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EEG Heterodyning Or EEG Cloning Technology & Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices - What Role Do They Play In The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Signals Intelligence Driven Mind Control Weapons, And This Complexes' Active Denial Weapons System?

"Do We Need Actors? CGI And The Future Of Hollywood" - If Hollywood Studios Can Clone Your Image Using Decades' Old Technology That's Represented To The Public As Being Cutting Edge, Imagine What The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Can Do With Its Advanced CGI Video Morphing Technology - Especially When This Technology Is Used In A Counterintelligence Operation

Super Conducting Quantum Interference Devices
And Their Application In Government Mind Control Weapons
Written By James F. Marino

"I studied how to crack DES and other encryption technologies but had no real experience in the hacking techniques of the human mind before my ordeal. In secret government laboratories, the encryption keys are changed as frequently as can be cracked by the best decryption machines they have. The human brain can not change its encryption, so once decoded your brain is forever part of the TAMI database and network. The mind has no firewall."

- Dr. Robert Duncan
In his book "Controlling The Human Mind" *Dr. Nick Begich confirms what Dr. Robert Duncan has stated in the above quotation, discussing how the U.S. federal government has mapped out the human brain, so that the satellite based electronic weapons which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex deploys on the American people - as part of its mind control weapons' program - can be used to access the neural pathways of the brain of an American citizen, through a covertly implemented government brain mapping program.

One may logically conclude that this secret government program is for the express purpose of enslaving the American people, through the furtive implementation of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, which also allows for the non consensual human experimentation of myriad unwitting American citizens.

*Dr. Begich is the son of the late Congressman, Nick Begich Sr., who disappeared in a mysterious Alaskan plane crash, along with Congressman Hale Boggs in 1972.

The article on the following Website is in regard to the FBI's attempt to cover up telexes obtained from the U.S. Freedom Of Information Act in 1992, regarding the missing Cessna 310 of Congressman Hale Boggs - These telexes prove that the FBI had actually located the Cessna 310 which Congressmen Hale Boggs and Nick Begich were travelling on, via spy satellite, and that at least two survivors were seen walking near the Cessna 310 after it had either crash landed or made a safe landing - In spite of locating the Cessna 310, the FBI allowed Boggs, Begich, Begich's aide and the plane's pilot to perish, while promulgating a disinformation campaign claiming that the plane and its passengers had never been found - The government controlled media in the United States continues to circulate this lie in the modern day.

See: FBI Telexes Prove The FBI Knew The Exact Whereabouts Of Congressman Hale Boggs' Cessna 310, Yet Lied To Public, Claiming That The Plane Had Never Been Found

In "Controlling The Human Mind" - Dr. Begich's book on the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' mind control weapons' technology, Begich even mentions the creation of the "Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook" for military applications, which includes many of the different frequencies that can be used to remotely affect the minds of those being targeted for such technology.

The "Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry" handbook, offers further proof of the U.S. federal government's intent to map out each American citizen's own unique EMF brainwave print, for the purpose of creating a *signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, that can be used to track each citizen by way of their bodies' own unique set of EMF signatures.It also serves as evidence that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex perceives the human brain to be little more that an organic computer, which they can covertly program, without the targeted person even realizing that this insidious act is being perpetrated against them.

So it's no wonder why this complex quietly refers to the American citizenry as the "sheeple," since they see Americans as little more than flocks of sheep which need to be controlled through any means necessary. This is best evidenced by the CIA's MKULTRA program which began in the 1950s and officially ended in the 1970s, after Congress ordered the CIA to stop its non consensual human experimentation program.

From there, this mind control research program went underground and has since evolved into global effort to remotely control the thoughts of humans, through the use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

"They tell people the program is shut down now but that's not so. It just has a different name. These things never die. It's an iron-clad law that it takes more energy to stop a government program than to start one. This one's self-perpetuating."

-David Ferrie
Regarding The CIA's MKULTRA Program
* Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency for more on the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network "The average person doesn't have a concept of the massive capability that is available to the National Security Agency."
- William Weaver (Former NSA Analyst)

As for controlling the mind through remote means, by way of the unique EMF signature print of the human brain, there have been a number of bogus *skeptics within the "mind control" community (those citizens who have been used as the targets of a modern day version of MKULTRA mind control experimentation), who continue to discredit the claims being made by this author and others, in regard to satellites being used to remotely access the human brain without the implantation of a computerized brain chip.

* It's not that there aren't legitimate targets of this technology who are entitled to be skeptical of such information.  There are.  Although there are far less skeptics within the TI community now than there were a decade ago, given the testimony of government whistleblowers who have promulgated their knowledge of EEG heterodyning - computer to brain interface technology which relies not on the implantation of a computer chip in the brain, but instead, the use of the unique EMF brainwave print of a person, in order to remotely enter their mind.

However, many of these so called "skeptics" are actually federal agents using COINTELPRO programs to discredit us, while posing as targets of government mind control experimentation.

These "agent provocateurs" create Websites with the intent of confusing the targets of this technology.  The reader will remember that one of the primary purposes of COINTELPRO is to misdirect an activist group away from their true intentions, by infiltrating the group with federal agents who then pose as members of the group.

From that moment on these activists groups become severely compromised as they serve the interests of the Intel community's COINTELPRO operations, oftentimes circulating disinformation to newcomers, who then unwittingly promulgate this disinformation as fact to others.

Given the enormous numbers of men and women within the TI community, who have been forced to propagate their own activist campaigns just to survive this Orwellian hell, it's no wonder that the FBI and DHS would be infiltrating these activists' groups with their own agents.

The federal government cannot afford to allow these groups to establish significant numbers of members whose common goal is to expose these crimes, so the agents involved in these COINTELPRO operations, instead pose as concerned TIs, whose job is to then furtively create as much subterfuge as possible, in order to prevent these activist groups from ever making any progress.

And they are very capable of doing so. Moreover, since Dr. Robert Duncan wrote "The Matrix Deciphered" in 2010, a number of these disinfo agents have created such Websites in order to discredit Duncan's work. They have also been doing so with this author since I first published "The Mother Of All Black Ops" in 2006, because I am a legitimate target of COINTELPRO and MKULTRA, and as such, have documented a tremendous amount of information in regard to these crimes, going back more than thirty years.

These agents are attempting to discredit Robert Duncan because having worked on projects for the Pentagon and CIA, he has a certain amount of credibility that your average TI does not have; even if we have been subjected to the same non consensual human experimentation.  And Duncan has publicly stated that the human brain can be accessed by way of its own unique EMF physiology, and that as such, there is no longer a need to implant a computerized tracking chip into the brain of a person - in order to remotely access their own mind.

In fact, Dr. Duncan has stated that the traditional microchip implant has become completely outmoded by the government's use of EEG heterodyning technology.

This also means that the intent by the *Rockefeller Foundation to have the American people implanted with microchips, has to do with something other than tracking us, since the federal government already has a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in place in which to do so.

A program which is based on the EMF signatures of our own bodies.* The reader will recall the late Aaron Russo (likely murdered by a directed energy weapon) describing his conversations with Nick Rockefeller, in regard to the Rockefeller Foundation's attempts to have every American citizen implanted with a microchip. So what are these chips going to be used for if not to track us?

In this author's opinion, their primary use will be for abolishing our "cash society." This will make the American middle class even more of a slave to the Federal Reserve System than they already are, because we will no longer have access to cash. Moreover, if the Federal Reserve's Zionist banksters decide to turn your implanted chip off, you will not be able to make purchases.

You won't be able to pay your mortgage or rent. For that matter, you won't even be able to purchase the basic necessities of life, such as food. You'll be forced to starve to death, or to turn to a life of crime in order to survive.

This "cashless" system, will be used to hold you hostage. Furthermore, based on what this author has experienced as a target of MKULTRA since childhood (including being subjected to the FBI's use of *CGI video morphing technology in regard to the psychological warfare refuse, that these agents attempt to pass off as cable TV programming in our home for the past decade), Dr. Duncan is telling the truth in regard to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' ability to access the unique brainwave print of a person, via signals intelligence satellites and the electromagnetic spectrum, without the use of an implanted brain chip.

* See: The Real Reason Behind The Switch From Analog To Digital Television Involves The Use Of CGI Digital Morphing Technology To Clone & Animate The Physical Likenesses Of Any Person On The Face Of This Planet; Including Politicians, Hollywood & TV Actors & Newscasters - What Does This Mean? That You Can No Longer Automatically Believe That The People Who You See On Your TV Screen Are Real, Since They May Instead Be CGI Animated Images Of People Cloned From Their Physical Likenesses - The 1981 Movie "Looker" Is About This Technology, Which Is Why The FBI Had "Looker" Removed From YouTube After This Author Embedded This Movie On My Website, Citing "Looker" As An Illustration Of Hollywood's Use In Creating Science Fiction Movies Which Describe Technologies Which The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Maintains Real Versions Of

The fact that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex has developed and implemented mind control weapons that can be used to instantly access the neural pathways of any American citizen's brain is horrifying! And so are the COINTELPRO promulgated smear campaigns that this government uses against the targets of this technology, who attempt to expose it to the American people.

These vicious defamation campaigns are used to discredit us, while the U.S. federal government continues to conceal its use of this stealth mind control technology, on a myriad of American citizens, by way of the *NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

* According to NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei, the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network is part of the NSA's signals intelligence driven domestic spy program in America, and can be used to instantly track and identify any American citizen by way of their body's own unique EMF signatures.

So is it any wonder why the U.S. federal government would go to great lengths to discredit any legitimate target of this Orwellian domestic spy system, or that John St. Clair Akwei's 1992 civil action against the NSA was derailed by a corrupt CIA asset/ federal circuit court judge named Stanley Sporkin?

In fact, when Dr. Duncan was interviewed on an episode of Jesse Ventura's Conspiracy Theory program entitled "The Brain Invaders" (which dealt with some of the basics of remote mind control technology), Ventura briefly spoke with Robert Duncan.  At the time, Duncan assured Ventura that the men, women and children who are being targeted by these mind control weapons are being tortured. And that at some point in the future, the entire global population will become subjected to these space based and satellite deployed weapons. The reader will also note the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' recent use of the government controlled media in the United States, to soften the public's image in regard to Dr. Brian Farwell's fMRI brain scanning technology, as a tool for fighting crime.

In reality, the NSA has had a far more advanced version of this technology since the 1960s, and has been deploying on a national scale since the early 1980s, under Reagan Executive Order 12333. EO 12333 not only gave this complex extraordinary new powers to spy domestically, but also allowed the U.S. Military Intelligence complex to privatize many of the treasonous crimes which they had been perpetrating against the American citizenry at the time.

As such, Farwell fMRI "brain fingerprinting" technology is a red herring, which is being used to cover up the NSA's EEG heterodyning technology, and its eventual use as the de facto standard in judging an American citizen's innocence or guilt of a crime.

* Has anyone ever bothered to research Dr. Farwell's background? And in particular who financed his research into fMRI technology?

The reader will likely find that Farwell has connections to the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, and may well serve to function as yet another front man for this complexes' classified Active Denial Weapons System.Unfortunately, this technology is seriously flawed. And the federal government's attempt to use it to one day replace our current judiciary system of checks and balances, is also a very obvious sign of the imminent dictatorship which is now being implemented within the United States.

Especially when this government continues to remove the U.S. Judiciary from making key decisions which affect the American people's freedoms, while instead perverting the use of the *U.S. Supreme Court to further their own world government agenda.

* In the early 1900s the U.S. Federal Supreme Court ruled on more than one occasion that the 16Th Amendment "conferred no new powers of taxation" on the U.S. Congress. Yet, the Congress completely ignored the Supreme Court's ruling, and used the 16Th Amendment in conjunction with the Federal Reserve Act, to implement the federal income tax as a furtive form of class warfare on the American middle class.

This is yet another illustration of how this corrupted corporate government cites Constitutional Amendments when they are part of Washington's Anglo-Zionist corporation's agenda, only to completely ignore the Constitution when its Amendments obstruct their criminal agenda.

In this vein, as an American citizen, have you ever asked yourself why the 13Th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is suspiciously absent? And why no politician has ever bothered to mention this?

It has to do with the truth behind the Revolutionary War, and that instead of being the victors as we have been told, our founding fathers made a deal with the British Empire, to convince their troops to leave America.

One of the stipulations was that no official of the U.S. federal government could ever assume a title of nobility, such as King, Duke, Lord etc. The second stipulation was that an attorney could not run for elected office within the federal government. Both of these stipulations were included in the 13Th Amendment of our real Constitution of 1787. However, when this Constitution was jettisoned after the U.S. Civil War had ended, and replaced with a new corporate constitution for the corporate government in Washington D.C., the 13 Amendment was deliberately omitted.

As for the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' attempt to destroy the U.S. Judicial system, by replacing it with fMRI brain scanning technology which will be used to function as the judge and jury in a criminal case, the "60 Minutes" episode which was aired on 9/29/13, is an example of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' control over, and use of the media in this country to propagandize the utilization of this "mind reading" technology, which in reality, the U.S. federal government really wants to use to destroy the American people's 5Th and 6Th Amendment rights to due process of law.

In this MKULTRA target's opinion, the federal government is doing this in order to eventually grandfather in the use of satellite based EEG heterodyning computer to brain interface technology, to use as the de facto standard of proving your innocence or guilt in a crime.

This will mean that the government can use an Intel agency like the NSA and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, to *EEG heterodyne the neural pathways of a particular U.S. citizen's brain, by identifying and tracking their unique EMF brain wave print. And then going on a protracted fishing expedition of the person's mind for years on end, as though these agents were rifling through a file cabinet! Is this what our founding fathers fought so hard for? * As a target of MKULTRA, this author has been subjected to this type of Orwellian satellite predation and non consensual human experimentation for several decades, while my 4Th, 5TH and 6Th Amendment rights have been completely abrogated, by these Nazi minded reprobates. And the same crimes can be perpetrated against any American citizen in the modern day, through this corrupted government's use of such satellite predation.

*See: The U.S. Military Intelligence Complexes' Use Of The 9/29/13 "60 Minutes" Episode, As A Propaganda Piece To Discredit American Citizens Who Are Legitimate Targets Of Covert Government Mind Control Experimentation Programs & EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface - Was The Woman Shot To Death Three Weeks Ago, After Attempting To Crash Her Car Through The Main Gate At The White House, Also A Target Of EEG Heterodyning Computer To Brain Interface Technology?

Another interesting fact is that after "The Brain Invaders" episode of the Conspiracy Theory program was produced for Time Warner Communications, one of the people (Dr. Fred Bell) who had flown out to visit Jesse Ventura to be interviewed for "The Brain Invaders" episode, was found dead of a heart attack in his hotel room two days later. This heart attack was in all probability caused by a satellite based directed energy microwave weapon, since this is the weapon of choice for government agents, who need to murder a person with the requisite plausible deniability used to commit such crimes, with total anonymity and impunity from prosecution.

Ventura would also soon be told by Time Warner, that his services were no longer required. More specifically, Time Warner refused to renew Jesse Ventura's contract for another season of "Conspiracy Theory," even though the show had a large viewership, and was known for its solid ratings. Ventura has since been the target of a government orchestrated smear campaign, because he had the foresight to use the mainstream media to expose these satellite based mind control weapons.

Moreover, even though "The Brain Invaders" episode only superficially covered the subject of the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' mind control weapons' technology, it caused this complex enough concern to use their control over the broadcast industry, to get Conspiracy Theory cancelled.

Does it sound like Time Warner acquiesced to the U.S. Military Intelligence complexes' intimidation tactics here?It certainly does.  Since when does a cable TV broadcaster voluntarily cancel a program which is a consistent winner in viewer ratings?

Moreover, many Time Warner subscribers have since reported that their DVR recording machines were remotely programmed to erase certain episodes of Conspiracy Theory, from their hard drives; including "The Brain Invaders" episode.This serves as further evidence of this complexes' attempts to prevent the American people from ever learning about this signals intelligence driven domestic spy program, as well as the clandestine control that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex maintains over the media system in the United States.

The Outlandishness Of Mind Control Technology

Over the past decade, the Internet has grown substantially in regard to the numbers of individuals targeted by these high tech weapons, with new Websites appearing weekly. This, in spite of the fact that the existence of such Orwellian weapons sounds completely outlandish at first.

That is, until you begin to listen to the testimony of the thousands of men, women and children who are targeted by these covertly deployed "weapons of mind destruction" on a daily basis, and tortured for years on end.

There are now tens of thousands of Websites on mind control weapons, as well as the accompanying psychological warfare harassment; including the vigilante hate crime - organized stalking.

In an effort to discredit the victims of these Orwellian and Nazi idealized eugenic's programs, "disinformation-Websites" created by government agent provocateurs, often cite earlier mind control research such as that of the late CIA asset *Jose Delgado, in an effort to prove that a person must be implanted with a computer brain chip, in order to be subjected to remote mind control experimentation.

The device they often refer to was created by Delgado more than forty years ago. It was called the stimoceiver, and it brought Delgado international fame, when with the press of a button, Delgado used the stimoceiver to stop a bull that was charging him, dead in its tracks. In reality, there was no mind control involved in this experiment.  Instead, there was an electrode planted in the bull's brain, which was used to electronically shock him into stopping.

So as previously stated, it was not actually a form of remote mind control that forced the bull to stop charging. It was instead, intense physical pain that did so.  However, this public display would become the genesis for future government financed mind control research programs in the United States, regarding global mind control enslavement - via space based weapons, signals intelligence satellites, cell phone towers, and phased array radar systems like HAARP.

* Like many other Nazi-minded scientists who were employed by the CIA, such as Drs. Sidney Gottlieb and Ewen Cameron, Jose Delgado would turn out to be a monster, whom like his CIA employers, was intent on destroying the free thought of humans, by implanting them with computer brainchips which would be used to remotely take control of their minds.

Delgado's preliminary research was financed by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Some of the men and women who remain targets of such mind control experimentation, continue to believe that the electricity given off by the human brain is so minute, that it would be impossible for a satellite interfaced with advanced artificial intelligence computers, to target a person's own brain from outer space - in order to remotely manipulate their thoughts.

And there are in fact a number of people within this community of subjects of non consensual human experimentation (who refer to ourselves as Targeted Individuals or TI's for short) who are actually implanted with computer brainchips, as well as other forms of microchip implants, who unwittingly serve to discredit those TIs who are not implanted with any type of microchip, but are instead remotely tracked by the unique EMF signatures of our own bodies. Moreover, as further proof that a signals intelligence satellite can be used to track you by way of your body's own unique EMF signatures, there are devices which are capable of homing in on the slightest of electromagnetic fields given off by the human body; including those which emanate from our brain.

See: John St. Clair Akwei's Precedent Setting Lawsuit Exposing The U.S. National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, And Its Use In Tracking Americans By Way Of Each Person's Body's Own Unique Sets Of EMF signatures

These high tech contraptions, which are known as super conducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDS for short), can be built into NSA signals intelligence satellites, and used to detect and track the electromagnetic fields which surround each of our bodies; including the EMF emissions which emanate from our own brains.

An EMF brainwave print, which like the other EMF signatures that emanate from our bodies, also serves as a form of electromagnetic DNA, which can be used to distinguish one person from another.

If this sounds like a covert government program which is being used to enslave the American people, that's because this is exactly what it is. And this technology is being used on the citizenry of every country on the face of this planet; most of whom have absolutely no knowledge of his.

Moreover, SQUID devices make it possible for agencies like the NSA (National Security Agency) to remotely track any person via signals intelligence satellite 24 hours a day, while using *EEG heterodyning technology to synchronize these satellites with the unique EMF brainwave print of each American citizen.

This enables the NSA to establish two-way communication with the brain of any American citizen; something which **John St. Clair Akwei has already corroborated in his 1992 civil action against the U.S. National Security Agency. *Google: "The Matrix Deciphered" by Dr. Robert Duncan to learn more about the CIA, NSA, and Pentagon's use of EEG heterodyning technology on the American citizenry.

**Google: John St. Clair Akwei VS The U.S. National Security Agency to learn more about the NSA's illegal domestic spy operations and its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

This remote neural monitoring of the neural pathways in a person's brain, allows NSA operatives to remotely decode the EEG waves which emanate from that person's brain, which can then be translated into words.

This remote thought reading through such technological means is known as synthetic telepathy - an artificial way of being able to read and even manipulate someone's thoughts.  The following is a direct quote from the literature offered by a company known as Silent Sounds Inc.

"It is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyze human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these 'emotional signature clusters' on another computer and, at will, 'silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being.'"

The following is an excerpt from a letter written by the President of Silent Sounds dated December 13.

"All schematics, however, have been classified by the U.S. Government and we are not allowed to reveal the exact details.. We make tapes and CD's for the German Government, even the former Soviet Union countries! All with the permission of the US State Department, of course. The system was used through Operation Desert Storm (Iraq) quite successfully."

So it's clear that this technology has even made its way into the consumer market place, albeit, on a much less sophisticated scale than the mind control warfare technology that the FBI and NSA have been secretly deploying against this author, and myriad other targets of such non consensual human experimentation for decades, in what must be described as a modern day version of the CIA's earlier MKULTRA program.

Except that instead of experimenting on people within the confines of a laboratory type of environment as the CIA did in the 1950s, this contemporary MKULTRA program is being deployed via signals intelligence satellite networks and the electromagnetic spectrum, in order to turn our communities into laboratories, which are then used for this Orwellian mind control experimentation.

As the readers of this Website are well aware, I use it as a venue in which to document classified technologies that you will never find being mentioned within the mainstream media, simply because of the negative impact that it would have on the U.S. federal government; a government which would be seen as a traitor to its own people for creating and deploying these covert "mind control" weapons on its own unwitting citizens.

However, these weapons most certainly do exist.  And one of their primary purposes is to remotely access our minds without our ever being made aware of it. For this reason alone, it's of extreme importance that you educate yourselves in regard to this Orwellian and arcane mind invasive technology.

This author supplies the best materials that I can locate in efforts to educate others regarding the use of covert satellite based mind control weaponry; weapons which the global military-industrial-intelligence complex is using against the citizenry of this planet, as part of Rothschild Zionism's intent to create a global Communist dictatorship.

Such mind control technology is a topic that you'll never hear about on Alex Jones' podcasts, despite much of his accurate information in regard to the Illuminati and its New World Order world government dictatorship, since Jones is part of Rothschild Zionism's controlled opposition.

Like any successful person who is used as part of the controlled opposition, Jones' purpose is to furnish his listeners with this litany of misery, in order to destroy their will to fight back, when the real objective is to motivate the citizenry to use their intellect to fight back in a legal manner; which can then be used to reinstate our Constitutional Republic. This, while driving these demonic interlopers, who have made wars for profit, the counterfeiting and laundering of their own counterfeited currency, and their furtive destruction of the American middle class, the de facto status quo in the United States.

Moreover, Alex Jones must by now have taken notice of how Jesse Ventura has become the target of a government driven smear campaign, since producing "The Brain Invaders" episode of Conspiracy Theory, which would certainly discourage Jones' foray into this particular conspiracy. Classified mind control weapons' technology which is being used to destroy the American people's inherent rights to both physical privacy as well as the privacy of thought.

A covert and Orwellian program of enslavement which is occurring right under the collective nose of the American people. See the following article entitled:"Synthetic Telepathy And The Early Mind Wars" by Richard Alan Miller

The above Website is maintained by Dr. Nick Begich, a pioneering researcher in the field of synthetic mind control. There are several excellent articles on the subject here, so you'll need to scroll down until you access Richard Alan Miller's article.

It is an excellent article, and one which will enlighten the reader regarding some of the mind control weapons that the U.S. Federal Government is deploying against many of its own citizens in the present day.

Please share this article with those whom you care about, since in the modern day, all Americans are electromagnetically brain fingerprinted by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, as part of a signals intelligence driven domestic spy program. As such, anyone of you can be subjected to the EEG heterodyning of your brain's own unique EMF signatures, while your mind is remotely interfaced with an NSA or CIA Artificial Intelligence computer, without ever realizing it. Satanism continues to propagate on this planet under Rothschild Zionism.  And the House of Rothschilds' New World Order is not a myth.  It is a reality which is now upon us.

-- James F. Marino

Also See: Earthpluspress.com

Also See: During A Period From 2011 Through 2012, A Series Of Extremely Bizarre Events Occurred In The U.S. Media, Regarding The Covert EEG Heterodyning Of The Brains Of Several Media Personalities, And The Strange Behavior They Displayed As Their Brains Were Remotely Influenced Via This Technology - The Media Was Told To Attribute This Mind Controlled Behavior To Seizures, Instead Of The Truth - That These Media Personalities Were The Subjects Of A Government Mind Control Experiment, Regarding The Interfacing Of Artificial Intelligence Computers With The Neural Pathways In Their Own Brains - The Fact That So Many Different Media Personalities Experienced This Strange Anomaly, Would Indicate That The Men & Women Working Within The U.S. Media Are EMF Brain Fingerprinted, As Part Of A Covert Signals Intelligence Driven Domestic Spy Program - An Orwellian Surveillance System Which Involves The Secret Brain Mapping Of All American Citizens Via The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, & The U.S. Military's Radiofrequency Radiation Dosimetry Handbook

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