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Senator John McCain & His Nuclear Power Lobby Are Dangerous To The American People - Long Islanders Are Still Paying Off Shoreham's $6 Billion Debt

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"Meltdown At Three Mile Island"

Senator John McCain's Association With The Nuclear Lobby

Is Unhealthy For The American People

Written By James F. Marino

On March 28Th, 1979, a nuclear reactor at the Three Mile Island nuclear power facility in the State of Pennsylvania uncovered its core, releasing a dangerous level of radiation to the plant and its surrounding area.

This accident occurred just twelve days after the blockbuster hit, "The China Syndrome" premiered. The combination of the nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island and the powerful message sent by the China Syndrome, a movie in which a nuclear power company attempts to conceal problems with one of its nuclear power plants, and which leads to disastrous consequences, were directly responsible for preventing Long Island's Shoreham nuclear power plant from ever being put into service.

The problem with what to do with the ill fated power plant persisted for years, until the mid 1980's when then Governor Mario Cuomo engineered a deal in which the Shoreham power plant's owner - the Long Island Lighting Company (LILCO, which is today known as LIPA or Long Island Power Authority) - would agree to sell the power plant to the State of New York for one dollar.

This deal released LILCO from the financial burden of having to maintain Shoreham in the future, while passing the 6 billion dollar debt that LILCO had amassed in building the Shoreham plant in the 1970's, on to Long Island's citizens.

This debt, in addition to corrupted politicians and mismanagement of Long Island's economy, have created an insurmountable debt for Long Islanders, which has grown so outrageous, that as of January 27Th, 2011, the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) has taken over Nassau County, Long Island's finances, while being sued by Nassau's leadership, who are attempting to regain control of the County.

  • Nassau County To File Lawsuit To Stop NIFA Takeover

  • LILCO should have been allowed to go bankrupt in the 1980's instead of passing its debt on to Long Islanders, just as the Wall Street companies which were bailed out at the public's expense over the past few years due to the sub prime mortgage debacle, should have been allowed to go out of business, instead of saddling the American middle class with nearly a trillion dollars in TARP debt - even if some of this debt has been repaid.

    The message to America's taxpayers is clear: they will pay for whatever mistakes both the private and public sector make, regardless of how unethical, illegal, or unfair this is.

    The Shoreham debacle has resulted in the obscenely high tax rates that Long Islanders have been forced to pay over the past three decades.

    Long Islanders are still paying for LILCO's disaster in 2011!

    * Many Long Islanders have often wondered why their property and utility taxes are so exorbitant, and the Shoreham nuclear power plant debacle is the primary reason. This in addition to many unionized employees such as police officers and school teachers, retiring at even more than what they were earning while on the job. These employees also have COLA's (cost of living allowances) which allow for an increase in what they are paid to keep up with inflation. Something the private sector does not have.

    However, such abuses have now come back to haunt the law enforcement and educational systems in America, since record numbers of teachers and police are being laid off from their jobs, and in the case of the City of Camden, New Jersey, nearly 75% of its police force and 25% of its firefighters have been fired from their jobs, simply because there is no longer enough money to keep them employed.

    Moreover, a few years ago, Newsday did a story in regard to the Long Island Railroad, which uncovered the fact that the railroad has an underfunded pension. As such, the railroad has found a creative way of getting around the situation by committing insurance fraud. Many railroad workers have actually faked illnesses in order to gain medical subsides in which to allow them to retire at more than what these employees were earning while working for the railroad. It is these types of continued fraud which have placed Long Islanders into such insurmountable debt.

    * It would take several years before the LIRR false medical benefits scandal would unravel, and only a handful of people have actually been indicted in this fraud; the rest of the people accused in this fraud have been offered impunity from prosecution if they forego any further fraudulent medical payments which are used to supplement their pensions.

    Three Mile Island & An Increased Rate Of Cancer

    As for Three Mile Island, at the time of the nuclear accident, the public was told that there had been no fatalities as a result of this core meltdown, which was true.

    However, for years after this nuclear accident many people living in the area surrounding Three Mile Island have died from cancers, which they contracted as the direct result of this nuclear fallout - something which the mainstream media has deliberately ignored at the direction of the nuclear industry and its powerful lobby.

    Nuclear power remains a very dangerous form of energy production, and should thus be banned from this planet, in favor of more ecologically sound alternatives.

    However, as previously stated, the nuclear energy lobby is a very powerful one, with many politicians in their back pocket, who will continue to propagate nuclear power in spite of its obvious dangers, because these politicians obtain significant financial contributions from the nuclear energy lobby - which they use in financing their oftentimes exorbitant election campaigns.

    Senator John McCain is a prime example of such politicians.

    And this is why it is up to the people of this planet to ban nuclear power in the future, as they should ban the use of fossil fuels, in favor of safer and cleaner sources of energy production.

    - James F. Marino

    See: Meltdown At Three Mile Island here:

  • "Meltdown At Three Mile Island"

  • Senator McCain Proposes The Construction Of More Than 40 New Nuclear Power Plants Over The Next 25 Years
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