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Is The Current Media Attack On The Obama Administration A Red Herring, Which Is Being Used To Cover Up A U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Covert Operation To Remove Obama From The White House, So They Can Rescind A Signing Statement By Obama Which Excludes Americans From The National Defense Authorization Act?

FBI Now Claims That Tamerlan Tsarnaev Acquaintance, Ibragim Todashev Was About To Sign A Confession Prior To Being Shot To Death By An FBI Agent, After Allegedly Attempting To Harm An FBI Agent During This Interogation - Todashev Stated To Another Friend Who Was Also Being Interrogated By The FBI, That He Thought That FBI Agents Were Going To Murder Him During The Investigation - Is The FBI Tying Up Loose Ends In Its Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag Operation So That Any Person Who Can Expose This False Flag Op Is Murdered?

Was An Advertising Executive By The Name Of Suzanne Hart Murdered As Part Of The Psywarfare Operations That FBI/NSA Operatives Have Been Subjecting This Author And Target Of MKULTRA To For More Than Three Decades?

One Of The Thousands Of American Citizens Targeted For The Vigilante Hate Crime Organized Stalking, Whose Website Does A Credible Job Of Documenting Their Experience As A Target Of OS And Its Use In Destroying The Constitutional Rule Of Law In The United States - Organized Stalking And Those Who Orchestrate This Orwellian Crime Through Their Use Of Fusion Centers, Are An Abject Cancer On The Human Race

The U.S. Military Intelligence Community's Use Of Americans For Non Consensual Human Experimentation Has Been Taking Place Since 1931

The EEG Heterodyning Of The Human Brain Via Signals Intelligence Satellite Could Not Be Accomplished Without The Ability For Such Satellites To Locate The Minute Electromagnetic Fields Which Emanate From The Brain - This Is Why Signals Intelligence Satellites Like Those Used For The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, Rely On Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDS) To Locate These Frequencies In The Human Brain

Is The U.S. Military Intelligence Complex Trying To Remove Barack Obama From The White House So That His Signing Statement Excluding American Citizens From The National Defense Authorization Act, Can Be Repealed?

The readers will notice how the Obama Administration is now under fire on "4" separate issues involving the Obama DOJ's illegal wiretapping of at least 20 phone lines at The Associated Press, as well as a House Of Representatives' cloakroom, spying on Fox News reporter - James Rosen, The Benghazi debacle, and the IRS' intentional targeting of tax exempt groups like the Tea Party.

This offers further proof that the DOJ and FBI were never created as legitimate policing organizations, but instead, as pawns of whichever presidential administration is occupying the White House. Moreover, the FBI has never had a legislative charter, because during its creation, the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government (which includes the White House) intentionally bypassed the U.S. Congress so that the FBI would serve as a secret police force for the White House.

The fact is that the FBI has always been used for political repression in America and to stifle political dissent. Moreover, the FBI is unconstitutional because it was not created through the legislative process by the U.S. Congress, as it should have been, given that Congress is the body of government which legislates laws.

And this would explain why the FBI has been able to operate as little more than an Americanized version of the Nazi's Gestapo for more than a Century, representing corporate America. The Palmer Raids of the 1920's is one of the better illustrations of how the FBI is secretly used to conduct class warfare against the American middle class.

As for the current media frenzy in regard to the White House and Obama DOJ, given the CIA's control over the U.S. Media, as the result of the 1948 covert program (Operation Mockingbird) which the CIA created in order to usurp the media in the United States, so that it could be used to serve as a propaganda machine for the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, this complex can cover up virtually any act of the federal government if they so choose, unless they want this information becoming public.

So what is the primary reason for the media attack on the Obama Administration? How about Obama's signing statement which at least hypothetically, protects all American citizens from being treated as enemy combatants by the U.S. Military.

If Obama is impeached and this signing statement is repealed, there is nothing preventing the U.S. Military from declaring any American citizen an enemy combatant.

In this vein, think about the fraudulent terrorist watch lists which the FBI and DHS have created over the past decade, in regard to civil rights activists such as the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street movements. Everyone of these people could be arrested without any formal charges, and held indefinetly by the U.S. Military, if Obama is removed from office and his signing statement regarding the American people not being subjected to the treasonous National Defense Authorization Act legislation, is repealed.

Under this Communistic NDAA legislation, the U.S. Military Intelligence complex will be able to declare it open season on any American who questions any act by the U.S. Federal Government that they disagree with.

Moreover, the NDAA defines such acts, which interestingly enough, include defending the U.S. Constitution, as acts of belligerence - a definition of terrorism which is so ambiguous, that it can be used against any American citizen, while denying them their right to due process of law.

And since the NDAA treats all Americans as if they were foreigners, they can be placed under detention for an indefinate period of time, without ever being told why they have been detained - while their rights to due process of law are completely disregarded.

In this author's opinion, the current media attack on the White House is being secretly fomented by the U.S. Military Intelligence complex, whose intent is to remove Barack Obama from Office, so that they can rescind Obama's signing statement, and be able to declare any American citizen as an enemy combatant.

It is very likely that this complex decided on this plan of attack against Obama, from the moment that he signed this statement.

As for removing Obama from office, would you really want Joe "I'm A Zionist" Biden finishing out his term?

There's no doubt that Americans need a new U.S. President. However, first we must obtain a new federal government which operates within the U.S. Constitutional rule of law. Not the corporation in Washington D.C. which was created as the result of the Congress' treasonous passage of the Legislative Act of 1871, which would result in the United States being turned into a corporation, with its citizens becoming human capital for this corporation.

As of 1933:

One American citizen = One Share Of U.S. Corporation Stock

A *corporation which is controlled by the Vatican, British Monarchy and House of Rothschild triumvirate. Until we rid ourselves of this abjectly corrupt corporation which is doing business as the U.S. Federal Government, and reinstate our Constitutional Republic, electing another president is meaningless.

We don't need to change presidents in this country nearly as much as we need to change the system of government in America.

We need a legitimate government based on our Constitutional Republic. Not the democracy that Rothschild Zionism has deceived us into accepting in the post Civil War era, or the military police state we have had in America since the 9/11 false flag operation.

- James F. Marino


The United States Is A Corporation And The Birth Certificate Of Each American Citizen Denotes Their Existence As A Share Of Stock In This Corporation

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