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Did The Late CIA Agent Cord Meyer Jr. Have His Wife Mary Murdered For Having An Affair With John F. Kennedy? Or Was The CIA Directly Involved?

Editor's Note: The NSA/FBI COINTELPRO against this author involves the repeated electronic tampering of this Website. For more than a year, they have interfered with the internal search engine of this blog, making it impossible to use this search feature to find older articles which this author wrote several years ago.

This has been done because the FBI is not only electronically hacking into this blog, but also deleting posts which this author has written. And they seek to make it more difficult for me to find which posts remain and which they have electronically removed.

This type of gaslighting is just one example of the psychological warfare operation that the FBI continues to perpetrate against this author; a criminal conspiracy which has been ongoing for most of the past decade.

One post which they have not deleted, but instead, disabled the link to, was the following post which this author wrote in regard to the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer. Meyer was once the wife of the late Cord Meyer Jr. A longtime member of the U.S. Intelligence community, and once a high ranking member of the CIA.

On his deathbed, Cord Meyer Jr. had stated that he believed that it was the CIA who murdered Mary Pinchot Meyer.

"In February 2001, on his deathbed, Cord was questioned as to whom he thought had killed his wife: 'The same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy,' was his reply."

Mary Pinchot Meyer In 1942

The CIA & The Murder Of Mary Pinchot Meyer - Was Pinchot Meyer Murdered For Meddling In JFK's Presidency? And In Particular, For Attempting To Convince JFK To End The Vietnam War?
Author - James F. Marino

Cord Meyer Jr., perhaps better known by some for his literary ability, having written the famous short story "Waves Of Darkness" and the book "Peace or Anarchy," than for his associations with such dark organizations as the CIA and NSA, also had the distinction of having once been married to a woman who'd had an long affair with the late President John F. Kennedy, only to turn up dead less than a year after Kennedy's assassination -- the victim of a mysterious murder which to this day - like the Kennedy Assassination - has never been solved.

The subject of this murder, Mary Pinchot Meyer, was the daughter of an affluent attorney who helped fund the radical journal, "The Masses."

Meyer's father was also one the key players of the Progressive Party. Mary's mother, Ruth Pinchot, was a journalist who wrote for several progressive publications including the "New Journalist."

Mary divorced Cord in 1958, two years after the suspicious death of their nine year old son, Michael (who was killed when his bicycle was struck), and cited the reasons for the divorce as being "extreme cruelty, mental in nature, which seriously injured her health, destroyed her happiness, rendered further cohabitation unendurable and compelled the parties to separate."

This statement only makes the nature of Mary's death even more suspect, while placing further suspicion on Cord Meyer.

However, it is also possible that Meyer himself had nothing to do with the murder of his ex-wife, but instead knew who did, given the following statement which he made on his deathbed in 2001.

"In February 2001, on his deathbed, Cord was questioned as to whom he thought had killed his wife: 'The same sons of bitches that killed John F. Kennedy,' was his reply."

Yet years earlier in a book written about his life, Cord Meyer stated that he was "satisfied" with the police investigation in regard to Pinchot Meyer's murder, and the conclusions that were drawn from it.

So why the latter statement on his deathbed?

According to the late drug/counter culture guru, professor Timothy Leary, Mary Pinchot Meyer was interested in introducing the hallucinogenic drug LSD to Kennedy and other influential people whom she'd known (even before Kennedy had become president), in efforts to put them into a peaceful state of mind, so that they would become opposed to any type of wars in the future.

(One can only imagine how those who depend on war for their financial survival would have responded to Pinchot Meyer's attempts to create a more peaceful planet. In particular, the House Of Rothschilds' war profiteers, who have historically used their central banks in which to foment wars between countries whom the Rothschilds had established their central banks in and the countries which refused the Rothschilds entry. One may also conclude that the defense contracting companies in the United States which have had a history of profitting from such unnecessary wars would have been less than pleased with Pinchot Meyer's attempt to destroy their bread and butter.)

Leary also said that Meyer approached him with this idea and asked him to teach her how to "run an LSD session." One must wonder if Leary may have quietly *contacted the CIA in regard to this which would have placed Pinchot Meyer on the CIA's radar.

*Given that Leary would later be proven to be a CIA asset, it is entirely possible that he contacted the late Sidney Gottlieb for advice in regard to Meyer; Gottlieb had already begun covertly experimenting with LSD on test subjects within the CIA for its MKULTRA program, for the purpose of mind control research in the 1960's. A call from Leary would have raised the CIA's concerns about Meyer's attempt to control Kennedy through the use of such pharmacology).

Mary Pinchot Meyer - The Aristocrat

Mary Pinchot Meyer was most certainly not your average American citizen. A Vassar graduate and artist, Meyer had some very influential connections in Washington D.C. at the time of her death.

As for her death, one must also wonder if Meyer was killed by the CIA for perhaps something she knew in regard to Kennedy, or at the direction of her ex- husband, Cord (who may have later regretted doing so) as revenge for her affair with JFK?

Perhaps a collusive effort between both Meyer and the CIA?

The Body Of Mary Pinchot Meyer - "The Georgetown Towpath where Mary was murdered in October 1964 just two weeks after the Warren Commission Report was released to the public. Powerful people were concerned that Mary knew the report was bogus and that she would talk. She was shot in broad daylight while taking her daily walk. James Angleton scrambled to recover her diary which he destroyed."

Source- The Clifford Shack Blog

One must also wonder if the CIA was concerned about conversations which the two had had in regard to the Agency itself, or other pertinent classified information, and wanted to tie up any loose ends that might have still existed? The following is a conversation that Leary listed in his autobiography -- a book entitled "flashbacks."

According to Leary, Mary Meyer was quoted as having said the following (in reference to then President John F. Kennedy and other powerful leaders in Washington).

Leary in reference to Meyer: "It was all going so well," she said. "We had eight intelligent women turning on the most powerful men in Washington. And then we got found out. I was such a fool. I made a mistake in recruitment. A wife snitched on us. I'm scared." Leary said Mary burst into tears at this point.

The conversation continues with Mary saying: "I know what you're thinking. But this is not paranoia. I've gotten mixed up in some dangerous matters. It's real. You've got to believe me. do you?"

According to Leary, Mary Pinchot Meyer asked him if it would be possible for him to hide her at this point, to which he agreed. However he never saw her again.

Not too long after Kennedy was assassinated Leary claims to have gotten a phone call from Mary in which he stated that she was either "drugged or stunned with grief." The following is his recollection of the call:

Mary Meyer: "They couldn't control him anymore. He was changing too fast. He was learning too much."

Timothy Leary: " Who? You mean Kennedy?"

Mary Meyer: "They'll cover everything up. I gotta come see you. I'm scared. I'm afraid. Be careful."

According to Leary, the line went dead after this and he never heard from Meyer again.

In its typical way of tying up loose ends after having perpetrated a major criminal conspiracy against the American people, the Intel community furtively murdered many people who were in some way relevant to the murder of President John F. Kennedy on the day of his assassination.

And this included several who were eyewitnesses to the Kennedy Assassination. A number of whom died under mysterious circumstances, while others were murdered outright. Some more than a decade after JFK's death, and others only months afterwords - including the late Mary Meyer, who was shot to death execution style while taking an afternoon stroll along a canal in Georgetown, roughly a year after her last conversation with Timothy Leary.

Mary Pinchot Meyer's murder has never been solved.

- James F. Marino

Editor's Note: Given my interest in the mysterious death of Mary Pinchot Meyer, and the fact that nearly fifty years later the perpetrator(s) of her murder have never been arrested, I was pleased to see the following book released two years after I published this article.

The book is written by someone who knew Mary Pinchot Meyer when he was a child, and who was friends with her son, Michael, before Michael was killed at the age of nine.

In what was likely a CIA assassination, Michael Meyer was struck and killed by a hit and run driver while riding his bicycle around his Georgetown neighborhood.

In his book, author Peter Janney also comes to the painful conclusion that as a CIA operative, his father had to have played an integral role in the CIA's covert murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer.

Moreover, long before her death, Pinchot Meyer had stated that in her opinion, the CIA was out to murder her for her attempt to "turn John F. Kennedy" on to a more peaceful existence. And by trying to convince Kennedy to end the Vietnam War. Pinchot Meyer also blamed the CIA for the death of her son, Michael, killing him as a warning to her to stay out of the CIA's affairs.

"Mary's Mosaic" - A Book Released In April Of 2012, Written By Peter Janney, Who As A Child Was A Neighbor Of Mary Pinchot Meyer, And Friend Of Her Son Michael, Before Michael Was Killed While Riding His Bicycle - Mary Pinchot Meyer Claimed That Michael Was Murdered By The CIA As A Warning To Her To Stay Out Of Their Business

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