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WQXR's Charitable Trust Scams Are A By-Product Of The Zionist's Control Over The Media System In The United States - WQXR's "Scamming For Dollars"

Why Hiroshima Was Destroyed - The Detailed History Of An Infamous Era By Eustace C. Mullins

Editor's Note: When this author wrote the following article back in 2010 it was quickly tampered with by the same FBI/NSA psycho's who have been remotely interfering with this Website since I created it back in 2006. The article pertains to the Zionist influence over the government controlled media in the United States, and how the charitable trust concept is used by PBS, to con the public out of donations which are then used by PBS, to play broadcast Monopoly with the licenses for TV and radio stations.

These people are very adept at the politics of the broadcast business, and are some of the slickest con artists in the business world today. They have perverted the beneficent concept of "Public Broadcasting" to hoodwink the public.

The following article was originally published in February of 2010:

WQXR's Charitable Trust Con
And The Fleecing Of The Station's Listeners

Written By James F. Marino

"Once the citizen becomes aware of the true role of the foundations, he can understand the high interest rates, high taxes, the destruction of the family, the degradation of the churches into forums of revolution, the subversion of the universities into CIA cesspools of drug addiction, and the halls of government into sewers of international espionage and intrigue. The American citizen can now understand why every agent of the federal government is against him; the alphabet agencies, the FBI, IRS, CIA and BATF must make war on the citizen in order to carry out the programs of the foundations.

"The foundations are in direct violation of their charters, which commit them to do 'charitable' work, because they make no grants which are not part of a political goal. The charge has been made and never denied, and the Heritage-AEI network has at least two KGB moles on its staff. The employment of intelligence operatives as 'charitable' workers, as was done in the Red Cross Mission to Russia in 1917, exposes the sinister political economic and social goals which the World Order requires the foundations to achieve through their 'bequests.'"


In reference to the above quote regarding the fraud that charitable trusts are - specifically, bequests given based on a political agenda - NY's WQXR is at it again; using their most recent slick con in which to hustle listeners out of their hard earned dollars, by crying poverty.

And by using the matching gifts charitable trust scheme to do so.

When listeners flip through their radio's tuning dial, they expect to find stations that broadcast the genres of music and other content which they enjoy listening to.

However, with certain public radio stations, listeners are constantly being bombarded with cleverly disguised upscale pan handling campaigns, oftentimes quite literally attempting to shame a listener into donating to one of the station's solicitation schemes.

The latest at WQXR (now owned by the same parent company that owns its sister-station WNYC) is the station's "Listener Legacy Circle." A clever come on which asks listeners to remember the station (in other words its owners) in their estates.

WQXR mentions the listeners' trusts and wills in particular. FM stands for frequency modulation. However, in modern times most people believe that FM stands for free music, which well it should, since the listeners did not ask these stations to broadcast their programming, and have absolutely no obligation in supporting public Television or radio stations; especially when one considers that the private organizations which quietly fund most of the day to day operations of these stations, could easily support their entire operations without the public's financial help.

Furthermore, the public has already made their "investment" in the radio broadcasting industry with the purchase of a radio.

And as for donations - as the saying goes: "charity begins at home." Not at WQXR or any other Zionist controlled media outlet, in spite of the quality of their programming. Which in the case of WQXR's music, is not bad. If WQXR could exist solely as a classical music oriented station, without its Zionist propaganda, its listeners would be far better served.

For what good is a public radio station that serves the Zionist one world government agenda, except to promote world Zionism; a cancer on humanity itself.

Moreover, the private institutions which have historically financed most of the operating expenses associated with said stations (and use them as vehicles in which to promote their own propaganda), could easily afford to purchase stations such as WQXR, in which to ensure their solvency. However, these organizations would then lose the cache of the upscale profile which many public radio stations have established over the years, and one which these organizations exploit for their own questionable agendas. Next time you listen to *WQXR, take note of the groups which co-sponsor their charitable donation drives and then research them for yourselves.

What you will find is a trail of old money which goes back generations and earned the old fashioned way - stolen through plausibly deniable means. The pseudo-foundation of the United States for more than a century has been based on the criminal fraud of such robber baron tycoons as Rockefeller, Morgan, Ford, Dupont and other House Of Rothschild lackeys, who've been instrumental in destroying the United States of America, while using its resources (namely the American middle class), for their own world Zionism agenda.

*WQXR was a privately owned station up until 2009, when it was then purchased by the consortium which controls the New York City public station, WNYC. At the time of this transaction, WQXR's 96.3 location on the radio dial was sold to another station, while WQXR's broadcasts were moved to the 105.9 FM frequency.

- James F. Marino

WNYC Radio Scamming Its Listeners In Order To Acquire Other Radio Licenses

Also see the following comment from a listener who also understands the duplicity of the WNYC Board Of Directors:

"The arrogance and duplicity of Laura Walker and the WNYC board has to be admired for it’s brazen contempt of the classical music public in metro NY. When the city sold WNYC to its current owners, the purchase was predicated on keeping WNYC as a classical music station. The fundraising focused exclusively on the strength of the WNYC signal and its tradition of broadcasting classical music NOTWITHSTANDING the known low levels of 'listenership.'

"I still have my memento paperweight thanking me for helping to buy the “mortgage” that purportedly hung over the newly independent WNYC. When the WNYC board held its infamous closed door meeting to “adjust” the format and diminish music on the station it gave in to the quest for increased “listenership” despite the dishonorable betrayal of long time supporters. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know classical music doesn’t pay it’s way. WNCN at 104.3 was killed because of this and it’s location on the dial and signal strength. Rock (which I love) on 104.3 was and is more lucrative than classical music. But the NCN switch was not never defined as anything but money. WNYC was purchased amid the fanfare of a noble cause, i.e., saving classical music in NY.

"The same argument is being used presumably because the 'big lie' works. If there was an ounce of integrity in the people in charge of WNYC they would transfer the current NYC programming to the “new QXR” and restore classical music to its rightful primacy on WNYC. But that would result in a loss of “listenership”. So money wins, Surprise? Kudos to Channel 13 for having confronted this beast and come out honorably bruised. WNYC lost its honor and integrity years ago and now arrogantly claims to come to the rescue of classical music. This brazen contempt for the public is what is most amazing since it seems to succeed. Foundations finance it. These people are masterful politicians. That is not a compliment."

-- Ron, Former WNYC Supporter
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