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Another FBI Whistle Blower Describes Life Within This Malfunctioning Neo Nazi Organization

FBI - Federal Bureau Of Entrapment - Using Schemes To Create Terrorists

"My Life As A Female FBI Special Agent - No Backup"
By Rosemary Dew

"A Scathing Insider Portrait"

- Kirkus Reviews

FBI- Murderous Culture & Catastrophic Ripple Effects

Editor's Note: In 2005 I gave up watching the TV programming in our home on a regular basis, because the programming was being heavily edited by Intel as part of the NSA/FBI COINTELPRO attack against this author.

Nowadays I rarely watch TV, however on occasion, sporting events, old movies, documentaries etc. Moreover, I have all but given up on this programming as it is being utilized by Intel for the express purpose of brainwashing this author and his Family.

The NSA is also no stranger to embedding its own broadcast signals on to the radio signals of legitimate broadcasting stations. For example, on many occasions I have been listening to music on a particular radio station only to find that when the announcer returns at the station break, that the message is replete with a myriad of psychological triggers which Intel has attempted to condition this author to.

Oftentimes the "announcer" will then introduce a piece of music which relates to such psychological triggers. There have been several occasions when I have actually gone to the Website of a radio station to see which piece of music was actually being broadcast by the station, only to find that the piece of music which was being played through my FM broadcast tuner was not even listed on the station's menu that day.

Proof that the NSA is actually embedding its "mind control" programming on a legitimate radio station's own broadcast band.

However, this is not to say that some of these broadcasters may not be taking part in such conspiratorial campaigns against those being targeted for non consensual experimentation. In all likelihood they are. However, these people are most certainly not spending their days focusing on taking part in such activities, since they have full-time jobs which require their attention.

Intel likely utilizes these people to make recordings which can then be repeatedly used for the express purpose of brain wave entrainment. One must also remember that many Intel agencies have access to technology which can morph (digitally recreate) the voice of any person without that person actually being the one who is speaking. All Intel needs is a recording of a person's voice to replicate it.

Once again, for emphatic purposes, on several occasions after hearing a radio announcer whose comments made very obvious use of psychological triggers which Intel has attempted to condition this author to, I have gone to the Internet to check that radio station's programming for a given day, only to find that a particular piece of music which the announcer stated they would be playing at a specific time, was not even listed on that station's programming menu for the day in question.

This has occurred on a myriad of occasions over the past several years, since the harassment of this author went from covert to overt in 2003. Psychological warfare which has included the use of the vigilante crime of organized stalking.

Such electronic tampering by an Intel agency like the FBI, NSA or CIA is indicative of attempts to adversely manipulate the mind of a person being targeted for mind control research. In the instance of this author, the NSA's computer to brain interface experimentation of my person for the past several decades.

This is also irrefutable proof that the radio programs which I am listening to are being tampered with by Intel, as they embed their own psychological warfare programming onto the carrier signals of radio stations that I am listening to. Once again, this is part of the extensive psychological warfare programming which these Intel agencies have been subjecting my person to for years.

There is nothing legal in what these miscreants are doing, and there never will be.

Very clever, and equally diabolical.

These types of electronic attacks are a daily part of this author's experiences as a target of the Intel community's non consensual human experimentation.

Richard Behan's E-Book "The Fraudulent War" - Is This E-book Being Electronically Tampered With To Prevent People From Reading It?

The 9-11 False Flag Operation
The Fraudulent War On Terror

Richard W. Behan's free electronic book entitled "The Fraudulent War - The Facts About The Bush Administration's War On Terror" is very well researched and can be read in less than two hours.

After reading Behan's book, I listed the hyperlink to a Website on which it is downloadable in PDF format, which at the time worked properly. However a few months later the site would no longer download.

Behan's excellent book identifies the Zionist group which refers to itself as The Project For A New American Century, as the driving force behind the attacks on 9-11-2001, while carefully following a series of chronological events, which only serve as further proof that PNAC took control of the Bush Administration and maintained control of it throughout the eight years that George W. Bush was in the White House.

This book also focuses on the failed negotiations of the Bush Administration with the Taliban and General Dostrum of Afghanistan's Northern Alliance, in order to break the contract which the Taliban had with Argentina's Bridas Corporation, in which to build an oil pipeline in Northern Afghanistan which would run from the Caspian Sea to Asia.

After months of failed negotiations in which to break this contract, the Bush Administration gave the Taliban their final ultimatum - break off their relationship with Argentina or suffer the wrath of the Bush Administration.

The Taliban once again refused the deal only five weeks before the attacks on 9-11-2001 took place. The rest as they say is now history.

"On August 2 of 2001, the last negotiation with the Taliban ended with a terse statement by Christina Rocca of the State Department. 'Accept our offer of a carpet of gold, ' she said, 'or we bury you under a carpet of bombs.'"

"Unocal's wish for the removal of the Taliban appeared more and more likely to be fullfilled. With negotiations ended, 'Bush promptly informed India and Pakistan that the U.S. would launch a military mission into Afghanistan before the end of October.'"

"This was five weeks before the events of 9-11."

It is clear from the aforesaid statements that the Bush Administration was going to attack Afghanistan before the attacks on 9-11-2001 even took place. This being done in order to obtain the rights for Unocal to build the Trans Afghanistan oil pipeline, since the Taliban had refused to allow Unocal the right to do so.

However, the Bush Administration needed a plausible reason in which to attack Afghanistan, which they developed with their accusation that Osama Bin Ladin and the Taliban attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon on 9-11-2001. Even though the FBI at the time said that it had no evidence to suggest that Bin Ladin was involved in these attacks. Since that time, the FBI has changed its story. As have our elected officials and media system.

The fact that the attacks on 9-11-2001 took place only five weeks after the Taliban broke off negotiations with the Bush Administration, compounded by the statement made by Christina Rocca of the U.S. State Department, makes it obvious that the PNAC controlled Bush Administration was responsible for the attacks on 9-11-2001. A well planned false flag operation in which the Zionist controlled Bush Administration committed the high crime of treason.

As I previously stated, several months ago I noticed that I could no longer download Richard Behan's E-book from the Internet. I have attempted to download this E-book from a number of Websites only to find that the download freezes up.

Behan's Ebook is listed on several different Websites, yet I was unable to download it on any of them. So it would seem that the sites on which this book exists are being electronically tampered with in efforts to prevent people from reading the book.

*Either this, or Intel is again interfering with my Internet connection, and freezing up my computer screen when I attempt to download this book. For the past several years the NSA has routinely interfered with my Internet access through its Signals Intelligence operations.

Little wonder, since Behan's monograph is well researched and clearly points to the Zionist controlled Project For A New American Century as the driving force behind the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan; as well as the likely catalyst behind the attacks on 9-11-2001. PNAC and its Zionist associates had the most to gain here. A situation in which they have managed to establish puppet governments within both Afghanistan and Iraq.

The Bush Administration's Hydrocarbon Law Fraud

"In the fall of 2001, a full year before Congress authorized military force, the State Department undertook a policy-development initiative called 'The Future of Iraq Project'.

"The Oil and Energy Working Group' developed the disguise for the 'capture' of Iraqi oil. Iraq's nationalized industry would be transformed into a commercial, essentially private business.

"The State Department's strategy for Iraq's oil--in shorthand, the 'Investment/PSA package' was embedded by Paul Bremer's Coalition Provisional Authority into the developing public policies of post-invasion Iraq. American and British oil companies were deeply involved in the process, invited to do so by the Bush Administration.

"Eventually, the draft of an Iraqi 'hydrocarbon law' was produced. It was written in English."

- Excerpt From Richard Behan's "The Fraudulent War"

Bush's War On Terror Propaganda Machine

Behan also discusses the Bush Administration's use of a major propaganda campaign which was designed by the White House Iraq Group, and used to terrify the citizens of the United States into complying with the loss of their inherent freedoms. This being done under the dictatorial Patriot Act.

A piece of legislation so abjectly treasonous that it must be repealed.

As the late Aaron Russo said myriad times before his untimely and tragic death, the entire war on terror is fraudulent, and being used by the Illuminati under its Rockefeller henchmen here in the United States in which to destroy the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights. And with it any protections that the American people have, from a shadow government which is based on Totalitarian and Zionist doctrines.

A shadow government which in reality is based on the ideology of Communism.

This is also why we have a central bank in the United States which is based on Communism. A Zionist controlled banking system which operates through the privately held Federal Reserve System. Central banks are an offshoot of Communism. And Zionists are responsible for the creation and propagation of Communism.

Many people have stated that the United States is a capitalistic society, when in reality, it is a monopolistic society, in which a minority controls the masses, while preventing the type of free market place which defines a capitalistic society.

Therefore, the concept of free enterprise in the United States is a farce.

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The Death Of Kenneth Trentadue & The Oklahoma City Bombing - The FBI Now Caught In A New Deception With Tampered Video Evidence

Kenneth And Carmen Trentadue In Happier Times

The Badly Beaten Body Of Kenneth Trentadue

Another FBI Coverup

The FBI's Vicious Murder Of Kenneth Trentadue

"Four cameras in four different locations going blank at basically the same time on the morning of April 19, 1995. There ain't no such thing as a coincidence."

--Attorney Jesse Trentadue

Regarding The Murrah Building Bombing

A Brother Takes His Revenge

Uncovering A U.S. Justice Department Cover Up
Written by James F. Marino

In today's local paper, there's an *article regarding attorney Jesse Trentadue and a lawsuit which he has been attempting to see to fruition against the FBI for more than a decade. In 1995, Trentadue's brother, Kenneth, was brutally beaten to death by federal agents, the result of his being mistaken for one Richard Lee Guthrie, whom the FBI claimed was an accomplice of Timothy Mcveigh's in the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. What Jesse Trentadue has discovered in his research regarding his brother's death, has far reaching implications, since he may have unearthed evidence which proves that the FBI knew about this plot in advance and did nothing to prevent it.

*See: "Attorney: OKC Bombing Tapes Appear Edited"

The FBI immediately sought to coverup the facts behind the death of Kenneth Trentadue, which only motivated Jesse Trentadue to conduct his own investigation until he found out the truth behind the murder of his brother.

After years of filing Freedom Of Information Act requests, Jesse Trentadue recently received a video of the Murrah Building explosion which he's stated has been heavily altered by the FBI, in what is clearly an attempt to suppress evidence that the Bureau does not want the public to see.

With this in mind, Americans are still waiting to see the 80 plus videos that the FBI confiscated from the Pentagon and its surrounding area on 9-11-2001, which the Bureau has to this day refused to release to the public.

Extremely suspicious behavior by the FBI, since at least some of these videos are of the side of the Pentagon which was extensively damaged after "something" crashed into the building. And if these videos show something other than a 757 jetliner hitting the Pentagon, the U.S. Federal Government's official "9-11" story would unravel like a cheap piece of twine. No doubt why the FBI continues to refuse to release these tapes to the public. (If the Bureau hasn't destroyed the evidence by now.)

Moreover, early photos of the Murrah Building after it was blown up showed FBI agents covering up portions of the columns in this building with large pieces of plastic sheeting, in efforts to prevent the public from seeing the unexploded dynamite charges which had been placed on the columns of this federal building before the blast.

After the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993, security was stepped up in the United States, which included much greater surveillance within federal buildings than had existed before. The fact that there were unexploded dynamite charges attached to some of the main support beams within the Murrah Federal Building meant that someone with security clearance had to have planted these bombs, which indicates a government coverup.

This also supports allegations that there were bombs planted within the World Trade Center Towers, as well as World Trade Center Building 7, which were detonated remotely on 9-11-2001. Perhaps the most irrefutable proof of this was when real estate developer Al Silverstein admitted that World Trade Center Building 7 had been imploded on the afternoon of 9-11-2001.

Silverstein's comment is extremely important here because there is no way that WTC 7 could have been set with dynamite charges in a few hours. It would have taken at the very least weeks to install enough dynamite charges in which to implode WTC 7, so that it would collapse within its own footprint just as the North and South Towers of the World Trade Center did on that very same day. These three structures were imploded as any other building has ever been imploded. However those who carried out the attacks on 9-11-2001 needed a plausible means in which to demolish these buildings, which the stealth aircraft which crashed into the Towers were used to provide.

It was Silverstein's slip of the tongue which would ultimately give the entire conspiracy away. And of course the fact that he took out an insurance policy on the entire World Trade Center complex (which just happened to also cover acts of terrorism) just six weeks before the attacks took place makes one wonder exactly how much foreknowledge Silverstein had in regard to the attacks on 9-11.

The unexploded dynamite charges found in the Murrah Building were proof that Timothy Mcveigh did not act alone in this attack. And the FBI is well aware of this as is proven by the deceptive tactics which the Bureau has displayed and which are mentioned in the follows this article.

Given the FBI's history of pathological deception and covert acts of terrorism on American soil, the real question is why has this unconstitutional organization been allowed to continue to operate, when its lack of a legislative charter should have resulted in the FBI's abolition by the early part of the 20Th century?

- James F. Marino

*The following is excerpted from an article by author Paul Craig Roberts:

"The implication is that the FBI had advance notice of McVeigh's plans and may have been conducting a sting operation that went awry. The FBI has documents that name the informants. Teletypes from then FBI director Louis Freeh dated January 4, 1996, and August 23, 1996, confirm that the FBI had informants embedded with the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang and in Elohim City. In these documents, Freeh reports to various FBI field offices that the Elohim City informant (possibly explosives expert and German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir) "allegedly has had a lengthy relationship with Timothy McVeigh" and "that McVeigh had placed a telephone call to Elohim City on 4/5/95, a day that he was believed to have been attempting to recruit a second conspirator to assist in the OK BOMB attack."

"The FBI denied to federal judge Dale Kimball that any such documents existed. But someone had leaked the teletypes to Trentadue, and he put them before the judge along with an affidavit of their genuineness. Caught red-handed lying to a federal judge, the FBI was ordered to produce all documents Trentadue demanded. Judge Kimball gave the FBI until June 15, 2005, to deliver the incriminating records. Needless to say, the FBI doesn't want to deliver and is attempting every possible dodge to escape obeying the judge's order. In his effort to uncover the DOJ's coverup of his brother's murder, Jesse Trentadue may have uncovered evidence of the FBI's failure to prevent the bombing of the Murrah Building."

Also see the following article by Paul Craig Roberts:

The FBI, the Torture and Murder of Kenneth Trentadue and Advanced Knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing -- Uncovering a DOJ Coverup



In 1995 Kenneth Trentadue was murdered by federal agents in a federal prison in Oklahoma City. A coverup immediately went into effect. Federal authorities claimed Trentadue, who was being held in a suicide-proof cell, had committed suicide by hanging himself, but the state coroner would not buy the story. Prison authorities tried to get family consent to cremate the body. But Trentadue had been picked up on a minor parole violation, and the story of suicide by a happily married man delighted with his two-month old son raised red flags to the family.When the Trentadue family received Kenneth's body and heavy makeup was scraped away, the evidence (available in photos on the Internet) clearly shows a person who had been tortured and beaten. His throat was slashed and he may have been garroted.

There are bruises, burns and cuts from the soles of Trentadue's feet to his head, wounds that obviously were not self-inflicted. As the state coroner noted at the time, every investigative rule was broken by the federal prison. The coroner was not allowed into the cell, and the cell was scrubbed down prior to investigation.The federal coverup was completely transparent. A US senator made inquiries, but the US Department of Justice (sic), knowing that it would not be held accountable, stuck to its fabricated story.

That was a mistake.Trentadue's brother, Jesse, is an attorney. He believes that federal officials, like everyone else, must be held accountable for their crimes.He has been battling the Justice Department and the FBI for a decade. Jesse Trentadue has amassed evidence that his brother was mistaken for Tim McVeigh's alleged accomplice in the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City. Federal agents, believing that they had Richard Lee Guthrie in their hands, went too far in attempting to force him to talk. Jesse Trentadue learned that the FBI had informants planted with two groups on which McVeigh may have relied: a white supremacist paramilitary training compound at Elohim City and the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang.

The implication is that the FBI had advance notice of McVeigh's plans and may have been conducting a sting operation that went awry. The FBI has documents that name the informants. Teletypes from then FBI director Louis Freeh dated January 4, 1996, and August 23, 1996, confirm that the FBI had informants imbedded with the Mid-West Bank Robbery Gang and in Elohim City. In these documents, Freeh reports to various FBI field offices that the Elohim City informant (possibly explosives expert and German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir) "allegedly has had a lengthy relationship with Timothy McVeigh" and "that McVeigh had placed a telephone call to Elohim City on 4/5/95, a day that he was believed to have been attempting to recruit a second conspirator to assist in the OK BOMB attack."

The FBI denied to federal judge Dale Kimball that any such documents existed. But someone had leaked the teletypes to Trentadue, and he put them before the judge along with an affidavit of their genuineness. Caught red-handed lying to a federal judge, the FBI was ordered to produce all documents Trentadue demanded. Judge Kimball gave the FBI until June 15, 2005, to deliver the incriminating records. Needless to say, the FBI doesn't want to deliver and is attempting every possible dodge to escape obeying the judge's order. In his effort to uncover the DOJ's coverup of his brother's murder, Jesse Trentadue may have uncovered evidence of the FBI's failure to prevent the bombing of the Murrah Building.

It is bad enough that the murder of Kenneth Trentadue is covered over with many layers of DOJ perjury and the withholding and destruction of evidence. Evidence that the FBI was aware of McVeigh's plan to bomb the Murrah Building and failed to prevent the deed would be an additional heavy blow to the prestige of federal law enforcement.

Paul Craig Roberts has held a number of academic appointments and has contributed to numerous scholarly publications. He served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. His graduate economics education was at the University of Virginia, the University of California at Berkeley, and Oxford University. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions. He can be reached at: pcroberts@postmark.net

The FBI's Complicity In The Beating Death Of Kenneth Trentadue & Its Attempt To Cover Up This Heinous Crime

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Congressman Ron Paul's Bill To Abolish The Federal Reserve System - Will It Pass Into Law? And If So, Will An Audit Lead To The Fed's Abolition?

House Resolution 833 Regarding The Federal Reserve Act

HR 833 is a bill supported by Congressman Ron Paul in which to repeal the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act. The Federal Reserve Act is the legislation which authorizes the privately held Federal Reserve System to coin and regulate the value of U.S. currency. However, the Federal Reserve Act was passed illegally in 1913, when some U.S. Senators were bribed to pass this treasonous legislation.

The passage of the Federal Reserve Act resulted in a takeover (by the Zionist controlled House Of Rothschild in London, England) of the U.S. Federal Government, through its creation of the Federal Reserve Bank, which in 1935 became known as the Federal Reserve System.

All of the suffering that our forefathers endured to break away from England did not keep us free from this monarchy for very long, since by the early 1900's, England was again controlling America by way of this criminal and fraudlent cartel of legitimized counterfeiters.

If the Federal Reserve Act is repealed it will result in the dissolution of the Federal Reserve System, the 16TH Amendment and the Internal Revenue Service.

A former IRS investigator by the name of Bill Benson has accumulated irrefutable proof that the 16TH Amendment was never ratified by the three quarters of U.S. States needed in which to make it law, and that former U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Philander Knox, blatantly lied to the American people when he said that the 16TH Amendment was legal - when it was not. Benson has now been served with an injunction to not circulate this documentation which he has compiled into a book entitled "The Law That Never Was"

If the Federal Reserve Act is repealed, the illegal income *tax which the IRS has been imposing on Americans since its creation soon after the Federal Reserve System, would also be repealed, meaning that American citizens would no longer have to pay a federal tax on their wages.

*A tax which the IRS claims it is authorized to impose through the improperly ratified 16TH Amendment.

Something which would result in stimulating the U.S. economy because Americans would suddenly have significantly more disposable income to spend each year, as well as the ability to save far more money annually in order to allow them to retire earlier.

Their quality of life would improve immeasurably since they would be under less financial stress.

The abolition of the Federal Reserve System would also destroy the strong hold over the United States Federal Government and her people which the House Of Rothschild has maintained control of since passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

The entire financial system in the United States would then be completely overhauled, while the gold which the Federal Reserve has stolen from the United States Treasury (and held in lieu of what they claim is collateral for the money the U.S. Federal Government owes the Federal Reserve) would be returned to the Treasury, so that in the future inflation would be wiped out for good.

It has been the Federal Reserve System's creation of fiat money (in other words debt) which has caused the devaluation of the U.S. Dollar. It has also been the Federal Reserve System who manipulates the U.S. economy through its control of the money supply. The ability to create inflation by loosening credit, or tightening credit in which to reduce the money supply, which if done long enough will lead to a depression.

As for the elected representatives in this country claiming that they need the federal income tax to run this government, this is a complete falsehood. In the early 1980's Ronald Reagan empaneled the Grace Commission to account for where all of the money collected in taxes is spent.

What this commission found is shocking!

The Grace Commission found that 100% of the money the American workforce pays in a federal income tax which is collected by the Internal Revenue Service, is sent directly to the privately held Federal Reserve System.

Not a dime of this money is spent on services for the American people.

The Grace Commission also found that 100% of the money collected from U.S. corporations (the corporate tax) is spent on the military intelligence complex. State and local expenses are paid for through excise taxes.

For example, the roads are maintained by the monies collected from a gasoline tax, which Americans pay everytime they put fuel into their automobiles.

The Grace Commission - How Much Waste In Government

Schools are supported by the property taxes that Americans pay. These taxes have absolutely nothing to do with the federal income tax.

From the Grace Commission's report, it has become quite obvious that the U.S. Federal Government has been deliberately deceiving the American people by claiming that they need the federal income tax to run the federal government, when in fact, not one cent of this tax has ever been used to pay for a government service.

HR 833 To Repeal The Federal Reserve Act

The Credit River Decision

With Congressman Ron Paul's bill to audit the privately held Federal Reserve System having a legitimate chance of being passed into law, nearly a Century's worth of the most fraudulent banking practices could be disclosed to the American public.

However, in the past, those who have attempted to expose this central bank for its use as a House Of Rothschild pawn have not fared well in the least. In 1963, just months after passing an executive order which again authorized the United States Treasury to coin U.S. currency, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

In 1967, after Judge Martin V. Mahoney ruled in favor of a defendant and debtor to a Federal Reserve branch, and declared the Federal Reserve Act to be null and void, Mahoney mysteriously died; his death to this day is considered by many of his supporters to have been a covert murder committed by factions of the Federal Reserve System.

After President Abraham Lincoln decided to finance the Civil War by floating bonds instead of borrowing money from London's House Of Rothschild banking cartel, Lincoln was murdered; the target of a Rothschild orchestrated conspiracy.

When the charter for Rothschild's first central bank - The First Bank Of The United States, was not renewed, the Rothschild's orchestrated the War of 1812, in order to bankrupt the U.S. Federal Government.

The Rothschild's patented method for taking over a country's government by creating a war between nations in which the Rothschilds' maintained such central banks, in order to indebt the respective governments of these nations to the House Of Rothschild, has been the protocol for which the Rothschilds have gained control of virtually all of the governments on this planet.

Once a government is indebted to a Rothschild central bank, the bank is then used to gradually erode the government and to replace it with a shadow government which the Rothschilds then take control of.

In the United States, this occurred in 1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and the creation of the privately held Federal Reserve System. A Rothschild controlled organization that has no legal attachment to the U.S. Federal Government and never has.

One must now wonder how well Dr. Ron Paul and his supporters will fare in their attempts in which to audit the Federal Reserve System, given that the Federal Reserve has been counterfeiting money for most of its existence, while looting much of the American people's gold from the United States Treasury.

Many of his supporters have openly stated that they fear for Ron Paul's safety, given what has in the past happened to those who've attempted to shut down the Federal Reserve System or the two earlier Rothschild controlled central banks in the United States.

Read about Mahoney's landmark case entitled "The Credit River Decision" here:

The Credit River Decision - Judge Martin V. Mahoney Rules That The Federal Reserve Act Is Fraudulent & Thus Void

Also See:

Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve System"

American Presidents Murdered By Federal Reserve Bank

Also see:

Ron Paul Introduces HR 833

Ron Paul has introduced HR 833 into congress entitled: To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposesBy Jonathan

Representative Dr. Ron Paul has introduced HR 833 into congress entitled: To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposes.

The bill has been introduced and referred to committee on Monday Feb. 3rd. Currently the bill does not have co-sponsors.

According to GovTrack.us, “This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee.”

This is where we as American citizens come into play. Americans that are interested in preserving liberty and restoring our republic to it’s constitutional roots need to contact our Representatives in Congress to push them into co-sponsoring this bill.

Restore The Republic - Ron Paul Introduces HR 833

By Michael Vonasten

The Ron Paul movement swept the nation in 2007 and 2008 leaving a trail of well informed citizens in its wake. We all worked hard for the campaign, whether you stood on an over pass with a sign, handed out literature or screamed at the top of your lungs. The campaign did well. 1.2 million votes for the Good Doctor. We all received a taste of what it feels like to become true activists for a true cause.

The Good Doctor needs your help again.

Dr. Ron Paul has introduced HR 833 into congress entitled: To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposes.

The bill has been introduced and referred to committee on Monday Feb. 3rd. Currently the bill does not have co-sponsors.

According to GovTrack.us, “This bill is in the first step in the legislative process. Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before they go to general debate. The majority of bills and resolutions never make it out of committee.”

This is where we as American citizens come into play. Americans that are interested in preserving liberty and restoring our republic to it’s constitutional roots need to contact our Representatives in Congress to push them into co-sponsoring this bill.

This bill will be the only saving grace to our faltered economy.

Below is a transcript of Dr. Ron Paul introducing this bill in front of Congress.

RestoreTheRepublic.com will keep you updated on the Bill’s progress.

To contact you Congressman/woman, dial the D.C. switchboard at (202) 224-3121 or find your Representatives info at www.House.gov.


Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act Statement
Hon. Ron Paul

Madame Speaker, I rise to introduce legislation to restore financial stability to America’s economy by abolishing the Federal Reserve. Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, middle and working-class Americans have been victimized by a boom-and-bust monetary policy. In addition, most Americans have suffered a steadily eroding purchasing power because of the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies. This represents a real, if hidden, tax imposed on the American people.

From the Great Depression, to the stagflation of the seventies, to the current economic crisis caused by the housing bubble, every economic downturn suffered by this country over the past century can be traced to Federal Reserve policy. The Fed has followed a consistent policy of flooding the economy with easy money, leading to a misallocation of resources and an artificial “boom” followed by a recession or depression when the Fed-created bubble bursts.

With a stable currency, American exporters will no longer be held hostage to an erratic monetary policy. Stabilizing the currency will also give Americans new incentives to save as they will no longer have to fear inflation eroding their savings. Those members concerned about increasing America’s exports or the low rate of savings should be enthusiastic supporters of this legislation.

Though the Federal Reserve policy harms the average American, it benefits those in a position to take advantage of the cycles in monetary policy. The main beneficiaries are those who receive access to artificially inflated money and/or credit before the inflationary effects of the policy impact the entire economy. Federal Reserve policies also benefit big spending politicians who use the inflated currency created by the Fed to hide the true costs of the welfare-warfare state. It is time for Congress to put the interests of the American people ahead of special interests and their own appetite for big government.

Abolishing the Federal Reserve will allow Congress to reassert its constitutional authority over monetary policy. The United States Constitution grants to Congress the authority to coin money and regulate the value of the currency. The Constitution does not give Congress the authority to delegate control over monetary policy to a central bank. Furthermore, the Constitution certainly does not empower the federal government to erode the American standard of living via an inflationary monetary policy.

In fact, Congress’ constitutional mandate regarding monetary policy should only permit currency backed by stable commodities such as silver and gold to be used as legal tender. Therefore, abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to a constitutional system will enable America to return to the type of monetary system envisioned by our nation’s founders: one where the value of money is consistent because it is tied to a commodity such as gold. Such a monetary system is the basis of a true free-market economy.

In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, I urge my colleagues to stand up for working Americans by putting an end to the manipulation of the money supply which erodes Americans’ standard of living, enlarges big government, and enriches well-connected elites, by cosponsoring my legislation to abolish the Federal

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Osler's Web Revisited -- Did The Centers For Disease Control & National Institutes Of Health Sabotage The CFS Research Of Dr. Elaine Defreitas?

DEA Agent Indicted For Fabricating Evidence

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Government Biological Weapon?


Within the annals of infectious diseases, there has never been a more mysterious or controversial illness than that of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

A year ago I read this very compelling *book written by author Hillary Johnson, and was as equally fascinated as I was horrified as Johnson described how honest attempts made by several physicians (and a few of their fellow researchers) in which to find the genesis of CFS, were met with what can only be described as a complete stonewall by the very government agencies that are charged with investigating such illnesses. Agencies which include the Centers For Disease Control as well as the National Institutes Of Health. And the most prestigious organization within the NIH; the National Cancer Institute.

*Osler's Web

Osler's Web describes the experiences of several front line physicians who at the time were confronted with an illness more physically and psychologically debilitating than any which they'd seen before. Their patients had gone from being productive members of society to people who barely had enough energy to walk across a room. And this illness would become extremely contagious.

These physicians were as dedicated to finding the root cause of this mysterious illness as any of their peers, only to find that there was a clear conspiracy at the heart of the U.S. Federal Government, in which to prevent them from finding the genesis of an illness which they eventually were forced to label as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

A syndrome comprises a group of symptoms for which no linking pathogen has been found.

And to this day, more than two decades after a core group of researchers outside the NIH and CDC began an aggressive research program in which to determine the cause of CFS, this horrible illness remains a syndrome; its genesis still a mystery.

However, what is not mysterious is the fact that the doctors and researchers involved in attempting to map out the genetic code for CFS, were met with what can only be described as a very aggressive government conspiracy in which to prevent them from identifying the source of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Dr. Elaine Defreitas

Of all of the people involved in attempting to unravel the origins of CFS, perhaps none (aside from its victims) was more confounded than the *Wistar researcher, Elaine Defreitas. It was this brilliant young scientist who was charged with mapping out the genetic code of CFS, and the one who would end up meeting with what can only be described as tremendous adversity in her attempts to do so.

*The Wistar Institute is a prestigious research facility in Pennsylvania

Amongst the most controversial issues here was the specialized test which Ms. Defreitas created in which to mapout the DNA code of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. A test which was so specific that it required that Defreitas' protocol be followed rigorously, yet which those at the CDC and NIH for very suspcious reasons deliberately refused to adhere to.

It was this unexplainable lack of cooperation from either federal agency which made this author suspicious that there was more to Defreitas' and her colleagues' bad luck in regard to the CDC's and NIH's inability to duplicate Defreitas' lab results, than just coincidence.

And the fact that Elaine Defreitas would be involved in a serious car accident while in the midst of her research on CFS (one which would leave her with serious enough injuries to force her into early retirement) bespeaks the type of government "intervention" that those who've stumbled onto what may become serious public relation's issues for the U.S. Federal Government, always seem to find themselves confronted with.

As such, and given the convenient timing of Ms. Defreitas' car "accident," one must wonder if this accident was in fact deliberately caused in order to neutralize this brilliant young scientist, who was likely on the cusp of mapping out the DNA code to what is now called CFIDS (the modern day acronym for CFS), which would have led to Defreitas developing a successful diagnostic test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome; one which would have been used globally. A test which would have likely supported the belief that CFS is man-made in its origins (a biological weapon), while in turn making Defreitas and *Paul Cheney wealthy.

(Cheney is the doctor from Incline Village, Nevada, who first contacted Elaine Defreitas in regard to patients who had contracted CFS.)

For more on this see:

Wistar Institute, Dr. Elaine DeFreitas, and the Cheney-Bell-DeFreitas Work: Startling Revelations from Wistar's World Patent and Serious Reasons for Concern Now Revealed!
By Alan Cocchetto

The Government Conspiracy Behind Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The National Forum Website:

Wistar Institute, Dr. Elaine DeFreitas, and the Cheney-Bell-DeFreitas Work: Startling Revelations from Wistar's World Patent and Serious Reasons for Concern Now Revealed!

By Alan Cocchetto

As many of you can remember, Dr. Elaine DeFreitas, Dr. Paul Cheney, Dr. David Bell, and others published the work done at Wistar, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science in April 1991. This created quite the excitement and stir as information was released by personal interviews that even made the cover of the CFIDS Chronicle.

It would not be surprising if many of the researchers involved with Wistar scientists were unaware of a world patent that was subsequently issued in April 1992, one year after the PNAS(Proceedings of the National Academy of Science) article! I myself was quite surprised since the contents of this patent have major implications due to the depth and scientific quality of the work.

I certainly believe too that this has worldwide implications and therefore needs to be carefully scrutinized by the scientific community.

I am reporting on the detailed scientific information disclosed in the world patent (#WO9205760) issued to Elaine DeFreitas and Brendan Hilliard, inventors assigned to Wistar Institute. This patent was applied for in August 1991 after the PNAS article was published.

The title of the patent is "Method and Compositions for Diagnosing and Treating Chronic Fatigue Immunodysfunction Syndrome. The abstract reads as follows:

"The present invention provides compositions and methods for diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of Chronic Fatigue Immunodysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) based on the detection of the presence of a novel CFIDS-associated virus, CAV, in the body fluids or tissues of a patient."

In the first page of the patent disclosure, the following is stated: "The invention described herein was made in the course of work under grants or awards from The United States National Institutes of Health, the Department of Health and Human Services."

The inventors cover the working case definition of CFIDS and various outbreaks associated with the illness. The inventors then provide information associated with the field of retrovirology, disclosing various families and specific viruses associated with each of them.

The summary of the invention is as follows: "The present invention provides a novel, substantially isolated Chronic Fatigue Immunodeficiency Syndrome-associated virus, hereafter referred to by the name CAV.

Polynucleotide sequences of CAV and polypeptides of CAV are useful as diagnostic reagents in the diagnosis of CFIDS patients. Polynucleotide sequences of CAV and polypeptide sequences of CAV are useful in therapeutic or vaccinal compositions for the treatment or prevention of CFIDS. Also disclosed by this invention are methods and assays for diagnosing and/or treating CFIDS patients. Antibodies to CAV antigenic regions and in vitro cells containing CAV polynucleotide sequences or polypeptides are also described."

The inventors go on to report two major CAV DNA nucleotide sequences as well as electron photomicrographs of T-cells and B-cells infected with the CAV. In the initial descriptive reference to retroviruses in this patent, the

inventors state:

"CAV may be morphologically characterized as a retrovirus, particularly a non-C retrovirus which is capable of infecting humans. Electron microscopy of viral particles formed in infected human cell cultures suggests that CAV is a non-C-type retrovirus because of its diameter, morphology, formation and location of
intracellular virions. More specifically, CAV-infected cells could be characterized by electron-dense circular virions, some with electron-luscent cores and others with electron-dense cores, associated with the rough endoplasmic reticulum and inside large abnormally distended mitochondria in the cells. All particles are the same shape and size, 46-50 nm. No extracellular virus is observed. No forms budding from the cytoplasmic membranes are observed.

Thus, CAV-infected cells could also be characterized by the presence of intracytoplasmic particles.... The apparent location of its virions in the mitochondria distinguishes CAV from HIV." [Mr.Cocchetto's emphasis here.]

The inventors then provide additional characteristics of the retrovirus such as its ability to infect both T and B-cells and that the primer binding site is for the transfer RNA, or tRNA, of lysine indicating that CAV is a non-C type retrovirus.

The inventors examined low molecular weight sas proteins and found the presence of p11-12, p13-14, and p27-28. Classes of primate and nonprimate animal retroviruses have such characteristically sized sas proteins.

The inventors disclose that the virus has the ability to induce the presence of viral pap proteins in the nucleus and cytoplasm of cells which it infects. This characteristic of viral pap protein localization also indicates a non-C type retrovirus. Summaries of correlations of CFIDS retrovirus to known retroviruses are included with extensive descriptions and explanations.

Full disclosure of the methods appear to be very specific and extensive. The entire patent is approximately 40 pages. If the NIH ignored the depth of this work, since they chose to fund Sidney Grossberg, who only had a theory, then the NIH dropped the ball on this one and the agency should be held accountable!

The inventors even state "The ability to screen blood samples infected by CAV enables producers and distributors of blood products, e.g. the American Red Cross, to identify and discard donated blood samples which are intended for use in transfusions or in the isolation of plasma, therapeutically useful blood proteins and blood cells. If unscreened, the use of such blood and blood-derived products could contribute to the spread of CFIDS."

The implications here are staggering!

The inventors mention various cell lines including T-cell lymphoblastoid and B-cell lymphoblastoid lines as well as a macrophage monocyte cell line that have all been identified to support the growth of CAV.

They then disclose the primer sequences for CAV and then state that "body fluids of CFIDS patients have shown reactivity with antigens of HTLV-I by Western blot.... Moreover, themajority of CFIDS patients have serum antibodies to a P27 protein on the HTLV-I Western blot. P27 is presumably a product of the tax gene."

"In still another aspect, the invention provides a diagnostic method for detecting CAV in a patient sample by a conventional reverse transcriptase assay as described in Example 10 below.

This assay may be performed on body fluids of a suspected CFIDS patient, using a polyriboadenylate template primer and the divalent cation Mn++. No other known human retrovirus employs this primer or cation in this assay."

Of course, all inventors identify their test kit - one that is necessary for hospitals, doctors, etc. to officially diagnose the patient as having this illness.

"The methods, probes, primers, and antibodies described herein may be efficiently utilized in the assembly of a diagnostic test kit, which may be used by health care providers for the diagnosis and/or treatment of CFIDS."

The inventors also discuss the details of a CFIDS vaccine and the vaccine composition! Furthermore, they disclose that "For performance of these experiments, patient body fluid samples were obtained from clinical practices in North Carolina and New York. The investigators were all blinded by coded samples in each experiment."

Under the heading "Morphometric Analysis of CFIDS Retrovirus" the inventor disclose: "Electron-dense circular virions, some with electron-luscent cores and others with electron-dense cores, were seen associated with the rough endoplasmic reticulum and inside large abnormally distended mitochondria inside the
cells. All particles were the same shape and size, 46-50 nm. No extracellular virus was observed. No forms budding from the cytoplasmic membranes were observed.

These observations suggest that CAV is a non-C type animal retrovirus for three reasons: First, human C-type viruses like HTLV-I and HTLV-II do not appear to form intracellular virions. The only human C-type forming intracellular particles is HIV and these are found intracisternally in conjunction with budding forms.

Circular C-type virions are usually formed as the virus buds from the cell's cytoplasmic membrane. Second, neither HTLV-I, II, nor HIV virions have ever been found inside mitochondria. Third, the diameter and morphology of these virions suggest that they may be Primate D-type retroviruses or spuma viruses."

Extensive test results are disclosed at this point and the inventors reveal: "The results of the same PCR analyses of blood samples from adult CFIDS patients was compared with persons with whom they live or closely associate, e.g. roommates and friends (called Exposure Controls). Nonexposure controls are healthy persons selected at random who have not come into contact with CFIDS patients nor experienced symptoms associated with CFIDS." The inventors report their data from CFIDS patients including pediatric CFIDS patients! To quote the patent, "the positive results seen in the Exposure Controls support the possibility that
this CAV is capable of casual transmission to non-infected persons, as is the case with many non-human retroviruses."

[Author's emphasis here.] Now, if the NIH ignored this last comment, then something is dramatically wrong with theagency that is supposed to protect and safeguard the welfare of the citizens of the United States! Again, the implications here are just staggering! This is especially alarming in light of the testing, revealed by the inventors, which continues as follows:

Since the inventors ran four different tests on each patient, exposure control, and non-exposure control, then I will report on the high values from each test group. For the first group, the patients tested with a positivity of 82%, exposure controls at 43%, and non-exposure controls at 0%. With the first group, there were 11 patients, 14 exposure controls, and 4 non-exposure controls.

With the pediatric group, the patients tested with a positivity of 74%, exposure controls at 43%, and non-exposure controls at 0%. With the pediatric group, the sample size was 19 patients, 7 exposure controls, and 4 non-exposure controls. The inventors then disclose more PCR work, citing "partial viral DNA sequence was obtained by the procedure described below from CFIDS patient NY1-12 using the HTLV-II crap specific primers g2-1 and g-2-2 of Table III... Figs. 1A and 1B illustrate the partial putative CAV viral DNA sequences obtained.

Upon analysis on GenBank and EMBL, the putative CAV sequences of Figs. 1A and 1B have not been found to be significantly similar to the sequences of any known retrovirus. Thus, these sequences suggest that CAV may not be identified as any otherknown human or animal virus." [Author's emphasis.]

At this point, the inventors disclose several other tests completed on patient, exposure, and non-exposure controls. These were primarily specific protein and retroviral tests and probes. Additional testing reveals the following results with corresponding comments by the inventors:

tRNA primer techniques using sense and antisense methods revealed that 10 out of 10 CFIDS patient DNA samples showed the same sized products using the primer for the monkey D-type retrovirus (MPMV). The inventors suggest that these results, from this test, imply that CAV "is either a type of lentivirus, primate D-type retrovirus, or Foamy (Spuma) virus, all of which us a tRNA lysine primer."

Characterization of cracr proteins of CAV reveals that "animal retroviruses that have been shown to express cracr proteins of these molecular weights are:

primate D-type retroviruses; primate C-type; lentiviruses (EIAV but not HIV); mouse B-type (MMTV); avian C-type retroviruses, and perhaps Foamy (Spuma) viruses. Location of crap proteins in the nucleus reveals that "more than 50% of patient samples tested (and none of controls) revealed cells staining for crap proteins. Most importantly, the staining is found in both the cytoplasm and nucleus of the positive cells. The only known retroviruses to display nuclear staining for viral proteins are the Foamy virus group."

The last test was for reverse transcriptase (RT) with the inventors revealing:

"CAV appears to prefer a template-primer of polyzA-oligo-(dT) with Mn++. Among the retroviruses that show the same RT characteristics as that of CAV (polyzA-oligo(dT) template-primer and Mn++ preferences) are the Spuma (foamy) virus and the monkey D-type retroviruses."

Any way you cut this, the only conclusion that can be reached is that this work is very thorough and extensive. It has been funded by the NIH! And I believe that, much like the work revealed by Grossberg's patent (also funded by the NIH), the NIH certainly has more than a singular idea about what is happening to us as patients, all the while denying the existence of retroviral involvement and not providing details to outside scientists for additional examination and perhaps subsequent replication!

Any retrovirus that can invade the mitochondria directly indicates trouble! Why? Because the mitochondria are the energy powerhouses in the body and a direct infection of them spells major trouble --- alteration of mitochondrial function and dysfunctional energy production! This could very well account for the patient's lack of stamina and that 'F-word', fatigue!

As far as I'm concerned here, there needs to be a criminal investigation of the NIH regarding why they refused to fund upon submission of all this data as well as the involvement of the NIH in Grossberg's work. They are supposed to fund based on productivity and Grossberg had none in comparison. Maybe then, some heads
will roll and we'll begin to get some real answers! After all, each and every patient certainly deserves this and so much more!

[Ed. Note: Dr. DeFrietas presented much of this work at the Albany Medical Convention in 1991. She also submitted a paper of the work to the PNAS three times but was turned down. Why? Were the same people at the NIH who refused to fund her threatening the publication in some way? The refusal to fund her along with the CFIDS Assoc. pulling her funding lost us more than a decade of work!]

The National CFIDS Foundation * 103 Aletha Rd, Needham Ma 02492 * (781) 449-3535 Fax (781) 449-8606

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Echelon - The New World Order's Global Spy Network With Major Bases In Fort Meade, Maryland, USA & Menwith Hill, England

The Second Coming - How The New World Order Will Deceive You

The FBI's Use Of Murderers As Informants

Declassified Information Regarding NSA SIGNIT

The following concerns declassified information regarding the National Security Agency's Signals Intelligence operations. One can only hazard a guess as to other treasonous spying that the NSA is conducting at present which remains classified. Of course Akwei VS NSA gives us a good indication of just how egregious the NSA's Signals Intelligence spying on Americans is.

The following document was removed from the Webpage that it was initially on, and only left in the cache memory which the Google search engine uses in which to save such information in the event that a Webpage is deleted. Something which is becoming more common as the U.S. Federal Government attempts to remove Websites which document serious violations of the United States Constitution, being perpetrated by some agency within this Federal Government. Most notably the Intelligence Community.

Security Archive Electronic Briefing Book No. 24

by Jeffrey T. Richelson

assisted by Michael
L. Evans

January 13, 2000

Document 1. NSCID 9, "Communications Intelligence," March 10, 1950.
National Security Council Intelligence Directives have provided the highest-level policy guidance for intelligence activities since they were first issued in 1947.

This document establishes and defines the responsibilities of the United States Communications Intelligence Board. The Board, according to the directive, is to provide "authoritative coordination of [the] Communications Intelligence activities of the Government and to advise the Director of Central Intelligence in those matters in the field of Communications Intelligence for which he is responsible."

The particularly sensitive nature of communications intelligence (COMINT) activities was highlighted by paragraph 6, which noted that such activities should be treated "in all respects as being outside the framework of other or general intelligence activities." Thus, regulations or directives pertaining to other intelligence activities were not applicable to COMINT activities.

2a. Memorandum from President Harry S. Truman to the Secretary of
State, the Secretary of Defense, Subject: Communications Intelligence Activities,
October 24, 1952.

2b. National Security Council Intelligence Directive No. 9, Communications
Intelligence, December 29, 1952.

President Truman's memorandum revokes the provisions of NSCID 9 with regard to the composition, responsibilities, and procedures of the U.S. Communications Intelligence Board. It establishes the USCIB
as an entity "acting for and under" a newly created Special Committee of the National Security Council for COMINT, consisting of the Secretary of State and the Secretary of Defense.

More significantly, Truman's memo, along with a Department of Defense directive, established NSA, and transformed communications intelligencefrom a military activity divided among the three services to a unified national activity.3 Thus, the first sentencestates that "The communications intelligence (COMINT) activities of the United States are a national responsibility."

The memorandum instructs the Special Committee to issue a directive to the Secretary of Defense which defines the COMINT mission of NSA as being to "provide an effective, unified organization and control of the communications intelligence activities of the United States conducted against foreign governments." Thus, "all COMINT collection and production resources of the United States are placed under his operational
and technical control."

The directive provided the NSA director with no authority regarding the collection of electronic intelligence (ELINT)—such as intelligence obtained from the interception of the emanations of radarsor of missile telemetry. Responsibility for ELINT remained with the military services.

NSCID 9 of December 1952 replaces its 1950 predecessor as mandated by Truman's directive. Often using identical language to that in the Truman directive, it revises the responsibilities of the United States Communications Intelligence Board as well as defining the role of the newly created National Security Agency and enumerating the responsibilities of its director.

3. Memo to President Johnson, September 6, 1968.

This memo, from national security adviser Walt Rostow to President Johnson, provides information concerning North Vietnamese/Viet Cong military and political strategy during the last months of Johnson's presidency. The last item in the memo notes that its conclusions were partly a function of the author's access to relevant intercepted communications.

The memo specifically notes unusual, high-priority message traffic between Hanoi and subordinate units directing forces in South Vietnam as well as urgent messages from the Military Affairs Committee
of COSVN (Central Office for South Vietnam) to subordinates. It does not reveal how extensively the U.S. was able to decrypt the messages.

4. Department of Defense Directive S-5100.20, "The National Security
Agency and the Central Security Service," December 23, 1971.

Originally classified Secret, this directive remains in effect today, with minor changes. Key portions of the directive specify the NSA's role in managing the signals intelligence effort for the entire U.S. government, the role of the Secretary of Defense in appointing and supervising the work of the NSA's director, the authorities assigned to the director of NSA, and the relationships that NSA is expected to maintain
with other components of the government.

Among the specific responsibilities assigned to the director are preparation of a consolidated SIGINT program and budget for Defense Department SIGINT activities, the "exercise of SIGINT operational control over SIGINT activities of the United States," and the production and dissemination of SIGINT "in accordance with the objectives, requirements, and priorities established by the Director of Central Intelligence."

The directive reflects the 1958 addition of electronic intelligence to NSA's responsibilities, making it the national authority for both components of signals intelligence.

5a. NSCID 6, "Signals Intelligence," February 17, 1972.

5b. Department of Justice, "Report of the Inquiry into CIA-Related Electronic Surveillance Activities," 1976, pp. 77-9.

NSCID 6 is the most recently available NSCID concerning
SIGINT. It was still in effect at least as late as 1987.

An earlier version of the directive was issued in 1958, when NSA was first assigned responsibility
for electronics intelligence.

The version released by the NSC in 1976 contains little more than the definitions for COMINT and ELINT. However, a Justice Department report obtained by author James Bamford while researching his book, The Puzzle Palace, quoted additional portions of the directive.

The directive specifies that the Director of NSA is to produce SIGINT in response to the objectives, requirements and priorities of the Director of Central Intelligence. It also empowers the director
to issue direct instructions to any organizations engaged in SIGINT operations, with the exception of certain CIA and FBI activities, and states that the instructions are mandatory.

6a. NSA COMINT Report, "Capital Projects Planned in India," August
31, 1972.

6b. NSA, "India’s Heavy Water Shortages," October 1982.

These two documents provide examples of NSA reporting, as well as demonstrating that NSA’s collection targets have included Indian atomic energy programs. Portions of each document that discuss or reveal the contents of the intercepts have been redacted. However, the classification of the documents indicates that high-level communications intelligence
was used in preparing the report.

UMBRA is the highest-level compartment of the three compartments of Special Intelligence—the euphemism for COMINT. The lower level compartments are MORAY and SPOKE.

The classification (either TSU [TOP SECRET UMBRA]
or MORAY) of the 25 reports which Document 6b was derived from indicate that the report relied extensively on COMINT. The report also demonstrates how NSA, often to the annoyance of the CIA, has gone far beyond its formal collection and processing responsibilities and into the analysis of the data it has collected.4

7. United States Signals Intelligence Directive [USSID] 18, "Legal Compliance and Minimization Procedures," July 27, 1993.

While NSCIDs and DoD Directives offer general
guidance on the activities of NSA and the United States SIGINT System (USSS), far more detailed guidance is provided by the director of NSA in the form of United States Signals Intelligence Directives (USSIDs). The directives fall into at least nine different categories: policy, collection, processing, analysis and reporting, standards, administration, training, data processing, and tasking.

In the aftermath of revelations in the 1970s about NSA interception of the communications of anti-war and other political activists new procedures were established governing the interception of communications involving Americans.5 The version of USSID 18 currently in force was issued in July 1993 and "prescribes policies and procedures and assigns responsibilities to ensure that the
missions and functions of the United States SIGINT System (USSS) are conducted in a manner that safeguards the constitutional rights of U.S. persons."

Section 4 ("Collection," pp.2-6) specifies the circumstances under which U.S. SIGINT activities may intercept communications of or about U.S. persons, as well as the authorities of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, the Attorney General, and the Director of NSA to approve the collection of such information.

Section 5 ("Processing," pp.6-7)
focuses on the restrictions on processing intercepted communications involving U.S. persons--including domestic communications collected during foreign communications collection operations.

Section 6 ("Retention," p.8) deals with the retention of intercepted communications about U.S. persons. Section 7 ("Dissemination," pp.8-10) concerns restrictions on dissemination. It requires that all SIGINT reports be written "so as to focus solely on the activities of foreign entities and persons and their agents." It also specifies some of the conditions under which U.S. persons can be identified in SIGINT reports--for example, when the communications indicate the person is an agent of a foreign power.

Document 7a. NSA, "USSID
18: Dissemination of U.S. Government Organizations and Officials (U)--INFORMATION
MEMORANDUM," February 5, 1993.

This NSA memo indicates that the conditions for identification
of U.S. officials by title in NSA reporting varies depending on whether
or not the individual is a member of the executive branch. Senior officials of the executive branch may be identified by title, without prior approval from higher authority, when the official's title is necessary to understand or assess foreign intelligence. In contrast, officials from the legislative and judicial branches cannot be identified by title, even if that information is necessary to understand foreign intelligence, unless approval is obtained from higher authority. The memo implies that, under the assumed conditions, the use of names is not permitted.

Document 7b. NSA, "USSID 18: Reporting Guidance on References to the First Lady," July 8, 1993.

This memo followed a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling that Hillary Clinton was a full-time government official. It notes that she could be identified in reports by title (Chairperson of the President's Task Force on National Health Care Reform) without prior approval when that title was necessary to understand or assess foreign intelligence and when the information related to her official duties. The memo also contains guidance on reports containing information about information concerning Mrs. Clinton that is not clearly foreign intelligence.

Document 7c. National Security Agency/Central Security Service, "U.S. Identities in SIGINT," March 1994.

This 48-page document is intended to provide detailed
guidance concerning on the use of U.S. identities in SIGINT reports as
well as the dissemination of U.S. identities to consumers outside the United States SIGINT System. It consists of 12 sections (including ones on requests for U.S. identities, accountability, dissemination, and collection and processing), and five appendices (including those on approved generic references and USSID 18 criteria for dissemination).

Document No. 7d. NSA, USSID 18: Reporting Guidance on Former President Carter's Involvement in the Bosnian Peace Process (U)-- Information Guidance, December 15, 1994.

The issue of when the identity or even title of a U.S. citizen can be included in reporting based on communications intercepts is a major focus of USSID 18. This NSA memo was prepared in response to the invitation to former President Carter to travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in efforts to end the war. It specifies that as long as Carter is acting as a private citizen he may be referred to only as a "U.S. person" in any reports.

Document 7e. NSA, "Understanding USSID

18 and Contextual Identifications," September 30, 1997.

The issue of identification by context is the subject of this memo. It notes that, in describing U.S. entities, analysts are required, in general, to substitute sufficiently generic terms for the entities--terms that do not "directly lead to the identification of a U.S. entity even though the identity has been obscured in the report." Violation of the "contextual identification rule" requires that the report "must be cancelled, reworded and reissued to eliminate the identifying information."

The guidance clearly does not apply to those cases where inclusion of more specific information is necessary to evaluate foreign intelligence.

Document No. 7f, NSA, "USSID 18 Guide," February 1998.

The introduction to this document notes that it is an informal guide to the provisions of USSID 18 with respect to the issue of the COMINT collection and and dissemination of U.S. identities.

One section focues on USSID 18 issues with respect to threat situations,
including when an individual is held captive by a foreign power or group or when an intercept reveals a threat to a U.S. person. The section on non-threat situations contains guidance on the disposition of the inadvertent intercept of communciations between U.S. persons, on processing and reporting of incidentally intercepted ommunications of a U.S. person during foreign intelligence collection, and the handling of U.S. identities in reports.

8. Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/1, "SIGINT
Committee," May 12, 1982.

The SIGINT Committee, now known as the National SIGINT Committee, was first established in 1958 to oversee key aspects of U.S. SIGINT activities—the identification of collection requirements, evaluation of how well U.S. and allied SIGINT activities satisfy requirements, and the production of recommendations concerning SIGINT arrangements with foreign governments. This directive is the most recent available version of DCID 6/1. While the directive remains formally classified, the full text of the document has been published previously in scholarly works and on the world wide web.6

The SIGINT Committee operated for many years with
two permanent subcommittees—the SIGINT Requirements Validation and Evaluation Subcommittee (SIRVES) and the SIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee (SORS). In the mid-1990s two new groups were established: The Weapons and Space Systems Advisory Group, to "coordinate SIGINT on foreign weapons and space systems," and the National Emitter Intelligence Subcommittee, which focuses on SIGINT production concerning foreign radars and other non-communications signals.7

9. NAVSECGRU Instruction C5450.48A, Subj: Mission, Functions and
Tasks of Naval Security Group Activity (NAVSECGRUACT) Sugar Grove, West
Virginia, September 3, 1991.

While NSA directs and manages U.S. SIGINT activities,
almost all collection activity is actually carried out by the military
service SIGINT units—including the Naval Security Group Command. The role of the unit at Sugar Grove in intercepting the international leased carrier (ILC) communications passing through INTELSAT satellites was first revealed in James Bamford's The Puzzle Palace8

The regulation reveals that Sugar Grove is associated with what has become a highly controversial program in Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The program, codenamed ECHELON, has been described as a global surveillance network that intercepts and processes the world's communications and distributes it among the primary partners in the decades-old UKUSA alliance—the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.9

In reality, ECHELON is a more limited program, allowing
the UKUSA allies to specify intelligence requirements and automatically receive relevant intercepts obtained by the UKUSA facilities which intercept satellite communications (but not the U.S. facilities that receive data from SIGINT satellites). It is also limited by both technological barriers (the inability to develop word-spotting software so as to allow for the automatic processing of intercepted conversations) and the limitations imposed on collection activities by the UKUSA allies—at least as regards the citizens of those countries.10

Thus, the NAVSECGRU instruction also specifies that one of the responsibilities of the commander of the Sugar Grove site is to "ensure the privacy of U.S.
citizens are properly safeguarded pursuant to the provisions of USSID 18."

10. Farewell from Vice Admiral William O. Studeman to NSA Employees,
April 8, 1992.

This address by the departing director of NSA, William
Studeman, examines NSA's post-Cold War mission, likely budgetary limitations, and other challenges facing the agency. Reflecting the increasing emphasis on "support to military operations," Studeman notes that "the military account is basic to NSA as a defense agency, and the lack of utter faithfulness to this fact will court decline." He also observes that "the demands for increased global access are growing" and that "these business areas (SMO and global access) will be the two, hopefully strong legs on which NSA must stand." He also argues that "technical and operational innovation to deal with a changing and changed world must continue to dominate."

11. Letter, Stewart A. Baker, General Counsel, NSA to Gerald E. McDowell,
Esq., September 9, 1992.

In the wake of disclosures about the role of the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), particularly its Atlanta branch, in the provision of financial assistance to the regime of Saddam Hussein, questions were raised about whether the intelligence community was providing sufficient support to law enforcement.

This letter, from NSA's general counsel, answers a series of questions from the Justice Department pertaining to NSA's knowledge of, or involvement in, BNL activities. The responses appear to indicate that NSA had not derived any intelligence concerning BNL activities from its intercept operations. The letter also stresses NSA's sensitivity to the issue of the privacy of American citizens (noting that "NSA improperly targeted the communications of a number of Americans opposed to the Vietnam War") and the restrictions on reporting information concerning U.S. citizens or corporations.

12. "Activation of Echelon Units," from History of the Air Intelligence
Agency, 1 January - 31 December 1994, Volume I
(San Antonio, TX: AIA,

The first extract from the Air Intelligence Agency's 1994 annual history provides additional information on the ECHELON network. ECHELON units include components of the AIA's 544th Intelligence Group.

Detachment 2 and 3 are located at Sabana Seca, Puerto Rico and Sugar Grove, West Virginia respectively. The second reference to Detachment 3 is apparently a typo that should read Detachment 4 (located at Yakima, Washington). The deleted words appear to be "civilian communications," "NAVSECGRU" and "NSA."

The second extract notes that AIA’s participation in a classified activity "had been limited to LADYLOVE operations at Misawa AB [Air Base], Japan." The Misawa LADYLOVE activity was initiated during the Cold War to intercept Soviet military communications transmitted via satellite—along with similar operations at Menwith Hill, UK; Bad Aibling, Germany; and Rosman, North Carolina. This extract suggests that both Guam and Misawa have, at the least, been considered as possible sites for ECHELON operations.

13. NSA Point Paper, "SIGINT Reporting on Murders of Michael DeVine
in 1990 and the Disappearance of Efraín Bamaca in 1992 in Guatemala,"
March 24, 1995.

On March 23, 1995, Rep. Robert Torricelli, a member
of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, charged that the CIA had been withholding from Congress information it had obtained regarding the deaths of Michael DeVine, an American innkeeper living in Guatemala, and Efraín Bámaca Velásquez, a Guatemalan guerrilla leader and husband of an American lawyer. Both murders, according to Torricelli, were linked to a Guatemalan army colonel, Julio Roberto Alpírez, a paid intelligence asset of the CIA.11

The revelations set off a firestorm of criticism and caused the Clinton administration to order a government-wide investigation over these and other cases of torture and murder attributed to Guatemalan security forces. While the CIA was the main target of such criticism, Torricelli had also reportedly received an anonymous fax from someone inside the NSA alleging that documents pertaining to the Bámaca and DeVine cases were being destroyed.


This Top Secret NSA position paper responds to these
allegations. NSA claims that SIGINT reporting related to these cases is
limited to "Guatemalan government reaction to U.S. and international human rights concerns," and does not include specific information regarding the circumstances of death or the involvement of Colonel Alpírez. The document is one of only a handful of declassified records in which the NSA even acknowledges specific SIGINT activities or reports.

14. Memorandum, Daniel C. Kurtzer, Acting Assitant Secretary, Bureau of
Intelligence and Research to Vice Admiral J.M. McConnell, Director, National
Security Agency, Subject: Proposed Declassification of the "Fact of" Overhead
SIGINT Collection, September 6, 1995.

In 1978, President Jimmy Carter acknowledged that
the U.S. employed reconnaissance satellites to collect imagery of foreign targets. Early in 1995, President Clinton declassified details concerning early satellite imagery programs such as CORONA. However, even the existence of SIGINT satellites remained classified until late 1995 when Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch authorized the official acknowledgement of space-based SIGINT operations.


The process involved soliciting the opinions of U.S.
government departments whose interests might be affected by disclosure. The State Department's memo expressed concern about the impact in certain countries. Despite the deletions, it is clear that the department was anxious about the impact in the foreign countries where the U.S. operates ground stations for SIGINT satellites—the United Kingdom (at Menwith Hill), Germany (at Bad Aibling), and Australia (at Pine Gap). The memo also indicates that the proposal for declassification emanated from the National Reconnaissance

15. Organization Chart, NSA Operations Directorate, November 4, 1998.

The organization chart of NSA's Directorate of Operations is notable for several reasons. Traditionally, such information was not released by NSA, which under the provisions of Public Law 86-36 is not required to release even unclassified organizational information. In recent years, however, NSA has released more information about organization and administrative matters, and acknowledged the use of a variety of aircraft for SIGINT collection.

The organization chart also shows how the operations directorate has been reorganized since the end of the Cold War. Throughout much of the Cold War, the directorate consisted of three key regional groups—A (Soviet Bloc), B (Asian Communist), and G (All Other). After the Soviet collapse the regional groups were reduced to one for European nations and one for all other. The new organizational structure reflects the increasing empahsis on transnational activities, which cut across nations and regions.

Document 16. Statement for the Record of NSA Director Lt Gen Michael V. Hayden, USAF before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, April 12, 2000.

In a rare public appearance by the NSA director, Lt. Gen. Michael Hayden outlines the regulatory safeguards and oversight mechanisms that are in place to ensure that the agency's electronic surveillance mission does not infringe upon the privacy of U.S. persons, and to respond to recent allegations that NSA provides intelligence information to U.S. companies.

The agency may only target the communications of U.S. persons within the United States after obtaining a federal court order suggesting that the individual might be "an agent of a foreign power."

The number of such cases have been "very few" since the passage of the
Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in 1978. In cases where the NSA wishes to conduct electronic surveillance on U.S. persons overseas, the agency must first obtain the approval of the Attorney General, who must have probable cause to believe that the individual "is an agent of a foreign power, or a spy, terrorist, saboteur, or someone who aides or abets them."

With regard to the unintentional collection of communications
to, from, or about U.S. citizens, Hayden stresses that such information
is not retained "unless the information is necessary to understand a particular piece of foreign intelligence or assess its importance."

In response to other allegations, Hayden asserts that NSA cannot request that another country "illegally" collect intelligence on U.S. persons on their behalf, and also that the agency "is not authorized to provide signals intelligence information to private U.S. companies."

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