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The 1972 Crash Of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401 & The Ghostly Presence Of A Pilot & His Flight Engineer On Airliners Which Used Recycled Parts From The Doomed Flight - Were They Legitimate Apparitions Or Satellite Projected Holograms?

Eastern Air Lines Flight 401
Accidental Crash Or Part Of A U.S. Intel Black Operation
Involving Project Blue Beam & The New World Order

By James F. Marino

In this article, the readers should keep the following *comment regarding the CIA in mind, when reading about Eastern Airlines Flight 401, since the crash of Flight 401 may well have been done as part of an Intelligence black operation using signals intelligence satellites and artificial intelligence computers.

*"So we now may know why they call it the Centralized Intelligence Agency. It might be more appropriately called the wireless “Global Brain” project, created in 1947. They constrict knowledge and decide when and who will disseminate information or disinformation of their choosing through traditional media streams. We also know why CIA agents are called 'Spooks'. It is because their first scripts were all based on hauntings and possessions when testing the EEG heterodyning technology."

This black operation would have also involved this complexes' use of holographic technology to project holographic images into the air, so that they could actually be viewed by the human eye.

It is this author's opinion that most of the UFO sightings that are commonly reported nowadays, are in fact holograms that are projected from specialized satellites, that will eventually be used as part of NASA's Project Blue Beam end of the world scenario.

Blue Beam is the covert NASA operation that investigative journalist, Serge Monast, attempted to expose in 1994, when he wrote an article entitled: "Project Blue Beam."

Monast would die less than two years later, the victim of a heart attack. This author believes that Serge Monast was killed with a directed energy microwave weapon.

You should also note that after I posted this article, eight days later a plane in Mesa, Texas made an emergency landing after its front landing gear failed. This information will become important as you learn of the reasons for the Flight 401 crash.

These types of EEG heterodyned occurrences take place with this author constantly. I will either have a thought or see something which is then carried out in real life, and often reported within the mainstream media.

*Mesa, Texas Plane Makes Emergency Landing After Its Landing Gear Fails

Moreover, it is often after I watch a movie in which a specific incident occurs, that is then made to occur in real life. For instance, after I watch a movie called "Paper Man" in which a woman is crushed to death in an elevator accident, that same week the media reports that a woman is crushed to death in an elevator accident, after the doors close on her, and her body gets lodged between the elevator floor and the ceiling of the next floor in the building.

Even more disturbing is that the day after I see this movie, a van parks in from of my home with the name HART painted on its side. The woman who is killed in the elevator accident was named Suzanne Hart!

In 1972 an Eastern Air Lines flight (401) headed for Florida crashed in the Everglades killing over 100 of the plane's passengers.

Also killed were Captain Bob Luft and his flight engineer, Don Repo. The crash resulted in at least one book being written about it, as well as two TV movies (one of which can be viewed above) being produced in regard to the Flight 401 crash, and the subsequent paranormal phenomenon which took place for years afterwards, as the direct result of this crash.

"Over the following months and years, employees of Eastern Air Lines began reporting sightings of the dead crew members, captain Robert Loft and second officer (flight engineer) Donald Repo, sitting on board other L-1011 (N318EA) flights.[31][32][33]

Parts of Flight 401 were salvaged after the crash investigation and refitted into other L-1011s.[31][34] The reported hauntings were only seen on the planes that used the spare parts.[31][32] Sightings of the spirits of Don Repo and Bob Loft spread throughout Eastern Air Lines to the point where Eastern's management warned employees that they could face dismissal if caught spreading ghost stories."

- Wikipedia

What makes this plane crash different from so many others is that shortly after this crash and for years later, the apparitions of both the pilot and his flight engineer were seen on several flights in which *Lockheed L-1011 jetliners were used. Each of these aircraft had a recycled part installed on it, which was taken from the wreckage of Eastern Air Lines Flight 401.

*Flight 401 was a Lockheed L-1011 airliner

In several instances the apparitions were said to have spoken to airline personnel aboard these aircraft warning them of some impending problem.

Eastern Air Lines attempted to cover up the situation by editing flight logs; removing the information regarding the sightings of the apparitions of these two men.

Several of the flight attendants who reported these sightings were also forced to seek psychiatric treatment as part of this Eastern Air Line's smokes screen, or risk being fired from their jobs.

In fact, the management of Eastern Air Lines, whose President at the time was the former astronaut, Frank Borman, threatened that any employee who engaged in speculation regarding the sightings of these apparitions, risked being dismissed from Eastern.

Interestingly enough, the recycled parts used on the airliners which these apparitions appeared on, were removed from these planes, and the apparitions were not seen or heard from again.

There's no doubt that these apparitions were witnessed by quite a few people, including Eastern Air Line's pilots, stewardesses and passengers. The only real question here is were the apparitions real, or satellite projected holograms used as part of some covert government program?

The crash of **Flight 401 occurred as the result of the *plane's landing gear indicator light not coming on. This resulted in the pilot and his crew attempting to determine if the front landing gear had actually deployed or not. The concern was that the instrument light may have been faulty and the landing gear had actually been activated. In this author's opinion, the landing gear may have been tampered with by remote means, such as a signals intelligence satellite.

* With the miniaturization of cameras, why don't all commercial airliners have cameras installed in the areas around the front and rear landing gear? This way the pilots can visually see if the landing gear has not deployed, instead of trying to guess as to whether or not it has, in the event that an aircraft's landing gear warning system is triggered?

** After publishing this post, NSA electronically triggers the horn on a Family vehicle that has the auto start feature, while the vehicle is parked in our garage. The horn sounding twice is a warning that the vehicle's engine is about to start by way of the remote start feature. However, NSA stops short of actually starting the vehicle, since the false start was simply a psychological warfare tactic.

Yet, NSA can easily remotely start this vehicle via signals intelligence satellite during the night, while Family members are asleep and this automobile is parked in our garage, which could result in our being killed with carbon monoxide poisoning.

This has been a concern of this author's for quite sometime. Moreover, as a target of signals intelligence electronic warfare attacks for many years, this author has seen myriad examples of such electronic interference deployed via signals intelligence satellites. I have seen everything from motion sensitive spotlights, home alarms, car alarms, car door locks, garage door openers, TV sets and radios being remotely turned on and off, to electronic equipment being burned out via a satellite deployed microwave beam.

So I am left to wonder if the front landing gear indicator light for Flight 401 may have been deliberately tampered with by remote means as part of some covert government experiment, that resulted in the flight's autopilot being turned off (by accident or done remotely?), and which ultimately resulted in Flight 401 crashing.

Of course, it is entirely possible that in this particular instance the apparitions may have been real, and attempting to warn the flight personnel of aircraft which used recycled parts from Flight 401, that the parts were unsafe.

However, given the furtive ways in which the U.S. Military Intelligence complex uses the citizenry in this country for covert forms of non consensual human experimentation, I would not be at all surprised to learn that the downing of Flight 401 and the subsequent sightings of the apparitions of two of its flight crew, may have been some type of experimentation dealing with satellite projected holography - not unlike many of the modern day sightings of UFO's which are clearly satellite projected holograms, that Americans have been deceived into believing are real UFO craft.

That is not to say that UFO's and EBE's don't exist, since this author is certain that they do. However, how many of the UFO craft that we see are legitimate UFO's piloted by EBE's, and how many are being piloted by government personnel, or remotely flown as part of a shadow government black project?

And for that matter, how many of these craft are simply satellite projected holographic illusions used to mesmerize, if not terrify the public, as part of a much more involved brainwashing program which investigative journalist, Serge Monast attempted to warn us about in 1994?

In 1994, Serge Monast published "Project Blue Beam," which described the House of Rothschilds' plan to carry out a fake alien invasion in order to implement a global Communist dictatorship.

What the Rothschilds and their Satanist minions secretly refer to as the New World Order.

In the modern day, Monast's expose has become so important - especially as it applies to the NASA's use of signals intelligence satellites and directed energy weapons - that it should be read by every adult on the planet, since this work is based on information which Monast claims to have received from contrite government agents, who at the time, understood the dangers of this program to the global population.

This author recently re-read Project Blue Beam, and was astounded at how much of what Serge predicted in his published work has since come true.

According to Monast, the Project Blue Beam false flag operation will also make use of space based weapons, in order to create holographic images of the worlds' religious icons, including Jesus Christ; which will then be merged into a single image of the new savior - what authors Cris Putnam and Tom Horn refer to as the Antichrist.

Monast must have been onto something enormous here, because the U.S. Federal Government was quick to claim that Blue Beam was a piece of disinformation.

Moreover, Monast would die of a heart attack less than two years after writing the Project Blue Beam article, while in his mid forties. And the person who collaborated on this research with Monast also died of a heart attack within days of Monast; both men, the likely victims of a directed energy microwave weapons' attack.

- James F. Marino

Also See: Wikipedia information on Eastern Airlines Flight 401 & The Coverup The Airlines Attempted To Perpetrate Regarding The Allegations Made By Several Stewardesses & Pilots That Apparitions Of A Pilot And Engineer Who Were Killed On Flight 401 Were Seen On Other Airliners Which Used Recycled Parts From Flight 401 - When The Parts Were Removed From The Flights The Ghost Sightings Ended

Editor's Note: As of 4/21/13, FBI/NSA psycho's again targeting this author's Father with ELF waves which are used to cause nausea and fatigue. These agents of Satan are nothing but despicable and cowardly torturers and murderers.

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