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TANGRAM - The NSA's Total Information Awareness Program Also Includes The Remote Neural Monitoring Of One's Thoughts - Synthetic Telepathy

Obama, Bush, Clinton Suspicious Death Lists - Body Count

How Judge Martin Mahoney Almost Succeeded In Destroying The Federal Reserve System More Than Forty Years Ago, And Was Murdered For Attempting To Do So

"Three Coins In The Sewer" - A Federal Conspiracy To Aid & Abet Class Warfare Against The American Middle Class

Evidence That The FBI Has Had Former Congressperson Cynthia Mckinney Under Surveillance - Why Would The FBI Have Mckinney Under Surveillance? Because While Still In Office She Attempted To Pass Legislation Which Would Have Been Used To Initiate A New Congressional Investigation Into The U.S. Intelligence Community, The Likes Of Which Has Not Been Seen Since The Church Committee Hearings Chaired By Former Idaho Senator Frank Church In The 1970's - This Allegation Regarding The FBI's Surveillance Of Cynthia Mckinney Serves As Further Proof That The Intelligence Community Monitors Any Politician Who Attempts To Investigate This Community, And Will Attempt To Destroy Any Politician Who Comes Close To Succeeding In Doing So, As We Have Seen In A Number Of Instances; Including The FBI's Sabotage Of Senator Robert Torricelli's Reelection Campaign, The Likely Staged Shoving Incident Involving Cynthia Mckinney, And The Murder Of Congressman Leo Ryan, For Legislation Which He Co-Authored In An Attempt To Create Better Congressional Oversight Over The U.S. Intelligence Community

U.S. Postal Service To Start Closing 250 Plants This Summer As Congress Remains Deadlocked On A Solution To The Post Office's Inability To Remain Solvent - In This Author's Opinion, The Post Office Will Close Permanently In The Next Few Years, With Most Of What The Post Office Has Traditionally Done Being Conducted Via E-mail - Post Office Business That Can't Be Conducted Through E-mail Will Be Absorbed By FedEx, UPS & Other Carriers, Which Poses The Question: What Will Happen To The Large Number Of Men & Women Who Have Worked For The Post Office? This Is An Especially Important Question Given That USPS Is The Second Largest Employer In America, Behind Wall Mart, Employing More Than A Quarter Of A Million People

Another Family Member Of A 9-11 Pilot Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances - Was Sandra Dahl Murdered Via A Directed Energy Weapon? Dahl's Husband, Jason Dahl, Was The Pilot Of Flight 93, Which Was Likely Shot Down By The U.S. Military On The Morning Of 9-11-2001 - In 2006, Wendy Burlingame Died In An Apartment Fire Under Strange Circumstances - Burlingame Was The Daughter Of Charles Burlingame, The Pilot Who Was Alleged To Have Flown Flight 77 Into The Pentagon

The NSA's Creation Of A Proprietary Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network Which Is Deployed Via Spy Satellite & The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Is Used To Conduct Through The Air Computer To Brain Interface Of American Citizens, While Denying Them Their Inherent Rights To Privacy Under The 4Th Amendment & Due Process Of Law Under The 5Th And 6Th Amendments - This Technology Is Being Used With The Intent Of Destroying The American People's Inherent Rights Under The United States Constitution

Editor's Note: As retaliation for writing the following, when this author attempts to make an online purchase, the FBI provocateurs who regularly hack into this Website, interfere with a purchase this author attempts to make online. The credit card used is in good standing, however, that means very little when these agents either call the retailer who will then aid and abet their crimes by refusing to conduct business, or electronically sabotage the transaction by hacking into the Website of the retailer and interfering with the purchase without the retailer's knowledge.

Then again, these agents are operating in a criminal capacity, even if they are concealing these crimes under the cover of law.

The FBI has been sabotaging these electronic purchases for several years now, at times even perpetrating the crime of vandalism, by damaging goods that are purchased.

NSA Signals Intelligence Satellite Predation

Continues To Be Problematic & Often Destructive

Through their use of satellite deployed directed energy weaponry, NSA agents are capable of perpetrating crimes that sometimes involve the most intricate manipulations of physics. On several occasions, when using a propane barbecue grill, NSA agents have actually been able to disrupt the flow of propane through the burners on the grill. The grill would operate, however, not heat up because of the reduction in propane.

However, once the grill was turned off, it would depend on the number of times that these agents wanted this author to turn the grill on, before they would allow the propane to flow normally. This is just part of the daily psychological warfare operation that they perpetrate against my person.

They have done the same thing with accessing the passwords on E-mail accounts, Blogger and other Internet venues, when they were attempting to condition this author to particular psychological triggers. For instance, if they were using the number 2 as a trigger, they would prevent me from accessing an E-mail account until I typed my password twice.

If they were using another number as a psychological trigger, say five, then I would have had to attempt to access my E-mail account five times, before these agents would allow me to finally access it. In other words, they perpetrate the crime of electronic trespass, however, since it is done through the air, there is no way to prove it.

Keep in mind that I would type in the password correctly, yet the account would not be accessible. However, when I attempted to access the account on the "acceptable" number of times, I would be able to do so.

Now take this a step further. Imagine that these operatives would choose different numbers as psychological triggers and then manipulate a situation in a similar way to the aforementioned, and you can begin to understand how NSA operatives use this signals intelligence technology to treat us as non consensual experimentees within our own homes.

These agents have no legal authority to do this, which is why these crimes are committed with total anonymity, while they use fusion centers to conduct furtive slander campaigns against us.

Moreover, these psychological operations are ongoing, and there are, at the very least, thousands of American men and women on the Internet describing their own experiences as non consensual experimentees, who are being experimented upon within the so called privacy of their own homes; each being subjected to what can only be described as a custom tailored electronic harassment nightmare, designed expressly for themselves.

While their inherent rights as Americans which are supposed to be protected under the U.S. Bill of Rights, are completely abrogated by these Intel criminals.

NSA Agents & Their Psychotic Mind Games

At other times, these electronic harassment campaigns are used to remotely interfere with the circuit in a piece of electronic equipment, sometimes even damaging the equipment.

These agents appear to derive some sick and twisted sense of satisfaction out of watching the citizens whom they prey on with this electronic warfare technology, taking delight in the misery that they cause, and the complete havoc that they wreak.

As far as tampering with an electronic circuit, the NSA can remotely interfere with any type of electronic circuitry, regardless of how complex or simple.

For example, this author has witnessed the NSA actually prevent me from pumping gas into the tank of my automobile. The gas gauge was only about 1/4 full, however, I was unable to put more than a few dollars worth of gas into my car before the gas pump shut off.

The gas pump has an electronic sensor in it which automatically turns off when the gasoline reaches the opening of the nozzle, in order to prevent the gas from spilling onto the ground.

The NSA was actually able to remotely trigger this sensor, so that the sensor shut off prematurely, preventing me from adding any more gas to the tank of my car.

The NSA's electronic attacks on our persons are no more amusing, since this Nazi indoctrinated organization uses directed energy weaponry to remotely torture many of us, while furtively murdering other targets of this non consensual human experimentation.

It was the midst of the 1990's when this author learned of this for myself, when I was regularly tortured by way of such satellite deployed directed energy weapons.

However, at the time, I was battling a chronic case of the biological weapon Lyme Disease. The myriad symptoms that Lyme Disease can cause was exploited by the reprobates at the NSA, who used this technology to remotely attack my person, concluding that I would attribute these new symptoms to Lyme Disease.

However, a number of the symptoms did not correlate with Lyme Disease, yet as I would learn years later, did with electronic warfare attacks.

This author has experienced so many different manifestations of the NSA's electronic warfare over the past few decades, that I document them on this blog to give the reader an idea of how sophisticated the NSA's technology is, and just some of the Agency's capabilities.

Moreover, remotely tampering with gas pumps, triggering car and home alarms, turning on motion sensitive spotlights, and wreaking havoc with home electronic appliances, seems rather tame in comparison to the NSA's ability to remotely access the brain of any American citizen by way of its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, and through the air computer to brain interface of our brain's own unique EMF signatures.

However, this doesn't prevent these agents from doing so. They have damaged several pieces of this author's electronic equipment over past few years, and for a time would turn TV's and radio's in our home on and off by remote means, even once opening our garage door.

When you are the target of non consensual human experimentation, such electronic harassment is a daily occurrence. And there are quite literally an infinite number of ways in which the NSA can use this technology to make the life a target a living nightmare, while denying that these Orwellian crimes are even taking place.

Furthermore, the U.S. Intel community continues to place its shills all over the Internet, referring to those who promulgate the NSA's satellite predation of our persons as disinformation agents, while creating Websites which are used as red herrings, in order to conceal the Intelligence community's outrageous crimes from the American people.

Not only have these agents done this, but in many instances those who can corroborate these accounts, are quite literally blackmailed by these agents into denying that these crimes are taking place, out of fear that these agents will make good on whatever threats they use to intimidate these people.

This is how the U.S. Intelligence community is able conceal their crimes from the American people. Moreover, as in the case of this author's Family, the FBI's use of coercion is done with the intent of silencing those can corroborate the accounts of those of us who are denied our Constitutional rights, while being used for various forms of non consensual human experimentation.

This is especially true if the FBI, DHS or some other Intel organization has committed crimes against our persons which are so outrageous, that the Congress and Department Of Justice will conspire to conceal them, while using fusion centers to furtively demonize us.

These smear campaigns have become so common in America since the terrorist attacks on 9-11-2001, that thousands of American men and women have created their own Websites to document their own experiences as targets of these crimes; many of which include the FBI's use of COINTELPRO tactics, against their persons.

As such, the slanderous smear campaigns that the U.S. Intel community promulgates against our persons under the Patriot Act (much of which is based on fabrication and confabulation), is yet a further attempt to discredit those who know from their own personal experience, that this mind invasive technology exists.

The fact that the Constitutional right to due process of law has been completely circumvented in regard to targets of such non consensual human experimentation, also offers further proof that it is the U.S. Intel community that is in the commission of crimes against us.

It is also a sign that the Intelligence community is gradually losing the battle to deceive the American people, because there are thousands of Americans describing what it is like to have their thoughts read by remote means, who are not implanted with brain implants.

Instead, these people are being remote neurally monitored via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network, while their minds are subjected to the NSA's two way through the air communication with their own brains; their brains' own unique sets of bioelectric resonance-entrainment frequencies being exploited without their knowledge.

As a result of this, John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit is not only precedent setting, but the most important lawsuit ever filed by a citizen against their own government, since Akwei's lawsuit describes the NSA's domestic spying of Americans through the most advanced satellite tracking systems ever created - those that utilize the electromagnetic spectrum for the purpose of spying on a country's citizenry in ways unheard of in the past, since the NSA is using its Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network to remotely read the thoughts of American citizens, most of whom have no idea that this crime against humanity is being perpetrated against them - much less by their own government.

As such, John St. Clair Akwei's information is already starting to be recognized for its importance, which is why the U.S. Intel community is circulating their own disinformation in regard to Mr. Akwei. Years ago, the Intelligence community attempted to portray the lawsuit as a complete hoax which was promulgated over the Internet, even claiming that there was no such person.

However, after it was proved that John St. Clair Akwei does in fact exist, and that he did file a civil lawsuit against the NSA in 1992, which was quickly dismissed by a corrupt federal judge named Stanley Sporkin, the Intel community began to promote their own disinformation, claiming that it is impossible to remotely read someones thoughts by way of a satellite without a brain implant.

However, this is just another lie told by federal agents who are by nature pathological, and who understand the consequences which they will be forced to face once the American people learn that they have been subjected to this egregious violation of their Constitutional rights, through a national brain fingerprinting program.

* Sporkin also has a past relationship with the U.S. Intelligence community as a former general counsel to the CIA. He retired from the bench in 2000, after he had used his position as a federal court judge, to influence cases for the CIA and NSA.

The information that this author has found in regard to Akwei VS NSA never listed the name of the judge who presided over the case. As such, it took me over a year to locate the name of this judge, only to find that he had been involved in a number of cases that were sabotaged by his person, including one which involved Hamilton Securities - a financial company which at the time was owned by former Assistant HUD Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts.

Fitts had come under fire by the Bush 41 Administration after she created a program which Fitts was using to successfully decentralize the housing mortgage industry.

However, the House of Rothschilds' intent is to centralize every aspect of the United States in order to reduce us to the status of serfs under a modern day feudal system. This is why we have a Communist central bank - The Federal Reserve System - and why the United States is gradually being eroded, with the intent of merging its land and citizenry with Canada and Mexico, as one region of the New World Order.

This region will be referred to as the North American Union.

As such, Bush 41 promoted a furtive campaign in which to discredit Fitts' program, while also attempting to systematically destroy every aspect of her life. Based on her accounts of this conspiracy, Catherine Austin Fitts was also the target of an organized stalking campaign.

Thankfully, Sporkin finally retired from the bench in 2000. Interestingly enough, the case against Hamilton Securities, which Sporkin had used the Qui Tam statute to keep sealed for several years, was quickly dismissed by the judge who replaced Sporkin, who must have realized that the only reason that Sporkin had used the Qui Tam statute, was because he knew that the case against Hamilton Securities was fraudulent, and kept the case sealed in an attempt to bankrupt the company.

* Sporkin may have actually set a precedent in regard to his erroneous use of Qui Tam as a stalling tactic, since the statute is supposed to be used for a period of 60 days in order to determine if a lawsuit is legitimate or frivolous. Sporkin perverted the use of the Qui Tam, knowing that the case against Hamilton Securities had no merit. So instead of dismissing the lawsuit after 60 days as he should have done, Sporkin used Qui Tam to seal the case for years.

An Increasing Number Of Americans Are Beginning To Learn

About The U.S. Intel Community's Satellite Predation

Several years ago there were a scant few people living within the United States who had claimed that their thoughts were somehow being remotely read. Today, the number of *Americans who have reported this phenomenon is in the thousands. As such, the search for the culprits in these crimes has become intense, as American citizens attempt to learn who is responsible for violating their privacy and Constitutional protections in such outrageous and Orwellian ways.

* This remote thought reading phenomenon is not unique to the United States, since the citizens of many other countries (each of whose government's are members of NATO) have reported similar experiences, while also being subjected to the psychological warfare operation/vigilante hate crime organized stalking.

The U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex is no doubt responsible for these crimes in America.

However, which specific organizations have access to such thought reading technology?

Fortunately, there are a few legitimate government whistle blowers who have exposed the fact that the organizations which they once worked directly for, or did contract work for, have the types of thought reading technology which can be used to instantaneously, remotely access any American citizen's brainwaves via signal intelligence satellite.

Amongst these whistleblowers is John St. Clair Akwei, whose 1992 lawsuit against the U.S. National Security Agency exposed the fact that the NSA has been illegally spying domestically for most of its history, and that by the early 1980's, the NSA secretly implemented a signals intelligence operation which is used to track Americans by way of their bodies' own unique EMF signatures.

This makes the following information in regard to the NSA's use in obtaining real-time dossiers on all American citizens under its "Total Information Awareness Program," all the more pertinent.

Contrary to what the U.S. Congress or the President Of The United States will tell us, the NSA has always been used to spy domestically as well as internationally, even though this organization is clearly violating its own charter by spying domestically.

- James F. Marino

The Big Three in Synthetic Telepathy

"These three firms have played key roles in the government's psychic spying programs:

Stanford Research Institute (SRI International)
Wikipedia - SRI International

Booz Allen Hamilton (BAH)
Wikipedia - Booz Allen Hamilton

and Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
Scientific Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

The same three firms also serve as key players in TANGRAM -- the U.S. government's 'Total Information Awareness' program for tracking terrorists via computer.

Mind reading as a form of 'Total Information Awareness?'

As mentioned in the last post, the Department of Defense launched a 'Total Information Awareness' (TIA) program shortly after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Despite efforts by the United States Congress to kill the TIA in 2003, the core of this massive data-mining program has been renamed TANGRAM and moved quietly to an office on the campus of the National Security Agency, the 'Puzzle Palace' where some of the nation's brightest mathematicians break codes and ciphers.

The NSA is exactly where one would expect the government to park a spy program focused intensely on sorting out massive amounts of puzzling information. The United States undoubtedly needs to track terrorists.

The only problem is, the NSA spymasters do not seem to be satisfied with merely tracking foreign nationals who pose a clear and present danger to the security of the United States. Civil rights activists claim that the NSA has begun digging far too deeply into the private communications and private lives of domestic civilians who pose little or no threat at all.

In fact, from the information gathered by this blog, it would appear that the NSA's concept of 'Total Information Awareness' involves not only spying on domestic telephone traffic, bank transactions, email and computer communications, but also electronically penetrating the inner most thoughts of 'suspects' via artificial telepathy and remote neural monitoring."

Editor's Note: The above excerpt was sourced from the following Website:

Artificial Telepathy

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