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Access This Website From The Website And Choose The IXQuick Proxy Feature -- Who's Really Controlling The Monroe Institute In The Present Day? Has The Organization Become A Front For The CIA Since The Deaths Of Its Founder And His Daughter?

"International Nutrition" animal feed plant explosion - Was this an accident or microwave induced industrial espionage? The readers will remember the fertilizer plant explosion that occurred in WACO, Texas in 2012; just days before the 19Th Anniversary of the FBI mass murder of the Branch Davidians - Are these grain plants being destroyed in order to cause a gradual famine within the United States? If animal feed and crop production are reduced significantly through such furtive means, in which to cause mass starvation within the United States, who will prosper? Rothschild Zionism's investment class, whom we can be certain will have enough food for themselves, while the rest of the global population is starving to death

Political Historian, And Anti-Zionist, Eustace Mullins, Describes Chatham House And Its Control Over The Council On Foreign Relations - The CFR Has Significant Influence Over The U.S. War Policy And The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex, However, It Is Britain's Chatham House That Ultimately Oversees The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex

The Monroe Institute
And The CIA

Written By James F. Marino

"From an acquaintance of mine who's an MK-ULTRA survivor. We were discussing this thread, and I received these comments: 'The Monroe Institute has a division for the general public, who can come for courses and order hemi-sync tapes to learn to relax, focus, meditate, etc. but I know from my own experience and testimonial of other survivors of the MKUltra program that the Monroe Institute is DEEPLY implicated in trauma based mind control and 'espionage' (a euphemism). Hemi-sync was used as part of my Theta programming and I was witness to military/cult higher-ups who made regular visits to the Institute to attend training sessions. I think it's a good bet that part of their facility is dedicated to training cult programmers.'"

Once you begin to understand that there are satellite based technologies which can be used in order to remotely murder anyone (instantaneously or through years of exposure to the radiation which these weapons can direct at any part of a person's body), you begin to realize that there are many deaths being reported as having been caused by natural means, which were in reality murders being perpetrated covertly through the use of directed energy microwave weapons.

It is this author's opinion, that two such murders involved that of conspiracy theorist, investigative researcher and radio personality, Mae Brussell, and ecoactivist Judi Bari.

Both of whom I believe were targeted by satellite based microwave energy weaponry, in order to give them the breast cancer which they later died from.

Both of these women were courageous pioneers in their respective activism, and a complete thorn in the side of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, in regard to their expositions of many of its crimes against the American people.

In fact, Judi Bari was involved in a protracted lawsuit against the FBI, which the Bureau did everything to derail, at the time that she conveniently contracted breast cancer and later died.

The FBI thought that they had avoided Bari's wrath for their attempt to murder her in the 1990 bombing of her car, however, her family decided to proceed with the lawsuit after her death, and eventually won a verdict against the FBI for 4.4 million dollars, implicating the Agency in a conspiracy to destroy the EarthFirst! eco-activist movement .

Whether or not Judi Bari's estate (or her co-plaintiff, Daryl Cherney) ever actually received any of this award remains to be seen.

As for those who have acted as pioneers in a particular scientific field of endeavor, for many years now this author has been interested in the work of the late Robert Monroe; a pioneer in astral travel (or as it is more commonly known -- the out of body experience).

In the late 1950s, Monroe had begun to experience this phenomenon.

He in fact became so concerned by it that he sought to find a reason for why it was happening to him. As such, he subjected himself to both extensive physical and psychological testing, only to be declared both sound in mind and body.

As time went by, this pioneering astral traveller found that these experiences were becoming more common, and as such gradually learned to control them in ways that he had not been able to do earlier.

Monroe's three *books, the last two of which I have read and highly recommend, describe what can only be termed as fascinating and remarkable experiences within the realm of myriad other dimensions, and with a great number of other types of beings.

*"Far Journeys" and "Ultimate Journey"

What this author has found of interest in my research of Robert Monroe, is that he is reported to have come from a CIA family.

According to researcher, Tom Porter, Monroe's father was a man named James Monroe, who had not only worked for the CIA for a number of years, but also served as the director for a CIA front company called the Human Ecology Society. Porter has also alleged that this organization was a primary source for CIA financing in regard to the Agency's MK-ULTRA program.

Given how agencies like the CIA have a history of experimenting on children in the most horrific ways imaginable (MK-ULTRA for example), it is not out of the realm of possibility, that Robert Monroe, himself, may have been an unwitting subject of the CIA's MK-ULTRA program in its earliest years.

The following is an excerpt to author Jim Keith's book: MASS CONTROL: ENGINEERING OF HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS:

"In 1961, according to an in-house report of the CIA, 'the chief of CIA's Office Of Technical Service (then the Technical Services Division) became interested in the claims of some researchers, that ESP was a reality. Technical project officers soon contacted Stephen I. Abrams, the Director of the Parapsychological Laboratory, Oxford University, England. Under the auspices of Project {MK}ULTRA, Abrams prepared a review article which claimed ESP was demonstrated but not understood or controllable. The report was read but produced no further action for another decade.'

"In 1974, Robert Monroe founded the Monroe Institute, sited near Charlottesville, Virginia, to research remote viewing. Among prominent persons associated with Remote Viewing who have trained at Monroe - almost all whom have been launched into a degree of prominence by the Art Bell radio show - are Courtney Brown, John Alexander, Albert Stubblebine, and Joseph McMoneagle.

"Monroe, aside from being the author of several books about his out-of-body jaunts, was former Vice President of the Mutual Broadcasting System. Journalist Carl Bernstein has indicated that MBS provided cover for CIA agents.

"According to Andrijah Puharich, Monroe stimulated his ability to go out-of-body by sniffing ether. Although it has not been confirmed, according to researcher, Tom Porter, Robert Monroe is the son of James Monroe, who was the executive director of the Human Ecology Society cutout, a primary agent for MK-ULTRA financing. Monroe personally supervised the infamous Dr. Ewen Cameron."

As a target of MK-ULTRA for many years, this author also believes that it is quite possible that Noble Laureate, John Nash, has been one the CIA's earliest MK-ULTRA targets, having suddenly developed schizophrenia, after finishing up a research project that Nash was doing for the U.S. Military at the time.

Nash, who prior to the movie "A Beautiful Mind" was unknown to most Americans, became a household name after the movie appeared to rave reviews.

"A Beautiful Mind" is an excellent example of Hollywood's use as a source of disinformation for the CIA. On the surface, the movie was a very touching portrayal of the suffering of John Nash, one of the most brilliant mathematical minds ever. When in reality, the movie was about as far removed from the truth as one can get in regard to what John Nash's life was really like.

Robert Monroe has written extensively about his experiences with astral travel, which he claims began in 1958, when Monroe was in his forties. The CIA's original MK-ULTRA program began in the mid 1950s and ended in the early '70s, after the U.S. Congress took witness testimony from young adults, who as children had been used in a number of horrific CIA mind control experiments under MK-ULTRA, and used it as evidence to force the CIA to end its MK-ULTRA program.

Of course, being nothing but a relocated version of the Nazi party, while the CIA officially ended its MK-ULTRA program, it took the program underground without any official paper trail, and began its Orwellian experimentation again.

This time using the electromagnetic spectrum in which to conduct much of its MK-ULTRA mind control research.

For more on this Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency, "Angels Don't Play This HAARP" by Dr. Nick Begich, "The Matrix Deciphered" "Project Soul Catcher" by Dr. Robert Duncan, "MASS CONTROL: ENGINEERING HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS" by Jim Keith," and "HAARP" by Jerry Smith.

When Monroe became a sensation with the publication of his first book in the early 1970s, entitled "Journeys Out Of The Body," it was not long before the CIA paid him a visit.

And from his own accounts, not only did the CIA believe him, but also sought to learn as much from Robert Monroe in regard to his experiences with astral travel as he could supply them with, in regard to the CIA's interests in *remote viewing as a tool for spying both domestically and internationally. Which Monroe claimed to have done for many years, prior to his death in 1995.

* In this author's opinion, while I do believe that legitimate psychic warfare does exist within certain federal agencies, including the **NSA and CIA, I also believe that for the most part this is a cover for the synthetic telepathy which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses through a technology known as EEG heterodyning, in which to remotely interface an artificial intelligence computer with the neural pathways in a person's brain - in order to remotely read (as well as manipulate) their thoughts.

This author has been targeted by EEG heterodyning technology since the 1970s.

** Google Steven Smith's horrifying expose on the NSA's torture of children in its creation of psychic warriors, which Smith penned a year before he was murdered (likely another "death by directed energy weapon."

Was Monroe's Daughter Murdered By The CIA?

After his passing in 1995, Robert Monroe's daughter, Laurie, took over the day to day operations of the Monroe Institute; an organization that Monroe had founded decades earlier, and which today maintains the *patent to the Hemi-Sync® research that has enabled many curious clients of the Monroe Foundation, to experience for themselves some aspects of astral travel.

The Monroe Institute is considered by millions to be the "Mecca" of such research, offering a variety of programs all geared towards maximizing the potential of the human psyche.

As such, the CIA has displayed an obsession with the Monroe Institute, as well as gaining a better understanding of astral travel, in order to utilize such means in their domestic and international spy operations, as well as their electronic warfare programs.

*Did the CIA want free access to the Hemi-Sync® patent in order to profit from it?

In 2006, Laurie Monroe passed away after a battle with cancer.

She was only in her early fifties.

Given the global prominence of the Monroe Institute at the time, this author is now wondering if the CIA may have decided to approach Laurie, seeking to take control of her organization (possibly even offering to purchase it through one of their shell companies) - been rejected - and then decided to use such means as satellite based directed energy weapons in which to target Laurie Monroe for the illness which ultimately resulted in her death.

If so, this would be another example of directed energy microwave weapons being used to commit murder by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, through such plausibly deniable means.

In this author's opinion, *myriad targets of the U.S. Military-Intelligence complex have been murdered in such ways, including but not limited to: EarthFirst! activist Judi Bari, alternative journalist Mae Brussell, America Freedom To Fascism producer Aaron Russo, popstar Michael Jackson, Actress Brittany Murphy and her husband, producer Simon Monjack, UFO researcher Dr. Karla Turner, and "HAARP" author Jerry E. Smith.

*The signals intelligence weaponization of the EMF spectrum offers a vast number of ways for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex to murder anyone whom they target. And while directed energy microwave weapons can be used to directly target the human body to either instantly murder a person (heart attack, stroke, aneurysm etc.) or slow torture/murder them by irradiating certain parts of a person's body to create cancers or other chronic illnesses, these weapons can also be used to remotely interfere with electronic circuitry. I believe that it is quite possible, that the elevator which malfunctioned a few years ago and crushed a woman by the name of Suzanne Hart to death, was the result of a directed energy weapon being used to remotely interfere with the circuitry in this elevator.

Who's Now At The Reigns Of Monroe Institute?

With Laurie Monroe now gone, the Monroe Institute can be more easily manipulated by the CIA, for its own questionable agenda. And because of this, I believe that not only should her death be investigated, but also that the person who replaced her as the head of the Monroe Institute, also be investigated in regard to having possible ties to the CIA, or perhaps even the NSA or Pentagon itself.

All three of these organizations have a history of using the American people for various forms of non consensual human experimentation, much of which takes place by way of the EMF spectrum, and as the result of a *national brain mapping program.

* Sooner or later the American people are going to figure this out for themselves, and finally realize that they are the targets of a modern day Third Reich which has harbored itself within their own federal government, and that uses a signals intelligence driven technocracy in which to maintain furtive control over the U.S. population.

Given the CIA's use of shell companies to launder their black budgets through, in order to control other better known organizations, is it also possible that the Monroe Institute may now be used as a front for a CIA holding company, since myriad businesses are utilized as fronts for U.S. Intel agencies to channel their black budgets through, including but not limited to the CIA, NSA and FBI?

Given the venue for mind control research that the Monroe Institute offers, it would in this author's opinion be far too tempting for the CIA to pass up infiltrating such a globally respected operation, since they have a history of such infiltration, as do many other Intel agencies.

* I cite the CIA's ties to Mcgill University's Allen Memorial Institute, and Dr. Ewen Cameron in the 1960s, as one of the better known examples of the CIA's attempts to extend its own mind control research beyond the physical borders of the Agency itself. Allen Memorial Institute is just one of myriad organizations that the CIA has used to siphon its black budgets through, for the purpose of plausibly deniable mind control research; including its latest (and completely deniable) version of MK-ULTRA.

The U.S. Government's Weaponization

Of The EMF Spectrum

Controlling the minds of the citizenry, and reducing them to a hive mind collective mentality is one of the major goals of Rothschild Zionism's New World Order - World Government Feudal System agenda.

This is the main focus of all of these agencies.

And this is why the American people have been unwittingly brain mapped by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

It's about controlling human behavior by way of remote means, and applying this technology to the global populous, since nations inhabited by mind controlled people respond uniformly to their respective government's dictates.

They will simply acquiesce to the demands of their own governments, while in the process, completely surrendering their own freedom.

In this author's opinion, a fate worse than death.

Moreover, there is no question that the CIA and its operatives have no ethical or moral code which is used to establish guidelines regarding their contemporary MK-ULTRA program, or the mind control research which has in the past included the torture of children as young as four years of age, as well as adults ranging in age from their upper teens to those well into their geriatric years.

Given this, the possibility of the CIA having murdered Laurie Monroe in efforts to furtively take control of the Monroe Institute (through one of the CIA's own puppets), becomes plausible.

The real question I have is what is really going on behind the walls of the Monroe Institute in the modern day? Especially since its patrons offer themselves up as unwitting guinea pigs to the organization for use as mind control experimentees, based on the charismatic nature of the Monroe Institute's founder.

What better way for the CIA and its dyed in the wool Nazis to covertly experiment upon unwitting citizens, then to exploit their desire to improve their own brain function, under what on the surface appears to be a benign organization?

- James F. Marino

More On Laurie Monroe:

Myriad Websites On Robert A. Monroe:

The following is sourced from the Monroe Institute Website and Hampton Road Publishing:

"Laurie Monroe, beloved by all, passed gently from the physical in her sleep early on the morning of December 18, 2006. Laurie had been diagnosed as having non-small-cell lung cancer which had advanced to Stage 4. Complications arising from treatment overwhelmed her body and she moved on to a much more welcoming environment. Although we will all miss her presence, we wish her God speed on her journey.

A native of New York City, Laurie Monroe was born in 1951 and is the daughter of Mary and Robert Monroe. Throughout her childhood, Laurie witnessed her father’s consciousness-expanding experiences as a part of her every day life. She was one of the early subjects of Mr. Monroe’s “sleep learning” research.

After attending the University of Virginia and the University of Richmond, Laurie began a 21-year career in real estate. She began as an apprentice, obtained her license, and started selling single family homes. Later she moved on to managing multi-family complexes. Eventually she specialized in developing and managing shopping centers and other commercial buildings. In this capacity she assembled and directed a team of professionals that handled investment analysis, development, sales, leasing, and management of large commercial properties. Throughout these years, Laurie maintained close relations with her father and continued to be involved in his pioneering efforts into human consciousness. Using the Hemi-Sync® exercises personally and with others, Laurie was able to maintain balance and create successful business transactions which grew the company she was with to over 45 shopping centers.

In the fall of 1994 at the annual Board of Directors meeting, Laurie was elected as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Monroe Institute and Monroe Products. She relocated to Virginia in 1996 and has done much to uphold and expand her father’s work.

A Loving Overview

by Laurie A. Monroe

As I walked through the woods, the mountains surrounded me and comforted me with their strength. The earth invited me to sit for awhile and to listen to the gentle winds swirling through the statuesque trees whose branches reached out to me with an understanding hug. As I sat there in awe of this magnificent creation, thoughts of change entered my mind. Through all of time, change is omnipresent and it is the basic element of Universal law.

Through transition of any kind there exists a constant–Change. One cannot ignore or deny change, for change is instrumental in our ever evolving pattern of growth and self-discovery. With this acceptance a new awareness of self takes place and we are able to look at ourselves with a Different Overview, one of total love; hence infinite possibilities. We are truly more than physical matter and can perceive that which is greater than physical reality as we know it.

In the process of acceptance, one begins to remember small parts of the Whole that we are a part of–the eminence of One. To know that there is no separation, there are no limitations, and nothing is by chance is to know inner peace. To illustrate this, experience your innermost thoughts while listening to the silence; for it is in the silence that we will truly know the oneness that we are. To accept the truth of this oneness is to know that we are a magnificent expression of Love, which is life’s energy.

In this state of being, Love, we are receptive to that which we already have. We are able to demonstrate the totality that we are through our clarity of self by creating change that manifests our “knowing” to others. Through inspiration we are able to effectively model our spiritual journey, which in turn will serve to support others in their journey of self-discovery. For those of us who have attained this “knowing,” it is our responsibility to be it, demonstrate it, or plain and simple, just do it.

Through this transition, we recognize that a part of the universal plan is to facilitate and collectively raise the consciousness level of the planet. We have been given the tools to effectively create our own personal change. Our answers lie within ourselves, for we are the architects of our own life pattern. Through the exploration and expansion of human consciousness, we serve and support others whose spiritual journey is aligned with our own.

Our mission is to create a global web necessary to facilitate this positive change in humankind. Change brings growth. With growth there is wisdom, and in that wisdom, there is the “knowing” rather than the belief. This is another part of our mission: to turn beliefs into “knowns.” The ultimate journey’s imprint is within your spirit, your soul, and in that journey you will remember, you will KNOW.

As I walked away from my quiet place in the woods, I had a sense of feeling complete and one with all that surrounds me. It was a peaceful feeling of knowing that my direction and path are just as they should be, and I look forward to celebrating the treasures of this life experience. As all is unfolding, the tribute becomes clear, and together we celebrate life to its fullest potential."


This morning, 1/20/14, the day after this author posts the above article regarding my concerns that the CIA may be using the Monroe Institute as the front for yet another of its resurrected MK-ULTRA mind control programs, a suspicious green panel van (New York State plate A97698)) is parked on the road directly in front of our mailbox. The brazen driver decides to stay at the location even when this author drives by to pickup the morning paper, so I take the person's license plate ID, since their appearance here is clearly to serve the purpose of organized stalking vigilantism.

It is extraordinarily interesting to observe how instead of identifying and prosecuting the federal agencies who are involved in these Orwellian violations of the U.S. Bill of Rights, a brainwashed American population continues to instead be deceived into taking part in them, while in the process helping to destroy any freedoms that they themselves have left.

The end result is that instead of prosecuting criminals within our own government whose intent is to aid and abet the destruction of the United States of America, as part of Rothschild Zionism's world government agenda, our entire nation is being criminalized into taking part in these crimes, just as Germany was after Hitler declared himself dictator, and began rounding up Jews and other citizens who had been deemed by the Third Reich to be undesirables.

The reader will note that there was no name on the side of the aforementioned vehicle as there was a few years back: *See the following article in regard to a woman named Suzanne Hart, who died in a freak elevator accident the same week that this author saw a van parked in the road in front of my home, with the name HART painted on it - and after having watched a movie ("Paperman" 1971) the evening before, in which a woman was crushed to death in an elevator accident very similar to that of Suzanne Hart.

*Was A Woman By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Murdered Through High Tech Means, Simply Because She Served As Part Of The Demented Psychological Warfare Operation Which The FBI And NSA Have Been Illegally Conducting Against This Author For More Than Thirty Years?

The reader must also consider that not only are psychological warfare operations designed to be plausibly deniable, but that the psychological architecture of such operations also ensures that they are made to sound as outlandish as possible, in order to discredit the victims of these psyop's.

The probability of this author seeing a movie in which a woman is crushed to death by an elevator, and then within 48 hours of having seen the movie not only seen a panel van parked in front of my home with the name HART painted on it, but also learning through the media that a woman named Hart had died after she was crushed to death in an elevator accident, is simply too coincidental for this MK-ULTRA subject to ignore.

Especially given the fact that I am subjected to daily **psyops which involve such gaslighting tactics. Does the reader think that our communities would be taking part in these vicious psychological operations if they knew the truth about the organizations that oversee them - namely the DOJ (FBI) and Department Of Homeland Security?

Or that the fusion centers which are controlled by the DOJ and DHS are in fact little more than a contemporary and high tech version of Adolf Hitler's Nazi spy machine of the 1930s. **These psyop's have been ongoing for several decades, however, they became far more aggressive beginning in 1998, after I read a book called "The Brucellosis Triangle," which claimed that a number of chronic illnesses including Parkinson's Disease and Lyme Disease were actually biological weapons created by the U.S. federal government.

Suspecting that the information in the book was correct, and having already been bedridden much of that time as the result of refractory Lyme Disease infection after doing two courses of intravenous antibiotic therapy in 1994 and 1998 - totaling more than a year of IV therapy - I emailed information on this book to an E-mail list containing the addresses of hundreds of chronically ill Lyme Disease patients who had subscribed to a Lyme Disease newsletter that I had co-published at the time, suggesting the possibility that all of us had become chronically ill with Lyme Disease - not by accident - but because of a government conspiracy to create Lyme Disease as a biological weapon, and to then disseminate it through different vectors such as deer ticks; so that the U.S. federal government could covertly test this * bioweapon on an unsuspecting American public.

* This would later become the topic of a 2005 book written by author Michael Christopher Carroll, entitled "Lab 257," which only further supports my earlier allegations, that Lyme Disease was created as a biological weapon, which the Nazis within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex continue to cover up.

Within days of having E-mailed my suggestions about Lyme Disease being a government created biological weapon, I noticed that I was suddenly being followed by groups of cars regardless of where I traveled to.

For example, I would go to a local beach whose parking lot had usually been empty most of the day during the colder winter months of the year. Suddenly, I would notice that a group of cars would show up just as I did. However, instead of staying, they would leave one right after the other, while another group of cars would show up and do the same. The pattern occurred routinely from that time on no matter where I went.

It would be nearly another decade before I would learn that I've been a target of MK-ULTRA since the 1970s, when my brain map had been decoded by the NSA, and used to interface a signals intelligence computer with the neural pathways of my brain, for the purpose of non consensual human experimentation.

The reader will note that this occurred around the midst of the 1970s - four years after the U.S. Congress had forced the CIA to shutdown its original MK-ULTRA program which began in the 1950s. All the CIA did was to go underground with this program, while removing any paper trail that could be used against the CIA by its future mind control victims.

Moreover, according to Dr. Robert Duncan, a former contractor who did work for the NSA, CIA and FBI, the mind reading technology which had become patented by the 1970s, which through the EEG heterodyning of a person's brain, also allowed for the wireless remote accessing of the brain's neural pathways from a great distance, became the new method of mind control research the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

The U.S. federal government had finally found the ideal way to commit their crimes against humanity with plausible deniability. They simply weaponized the EMF spectrum, and began to exploit the electromagnetic signatures from each American citizen's body, without the American people ever catching on to what their own corrupted government was doing to them.

Dr. Duncan has claimed that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex had decoded the individual brain maps of millions of American citizens by the midst of the 1980s, and in this author's opinion, in the present day, all Americans have been subjected to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' decoding of their own brain maps, reducing them to the status of signals intelligence slaves.

This certainly gives further credibility to the saying that Satan moves through the air.

According to Duncan, the brain mapping of Americans began after government satellites overseen by the Pentagon (NSA) and the CIA, were reprogrammed to take advantage of this new technology, which enabled a person's thoughts to be read by way of remote means.

The result, according to Dr. Duncan, were several programs created under the following acronyms: TAMI, CHRIST, MIND and SATAN.

Each of these Orwellian programs has since been used in conjunction with one another for covert government mind control research over the past forty years.

As of 2014, this author has been illegally brain mapped and EEG heterodyned for close to four decades, which corresponds to what Dr. Duncan has stated in regard to the U.S. federal government decoding the individual brain maps of American citizens starting in 1976.

This illegal targeting of my person also allowed for the additional non consensual human experimentation and torture of this author beginning in 1994, when not only was I dealing with the horrible symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease, but also being aggressively attacked with microwave energy weapons; which coincidentally, the FBI had been given access to by the U.S. Justice Department during the same year.

Moreover, the vehicular stalking which I first noticed in 1998, after sending "The Brucellosis Triangle" E-mail to this Lyme Disease E-mail list, became much worse in the Spring of 2003, when I became the target of an organized stalking campaign.

After six months of some of the most vicious psychological operations one can experience, I was coerced into a seeing a psychiatrist whom I was told would help me with the depression I had developed as the result of this psyop, which everyone around me denied was happening.

The psychiatrist, as it turns out, was just used as part of this psyop. And in the process he committed fraud by seeing this author under false pretenses, as well as grand larceny, for taking thousands of dollars to do so.

I recently checked an online survey regarding patient satisfaction with this particular psychiatrist only to find that his patients found him to be well below the national average.

Ratings ranged from the amount of time a patient had to wait before seeing a physician to how much the patient actually trusted the physician.

This particular psychiatrist earned a lower than average rating in every category, and an exceptionally low rating when it came to earning his patients' trust.

After the way he was used as part of an FBI entrapment scheme against this author, I have no doubt why this embarrassment to the medical profession earned a poor rating when it came to earning his patient's trust.

As for the Nazi indoctrinated organizations which operate under the façade of the U.S Military Intelligence complex, including but not limited to the FBI, NSA, DHS, and CIA, the fact is that these organizations are *torturing and murdering people through the use of signals intelligence satellites and SIGNIT EMF Scanning Networks, HAARP phased radar arrays, over the horizon radar systems, and other forms of directed energy microwave weapons.

* As of today, 1/23/14, this author has been enduring a directed energy microwave induced attack on the right front side of my brain for the past several days, causing acute pain in this area of my head. This is the type of covert attack that the Nazi refuse within the FBI and NSA, use to remotely attack this author and other members of my Family.

This Nazi idealized scum of the earth, can only hide these color of law crimes from the American people for just so long, before they will be exposed and prosecuted for committing them.

As previously stated, as part of the FBI/NSA psychotic psyop against this author, a woman by the name of Suzanne Hart was murdered by some of these psychopaths, when the circuitry in the elevator she attempted to enter, was remotely tampered with through the use of signals intelligence technology, resulting in this elevator's doors closing prematurely, and crushing Hart to death.

An article which was later published in a major newspaper, questioned if Hart may have been killed as the result of what the paper referred to as a "billion to one shot" power surge which triggered the elevator door to close while Hart was attempting to enter it.

*See "Billion To One Odds Power Surge" Responsible For The Death Of Suzanne Hart?

There may have been a power surge but it did not occur by accident. It was instead the result of signals intelligence sabotage of the electrical circuitry in this elevator.

Suzanne Hart did not die by accident. She was murdered!

And the workers who are being blamed for her death, are merely scapegoats, being used to conceal the real perpetrators of this horrific crime - the federal agents who have been subjecting this author to psychological warfare operations for more than two decades.

This author will also update any further signals intelligence driven directed energy attacks on my person or other members of my Family in retribution for posting this organized stalker's license plate on this blog. Moreover, these people may be given false license plates to use in case they are caught being suspiciously parked in private neighborhoods, having absolutely no legitimate reason for being in these neighborhoods.

Their blatant disregard for people's 4TH Amendment rights defines the current Nazi indoctrinated government in the United States for what it has become.

A Fourth Reich!

As the first civilian in history to expose the fact that his nation's citizenry are the unwitting targets of a signals intelligence driven - brain mapping/domestic spy program, I am not in the least surprised that these psychopaths would want to see me dead. Their slander campaign and precedent setting violations of my Constitutional rights serve as further evidence of this.

That and the fact that I have publicly accused them of weaponizing the EMF spectrum and using it as part of this Orwellian signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, in order to remotely track, torture and murder American citizens, which defines these closeted Nazis as the anathema to humanity that they represent.

They will burn in hell for this.

It also serves to prove that many of the Nazis and their technologies were relocated from Germany to the United States through Project Paperclip after World War II, where the Nazis then setup shop through the CIA, within the U.S. Military Intelligence complex.

And in the present day, the Nazi machine that Hitler founded, and which was financed with monies from the House of Rothschild and its Zionist banksters, is now larger and more evil than ever, having been operating out of the U.S. Military Intelligence complex for nearly seventy years.

And while using electronic warfare technologies which the FBI stole from Nicola Tesla, after raiding his Manhattan apartment the day after Tesla died in 1943. Technology which Tesla created to benefit human kind, these Nazi indoctrinated anathema to humanity, continue to use in their furtive destruction of the human race.

What a horror!

Google: Nicola Tesla and the *Wardenclyff Tower

*The Wardenclyff Tower was the first documented use of directed energy for the purpose of electronic warfare. It must be considered to be the direct predecessor to the Pentagon's HAARP phased antenna array weapons, which were developed by the Pentagon based on the theft of Tesla's research into this technology. HAARP technology is not supposed to be used as over the horizon radar, however, it appears that the Pentagon is illegally using HAARP in such an offensive manner, and by doing so, turning this technology into another weapon of mass destruction

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