of coerced testimony from bogus witnesses, then it is these agents who should be standing trial for their crimes.


During the early morning hours of 2/24/15, this author's father is again targeted by a directed energy weapon while he is sleeping. He is subjected to a dream which forces him to awaken from a sound sleep. He is very chilled, and at first very shaken, even though he cannot remember the content of the dream.

The chills are caused when a microwave energy weapon is used to contract the capillaries in the body, causing the person to suddenly experience a state of artificially induced hypothermia.

These types of covert directed energy attacks have become commonly reported by Targeted Individuals in the United States as well as TIs who are reporting from every country on the face of this planet.

What is most important to note here is that both of my parents have felt significantly better over the past several months since they have not been attacked with directed energy weapons. I have been reporting on these covert attacks for years, and am certain that these reports have led to a temporary cessation of these attacks.

However, as is evidenced from last night, these attacks can take place instantaneously, against anyone whose EMF signatures have been decoded by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, which then uses these unique electromagnetic DNA prints as the means in which to track that person via the EM spectrum.

Once your EMF signatures have been decoded by the NSA, you become an unwitting slave whose EMF fields are tracked for the rest of your life. This enables the NSA to remotely read or manipulate your mind via the EM spectrum, to experiment on you, or even torture or murder you with plausible deniability.

In this author's opinion, all Americans are EMF fingerprinted by the NSA at the time we are born, as the result of certain EMF signatures being recorded from our bodies while we are still in the hospital (heart beat and brainwave prints), and then sent to the NSA. This program is likely covert, so that only the upper echelon of hospital staff would know about this.

Given the Rockefellers' (the change agents for the Rothschilds in America) control over the American Medical Association, this seems to be the most plausible way for the NSA to obtain this bioelectric information on all American citizens.

What is the purpose of such an Orwellian system? To serve as part of a world government dictatorship, in which all of the citizenry (except the elite class) are electromagnetically branded like a giant herd of cattle, who can be instantly identified, and even exterminated through such remote means.

The Rothschilds are currently attempting to implement their world government, and the NSA will likely be used to house the EMF signatures, not just from the American people, but for the citizens of all nations. This is why the NSA has constructed its massive facility in Utah, in order to store the bioelectric resonance/entrainment information from the citizens from most of, if not all other countries which are presently controlled by a Rothschild central bank.

This is why it is so important for the Rothschilds to obtain full control over all governments, including Russia, since this will be the only way that they can obtain the unique EMF signatures from each person's body. It is entirely possible that the EMF signatures from most of the people on this planet have already been decoded and stored in a computer database within their own country, since this is the most effective way of being able to surveille us via signals intelligence satellites and over the horizon radar systems - which can include HAARP. Even though HAARP is phased array, it can also be used as over the horizon radar.


The Rothschilds Must Take Russia Over Before They Can Implement Their New World Order One World Government - If They Fail To Do So, It Will Be Impossible For The House Of Rothschild To Succeed In Establishing A World Government - Using The United States And Great Britain To Pressure Russia Could Force Russia Into Attacking Us With Nuclear Weapons - The American People Should Keep A Watchful Eye On The Health Of Vladimir Putin, In The Event That He Suddenly Becomes Incapacitated Or Dies, Since This Situation Will Likely Be Caused By A Directed Energy Weapon, In Order To Put Someone Controlled By The Rothschilds Into Russia's Highest Political Office

In 1815 the House Of Rothschild almost succeeded in implementing its world government, for global political control, except that the Russian Czar refused to join the Rothschilds. Given that the House of Rothschild did not have a central bank in Russia at the time, the Rothschilds were powerless to control the Russian economy. This prevented the House of Rothschild from being able to implement their world government, and led to the Rothschilds' fomenting the Russian Revolution in 1917, in which the then Russian Czar and his family were murdered, as revenge for Russia's earlier support of President Lincoln during the U.S. Civil War.

Now in 2015, after a decade of false flag operations which include but are not limited to 9/11, the London terrorist attacks on 7/7/2005 and the Boston Marathon bombing, the House of Rothschild is again attempting to implement a world Zionist government, however, finding that as was the case in 1815, Russia still does not want to be part of this world government. In 2013, after having had a Rothschild central bank for decades, Vladimir Putin has decided to force the Rothschilds out of Russia by nationalizing the central bank. If Putin succeeds, this will force the Rothschilds to lose their control over the Russian economy.

The Rothschilds' answer to this was to create an uprising in Ukraine so that Ukraine would join the European Union (part of the Rothschilds' New World Order), while placing aggressive economic sanctions on Russia.

This is the primary reason why the global price of a barrel of oil has dropped so dramatically over the past year, so that Russia will lose tens of dollars on each barrel of oil that they export.

Isn't it interesting that the Western media has not discussed Russia's intent to nationalize its banking system, by removing the Rothschild central bank in this country? That is because the Western media is controlled by the Rothschilds.

Moreover, if the American people removed the Rothschilds' Federal Reserve System from power, they would soon find themselves under attack from any country whom the Rothschilds still maintain central banks in. In other words, most of the world.

The attack could even be fomented by the Rothschilds through Great Britain, as the attack on the United States was in 1812, as punishment for Congresses' refusal to renew the Rothschilds' second central bank in America: The Second Bank of The United States.

This conflict between Russia and the House of Rothschild is extremely dangerous to the rest of the world, since the Rothschilds are using their control over the U.S. federal government and British government to impose economic sanctions on Russia, which could likely force this country into World War III.

Moreover, it was the Zionists' use of the American media to foment a propaganda campaign against Germany (resulting in an American boycott of Germany) after Hitler became German chancellor in the 1930s, and replaced a Zionist controlled government in Germany with non Zionists, which would ultimately lead to the Holocaust.

It is also interesting to note that in the year 2000 there were seven countries without central banks, however, there are at present only four countries without Rothschild central banks including Russia (in the process of nationalizing its central bank), Hungary, North Korea and Iran.

Several of the other countries which had refused to allow a Rothschild central bank to operate on their soil have since been infiltrated by the Rothschilds, after their leaders were killed off. And most of the leaders were given terminal cancers which were likely created through the use of directed energy weapons.

Even though their Satanic dynasty is over 300 years old, the House of Rothschild still controls nearly every country on the face of this planet. However, the world is gradually awakening to the Rothschilds' history of financing wars for profit, and their intent to create a world government which will give them political control over every nation on the face of this planet. And because of this, even though they are so close to the realization of a world Zionist government, the House of Rothschild may still collapse, as the global citizenry continue to realize that part of the Rothschilds' agenda is to murder billions of people, in an effort to preserve what is left of this planet's precious natural resources for themselves.

When faced with such a kill or be killed scenario, the global citizenry will do what they must to survive this Orwellian conspiracy.

Also see the following chronology:

"1861: President Abraham Lincoln (16th President of the United States from 1860 till his assassination in 1865) approaches the big banks in New York to try to obtain loans to support the ongoing American civil war. As these large banks were heavily under the influence of the Rothschilds, they offer him a deal they know he cannot accept, 24% to 36% interest on all monies loaned.

Lincoln is very angry about this high level of interest and so he prints his own debt free money and informs the public that this is now legal tender for both public and private debts.

1862: By April $449,338,902 worth of Lincoln’s debt free money has been printed and distributed. He states of this, 'We gave the people of this republic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own paper money to pay their own debts.'

That same year The Times of London publishes a story containing the following statement, 'If that mischievous financial policy, which had its origin in the North American Republic, should become indurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off debts and be without a debt. It will have all the money necessary to carry on its commerce.

It will become prosperous beyond precedent in the history of civilized governments of the world. The brains and the wealth of all countries will go to North America. That government must be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the globe.'

1863: President Abraham Lincoln discovers the Tsar of Russia, Alexander II (1855 – 1881), was having problems with the Rothschilds as well as he was refusing their continual attempts to set up a central bank in Russia. The Tsar then gives President Lincoln some unexpected help.

The Tsar issued orders that if either England or France actively intervened in the American Civil War, and help the South, Russia would consider such action a declaration of war, and take the side of President Lincoln. To show that he wasn't messing about, he sent part of his Pacific Fleet to port in San Francisco and another part to New York.

The Rothschild banking house in Naples, Italy, C. M. de Rothschild e figli, closes following the unification of Italy. The Rothschilds use one of their own in America, John D. Rockefeller, to form an oil business called Standard Oil which eventually takes over all of its competition."

"1891: The British Labour Leader makes the following statement on the subject of the Rothschilds,

'This blood-sucking crew has been the cause of untold mischief and misery in Europe during the present century, and has piled up its prodigious wealth chiefly through fomenting wars between States which ought never to have quarreled.

Whenever there is trouble in Europe, wherever rumors of war circulate and men’s minds are distraught with fear of change and calamity you may be sure that a hook-nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the region of the disturbance.'

Comments like this worry the Rothschilds and towards the end of the 1800’s they purchase Reuters news agency so they can have some control of the media.

1895: Edmond James de Rothschild the youngest son of Jacob (James) Mayer Rothschild visits Palestine and subsequently supplies the funds to found the first Jewish colonies there, this is to further their long term objective of creating a Rothschild owned country.

1897: The Rothschilds found the Zionist Congress to promote Zionism (a political movement with the sole aim of moving all Jews into a singularly Jewish nation state) and arrange its first meeting in Munich. However due to extreme opposition from local Jews, who are quite happy where they are, this meeting has to be moved to Basle, Switzerland and takes place on 29 August. The meeting is chaired by Ashkenazi Jew, Theodor Herzl, who would state in his diaries,

'It is essential that the sufferings of Jews….become worse….this will assist in realization of our plans….I have an excellent idea….I shall induce anti-Semites to liquidate Jewish wealth….The anti-Semites will assist us thereby in that they will strengthen the persecution and oppression of Jews. The anti-Semites shall be our best friends.'

Herzl is subsequently elected President of the Zionist Organisation which adopts the, 'Rothschild Red Hexagram or Sign,' as the Zionist flag which 51 years later will end up as the flag of Israel."

Also See:

The Following Is A Time Line For The House Of Rothschilds' Takeover Of All Governments On The Planet Earth - This Conspiracy Was Intensified In 1776 After The American Declaration Of Independence Was Signed, And The Rothschilds Realized That They Would Not Be Able To Create A World Government, Unless They Were Able To Destroy The United States Through The Establishment Of A Central Bank In America - Since That Time The House Of Rothschild Has Gradually Eroded The United States Constitution, Taking Over The U.S. Federal Government As Well As America's Financial, Educational And Religious Systems - Through Its Zionist Political Arm, The House Of Rothschild Is Now In The Process Of Implementing Its World Government, Which Will Be Used To Replace All Previously Sovereign Governments Including The United States Federal Government - Russia And Syria Remain The Only Holdouts From This World Government, With President Putin Realizing That Russia Will Be Destroyed And Its Remains Incorporated Into The House Of Rothschilds' World Zionist Government Unless Russia Fights To Defend Its Sovereignty - As Such, The Stage Is Set For World War Three, If The Rothschilds Attempt To Use The United States And British Military To Force Russia Into Becoming Part Of This New World Order Zionist Dictatorship

Those of us who are certain that the NSA is responsible for many of these forms of signals intelligence satellite predation are not only targeted for extermination (as this author is), but also the most *aggressive demonization campaigns imaginable, in the interest of destroying us; as the FBI is presently attempting to do with this author, as retaliation for my documenting the NSA's use of my person for MK-Ultra mind control experimentation for more than forty years.

*The current smear/slander campaign which the FBI has been promulgating against this author for the past decade, serves as further proof that I am the target of one of the most elaborate government conspiracies in the history of the United States, as revenge for describing my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra.

I have also accused the NSA of decoding the unique EMF brain maps of all American citizens, as part of an Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program which includes the use of the EM Spectrum, in order to establish a means in which to secretly enslave us.

I use the term enslave because the NSA has electromagnetically branded us like a herd of cattle, as part of a future world government which is already in the process of being established.

This is outright slavery, perpetrated in the most furtive and pernicious way imaginable, by those within our own government whose interest is in promoting Rothschild Zionism's New World Order Satanic agenda.

* The Global Media Is Overseen By The Rothschilds Who Also Control Freemasonry And All Formalized Religions (Including Christianity And Judaism) - Any Writer Who Claims To Have Written About The New World Order, Who Intentionally Omits The House Of Rothschild As The Catalyst Of The NWO, Is A Member Of The Rothschilds' Controlled Opposition.

This Is Especially True In Regard To Several Books Written In Recent Years By People Claiming To Be Targeted Individuals, Who Completely Ignore The House Of Rothschild As The Driving Force Behind The New World Order. These People Are Part Of The Controlled Opposition And Their Purpose Is To Write About The New World Order In An Effort To Demoralize The TI Community, So That They Will Not Even Try To Fight The Rothschilds, and Instead Just Surrender To This Zionist World Government.

Use Your Common Sense Here: Given What Targeted Individuals Are Put Through, Most Of Whom Are Financially Insolvent, Would We As Legitimate TI's Whose Lives Have Been Systematically Destroyed, Be Able To Write A Book About Organized Stalking Or Mind Control And Then Convince A Publisher (Who Would Also Be Attacked For Helping Us To Publish Our Information) To Finance The Publication?

Not A Chance - These People Are Part Of The Controlled Opposition, And Many Of Them Have Achieved Tremendous Credibility With The TI Community. Some Of Whom Have Also Claimed To Be Homeless. However, How Do We Know If They Are Really Homeless Since We've Never Met Them. For That Matter, We Have No Idea If They Are Even Publishing Under Their Real Names Or Aliases Set Up By Government Agents; Agents Who Can Create A Fictional Character (Including A CGI Photo Of The Character Used For Credibility) Who Then Goes On To Gain Prominence Within The TI Community, In Order To Misdirect This Community.

That Is How Clever And Deceptive The Rothschilds Are.

You Will Read These Books And Become Depressed And Demoralized (Exactly Why These Books Have Been Written), However, You Will Never Be Told Who Is Really Behind The New World Order - The House Of Rothschild And Its Satanic Illuminati.

The Best Source Of Research Done In Regard To The House Of Rothschild Remains Eustace Mullins, Since His Written Works - Especially "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" - Are The Best Exposes Of The House Of Rothschild Ever Published. Mullins Was Not An Anti-Semite, But Instead An Anti-Zionist, Who Realized That The Rothschild Empire Was Built By Khazars Who Then, Referring To Themselves As Ashkenazi Jews, Adopted And Subverted Judaism For Their Own Satanic Ideology, While Deceiving Those Ashkenazi Jews Who Were Not Zionists, Into Believing That Zionism Was Nothing More Than The Propagation Of Judaism and The State Of Israel.

It Was The House Of Rothschild Whose Fear Tactics Were Used To Trick Ashkenazi Jews Into Believing That The Rest Of The World Was Out To Harm Them, Forcing Many Ashkenazi Jews To Flee Europe And Move To The Zionist State Of Israel For Protection, Without Realizing That Zionism Has Nothing To Do With Judaism, But Instead, The Fostering Of A Satanic Ideology Which Encourages Mass Genocide Of Non Zionists And The Propagation Of A Global Zionist State.

Two Ashkenazi Jews Who Realized This And Attempted To Warn The Ashkenazi Population Of The Evils Of Zionism, Were Jacob Bernstein And Arthur Koestler. And Both Of These Men Were Murdered For Exposing The Zionist Deception.

The Greatest Of Ironies Is That Roughly 10% Of The Population Who Claim To Be Jews Are Legitimate Jews (Descendants Of The Israelites), while The Remaining 90% Are Khazars Who Refer To Themselves As Ashkenazi Jews. Moreover, Because They Are Not Of The Jewish Bloodline, Ashkenazi Jews Are Really Goyim Or Gentiles, Like The Rest Of The Non Jewish Population On This Planet.

An Act Of Anti-Semitism Can Only Be Perpetrated Against A Real Jew - The 10% Of The Population Who Are The Real Descendants Of The Israelites.

It Was Also The Rothschilds Who Created The Concept Of Anti-Semitism In Their Quest To Demonize Ashkenazi Jews With The Rest Of The World, In Order To Trick Them Into Believing That They Were Hated By The Rest Of The World, And As Such, Needed A Country Of Their Own. This Led To The Creation Of The State Of Israel, Which From Its Inception Has Been Under The Control Of The House Of Rothschild.

As Further Proof Of This Deception, In The Early 1900s Only 1% Of Ashkenazi Jews Were Zionists. However, In The Modern Day A Significant Percentage Of Ashkenazi Jews Are Zionists. Yet, There Are Still Many Ashkenazi Jews Who Understand The Satanic Roots Of Zionism, And Who Consequently Refuse To Become Zionists.

What Is Of Equal Interest Here Is That A Very Substantial Number Of People From Other Formalized Religions, Support The Zionist Ideology. So You Don't Always Have To Be An Ashkenazi In Order To Support Zionism.

The Governments Of All Countries With Rothschild Central Banks Support The Zionist Ideology, For A World Government Based On The Rothschilds' Satanic Agenda.

NSA Psychological Operations And Some Of The Means By Which They Are Carried Out Against The Global Population - Many Americans Believe That The NSA Is Used To Protect Them From Foreign Enemies, However, The NSA's True Purpose Is To Function As The Caretaker Of A Massive Signals Intelligence Surveillance System That Is Used As A Very Clever Form Of Slavery By Rothschild Zionism And Its New World Order Global Dictatorship - This System Involves Mass Mind Control Via The EM Spectrum, Through A National EMF Brain Mapping Program In The United States

The Recent Measles Outbreak Is Another False Flag Operation Being Used To Force Americans Into Receiving A Contaminated Measles Vaccine, As Part Of Rothschild Zionism's World Government Agenda Regarding A Global Genocidal Policy - The Rothschilds' Intent Is To Use Whatever Plausibly Deniable Means Necessary, In Order To Murder Most Of This Planet's Human Population, In The Interest Of Preserving What Is Left Of The Earth's Natural Resources For The Investment Class - As An Example Of This, HAARP Directed Energy Weaponry Is Being Used To Artificially Create Geophysical Manipulation Of The Global Weather Pattern As Part Of This Genocidal Plan - There Are Too Many People For The Rothschilds To Murder Over A Short Period Of Time, So It Is Being Done Over An Extended Period Of Time - In The Interim, The People Of This Planet Have Been Unwittingly EMF Fingerprinted & Brain Mapped So That We Can Be Tracked Like A Giant Herd Of Cattle, As We Are Gradually Killed Off (Google: Akwei VS NSA) - Those Who Are Aware Of This Conspiracy Are Being Subjected To Organized Stalking And Portrayed As Being Delusional In The Interest Of Discrediting Our Allegations

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Care System Hacked Exposing 80 Million Subscribers Information To Hackers - Anthem Also Manages AARP Health Gap Insurance - Was This "Hacking" Another U.S. Government False Flag Operation?

"Controlling human behavior by remote radio transmission isn’t science fiction—it’s a fact. After years of secret experiments, the U.S. government has achieved its goal: Breaking and entering American minds at will"

-Author Alex Constantine


Mass Mind Control In America

"Mind Control - Reach Out And Touch Someone" By Steven J. Smith - Steven Smith Was Trained By The NSA As A Psychic Warrior From Childhood - He Later Blew The Whistle On The NSA For Its Torture & Murder Of Some Of The Children Who Were Used As Subjects Of This Mind Control Experimentation, And Was Later Murdered For Writing The Book: "NSA Citadel Of Evil"

Russia Today (RT) Is Perhaps The Best Example Of Controlled Opposition In The Alternative Internet Media - The Fact Is That All Major Media Outlets (Including Those In The Alternative Media) Are Controlled, And Major Alternative Media Outlets Like Russia Today, Which Claim To Go Against The Mainstream Media, Are Actually Examples Of Controlled Opposition - This Is How Rothschild Zionism Controls The Information That You Obtain From The Media, And Why Legitimate Websites That Promulgate Truthful Information That You Will Not Read About In The Mainstream Media, Are Sabotaged

Chronology Of FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO/MK-Ultra Attacks On This Author And My Family Documented Since 12/25/2012

Editor's Note: As of 11/18/14 the FBI's intent to either arrest this author based on trumped up charges or with the intent of murdering my person appears to be imminent. This will likely be my last post on this Website after nearly a decade of documenting my experiences as a target of both COINTELPRO and MK-Ultra.

When the due process of law can be completely abrogated and your 4Th Amendment rights egregiously violated through this government's remote accessing of the neural pathways of your brain (for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation), there is no longer any Constitutional rule of law left in the United States.

I have done everything possible to document my experiences as a target of this second generation of MK-Ultra, including the directed energy attacks on my person and Family for the past decade.

I have also challenged the FBI's completely illegal *smear campaign against my person, which the Bureau waited until the Patriot Act was passed to get away with. A smear campaign that is being conducted as revenge for this author's publishing my experiences as a target of MK-Ultra for the past four decades, and my public allegation that the NSA, under Pentagon oversight, has illegally and treasonously decoded the unique electromagnetic flux signatures of each American citizen's body, so that the NSA can use the electromagnetic spectrum to instantly identify us by way of our own unique EMF signatures.

*A conspiratorial and slanderous demonization campaign based on the concept of death by 1000 cuts, in which virtually all media venues in the United States have been used to fragment this author's existence on this planet from childhood on.

And that the NSA can also interface its artificial intelligence computers with the neural pathways of our brains for the purpose of both remote mind reading as well as influencing our own thoughts and behavior via computer to brain interface.

I am certain that I am correct in my allegations, and my intent is to warn the human race about this demonic conspiracy to exterminate them, so that they can fight back and save themselves from the perpetrators of this Orwellian conspiracy.

The U.S. government is denying these crimes because they are doing everything possible to cover up the fact that the American people are the unwitting subjects of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, that is being used to electromagnetically enslave us, by branding us like a herd of cattle.

Moreover, during a recent interview between NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and journalist James Bamford, Snowden claimed that privacy for the American citizenry could be restored by using better encryption programs to protect their information.

However, what Snowden does not mention (and should know) is that encryption software is meaningless if the government employees accessing these programs are unwittingly subjected to having their own brains remotely hacked into through the decoding of their own individual brain maps.

Such brain mapping would allow anyone with access to these brain maps the ability to remotely enter (EEG heterodyne) the mind of these government employees, and capture the encryption codes as these employees were typing them on their keyboards; since these encryption codes would be decoded as these employees were thinking about them just prior to typing them.

The NSA's signals intelligence remote neural monitoring technology (Google: Akwei VS NSA) has made encryption software obsolete, since you don't have to hack into a computer any longer, but instead just the mind of the person who is accessing the computer.

And in time, you will find that the allegation that I have made in regard to the NSA's decoding of the EMF brain maps of the American people is true, and that it was my promulgation of this information starting in 2005, which will ultimately serve as the basis for the Bureau's public demonization as well as murder of my person.

No matter what the FBI claims, I am a legitimate target of MK-Ultra, in which the neural pathways of my brain have been interfaced with Artificial Intelligence computers for decades, as I have been experimented upon by way of the electromagnetic spectrum, and subjected to myriad forms of mind control experimentation.

The Family members of those of us who are used for such non consensual human experimentation are also coerced into denying that these crimes are taking place, while they are forced to surrender their own free will.

I urge the readership of this Website to collect any articles of interest while you can, because there are many which document these Orwellian crimes in tremendous detail. I am certain that this Blog will be removed from the moment that I am arrested based on what will turn out to be the most precedent setting violations of the Bill of Rights ever documented.

Or covertly murdered as the result of a directed energy weapon's attack.

Absolutely no due process of law, and the most flagrant disregard for the Bill of Rights ever documented, while the mainstream media has been used as part of this neural linguistic programming of the American people, where this author has been the target of this furtive psychological warfare operation.

I am also certain that the FBI has committed suborning witness perjury on a number of occasions based on testimony that the Bureau has coerced, in an attempt to set this author up on trumped up charges, in order to cover up the crimes that these agents have and continue to perpetrate against my person, including the directed energy attacks against my person and several other Family members.

Moreover, many Targeted Individuals have already been murdered through the use of directed energy weaponry, and there will be many more in the future if this madness does not stop.

There has never been a more aggressive campaign to silence whistleblowers than there is in regard to the U.S. Federal Government's attempt to deny that the American people are the subjects of a national EMF brain mapping program deployed by the NSA.

As Americans, you have two choices. Either fight to expose this Orwellian violation of your rights as citizens of the United States, or remain silent and become slaves to this Orwellian nightmare.

Postscript: I have seen how the FBI is capable of destroying the relationships of Targeted Individuals with their own Families, through the use of intimidation tactics which rival those of the Gestapo.

I've *documented how these vicious attacks on members of my own beloved Family have taken place routinely (both psychological warfare as well as Directed Energy Weapons attacks), and have done everything humanly possible to prevent them from occurring in the future, through such documentation.

*Chronology Of FBI/NSA/DHS COINTELPRO/MK-Ultra Attacks On This Author And My Family Documented Since 12/25/2012

I am unable to do more than that.

I could not ask for a better Family than I have. I love them more than life itself and I will miss them more than I can ever say.

- James F. Marino

Hearing “Voices” The Hidden History of the CIA’s Electromagnetic Mind-Control Experiments - Global Alert by Alex Constantine 1995 - Controlling human behavior by remote radio transmission isn’t science fiction — it’s a fact

"The New Underworld Order" By Christopher Story - In This 749 Page Tomb, Story Exposes The Satanic Realm Which Controls What Story Refers To As The Global Synarchy (The Secret Societies Which Control The Illuminati Such As Freemasonry), As Well As The Brain Mapping Programs Which Have Been Secretly Implemented In Our Respective Nations (Google: Akwei VS NSA) As A Way In Which To Enslave Us To Rothschild Zionism's Satanic World Government Agenda - An Allegation That This MK-Ultra Target Made Back In 2005 Which Has Since Resulted In The Demonization/Murder Campaign Being Fomented Against My Person - This Is The Book That Got Christopher Story Murdered

Editor's Note:

According to the late Colonel, Edwin Wilson:

"MK-ULTRA Stands For: Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassination"

The United States is presently undergoing a transformation into one region of the New World Order. Our Constitution is in shambles, and the majority of our citizenry completely unaware that their country is being systematically dismantled in the interests of serving a Satanically driven global dictatorship, which is already in place and being used to remotely monitor their persons and thoughts through the decoding of their own EMF brain maps, which are remotely tracked through the use of *signals intelligence EMF scanning networks to enslave them.

*Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency and the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

This author has also wondered if the late former Jesuit priest turned respected author, Malachi Martin, was killed with a directed energy weapon back in 1999, after he claimed to have been pushed by a force that he could not see. Martin would take a fall and hit his head, which resulted in a stroke which took his life only days later.

"A tragic fall, reportedly delivered by 'an unseen hand', caused Malachi Martin’s second stroke in twelve months. Now the world sadly bids a premature, 'Adieu' to a great Irish American priest, distinguished for his life of selfless service to Christ as a long time champion of the underprivileged, a prolific, controversial author, and alike Pope Julius III in the days of Trent, a modern day apostle of the Tridentine Mass and reverential worship. On Tuesday, July 27th, Father Malachi Brendan Martin silently passed away in Manhattan, only a few days after reaching his 78th birthday.

The invisible (preternatural?) force that shoved Father Martin into a stumble, wherein he hit and fatally traumatized his head remains unknown. Yet, before an accompanying stroke claimed his physical existence, while lying in critical condition, Father managed to convey to a close friend, prudently preferring to remain anonymous...

'I felt something push me, but... no one was there.'”

A directed energy weapon could be used to physically move a person, as many targets of this technology have in the past reported from their own experiences.

Was Malachi Martin yet another of the many victims of directed energy weapon induced murder? Conspiracy writer, Jim Keith, took a fall in his home which resulted in a broken leg that required surgery. Prior to the surgery, Keith had stated that he did not want to be anesthetized out of concern that it would furnish the U.S. Intelligence community with the ability to murder him with plausible deniability.

Jim Keith's concern was valid, since he was anesthetized against his will, and died while undergoing surgery for his broken leg. Was the fall he took in his home related to some form of directed energy weapon attack, which gave those within the Intel community who wanted to murder him with plausible deniability, the opportunity to do so?

Also See:

The Treasonous Executive Order 12333

"The Tyree lawsuit cites at length from information provided by Colonel Carone - who himself died on 7th January 1990, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, obviously of an induced CIA cancer, as his medical records stated that he perished due to 'chemical toxicity of unknown etiology'. Carone was 'a CIA paymaster and a Mafia-connected money-launderer [see William Casey's Affidavit - Ed.], who incidentally held the rank of full Colonel in Army Intelligence. As Colonel Oliver North's bagman, he also couriered large amounts of cash in and out of the country'42.

"Carone was, however, ordered to perform these and related functions directly by the Director of Central Intelligence, William Casey, himself. And Casey was, as he himself acknowledged in his Affidavit, simply continuing clandestine operations that had been in train for many years previously, and which William Colby was still running, without the knowledge of the US President, Congress or even (as he affirmed) the US intelligence community itself, many years after he had ceased himself to be DCI.

"Rodney Stich, as well informed on these matters as Uri Dowbenko, elaborated in his book 'Defrauding America' that 'Carone had complex relationships'. [He] 'was a member of the Gambino [Mafia] family', although as Casey's Affidavit text revealed, he was 'co-opted' into the Gambino family, the Author suggests, for operational intelligence reasons. Carone had 'connections to other crime groups in the eastern part of the United States' and was 'a detective on the New York vice squad, a member of the military and a CIA operative'43- an all-round criminalist intelligence officer, in fact. Colonel Carone's evidence, incorporated in William Tyree's massive Complaint, continued:

"'Once Ronald Reagan became President, his old-time friend William Casey, the head of the CIA, was able to convince him to sign Executive Order 12333 into effect... which took the CIA out of [the] covert operations business... authorized the use of private assets/entities to be used by the National Security Council to conduct covert operations including the drug [smuggling]... Allowing private assets and entities to do the dirty work meant [that] the CIA could do whatever it wanted to do, in or out of the United States...'.

"Of course, the CIA has always effectively been in that position; but there is no doubt that Executive Order 12333 'essentially privatised the CIA's drug-smuggling, making the Agency even more insulated from discovery of its criminal activities'44 - or so, for a time, it was officially assumed. 'You had National Security Council staffers that were tied right into drug-trafficking themselves, like Ollie North. Hell, his diary had everything in it. Between his diary and your wife's [Elaine's] diaries, the whole thing is blown. Totally compromised', Carone reported to Tyree45.

This special, Mafia-linked source in whom William Casey had placed so much trust at the outset of this disastrous series of manipulated misadventures, revealed the depths to which US intelligence had sunk - only to die suddenly, like so many other Iran-Contra whistleblowers. And as Carone further informed William Tyree, he 'had delivered [drug] money to the gangs because they were on the CIA payroll under Executive Order 12333, which allowed the CIA to hire outside sources to help the CIA perform their jobs' [as Carone, with his blinkered operative's vision, saw the situation - Ed.].

"'He had delivered money to the gangs because they transported the drugs across the United States, i.e., Atlanta, Norfolk, Philadelphia, New York and Boston'. CIA/DVD drugs, that is.

"William Tyree's lawsuit, which was already 11 years old when this book was being finalised, further alleged that the criminalised intelligence thugocracy, or Illuminati mob, that have hijacked the US Government, has established its own parallel structures for overthrowing the US Constitution and imposing a coercive state.

"With the assistance of the 9/11 'Reichstag Fire' provocation, the later establishment of the Department of Homeland Security, or Ministry of State Security, together with the passage of the original post-9/11 Patriot Act USA and subsequent legislation - including the National Intelligence Reform Act signed into law by President Bush Jr. on 17th December 2004 - a much denser superstructure of oppressive mechanisms and legislation has been grafted onto the original framework installed by elements of the US intelligence community to enable the Constitution to be scrapped, and the intelligence cadres that control the Government to seize absolute power, dispensing with the aggravation of constantly having to report to Congress.

"The obscenely delayed response to the Hurricane Katrina disaster in New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, and the subsequent spin to the effect that local authorities are unable to handle disasters so that national 'solutions' are needed, was intended to provide the basis for a further 'giant leap forward' - as the 'coup d'etat by instalments', modelled on the Hitlerian precedent, forged ahead with apparent impunity.

"The breaches in the levees occurred several hours after the hurricane had vanished, suggesting prepositioned explosives; Amtrak and Greyhound Buses refused to assist in evacuations, suggesting that they were ordered not to participate; the so-called Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), now absorbed within the Department of Homeland Security, did nothing significant to assist the endangered population, until they graciously despatched a consignment of 25,000 body bags to the stricken area on 8th September; and the President at first praised the 'incompetent' Michael Brown, head of FEMA, before he was ordered a week later to return to Washington in disgrace.

"Rations diverted from the stocks of the British military, on being received in the United States, were commandeered by arrogant officials on the ground that they contained beef which had to be tested for contamination. Whereas the whole world was waiting to see pictures of relief being distributed to the traumatised residual population, all we saw was Nazi-style swat teams descending the escalator in the New Orleans Convention Center, and military convoys, ships (jamming electronic communications) and armed men descending on the place as though on some kind of macho 'high'."

"Immediately following the commencement of hostilities in Iraq in March 2003, President George W. Bush was seen on the White House video punching his hands into the air and exclaiming 'feels good, feels good' [see Addendum 4, page 681]. None of this 'feels' at all good to outside observers, let alone to unbrainwashed Americans. As indicated, the Tyree Complaint referred specifically to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

"The lawsuit alleged that FEMA, created by Executive Order, is illegitimate not simply because all Executive Orders may be illegal, but also 'since Congress had to approve FEMA for two specific reasons: (1) FEMA is a vaguely written Executive Branch-created agency that has the power to suspend the US Constitution and put the Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government out of work [evidently Michael Brown was bewildered by the powers he could wield, or else a blazing row took place behind the scenes during the New Orleans fiasco, as a consequence of which he was made to look helpless - Ed.]

"(2) FEMA is an Executive Branch creation that clearly affects all three branches of Government capable of silencing the voice of the people (i.e., Legislative) and the legal redress of the people (i.e., Judiciary)'."

Excerpted From: "The New Underworld Order"

Also Google: The Murder Of Elaine Tyree And The Framing Of Her Husband For Her Murder As Part Of The Iran Contra Cover Up

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