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The FBI And Its Intel Brethren Are Pathological Torturers And Murderers Who Represent The Lowest Form Of Life On This Planet

Editor's Note: Family members are attempting to purchase a new vehicle in order to take advantage of the federal government's purchase of older vehicles. This afternoon, this author's Family found an automobile at one dealership which was available, which could have been swapped with the dealership in which they are attempting to make their purchase. They got the information on this vehicle and sent it to the person whom they are negotiating with locally, only to be told a short time later, that this vehicle had been special ordered for someone else and was not available - exactly the opposite of what a Family member was told a short time earlier. It is my opinion that Intel interfered with the purchase of this vehicle, just as they interfere with virtually every aspect of our lives.

Moreover, the battery in this author's automobile had been fully charged a few weeks ago. The battery worked fine, however, two days later it was completely discharged. As a result I charged the battery again only to find that when I reconnected the battery, the interior light switch had been turned on. I did not turn this switch on which means that someone else broke into this car and did so.

As far as I know I have the only two sets of keys to this car, so it is more than likely that the NSA remotely opened the electronic door locks in which to allow someone to turn the light switch on, which resulted in the drained battery.

Targets of organized stalking often find that their automobiles are constantly being tampered with in such ways. The automobiles in this author's Family have been tampered with by such electronic remote means for many years, including opening the door locks while one of our automobiles was actually traveling at more than sixty miles per hour on the highway.

This is further criminal activity by these Intel psychopaths who are none too pleased that I am still alive and promulgating these crimes over the Internet. Moreover, Family members continue to be harassed by these Intel agencies in the most egregious ways ever documented, being forced to accept outrageous violations of their inherent rights; fearful that they too will become targeted as aggressively as this author has been for years. What I am documenting here are the most outrageous violations of the United States Constitution in American History.

The Intel community is in fact a diabolical entity that is incapable of operating legally, morally, ethically, or sanely. For more than six years now the * FBI/NSA and Homeland Security have conspired to deny this author and his Family our Constitutional rights, while these reprobates commit every crime imaginable against us.

*DHS joined in this conspiracy in 2003, however the FBI and NSA have conspired to commit myriad crimes against this author and his Family under the color of law since as early as 1980. As such, the Intel community must now lie and completely obfuscate their own criminality in an effort to avoid this treasonous scandal. However, what they have done to us continues to be propagated both nationally and internationally.

And until my death I will make certain that the ENTIRE TRUTH is made known to the public.

The COMPLETE STORY, which includes the illegal brain fingerprinting of the American population, and the use of many of us for what is nothing less than a modern day version of the CIA's diabolical MKultra mind control research - this time being covertly conducted by way of the NSA through its EMF Scanning Network.

Why would the Intel community spy on any person for decades without having legal authority in which to do so, while taking the added risk that the persons whose rights have been violated so egregiously might find out about this and then attempt to expose these outrageous crimes?

Non consensual human experimentation. The Intel community has to test computer to brain interface technology in a real world environment. So they choose to use American citizens as the equivalent of unwitting lab animals who are illegally tracked, catalogued, monitored and experimented on.

And this is happening here in the United States of America.

In my situation, the FBI is the catalyst in these attacks. A situation in which the FBI colluded with the NSA in which to illegal spy on my person for decades. A situation which has now gotten so far out of hand, that it is this author's opinion that the FBI and NSA will attempt to use some aspect of our elected leadership in which to obfuscate these crimes, while committing further violations of our rights. This is being done in order to protect criminals within the FBI and NSA so that they are able to avoid prosecution for the precedent setting crimes that they continue to commit against my Family and my person.

This spying also has many illegal applications including the theft of people's thoughts from right out of their own minds, via the NSA's computer to brain interfacing technology, which allows NSA operatives to remote neural monitor the brain states of any person in the United States. It is quite likely that the NSA has done the same at its Menwith Hill, England location. A situation in which the NSA may well have catalogued Great Britain's citizens by way of their own unique brain fingerprints.

The same may be true of all of Europe.

Of course these agents are furious now, because they are finally being exposed as the outright Nazi's that they are, and their crimes are far worse than the average American citizen can possibly fathom.

As such, there is not even a semblance of Constitutional law left in the treasonous attacks which they subjugate this author and his Family to. And the Intel community will eventually pay the price for such egregious crimes against us. These so called agents are making up their own rules as they go, which is totally unacceptable and anathema to the C0nstitutional rule of law in the United States.

It is quite clear that as such, Intel is attacking this author as aggressively as they can in order to prevent another scandal within these agencies which is well beyond any that the public has heard of to this point. Of course these agents have never confronted me directly by identifying themselves, since this has been an ongoing illegal operation for decades. And they can't exactly face me in a court of law either, since every aspect of what I have documented on this Website will be made available to a jury. Including the remote torture and attempted murder of my person by way of this Nazi garbage.

As I have said in the past, for many years now I have been a dead man walking, making certain to make the best use of my time in documenting these crimes as well as myriad others committed by the criminal cartels which control every aspect of this planet. I offer this Website as proof that these crimes are being done in which to destroy the global Proletariat, while further enriching the world's super-rich class; herein referred to as The Illuminati.

Intel's Psyops Against This Author Grow Even Worse

The FBI/NSA campaign in which to torture and murder this author as well as my Family has continued aggressively for more than six years. These agents are the most despicable examples of humanity to ever exist. Throughout its nefarious history, the Intel community has manipulated government officials (through the use of blackmail schemes), into ignoring the crimes committed by these criminal agents; those who have tortured and murdered millions of people around the world through the use of covert operations; operations which include the use of psychological warfare and over the past few decades satellite deployed directed energy weapons which have been used to both physically torture and in some cases murder those being targeted for such Orwellian crimes.

Oftentimes, these citizens will be targeted for vicious and inhumane psychological warfare programs which are used to drive the target into committing suicide. The Intel community is unrelenting is these operations and will continue to wage them until their targets are dead.

This is cold blooded murder.

This is the state of America under a tyrannical cabal which secretly controls this government. A situation in which there is no rule of law. A situation which has become much more severe since the 9-11 false flag operation orchestrated by the Zionist controlled Project For A New American Century, through the Bush #43 Administration. A treasonous crime overseen by the House Of Rothschild through the Zionist controlled Federal Reserve System central bank in the United States.

Their intent is to destroy the American middle class by nullifying the U.S. Constitution, and with it any protections that the American Proletariat have.

I write this today because it appears that a Family member may now have a very serious heart condition brought on by way of such weaponry, as well as the stress which the FBI/NSA/DHS have placed our entire Family under for the past six years. Abject cruelty and inhumanity on par with anything that Hitler and his Nazi party were capable of.

There is to be no forgiveness for these minions of Satan, who masquerade as protectors of the American people, yet who are in fact nothing but despicable torturers and murderers who delight in their acts of depravity (which are far too numerous to mention here). These men and women are the lowest form of life on this planet. They are pathological liars, sexual predators, mind controlled psychopaths, who torture and murder at will and with absolutely no conscience for having done so.

They also use their positions as agents of the U.S. Federal Government in which to wage their own personal vendettas. The most serious of crimes committed under the color of law, which these agents should be but are almost never prosecuted for.

These agents of Satan, this hidden EVIL, also utilize electronic warfare programs through the National Security Agency in which to illegally track American citizens by way of their own unique bioelectric fields. Technology used to invade the minds of these subjects while utilizing them as nothing more than laboratory animals who are experimented on within their own domiciles, tortured and oftentimes covertly murdered by such means. This author has been tortured in such ways for nearly two decades, the result of being targeted by the FBI and NSA for DEW weaponry assaults and mind control experimentation.

As such, no American citizen is safe from this satellite predation.

Furthermore, It is my exposition of these outrageous crimes and how they can be committed against all Americans which has the Intel community both demonizing my person as well as conducting a furtive campaign in which to murder me.

A situation in which the Constitutional rule of law is completely absent.

In fact, there has never been such a devious circumvention of the Constitutional rule of law perpetrated against another American citizen, as the Intel community is presently waging against this author - one in which exculpatory information has been deliberately omitted by the FBI, NSA and DHS in regard to my person, in order to obfuscate the facts. This is a complete manipulation of the law being used by these Intel agencies in order to cover up their own outrageous crimes; crimes which include precedent setting illegal spying as well as the use of non consensual human experimentation on this author and his Family.

In committing such atrocities the FBI, NSA and the rest of their Intel minions use the NSA's computer to brain interface technology - remote neural monitoring of the human brain - in which to attack the minds of these people, while perpetrating these crimes with complete impunity.

The United States Congress is complicit in covering up this information while protecting these Intel criminals, so that they cannot be prosecuted. The mainstream media also aids and abets such abhorrent criminality while the allegations by those subjugated to this nightmare are completely ignored.

Those of us who attempt to promulgate this information on the treasonous crimes being committed by the Intel community are marginalized by the aforementioned. This while the Intel community subjects us to daily attacks of psychological operations in which we are also routinely targeted for physical attacks as well, by way of Directed Energy Weapons, which include the electronic rape of our persons.

Our Families are also made victims of many crimes, and prevented from speaking out against these monsters.

This is an abject rape of our Constitutional rights by the U.S. Federal Government and its Intelligence community; one which we will under no circumstances tolerate, and will if necessary fight to the death to expose. The exposition of such extremely UGLY hidden truths about the U.S. Intelligence community that they cannot afford having the public learn about.

Yet, which will be exposed regardless of Intel's attempts to maintain this treasonous cover up.

Such crimes against humanity are perpetrated by incarnated evil and those who are controlled by such evil incarnate. And incarnated evil is what is controlling the world government which overseas the leaders of every country on this planet in the modern day, including the United States Of America - the land of lies.

This is why there is no longer any Constitutional rule of law in the United States, and why there is a complete absence of the due process of law. For a duly appointed agent of the U.S. Federal Government to violate the inherent rights of another American citizen is easily one of the worst crimes that can ever be perpetrated. Moreover, to electronically torture the mind and body of such a target is the worst crime that these agents can commit against an American citizen, or citizen of another country.

Moreover, America is no longer the land of the free, but instead nothing but a facade of freedom which when carefully inspected, is quickly exposed as a tyrannical police state where the Constitutional rule of law is no longer existent.

In fact, given that the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights have become completely disregarded by this government, it is the duty of every American citizen to understand this and to fight in the defense of freedoms that are theirs not as a privilege, but instead, as the inherent right of every American citizen.

The alphabet agencies which compose the Intel community are the sworn enemy of the American Proletariat, since they are used by the super-rich in which to deny us such inherent rights.

The fight to avenge these injustices will wage on until these agents are held accountable for these treasonous crimes. They must be held accountable at any and all costs, because they are DANGEROUS to our society and must be prosecuted for these crimes. Moreover, if we fail to do so, the American people will never regain their Constitutional Republic, or the inherent freedoms which they are by law entitled to. And will instead become subjugated to a form of enslavement which will not only destroy their sovereignty, but also their ability to think creatively for themselves.

They will in fact become slaves to the world government's Orwellian status quo. Little more than mind controlled puppets who've been deluded into believing that they are free, when they are in fact prisoners of an insidious system of government whose ultimate agenda is to destroy them.

To learn more about how the NSA can violate your inherent rights as an American citizen read John St. Clair Akwei's lawsuit against the National Security Agency. It is my corroboration of the information contained within this lawsuit and the promulgation of it over the Internet which are the prime reasons why the NSA, FBI and DHS continue to demonize me while attempting to find a way in which to covertly murder my person.

Make no mistake about this - The FBI and NSA are seeking to find a plausible way in which to murder this author.

However, even after decades of the most outrageous entrapment schemes, the FBI cannot obtain a legitimate indictment in regard to this author and in complete desperation to cover up their own outrageous crimes - which include the covert attempted murder of my person - have now resorted to a mass demonization campaign in which to inflame public sentiment, while circumventing every aspect of the Constitutional rule of law.

These agents are CRIMINALS who should be PROSECUTED TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW. And they will not violate the rights of this author or his Family and get away with it.

These agents should also be forced to admit in a court of law that they regularly utilize the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network in which to spy on American citizens, while violating in the most egregious of ways the privacy of such citizens.

These agents must also be forced to admit to their use of computer to brain interface in which to remote neurally monitor/manipulate the minds of such citizens as part of the NSA's electronic warfare operations.

These so called agents are nothing but wolves in sheep's clothing -- domestic terrorists who conceal their crimes under the cover of National Security.

The U.S. Judiciary has managed to avoid hearing the following lawsuit against the NSA since 1991. A lawsuit which appeared on the Internet back in 1996 when published in the April/May 1996 issue of Nexus Magazine.

It is time that John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA was heard in a court of law.

And it is time that the American people learned for themselves about the domestic spy/terrorist organization that the NSA really is. An organization that has without their knowledge, electronically brain fingerprinted the American people, and is treating them as little more than heads of cattle. The FBI, CIA and other agencies of the Intel community are no better, since their domestic spying is in many ways just as egregious, and in complete violation of the Constitutional rule of law.

See John Akwei's lawsuit against the NSA at the following Website:

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Dr. Ron Paul's Legislation To Force Congress To Audit The Federal Reserve System Banking Cartel - If He's Successful Will The FED Take Its Revenge?

Federal Reserve Transparency Act - HR 1207

Ron Paul Bill To Audit The Federal Reserve

Will HR 1207 Be Passed?

With 271 co-sponsors to this bill requiring the Federal Reserve System to be transparent in its operations (something which in this author's opinion will never happen even if this legislation is passed), HR 1207 has a real chance of becoming law.

However, given the inherent corruption within the Federal Reserve System itself, and its extremely powerful leadership which also controls much of our legislators, it will take far more than new legislation in which to clean up the Federal Reserve System.

As it stands, we have myriad laws which were created to protect our inherent rights as American citizens which are completely disregarded by the U.S. Industrial Military Intelligence Complex, as well as most of our own elected officials.

For instance, Title 18 Sections 241 and 242 of the United States Criminal Code expressly prohibit a federal employee from using their position to violate the Constitutional rights of an American citizen. However, agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA have been committing such egregious violations since their inceptions, yet their agents are almost never charged with such crimes.

And those whom they commit such crimes against are victimized not once, but many times, since they are denied their right to prosecute these agents and seek monetary damages against them in a United States Civil Court. This author and his Family have been the targets of such vicious crimes for years, perpetrated by the FBI, NSA and more recently Department Of Homeland Security. A situation in which our rights as American citizens have been completely disregarded by these Intel criminals, who are not only waging a very aggressive demonization campaign against this author, but also attempting to find a covert way in which to murder me, so that these agents are never indicted for committing these outrageous crimes.

As for the Federal Reserve Act and Congress' attempts in which to convince the American people that it is legitimate, the fact is that this Act was never properly ratified, and neither was the 16TH Amendment; which the Supreme Court also ruled did not give the Congress any new powers of taxation over the American people.
This situation was made quite obvious when a former tax investigator who began to doubt the IRS' legitimacy, flew to the 48 contiguous U.S. States and located documents which prove that most of these states never ratified the 16TH Amendment, and that the three quarters vote in which to make the 16TH Amendment into law was never met.

When the IRS found out about the former tax investigator's research (a man by the name of Bill Benson), it attempted to bribe him so that he would reveal exactly where he obtained his information, in an attempt in which to destroy it. However, Benson could not be bought off and instead compiled this information into a 17,000 page document which he entitled "The Law That Never Was." The title is accurate since the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified and was illegally passed into law.

What's worse is that while Benson has attempted to promulgate this information, a judge has taken part in this treasonous coverup by ruling that Benson must not circulate "The Law That Never Was."

Moreover, the fact that the 16TH Amendment was never properly ratified has not stopped the Congress from allowing the Federal Reserve System to collect such a tax via the Internal Revenue Service - both of which are private corporations which have nothing to do with the United States Treasury, yet which have been used since the early 1900's in which to impose an unconstitutional tax on the wages of the American middle class.

This is class warfare being conducted by the super-rich in the United States in which to strip the American middle class of their wealth.

In reality, the Federal Reserve System as well as the IRS should both be abolished, since neither is part of the U.S. Federal Government, and as such do not exist Constitutionally.

The FBI should also be abolished, as should the rest of the Intelligence community, since the U.S. Constitution makes no provisions for an Intelligence community, and the Intel community within the United States has demonstrated time and again, that they are not protectors of the American people, but instead an egregious threat to our safety. To this day, the FBI is operating without the charter necessary for it to exist legally.

The Federal Reserve System Must Be Abolished

Since its treasonous creation in the early 1900's, the result of the House Of Rothschild's fomenting the covert overthrow of the U.S. Federal Government (by way of the leaders of the Zionist banking establishment in the United States - those who would become known as the Jekyll Island Seven), the Federal Reserve System has acted as nothing more than a tool of the wealthy in which to wage class warfare against the middle class in the United States.

This has been done via an unconstitutional graduated system of taxation which is not only based on Communism but taken directly from the Manifesto written by Karl Marx; one which has been used in which to redistribute the wealth in this country, by taking it from the middle class and giving it to the super rich class.

The tax charitable trusts were creations of but two of the many robber baron families: The Rockefeller's and the Carnegie's - both of whom developed this most clever tax dodge based on the work of one Fred Gates. Gates' concept has become a common doctrine of the affluent, since they are able to avoid paying taxes altogether, by creating charitable trusts in which they maintain control of their assets instead of giving a large portion of them to the federal government.

It is the matching gift programs that remain an adjunct of such trusts, and which enable non profit organizations like public radio and TV stations to become profitable, while convincing their listeners that they are not making a profit.

Another mass deception on the public.

Charitable Trusts - A Tax Dodge For The Wealthy

In the modern day, the merged fortunes of Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffet and Microsoft's Bill Gates are one of the best examples of how the super rich maintain their fortunes through the creations of such trusts, while the Federal Government never sees a dime of this money.

The American middle class has no such luxury, since they must pay a percentage of their earnings to the federal government, and at death, their estates are taxed by this government, while the rich are able to entirely avoid such taxation.

This is a total injustice to the American middle class; like every other injustice that they are dealt by the ultra rich class, who uses its control over the media system in which to deceive those who remain the backbone of the United States.

Such deceptions are myriad in nature and used in which to wage this most often unrecognized yet very successful class warfare campaign against the American Proles.

For example, the Internal Revenue Service is currently offering amnesty to those as the IRS puts it, "sinners" who have avoided paying their taxes, when in reality it is the IRS who is in the commission of egregious criminality, by enforcing a system of taxation which the Supreme Court itself has ruled to be unconstitutional.

Those who've taken on the Federal Reserve System and its House of Rothschild leadership in the past, have always paid a heavy price for having done so. Men like John F. Kennedy, Abraham Lincoln and Justice Martin V. Mahoney all lost their lives for waging a direct challenge to this money trust; JFK and Judge Mahoney by challenging the Federal Reserve System directly, and Abraham Lincoln by challenging the Rothschilds and by refusing to use one of their central banks in which to finance the Civil War.

Will Dr. Ron Paul be the Federal Reserve System's next victim?

The American middle class continue to be victimized by the privately held Federal Reserve System and its IRS bag man, both of whom have stolen trillions of dollars from us since 1914. This having been accomplished by way of a system of taxation which is directly based on Communism and in diametrical opposition to our Constitutional rule of law.

As for an official audit of the Federal Reserve System, one must ask what the Federal Reserve (which prints its fiat paper currency out of thin air) is doing with gold on its balance sheet?

Gold which the Federal Reserve began looting from the United States Treasury in the early 1900's.

For more on the Federal Reserve System's treasonous activities see:

Secrets Of The Federal Reserve System By Eustace Mullins

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Leo Strauss - A Zionist Whose Disciples Include The Project For A New American Century's Membership

Leo Strauss, Zionism & The New World Order

While the super wealthy ultra class in the United States support the ideals of Leo Strauss and his Straussian belief system, this Draconian system of government is anathema to basic human rights. This is so, because Strauss' idea of governance is one of totalitarian rule. An oligarchy in which the ruling elite remain in complete control of the proletariat, while destroying all sense of freedom for the working class.

They are taxed both illegally and mercilessly in order to keep them in near states of poverty by way of organizations which are used by the wealthy in which to wage class warfare on them.

In the United States, the Federal Reserve System and Internal Revenue Service are perhaps the most damaging of such organizations, since they have managed to strip the middle class of virtually all of its wealth, while transferring this wealth to the ultra rich class which dominates them, through organizations like the Council On Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission.

Such organizations continue in their agenda in which to form a world government bereft of basic human rights. A government used in which to force the middle class into the adoption of a collective hive mentality, in which those who attempt to think creatively, while challenging such Orwellian dictates, are completely ostracized for the "crime" of having an original thought; a thought which challenges such an inherently corrupted status quo.

"Leo Strauss was a philosophy instructor at the university of Chicago. He developed and held forth Straussism. And today, Straussism is the prevailing and predominate philosophy of the age. Straussism presents the 'wisdom of the Ancients' : there is only one right: The Natural Right of the few to rule the many."

In other words, an oligarchy which rules by way of totalitarianism. The upper class ruling the middle class through abject deception.

"Strauss held that human beings are born neither free nor equal. The natural human condition, is not one of freedom, but of subordination. The Straussians, hold they are the wise Elite, and as such are to rule over the vulgar many."

Strauss called for the *'Philosopher Kings, that is 'philosopher rulers,' to arise to manifest this right.'

*Those who operate within the Project For A New American Century consider themselves to be such "Philosopher Kings." These are in fact the same Zionists who took over the Bush #43 Administration within a matter of days after George W. Bush stole his way into the White House in 2000, in what was clearly a rigged election. Within a year, the attacks on 9-11 had taken place and a few years later, America was involved in two illegal wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

Wars in which to steal the natural resources of other countries in order to wage an agenda of global dominance.

Wars which have cost the American people billions of dollars and thousands of lost lives; wars fought not for independence, but to install the global monopolists' own puppet regimes within these countries. The Zionist cartel which controls the global money trust, medical trust, our politicians, educational system, religions, natural resources, and virtually all other aspects of our lives.

Consider the following in regard to the PNAC's covert false flag operation on 9-11-2001:

"George Bush removed all legal rights on May 15, 2006 by de-facto declaration of Martial Law upon sending the National Guard to the US Mexico Border; here he violated the Posse Comitatus Act, the 1876 U.S. Statute, which prohibits the use of 'armed force' for law enforcement.

"And he further trespassed legality, by announcing in conjunction with other global leaders, the Declaration of EU US 2008: the result being that the Liberty Bell and flag have been retired."

This was not the act of an American, but a treasonous traitor who acted on behalf of his neoconservative PNAC masters. Those who rule the United States through their Zionist central banking cartel, under the House of Rothschild.

Also consider the following for we are now witnessing this unfolding right before our very own eyes:

"It is highly likely that a national emergency will arise" either the outbreak of pandemic bird flu, or rioting due to gasoline shortages, during the upcoming war with Iran, or a systematic risk of financial breakdown.

"The national emergency will require the use of United Nation's peace-keeping troops under the command of NORTHCOM, for security and order; martial law will be in effect declared with apparent legitimacy coming from legislation such as the PATRIOT ACT, the Security and Homeland Security Directives. This will establish tyrannical state-corporate neocon rule."

For those who have followed the Bush Administration's attempts in which to provoke Iran into war, it has become quite obvious that the U.S./U.K Intel community is involved in the latest provocations in Iran, attempting to destabilize Iran's government, as we have seen them do in a myriad of instances in the past.

The two most recent victims being Iraq and Afghanistan.

You will also notice that the Swine Flu vaccine is now being readied for the mass population. A vaccine which has been reported to be in reality, a biological weapon used to infect as much of the global middle class as possible. This is nothing less than a covert form of genocide.

As for those who don't think that this is possible, I refer you to the AIDS virus which was circulated throughout the American gay population in the late 1970's under the pretext that these people were being given the Hepatitis B Vaccine. There remains a substantive amount of evidence in which to prove that the United States Department Of Defense and the World Health Organization were responsible for the financing behind the AIDS virus, and that the National Cancer Institute, headed by Dr. Robert Gallo, was in fact responsible for the creation of AIDS.

In keeping this in mind, I again leave you with the following quotations:

"Leo Strauss was a philosophy instructor at the University of Chicago. He developed and held forth Straussism. And today, Straussism is the prevailing and predominate philosophy of the age. Straussism presents the 'wisdom of the Ancients' : there is only one right: The Natural Right of the few to rule the many."

In other words, an oligarchy which rules by way of totalitarianism. The upper class ruling the middle class through abject deception.

"Strauss held that human beings are born neither free nor equal. The natural human condition, is not one of freedom, but of subordination. The Straussians, hold they are the wise Elite, and as such are to rule over the vulgar many."

"Strauss called for the 'Philosopher Kings,' that is 'philosopher rulers,' to arise to manifest this right."

These so called rulers have risen and their intent is to destroy the global middle class. To make it nothing more than a subject of feudal rule, while exterminating all but the few who will remain to act as slaves for the world's elite.

The following is a political document by the Project For A New American Century made not long before they would take *control of the White House under the Bush #43 Administration. Once having done so, PNAC would begin to propagate their bogus war on terror through the false flag operation which has come to be known as "9-11," while destroying our Constitutional protections under the United States Bill of Rights and attacking two countries which are not the threat which we have been led to believe they are. It is quite clear that overthrowing the Iranian government is next on their agenda, since the Iranian government will not acquiece to the New World Order's intent to create a world government based on totalitarian rule.

Iraq and Afghanistan would not agree to such dictates either, both of whose governments were overthrown by the New World Order shadow government which has taken control of the American people's servant government.

*Within weeks of George W. Bush's having entered the White House, at least 34 members of the Project For A New American Century were incorporated into the Bush Administration.

Rebuilding America's Defenses For A New American Century

The following E-book documents what PNAC managed to achieve through its 9-11 false flag operation. To say that they and their Zionist minions will profit enormously from this treasonous fraud is not an understatement. And they will do so at the expense of the American middle class and the Afghani and Iraqi people.

"The Fraudlent War - The Facts About The Bush Adminstration's War On Terror"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Router For Computer "Suddenly" Begins Working Again After Months Of Being Inoperative

NSA Signals Intelligence Manipulation Continues

Regular visitors to this blog are aware that this author has been under illegal NSA satellite surveillance for decades, while being subjugated to a life of non consensual human experimentation, in which psychological torture (and oftentimes physical torture by way of DEW weaponry) is a daily event.

As such, I have seen many people reduced to little more than propagators of abject cruelty in which sadism has become a common thread throughout our Illuminati controlled society.

I have also witnessed myriad examples of this, however, it is the electronic warfare which continues to be most disturbing. In the past decade I have seen animals such as birds, squirrels, chipmunks and dogs behaving in ways which are completely out of character; the direct result of being subjected to computer to brain interface. Those who have read of Dr. Jose Delgado's research in this area remember Delgado stating that when he would attach electrodes to certain areas of an animal's brain, the animal would respond to any commands which Delgado electronically sent to their brains. To paraphrase Delgado: " They looked like remote controlled toy animals in regard to how they were responding to this electronic stimulation of the brain. Delgado's work became infamous when he was actually able to stop a charging bull implanted with a stimoceiver, dead in its tracks.

The animals that I have witnessed acting in such ways are clearly being targeted for a modern day version of such electronic mind manipulation, being done through the infrared spectrum, and by way of satellite deployed computer to brain interfacing conducted by the NSA.

I have witnessed dogs who are sent to sleep within a matter of seconds, having been subjected to ultra low frequency waves directed at the portion of their brain which controls sleep. Chipmunks which actually attempt to communicate with this author, standing nearby and chattering away. Normal chipmunks do not draw attention to themselves; nor do they seek to communicate with humans.

I have also witnessed birds which fly from the roof of our home to a nearby tree, yet without actually reaching the tree, turn around and head back to the roof as though they were playing some kind of game. I have also witnessed a bird that takes a wire with its claws and lifts it out of a drain attached to our home, which it then perches itself on.

I have witnessed a very large white woodpecker who pecks into the wood shingles on our home. Also wild animals constantly running out into the path of this author's vehicles while driving. The situation goes on and on.

However, this pales by comparison to the constant electronic sabotage that this author and his Family are subjected to. Especially with car alarms, motion sensitive spotlights, computers and other electrical appliances being remotely triggered or interfered with in some way; all of which the NSA through its Signals Intelligence operations can remotely trigger at any time.

The most frightening aspect in all this is that the general population has no idea of what the NSA through its Signals Intelligence operations is capable of, or the threat that the NSA's EMF Scanning Network represents to each person in the United States.

Several months ago, the *router on this author's computer stopped functioning and I was no longer able to use this computer to gain Internet access. However, I was able to use a Family member's computer in which to do so. Yesterday, for no apparent reason the router on this computer began to function again. This is only further evidence of the electronic sabotage that NSA continues to subject my Family and person to, in addition to myriad other egregious violations of our rights to privacy which the NSA, FBI and DHS continue to perpetrate, in which to deny us our Constitutional right to quiet enjoyment.

Also see: NSA Sabotages My Computer's Internet Router

Still worse is that the NSA is electronically tapping into and remotely manipulating the thoughts of this author much of the time (and in my opinion my Family as well) in the most abject violation of the 4TH Amendment ever documented.

The NSA is presently being sued by the Electronic Frontier Foundation as is At&t for using wireless electronic surveillance to illegally surveille millions of At&t customers since 2001.

The NSA's electronically tapping into the minds of those whom it illegally targets for its Signals Intelligence surveillance via computer to brain interface, is just a more aggressive form of wireless electronic surveillance, which should open the door to similar lawsuits to that which the EFF is now pursuing against the NSA and At&t.

However, it is doubtful that the EFF would ever pursue such a lawsuit, given that this classified technology would put those at the EFF in jeopardy of becoming targeted by the NSA and its operatives, for similar electronic harassment to that which this author and his Family have been subjugated to for many years.

The type of electronic harassment that NSA whistleblower John St. Clair Akwei documents in his precedent setting lawsuit against the National Security Agency:

John St. Clair Akwei VS the National Security Agency

A situation in which COINTELPRO would be initiated in order to neutralize these people. This makes it quite clear that if COINTELPRO is necessary to attack those of us who are promulgating such egregious civil rights violations, than the information that we are circulating in regard to the NSA and its Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network is of the greatest importance. So much so, that few people will actually risk their reputations, jobs, and perhaps even lives in which to help to expose the NSA's EMF scanning network and its applications in remote mind reading/manipulation of American and European citizens.

This author continues to witness his Family quite literally held hostage by the aforesaid Intel agencies, who are intent on driving this author to the commission of suicide. However, and in spite of this, my information remains accurate and a threat to those within the Intel community who believe that it is within their purview to remotely torture (and even murder) American citizens, while completely denying them their Constitutionally protected rights. These agents, however covert their operations, are operating in the capacity of terrorist organizations.

Moreover, the battle to defend these inherent rights is just beginning. And the Intel community should heed this while they continue to intimidate this author's Family, for these agents will eventually be made accountable for their crimes. And regardless of how they attempt to manipulate federal, state and local legislators, as well as the judiciary into aiding and abetting these outrageous crimes.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Mysterious Murder Of Yale Student Suzanne Jovin After Turning In A Thesis On Osama Bin Laden

Was Suzanne Jovin The First Victim Of 9-11?

Two Years Earlier?

Any American who has bothered to research the attacks on 9-11 is well aware that Osama Bin Ladin had been used by those who perpetrated these attacks, as the same type of convenient scapegoat which patsies like Lee Harvey Oswald have been used for by the Intel community throughout its entire existence.

A history of false flag operations so outrageous, that Intel will attempt to covertly murder those who expose these treasonous frauds to the American people.

Something we have seen in a myriad of instances, including the covert murders of journalists Gary Webb and Steve Kangas; both of whom were killed in made to appear as suicides, after exposing some aspect of the Central Intelligence Agency's global drug trafficking operations.

What is extremely interesting in the cold case of murder victim, Suzanne Jovin, is how she was killed just hours after turning in a college thesis in which she may have made some very interesting discoveries in regard to Osama Bin Ladin and his long-term association with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. The CIA is known for committing such vicious murders.

What we must ask ourselves in this situation is, did Suzanne uncover truths which could, if made public, have endangered the false flag operation which would be carried out two years later against the American people on 9-11-2001?

The fact that her professor at the time, James Van de Velde, was alleged to have been an Intel asset within the CIA (with high security clearance), only makes this situation more troubling, while causing one to pause in which to contemplate whether or not Suzanne was murdered by this Intel asset for information that the CIA did not want being circulated to the general public.

FBI Mind Control Tactics

Was The FBI Even Really Looking For Jovin's Killer?

"The FBI has failed utterly to get results in the mysterious murder case of Suzanne Jovin, Yale College 1999, who was killed with seventeen savage blows of a knife only a few hours after submitting a research paper on Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda. The FBI has been proven to be more interested in drinking the best coffee than in finding the best leads to the Al Qaeda cells now operating inside the United States. The FBI has seldom, if ever, taken real measures to trace, track and find any of the hundreds and thousands of missing girls and women, who've disappeared in the last twelve years.

The FBI has failed. It's an expensive operation. It cannot police or discipline itself, as the Sibel Edmonds' story of the bungled translations proves. Beginning with Hoover in World War II ( i.e., the War for Greater Serbia, part two ), and continuing with Bill Clinton in the 1990s, the FBI has been sent hither and yon -- overseas -- to do investigations, when it should be sticking close to home and following leads here !!!

The FBI cannot be reformed. It cannot be disciplined. It cannot be counted as being reliable any more. It cannot be trusted in this new age of faith-based radicalism and in this global civil war, instigated by those who have gold or who want gold, and those who seek to keep the whole world addicted to oil and petroleum products. The FBI cannot be counted among federal governmental groups, agencies, those who are loyal to this country, this union of republican sovereign States, anymore. "

-- Richard C. Green

Yale Student Suzanne Jovan Murdered After Turning In A Thesis On Osama Bin Laden - Jovin Murder Suspect Was Her Professor - A Former Intel Employee With Top Security Clearance

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Help Wanted: FBI and CIA Hiring Illegal Aliens Fake Papers? Possible Terrorist Connections? No Worries, Mate!

The FBI Should Be Abolished!

How The FBI & CIA Attempt To Blackmail Our Politicians

Electronic Frontier Foundation Files Lawsuit Against NSA For Illegal Domestic Spying On American Citizens

At&t's Role In Conducting An Illegal Dragnet For The U.S. Federal Government On Millions Of At&t Customers

Sex Connections In The Bush White House/ Intel Involvement & Coverup

Why Is The FBI Allowed To Operate Without A Charter?

In the 1960's during the heat of the civil rights movement at least 25% of the Klu Klux Klan was comprised of FBI Agents. There's little doubt that a majority of the FBI's illegal operation in the modern day is comprised of the same neo Nazi types; those who are presently attempting to find a plausible way in which to murder this author. In doing so, there is no due process of law in the FBI's attacks on my person or Family, while the FBI uses the media in which to covertly demonize me via another psychological operation.

One which again represents a precedent in the egregious ways in which the FBI has violated the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution. Illegal spying which has taken place for nearly three decades, non consensual human experimentation, coercion, entrapment, covert torture and attempted murder. All while the FBI attempts to drive this author and his Family insane by way of a vicious psychological warfare campaign which is now lasted more than half a decade.

The FBI is a cancer on the human race. A torturous, murderous, treasonous stain on humanity which continues to operate without a charter, and in complete violation of the U.S. Constitution. Most FBI agents are predators of the most dangerous type -- those who commit their crimes covertly, and without fear of prosecution for having done so, since neither the Justice Department, United States Congress, or the FBI's own policing division will prosecute corrupt FBI agents.

Historically, it is sources outside the FBI which bring such prosecutions, such as the case made by a Brooklyn District Attorney against former FBI agent Lindley DeVecchio, after a private investigator found enough evidence in which to prove that DeVecchio had aided and abetted the Mafia in the murders of several people.

The end result, however, was that DeVecchio's trial was interrupted when tapes which conveniently exonerated him just happened to turn up at his trial. Moreover, the DA conducting the case against DeVecchio came forward after the case was sabotaged, stating that witnesses had been intimidated by FBI agents into refusing to come forward. And if that was not enough, the private investigator who circulated enough evidence in which to see that DeVecchio was prosecuted was nearly murdered, when she was beaten and strangled by one of DeVecchio's own henchmen, who'd contacted her pretending to have damaging information on the former FBI agent.

Clearly, the FBI protected an agent whom it knew to be guilty, as if DeVecchio had nothing to hide there would have been no reason for the FBI to take part in the intimidation of witnesses. The FBI continues to demonstrate that it is nothing more than a domestic spy and covert terrorist which is incapable of operating legally, and whose agents regularly use their own positions within the Bureau to perpetrate their own crimes against others; crimes which they commit under the color of law.

Why has this crime syndicate not been abolished?

Neo-Nazi Threatmaker Accused of Working for FBI
Posted in Anti-Gay, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Latino, Anti-Muslim, Anti-Semitic, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist by Mark Potok on January 11, 2008

New Jersey radio host Hal Turner is well known as one of the most vicious neo-Nazis in America, a man who routinely suggests killing his enemies.

Railing against President Bush, he told his audience last June that “a well-placed bullet can solve a lot of problems.” He has written that “we need to start SHOOTING AND KILLING Mexicans as they cross the border” and argued that killing certain federal judges “may be illegal, but it wouldn’t be wrong.” In 2006, after he published an attack on New Jersey Supreme Court justices that also included several of their home addresses, state police massively beefed up security for the members of the court, checking on one justice’s house more than 200 times.

Hal Turner is one serious extremist. He may also be on the FBI payroll.

On Jan. 1, unidentified hackers electronically confronted Turner in the forum of his website for “The Hal Turner Show.” After a heated exchange, they told Turner that they had successfully hacked into his E-mails and found correspondence with an FBI agent who is apparently Turner’s handler. Then they posted an alleged July 7 E-mail to the agent in which Turner hands over a message from someone who sent in a death threat against Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wisc.). “Once again,” Turner writes to his handler, “my fierce rhetoric has served to flush out a possible crazy.” In what is allegedly a portion of another E-mail, Turner discusses the money he is paid.

On Thursday, as the E-mail exchange was heatedly discussed on a major neo-Nazi website, Turner suddenly announced he was quitting political work. “I hereby separate from the ‘pro-White’ movement,” he said, adding that he was ending his radio show immediately. “I will no longer involve myself in any aspect of it.”

The FBI declined comment. “Longstanding FBI policy prohibits disclosing who may or may not provide information,” Agent Richard Kolko of the agency’s press unit said. Reached in New Jersey, Turner also declined all comment.

The apparent revelation set off a torrent of criticism from experts in criminology and the use of informants. “This is clearly over the line,” said James Nolan, an associate sociology professor at West Virginia University who is an expert in police procedure and a former unit chief in the FBI’s Crime Analysis, Research and Development Unit. “Informants may be involved in drugs, and you overlook that because of the greater good. However, these are viable threats — they could be carried out — that the FBI clearly knows about. I want to see the FBI stop it.”

Informants, of course, are commonly used by law enforcement agencies that have no other way of proving suspected criminal activity. “These are frightening groups whose members deserve to be investigated and infiltrated,” said Jack Levin, a criminology professor and expert on the radical right at Northeastern University. “My concern is that Turner’s methods actually are more dangerous and destructive than the evil they are seeking to cure. His threatening messages may actually inspire neo-Nazis to up the ante, to engage in even more destructive behavior.”

Turner, 45, has developed a reputation as one of the hardest-line racists on the radical right since starting up his radio show seven years ago. He has routinely ranted about such things as a “Portable Nigger Lyncher” machine and slimed those he hates as “savage Negro beasts,” “bull-dyke lesbians,” “faggots” and worse.

But it is his threats that are legendary.

In 2006, Turner told his audience to “clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition … [and] then do what has to be done” to undocumented workers. Around the same time, he suggested that half the U.S. Congress “may have to be assassinated.” A year earlier, he suggested “drawing up lists of yeshivas,” or Jewish religious schools. He once started a website called for the purpose of posting photos and names of those who marched in favor of immigrant rights. Hearing that anti-racist activist Floyd Cochran was visiting Newark, N.J., last June, Turner said he had “arranged for a group of guys to physically intercept” Cochran and added that Cochran would likely “get such a beating that his next stop is going to be University Hospital.” In a July letter, Turner wrote to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which publishes the Intelligence Report: “If you do not change your stance soon, you will face a wrath of fury that you will never be able to defend yourself against. We have the ability to reach out and touch someone.”

Last July, Turner posted photographs of a pro-immigrant activist being taken away by an ambulance outside Turner’s North Bergen home. “Click the images below to see how I kicked the shit out of one such douchebag,” he wrote.

Reaction on the radical right to the apparent revelation was mixed, as activists tried to figure out if Turner really was an informant. But to many, there was little question it was Turner, based on the style of writing in the E-mails. “It does sound like Hal,” wrote “Varg” on the Vanguard News Network, a neo-Nazi website. “I agree,” responded “Yankee Jim.” “The Email definitely sounds like Hal.”

Turner’s alleged E-mail to his FBI handler is also addressed to a detective sergeant with the New Jersey State Police who trained with the FBI Police Executive Fellowship Program in 2004. Interestingly, as long ago as May 2006, Turner wrote of a visit paid to him by the two men, saying they had come to his house to warn him that “Washington has instructed us to close you down.” In that same posting on his website, Turner described himself as the type to inspire “a whole slew of potential Timothy McVeighs. I don’t make bombs,” he added, “I make bombers.”

“It’s become so routine,” Turner said of FBI visits in a 2005 interview with The (Hackensack, N.J.) Record, “they are like my private FBI agents.”


Threatmaker Accused Of Working For FBI

Thursday, July 23, 2009

AKWEI VS NSA Must Be Read By Every Citizen In The United States As Well As The European Countries Since The NSA Has Listening Posts In The US & GB

"A lawsuit filed against the U.S. National Security Agency reveals a frightening array of technologies and programs designed to keep tabs on individuals."

John St Clair Akwei
National Security Agency
Ft George G. Meade, MD, USA
(Civil Action 92-0449)

"The following document comprises evidence for a lawsuit filed at the U.S. Courthouse in Washington, DC, by John St Clair Akwei against the National Security Agency, Ft George G. Meade, Maryland (Civil Action 92-0449), constitutes his knowledge of the NSA's structure, national security activities proprietary technologies and covert operations to monitor individual citizens Ed."

Since the attacks on 9-11-2001, the American people have been subjugated to the most outrageous violations of their Constitutionally protected freedoms in the history of the United States. They have been repeatedly lied to by their own elected representatives, under the pretext of protecting them from terrorists. However, this war on terror is a complete fraud being used in which to destroy the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, by terrorists who operate within the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence complex, and under the cover of National Security.

The attacks on 9-11 were perpetrated by covert factions within the United States Federal Government, in which to seize complete power over the people in this country. These attacks were orchestrated by those who've given us virtually every war since the 19TH Century; the House of Rothschild controlled Zionist banking establishment cartel in London, which controls the banking system in the United States through the powerful and treasonous Federal Reserve System.

The ones who continue to suffer the most here are the American middle class, as well as those countries whom these Zionists wage their class warfare and covert wars on. The Patriot Act, which many citizens rightfully believe existed in some form long before the attacks on 9-11 (and was in part one of the reasons why 9-11 occurred), is now being used in order to strip the American middle class of their inherent rights as citizens of this country.

This has been documented in the outrageous and illegal domestic spying which the FBI, NSA, CIA, DHS and other Intel agencies continue to perpetrate against us, while Americans are told that they must expect such violations of their inherent rights as U.S. citizens, in order to protect them from terrorists.

The fact is that Americans, like every other country under the New World Order, are being targeted by the Illuminati's super-rich class, via their "Star Wars" programs. Covert war programs which invest heavily in the development and maintenance of sophisticated satellite spy networks like the NSA's Echelon, which in recent years have also been weaponized in which to torture and kill unsuspecting citizens who can be murdered by way of Directed Energy Weaponry deployed from such satellites. This while residing within the so called privacy of their own homes.

This covert conspiracy in which to control outerspace and from it this planet's middle class, is an outright act of class warfare by the super-rich class, whom through their creation of debt and predatory lending practices have seized control of the governments of every country on this planet.

Furthermore, this control of outerspace via such global spy satellite networks like Echelon have allowed for myriad attacks on individual citizens by way of DEW weapons' technology, including murders committed by way of such hi-tech means, which offer those who commit such crimes total anonymity and thus impunity in having done so.

Such murders are myriad in nature and as has been evidenced by a recent report from Russia's Intelligence agency, FSB, include the late pop star, Michael Jackson.

The covert crimes of the U.S. Intelligence community continue to be perpetrated while the leadership of the United States continues to promulgate a complete whitewash of the facts in regard to these crimes, in addition to maintaining a smokesscreen in regard to the real terrorists who were responsible for the attacks on 9-11. Not Osama Bin Ladin (who prior to his likely death in 2002 had been a CIA asset since the 1979 Soviet Afghan War), and certainly not the Al Qaeda, nor the Taliban; the latter of whom the PNAC controlled Bush Administration threatened on several occassions, in order to intimidate the Taliban into breaking its contractual aggreement with Argentina, in which to build the Trans Afghanistan oil pipeline from the Caspian Sea to Asia.

When the Taliban refused the Bush Administration's terrorist ultimatums for the third time (just months before the attacks on 9-11), they were warned by the Bush Administration that they would be attacked by the United States for failing to break the Trans Afghanistan oil pipeline contract with Argentina.

However, the Zionist controlled Bush Administration needed a plausible reason in which to attack Afghanistan and later Iraq. As thus the attacks on 9-11-2001 were perpetrated in which to achieve such plausible means.

As is the case with any oil pipeline, whoever maintains control of it determines the price and the flow of oil. They can also create artificial shortages as we saw here in the *United States back in the Summer of 2008, and literally bring a country to its proverbial knees, by cutting off exports altogether in a time of war; which could cripple a country's military operations.

*The OPEC induced gas shortages of 1973 in the United States were definetly the result of a such an orchestrated artificial shortage, which caused the average American motorist a tremendous amount of additional expense, as well as inconvenience. And most Americans still believe that this shortage was legitimate.

As for those who claim to be protecting Americans from terrorists, what has become crystal clear is that these so called protectors of the American people are in fact the very terrorists whom they must fear. Those with a long history of overthrowing legitimate governments and installing their own puppet dictators, while socially and economically raping these countries for their natural resources.

As for the so called Democracy that the U.S. Federal Government claims to be creating in these countries, this in itself is a farce, since the United States has for all intents and purposes been far more Socialist in its political doctrine than it has Democratic. And the fact that most Americans don't even realize that the United States was created as a Constitutional Republic which was subverted by the House Of Rothschilds banking establishment more than a Century ago is only more frightening.

To be an average American in the modern day is to be unaware of the super-rich criminal cartel that furtively controls the United States of America. And the fact that many Americans refuse to believe that this government would murder thousands of their own fellow citizens is only further evidence of just how brainwashed these people continue to be.

Richard Behan's E-book entitled "The Fraudulent War On Terror" documents the Bush Administration's war on terror deception in great detail, while explaining why the attacks on 9-11 occurred, and who had the most to benefit from waging this treasonous assault on the United States of America and her people. You should not be surprised to find out that the very people within this government who perpetrated these attacks now control the Afghanistan government and the future of the Trans Afghanistan oil pipeline.

The PNAC 'ers will probably build a monument to the Bush Administration for aiding and abetting the Project For A New American Century in this treasonous fraud.

One which will cost the American people billions of dollars and make these Zionists even richer than they already are. Not to mention the thousands of Americans who lost their lives on 9-11, the U.S. Military personnel who've lost their lives fighting the PNAC's war for oil and natural gas, or the more than one million Afghani's and Iraqi's who have since died in wars which the U.S. Federal Government had no legal right to wage in the first place.

And of course, those of us who recognize this and write about it will only be further demonized by these NWO reprobates, who just happen to also control the media system in the United States. A system of disinformation which is no longer capable of telling the American people the truth about the New World Order and its plan for an open global dictatorship.

Richard Behan's expose is sure to infuriate those who have perpetrated and maintained the 9-11 conspiracy, since he offers irrefutable proof that the Project For A New American Century waged this covert war on the American people in order to exploit the U.S. Military for their own means, and then used the Bush Administration in which to propagate a bogus war on terror campaign which has since been used to all but eliminate our Constitutional protections in this country.

The Fraudulent War On Terror - The Truth About The PNAC Controlled Bush Administrations 9-11 False Flag Operation

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Was the Bush Administration Complicit in the 911 Terrorist Attacks

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The Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan "Drug Trust's" War On Cancer Fraud -- Millions Of Americans Have Died As The Result Of This Genocidal Conspiracy

Laetrile - Alternative Cancer Treatment Comparison

"Cancer is a Vitamin and enzyme deficiency disease"

- Dr. John Richardson - Advocate Of Laetrile Therapy

The War On Cancer FRAUD

To those who have wondered why it is that over the past Century, billions of dollars and millions of lives have been lost to cancer while the allopathic medical community continues to make little progress in finding a cure for this disease, it is clear that those who set the guidelines for cancer treatment and research have little to gain by finding a cure for cancer, and much to gain through its propagation.

Cancer treatment and research is a multi billion dollar a year business in the United States alone. Find a cure for cancer and this industry (which employs more people than the population of cancer victims in this country) would come to a grinding halt.

Laetrilists Survive Cancer & Defend Laetrile Therapy

A community known for their own empirical research into the drug Laetrile, a derivative of Vitamin B17, has exposed this Rothschild/Rockefeller/Morgan Drug Trust fraudulent war on cancer. Most Laetrilists are cancer survivors who were given up on by the allopathic medical community in the United States, and told that they had only months to live.

However, many of these people remain alive two to three decades later, singing the praises of Laetrile therapy and deriding the U.S. Drug Trust's medical status quo, for its part in the murders of millions of cancer patients; patients whom the Laetrilists believe would have lived much longer had they only followed this demonized treatment, instead of the Drug Trust's malevolent slash, poison and burn protocols; those which are endorsed by the American Medical Association, American Cancer Society, National Cancer Institute, and Federal Drug Administration.

Each of whom has played a major role in propagating what can only be described as a form of mass genocide.

It has been proven scientifically that cancer in the human body is caused by a deficiency of pancreatic enzymes and Vitamin B17. It is the pancreatic enzymes which dissolve the electric coating surrounding Trophoblast (cancer) cells, which then allows the body's white blood cells to destroy these cancer cells before they can metastasize. If there aren't enough *pancreatic enzymes in which to perform this important task, then the Trophoblast cells propagate uncontrollably leading to cancer.

*There are specific diet regimens which can lead to an increase in the body's pancreative enzymes.

Laetrile therapy is mandatory for survival once one develops a cancerous condition. However, it is in the preventive maintenance of the body through the consumption of Vitamin B17, that cancer cells can be destroyed before they become problematic.

It is Vitamin B17 which attacks the cancer from within a cell and destroys it without doing harm to other cells. In fact, it is not the tumors themselves which are cancerous, but the cancer cells within the tumors that eventually lead to death. As such, with Laetrile therapy, cancer cells can be destroyed without necessarily completely eliminating such tumors.

Moreover, the tumors themselves will likely become benign and thus harmless to the body, since any cancer cells within them should be destroyed by this Vitamin B17 therapy.

However, even if Laetrile is successful in eradicating the cancer from a patient's body, if vital organs of the body have been irreversibly damaged by such cancer cells, patients can die, even if their cancer is in remission.

Vitamin B17 As Preventive Maintenance

Laetrilists believe that a diet regimen rich in Vitamin B17 can protect the body from developing cancer. However, for those who are unable to obtain Vitamin B17 in their daily diet (it has been banned in the United States by the FDA in order to protect the Drug Trust's slash, poison and burn protocol), they must leave the United States in order to do so.

For those who contract cancer, there have also been a number of important studies conducted by oncologists which prove that Laetrile therapy is far more effective in treating any form of cancer than radiation and chemotherapy; both of which have an abysmal track record for curing cancer patients. However, hospitals known for treating cancer have buried these studies in order to prevent the public from ever learning of them. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center is one of such establishments that has done so, and as such has allowed for the needless deaths of many of its patients.

World renowned cancer treatment centers such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, New York, will state that successful cancer treatment is in either eliminating or reducing the size of a malignant tumor. However, this is untrue. Using radio therapy (radiation) to irradiate a tumor only increases the amount of cancer within the tumor itself, even though the tumor is reduced in size. And even if the cancerous tumor is eradicated from the body by such means, that does not ensure that the person will remain cancer free, because the condition which caused the malignant tumor was never addressed.

Laetrile therapy, on the other hand, can destroy the cancer from within the tumor, oftentimes eliminating it completely, even if the tumor is not completely destroyed. However, if the tumor has not been eliminated completely, it will often revert from being cancerous to becoming benign.

One of the more famous Laetrile success stories was actor Steve Mcqueen, whom to this day the medical establishment and the mainstream media report died from cancer. However, the truth is that Mcqueen was cured of his cancer after taking Laetrile injections, only to die on the operating table from an aneurysm, when undergoing elective cosmetic surgery in which to remove a benign growth which remained in his stomach.

The following are some testimonials from Laetrile patients which you will not hear about in the U.S. media or the allopathic medical community in this country. Those who in order to earn a living, routinely lie to the American public about anything which could significantly improve some aspect of our living conditions. Those whose allegiance is to their paychecks and the New World Order.

Just A Few Of The Cancer Patients Cured By Laetrile

Dave Edmunds

"Mr. David Edmunds of Pinole, California, was operated on in June of 1971 for cancer of the colon, which also had metastasized or spread to the bladder. When the surgeon opened him up, he found that the malignant tissue was so widespread it was almost impossible to remove it all. The blockage of the intestines was relieved by severing the colon and bringing the open end to the outside of his abdomen - a procedure known as colostomy. Five months later, the cacner had worsened, and Mr. Edmunds was told that he had only a few more months to live.

"Mrs. Edmunds, who is a Registered Nurse, had heard about Laetril and decied to give it a try. Six months later, in stead of lying on his deathbed, Mr. Edmunds surprised his doctors by feeling well enough to resume an almost normal routine.

"An exploratory cycstoscopy of the bladder revealed that the cancer had disappeared. At his own insistence, he was admitted to the hospital to see if his colon would be put back together again. In surgery, they found nothing even resembling cancer tissue. So they re-connected the colon and sent him home to recuperate. It was the first time in the history of the hospital that a reverse colostomy for this condition had been performed.

"At the time of the author's last contact three years later, Mr. Edmunds was living a normal life of health and vigor."

Joanne Wilkinson

"In 1967 in Walnut Creek, Californian, Mrs. Joanne Wilkinson, mother of six, had a tumor removed from her left leg, just below the thigh. Four months later there was a recurrence requiring additional surgery and the removal of muscle and bone.

"A year later, a painful lump in the groin appeared and began to drain. A biopsy revealed that her cancer had returned and was spreading. Her doctor told her that surgery would be necessary again, but this time they would have to amputate the leg, the hip, and probably the bladder and one of the kidneys as well. The plan was to open up her lungs first to see if cancer had located there. If it had, then they would not amputate, because there would be no chance of saving her anyway.

"At the urging of her sister and of a mutual friend, Mrs. Wilkinson decided not to undergo surgery but to try Laetrile instead. Her doctor was greatly upset by this and told her that, if she did not have the surgery, she couldn't possibly live longer than twelve weeks. Mrs. Wilkinson describes in her own words what happened next:

'That was Saturday, November 16, 1968. I'll never forget that day! The stitches from the biopsy were still in the leg. Dr. Krebs gave me an injection of Laetrile - and the tumor reacted. It got very large - from a walnut size to the size of a small lemon -- and there was bleeding four or five days. I went back on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week for five weeks to get injections, and the tumor then started getting smaller. Five weeks later I could longer feel it.

' An X-ray was taken the first Monday, and regularly after that to watch the progress. Injections were continued for six months -- 10cc's three times a week and of course the diet: No diary products, nothing made with white flour - no eggs - but white fish, chicken, turkey.

'And I felt wonderful! In fact, In August, 1969, the doctor told me I needed no more injections. My X-rays were clear, showing that the tumor had shrunk, was apparently encased in scar tissue and was not active.'

"Our last contact with Mrs. Williams was nine years after her doctor her she couldn't possibly live longer than twelve weeks without surgery. She was living a healthy and productive life and all that was left was a grim reminder of her narrow escape was a small scar from the biopsy."

Joe Botelho

Mr. Joe Botelho of San Pablo, California, underwent surgery (trans-urethral resection) and was told by his doctor that he had a prostate tumor that simply had to come out. His reaction?

'I didn't let them take it out because I figured that would only spread it. The doctor told me I wouldn't last too long. He wanted to give me cobalt, and I wouldn't agree to that either. At a health food store I heard about a doctor in San Francisco who used Laetrile. I went to see him, was told that the prostate was the size of a bar of soap. I got one injection every four days for several months.

'Mr. Bothelho, who was sixty-five at the time, also maintained a strict diet designed specifically not to use up the body's pancreative enzyme, trypsin. When the author interviewed him three years later, his tumor was gone, and he even reported that his hair was turning dark again. He was not sure what was causing that, but attributed it to his better eating habits.'"

Alicia Buttons

"Alicia Buttons, the wife of the famous actor-comedian Red Buttons, is among the thousands of Americans who attribute their lives to the action of Laetrile. Speaking before a cancer convention in Los Angeles, Red Buttons declared:

'Laetrile saved Alicia from cancer. Doctors here in the U.S. gave her only a few months to live last November. But now she is alive and well, a beautiful and vital wife and mother, thanks to God and to those wonderful men who have the courage to stand up for their science.'

"Mrs. Buttons had been suffering from advanced cancer of the throat and was given up as terminal by practitioner of orthodox medicine. As a last resort, however, she went to West Germany to seek Laetrile therapy from Dr. Hans Nieper of the Silbersee hospital in Hanover. Within a few months her cancer had completely regressed, the pain had gone, her appetite had returned, and she was as healthy and strong as ever. Doctors in the United State verified the amazing recovery, but could not believe that a mere vitamin substance had been responsible. Alicia is still going strong twenty-three years later."

Dr. Dale Danner

"In 1972, Dr. Dale Danner, a podiatrist from Santa Paula, California, developed a pain in the right leg and severe cough. X-rays revealed carcinoma of both lungs and what appeared to be massive secondary tumors in the leg. The cancer was inoperable and resistant to radio therapy. The prognosis was: incurable and fatal.

"At the insistence of his mother, Dr. Danner agreed to try Laetrile, although he had no faith in its effectiveness. Primarily, just to please her, he obtained a large supply in Mexico. But he was convinced from he had read in medical journals that it was nothing but quackery and a fraud. 'Perhaps it was even dangerous,' he thought, for he noticed from the literature that it contained cyanide.

"Without a few weeks the pain and the coughing had progressed to the point where no amount of medication could hold it back. Forced to crawl on his hand and knees, and unable to sleep for three days and nights, he became despondent and desperate. Groggy from the lack of sleep, from the drugs, and from the pain, finally he turned to his supply of Laetrile.

"Giving himself one more massive dose of medication, hoping to bring on sleep, he proceeded to to administer the Laetrile directly into an artery. Before losing consciousness, Dr. Danner had succeeded in taking at least an entire ten-day supply -- and possibly as high as a twenty-day supply -- all at once.

"When he awoke thirty-six hours later, much to his amazement, not only was he still alive, but also the cough and pain were greatly reduced. His appetite had returned, and he was feeling better than he had in months. Reluctantly he had to admit that Laetrile was working. So he obtained an additional supply and began routine treatment with smaller doses. Three months later he was back at work."

William Sykes

"In the fall of 1975, William Sykes of Tampa, Florida, developed lymphocyctic leukemia plus cancer of the spleen and liver. After removal of the spleen, he was told by his doctor's that he had, at best, a few more months to live.

Although chemotherapy was recommended -- not as a cure but merely to try to delay death a few more weeks -- Mr. Sykes chose Laetrile instead -- In his own words this is what happened:

'When we saw the doctor a few weeks later, he explained how and why Laetrile was helping many cancer patients, and suggested that I have intravenous shots of 30cc's of Laetrile daily for the next three weeks. He also gave me enzymes and a diet to follow along with food supplements.

'In a few days I was feeling better, but on our third visit the doctor said that he could no longer treat me. He had been told that his license would be revoked if he continued to use Laetrile. He showed my wife how to administer the Laetrile, sold us what he had, and gave us an address where more could be obtained.

'The next week I continued on the program and was feeling better each day. One afternoon the doctor from Ann Arbor called to ask why I had not returned for the chemotherapy. He said I was playing 'Russian Roulette" with my life. He finally persuaded me to return for chemotherapy, so I went to Ann Arbor and started the treatments. Each day I felt worse. My eyes burned, my stomach felt like it was on fire. In just a few days I was so weak I could hardly get out of bed. The 'cure' was killing me faster than the disease! I couldn't take it any longer, so I stopped the chemotherapy, returned to my supply of Laetrile and food supplements, and quickly started feeling better. It took longer this time as I was fighting the effects of the chemotherapy as well as the cancer...

'In a short time I could again do all my push-up[s and exercises without tiring. Now, at 75 years of age (20years after they said I had only a few more months to live), I still play racquet ball twice a week.'"

Bud Robinson

"The following letter from Bud Robinson in Phoenix, Arizona, needs no further comment. It was sent to Dr. Ernst Krebs, Jr."

"Dear Dr. Krebs,

Thank you for giving me another birthday (May 17).

Please , again, remember November 15th, 1979, when my doctor and four other urologists gave me a maxiumu of four months to live with my prostate cancer, and they set up appointments for radiation and chemotherapy, which I knew would kill me if the cancer didn't, and refused their treatment.

Then on a Sunday afternoon I contacted you by telephone and went with your simple program.

I am 71 years old and am in my 13th year (of survival). Three of the four urologists have died with prostate cancer, and forty or fifty people are alive today, and doing very well, because they followed my 'krebs' simple program. Thanks again for giving me back my life.

Your friend,
H.M. 'Bud Robinson'"

These are just a few of the myriad testimonials to the effectivenss of Laetrile therapy in the treatment of cancer, and why the cancer fraud propagated by way of the "Drug Trust" and its slash, poison and burn therapies must be exposed for what they are and ended.

Those who control this Drug Trust are responsible for a form of genocide by preventing cancer patients from obtaining a superior treatment protocol, and for demonizing both the Laetrile protocol as well as any doctor who attempts to prescribe it for their patient.

Also see:

The American Medical Association's Demonization Of Vitamin B17 & The Needless Deaths Of Millions Of People From Cancers Which Could Have Been Cured By Laetrile Therapy

Also see:

Also See:

Read Eustance Mullins' "Murder By Injection" Here

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Executive Order 12333 Was Unconstitutional When Passed By Ronald Reagan In 1981 & Has Grown Only More So Since It Was Amended By George W. Bush

EO 12333 & The NSA's EMF Scanning Network

As a long-term target of the NSA's non consensual human experimentation and the most precedent setting violations of the 4TH Amendment in American History, I find it very interesting that the 1981 passage of Executive Order 12333 by then President Ronald Reagan, coincides with the massive domestic spying program initiated by the National Security Agency in the early 1980's, and conducted by way of the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network.

It would appear that this treasonous Executive Order was created in order to allow the NSA to conduct such illegal spying on a very substantial scale, and in total violation of the 4TH Amendment. A piece of legislation which has allowed for the brain fingerprinting of all American citizens without their knowledge or consent, so that they can be illegally tracked by way of such brain fingerprinting via the NSA's Echelon Satellite Network.

A Satellite Spy Network which is obviously being used to spy domestically, and which monitors the activities of American citizens, so that real-time electronic dossiers can be kept in regard to the American people. In particular I refer to the middle class, since the House of Rothschild's elite in this country see us as nothing more than slave labor to be exterminated whenever it's convenient.

Moreover, the fact that John St. Clair Akwei has stated in his 1991 lawsuit against the NSA, that any person who approaches a citizen whom the NSA is remote neural monitoring via its EMF Scanning Network, can also be instantly identified by NSA personnel, means that the NSA has electronically tagged all Americans.

Common sense would dictate that the only way that this type of immediate recognition of a person who approaches a subject under covert surveillance by the NSA's EMF Scanning Network, would be because that person had already been brain fingerprinted by the NSA, and that as such, their body's unique bioelectric resonance had already been catalogued into the NSA's vast database.

Given this, and as this author has stated in the past, if every American citizen is not being remote neurally monitored via the NSA's EMF Scanning Network ( 24 hours a day) at the present time, it is only a matter of time before they are.

The NSA's EMF Scanning Network has clearly been designed in which to electronically brand all American citizens so that "Big Brother" can watch our every move and know our every thought without our knowledge or consent. This is an abject rape of our Constitutional rights and must be fought regardless of the consequences.

As for the fact that the government would attempt to justify this under the pretext of the war on terror, this simply more Illuminati propaganda, being used in which to disenfranchise Americans from their rights as citizens of this country.

May the citizens in the United States wise up to what is occurring within the NSA while they are still able to. The fact that the U.S. Federal Government refuses to tell us the truth in regard to the inside job that the attacks on 9-11-2001 were is only further cause for concern.

*Intel continues to use aggressive psyops in their attack on this author in their furtive attempts in which to murder my person. However, as I have stated myriad times in the past, I will promulgate this information until the day I die. And from past experiences the Intel community knows that I do what I say I will do regardless of their threats and treasonous activities against my Family and person.

They have violated our rights in the most egregious ways ever documented; they have lied to us about virtually every aspect of their operations. Civil unrest has occured in other nations over far less deceptions than what we as Americans are presently being subjected to, by a government that is completely and irrevocably out of control.

To stand up to such outrageous violations of your rights is the duty of all Americans, even if it means finding yourselves completely ostracized and made into pariahs. However, those of us who've told the truth can be satisified in knowing that while still in the minority, we have fullfilled our obligations as patriotic Americans, while the sheeple continue to deny the unavoidable truth in regard to a government that no longer represents their collective interests.

As for the next six months to a year, in my opinion the U.S. Federal Reserve Note will be forced to relinquish its position as the global reserve currency, which will cause a global economic collapse, the result of the myriad countries who still utilize this currency. If this occurs, one can also expect to see the price of oil exceed two hundred dollars a barrel, resulting in further economic devastation.

Moreover, it appears that the present Dow Jones Industrial index is being artificially inflated in order to deceive the public into believing that the economic situation is in the process of improving. However, this is simply another smoke and mirrors deception by the Rothschild controlled Federal Reserve System.

As for Barack Obama's claim that the economy will improve over the next year, what he is referring to is the Federal Reserve System's eventual easing of credit. However, by that time, the unemployment in the United States, which is now at 25 year record levels, will have grown much worse, and continue to leave its ripple effect on virtually every aspect of American society.

If you are a realist you already understand that the United States is headed into the worst economic situation in nearly a Century, and while the average American citizen remains unaware of just how dire this situation will become in the near future.

Executive Order 12333 Is A Threat To Your Privacy

Most Executive Orders by their very nature are unconstitutional. And as in the case of EO 12333 in its latest incarnation, completely ignore the U.S Constitution, its Bill of Rights, the Geneva Convention and Nuremburg Code. George W. Bush and his cabinet were extremely secretive in amending EO 12333 because their amendments removed any protections that Americans have, including that of being safe from domestic terrorism and torture.

This explains why so many Americans have been ignored by their elected officials after alleging that they are being tortured within the privacy of their own homes by way of satellite deployed electromagnetic weapons, and illegally spied upon 24 hours a day by U.S. Intelligence agencies, including the NSA, and well networked groups of vigilantes who deploy the use of constant physical surveillance on targeted American citizens, while utilizing psychological warfare in which to force these people into committing suicide.

These organized groups of stalkers and their U.S. Intel handlers are a clear sign of the open dictatorship which the New World Order is in the process of implementing around this planet; one in which the U.S. Federal Government will play a key role, under the pretext of making America safe from terrorism. This is quite simply just a further extension of the false flag operation perpetrated against the American people during the treasonous attacks on 9-11-2001.

And as the individual members of these organized stalking groups outlive their usefulness, they will find themselves being weeded out of these groups and targeted for the same "extermination" tactics that they have been used to deploy on the TI community.

The following article was sourced from and written one year ago, in regard to the Bush Administration's secrecy in amending one of the most treasonous pieces of legislation ever written - EO 12333; EO 12333, along with the Patriot Act, has all but nullified our protections under the United States Constitution. A situation which has not improved under the new Obama Administration, and will only grow worse over time. Anyone who does not believe that such egregious attacks on the Constitutional rule of law will spawn a very powerful movement in which to defend these protections can be best described as delusional. We are already a nation divided by those who are committing these treasonous crimes, and those who are being subjected to them.

In the future, this will result in such opposing factions doing battle with one another. This is the inevitable consequence of a government which no longer honors its own Constitution. Two Hundred years for a government is a fairly long time. However, the government which our forefathers created for us did not last more than a half a Century before the House Of Rothschild began infilitrating the United States through its central banks, and taking over virtually every aspect of this country.

Perhaps the best example of how intent the Rothschilds were in subverting the United States was in their murder of Abraham Lincoln, after Lincoln refused to borrow money from the Rothschild's to fight the Civil War, and instead floated government bonds in which to completely bypass Rothschild's criminal lending operations. It was not long after this that President Lincoln was assassinated. In fact, any U.S. President who has openly opposed the House of Rothschild has ended up murdered. The last of whom was John F. Kennedy.
As for U.S. Judges who oppose the House of Rothschild's Federal Reserve Central Bank, one need only hearken back to the late 1960's and a judgment made against a Federal Reserve held bank, in which the Judge, one Martin V. Mahoney ruled that the Federal Reserve System was in the commission of fraud in its creation of fiat money, and to be considered null and void. If our representatives had any courage at all, they would have supported Judge Mahoney and his now famous Credit River Decision. Instead, they shied away from the courageous Judge, who was poisoned to death only six months after making his landmark decision against the House of Rothschild and its Federal Reserve central bank.

Internet Source:

President Bush Updates And Signs Executive Order 12333 And Withholds Release Of Its Details
Thursday, 31. July 2008, 21:19:05

State Corporate Rule, Sovereignty, Intelligence, Counterterrorism

CBS News reports in article Bush rewrites spy laws that President Bush yesterday July 30, 2008, updated and signed Executive Order 12333.

CBS News reports that administration officials yesterday presented an overview of the document in a PowerPoint presentation in Congress.

The details of the revised and signed order have not been released; yet are said by media sources, to centralize intelligence under the authority of the national intelligence director.

CBS News relates: "The order, which has not yet been publicly released, is expected to cut into one of the CIA's traditional roles. The CIA has for 50 years set the policy and largely called the shots on relationships between U.S. intelligence agencies and their foreign counterparts. According to the briefing charts, the national intelligence director will now set the rules for engaging with foreign intelligence and security services. The CIA will now just "coordinate implementation," according to the briefing charts.

The order also gives the national intelligence director's office the power of the purse: It was granted the authority to make acquisition decisions on certain national intelligence programs. It is also updated to include the national intelligence director and two major defense spy agencies - the National Reconnaissance Office, which operates spy satellites, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyzes imagery. It did not explain the FBI's domestic intelligence mission, which has gotten increasing attention since 9/11"

The Executive Order creates an Intelligence Czar, CBS News reports: "The new order gives the national intelligence director, a position created in 2005, new authority over any intelligence information collected that pertains to more than one agency - an attempt to force greater information exchange among agencies traditionally reluctant to share their most prized intelligence. The order directs the attorney general to develop guidelines to allow agencies access to information held by other agencies. That could potentially include the sharing of sensitive information about Americans.

The order has been under revision for more than a year, an attempt to update a nearly 30-year-old presidential order to reflect organizational changes made in the intelligence agencies after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

It was carried on in secret in the midst of pitched national debate about the appropriate balance between civil liberties and security, spurred by the president's warrantless wiretapping program".

The newly revised Executive Order 12333 is a complete overhaul and rewrite of the intelligence authority of the Executive Branch of the US government as CBS News relates: "The rewrite inside the 16 agencies has been high because it establishes what agencies' powers and limitations will be.

The order, which has not yet been publicly released, is expected to cut into one of the CIA's traditional roles. The CIA has for 50 years set the policy and largely called the shots on relationships between U.S. intelligence agencies and their foreign counterparts. According to the briefing charts, the national intelligence director will now set the rules for engaging with foreign intelligence and security services. The CIA will now just "coordinate implementation," according to the briefing charts.

The order also gives the national intelligence director's office the power of the purse: It was granted the authority to make acquisition decisions on certain national intelligence programs. It is also updated to include the national intelligence director and two major defense spy agencies - the National Reconnaissance Office, which operates spy satellites, and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyzes imagery. It did not explain the FBI's domestic intelligence mission, which has gotten increasing attention since 9/11".

And today, July 31, 2008, Daniel W. Reilly of CBS News reports that a group of House Republicans, led by Rep. Pete Hoekstra, walked out of a meeting with Director of National Intelligence, DNI, Mike McConnell, to protest what they see as a lack of consultation from the administration on intelligence matters.

The President is the Unitary Executive; all political power and authority resides in him
The word, the will and the way of the President is the law of the land.

I exercise the only right there is -- the right to manifest as a child of God.
I exercise the only right there is -- the right to manifest as a child of God.

George Bush Removed All Constitutional Rights and Legal Rights

George Bush removed all Constitutional Rights on March 23, 2005 by announcing the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, SPP; here he abrogated constitutional authority, abolished national sovereignty, and committed the United States to Council Of Foreign Relations, CFR, trilateral regional governance by the year 2010.

George Bush removed all Legal Rights on May 15, 2006 by de-facto declaration of Martial Law upon sending the National Guard to the US Mexico Border; here he violated the Posse Comitatus Act, the 1876 U.S. statute, which prohibits the use of “armed force” for law enforcement.

And he further trespassed legality, by announcing in conjunction with other global leaders, the Declaration of EU US 2008: the result being that the Liberty Bell and flag have been retired.

Image: Liberty and independence are gone forever

What Rights Exist?

Given that "rights existing in law" are no longer in effect, one must look either to religion or philosophy to discover what rights exist.

Rights Found In Religion

Christianity, through scripture, holds there is only one right: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name.” 1 John 1:12

Right or Rights can only exist where there is power. Where the power is, there the right is.

1 John 1:12 means that one, after having received Christ, has the power to “manifest as” or to “develop as” the son of God. In other words, one having received Christ, can exercise his right and actuates as the progeny of God.

One will manifest genuine concerning the faith of the Son of God, or one will manifest reprobate concerning the Son of God. Manifesting faithful to the Word of God is the only Right there is.

The Apostle John wrote 1 John 1:12, under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to confront the "Law of The Jews” and the "Wisdom of Greeks – Wisdom of the Ancients". The Jews held forth the Prophets, The Nation of Israel and The Law for one's identity and experience. The Greeks held forth the wisdom of the ancients and philosophy for identity and experience.

Rights Found In Philosophy

Leo Strauss was a philosophy instructor at the University of Chicago. He developed and held forth Straussism. And today, Straussism is the prevailing and predominate philosophy of the age. Straussism presents the “Wisdom of the Ancients”: there is only one right: The Natural Right of the Few to Rule the Many.

Strauss called for "philosopher kings", that is "philosopher rulers", to arise to manifest this right.

His student-disciples, the Straussians, headed by Paul Wolfowitz left academia in search of political power. They called themselves neocons and constructed neo-conservatism or as some write neo-liberalism; they rose to power in the White House. Straussism is now the dynamo behind foreign and domestic policy.

Straussians hold that those who are fit to rule, are those who realize there is no morality -- that there is only one natural right – the right of the superior to rule over the inferior.

Strauss divided the history of political thought into two camps: the ancients are wise and wily, whereas the modern philosophers, like Locke and other liberals, are vulgar and foolish.

Strauss held that human beings are born neither free nor equal. The natural human condition, is not one of freedom, but of subordination. The Straussians, hold they are the wise Elite, and as such are to rule over the vulgar Many.

Yes, there is a conflict between Religion And Philosophy

Realizing the perceived difference about rights, the Apostle Paul communicated that the conflict is to be resolved in a non-resistive manner:

1 Corinthians 13:1-7: 1Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. 2Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. 3For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same. 4For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. 5Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. 6For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. 7Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour.

Tyrannical Neocon rule is God’s Furnace and Forge, Hammer and Anvil where one’s right is learned, developed and exercised.

Image: Neocon Rule is God's Furnace and Forge, Hammer and Anvil where one's right is learned

It is highly likely that a national emergency will arise: either the outbreak of pandemic bird flu, or rioting due to gasoline shortages, during the upcoming war with Iran, or a systemic risk financial breakdown.

The national emergency will require the use of United Nation’s peace-keeping troops under the command of NORTHCOM, for security and order; martial law will be in effect declared with apparent legitimacy coming from legislation such as the PATRIOT Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, the Military Commissions Act, and National Security and Homeland Security Directives. This will establish tyrannical state-corporate neocon rule.

If one be a genuine Christian, one will manifest his right – the power to actuate as the son or daughter of God; and in doing so he will manifest the presence of Jesus Christ, in a non-hostile and non-resistive way, to those who desire to rule over him, even if it means suffering or hardship or death.

Yet, being subject does not mean one can share in the deceitful deed of wicked governance: one is not to participate in another’s sin by counsel, command, consent, provocation, praise or flattery, concealment, partaking, silence, or by defense of a wrong done.

Furthermore, one is to come out and be separate from the world.

Paul served as living example of “the one and only right” in 2 Corinthians 4:7-10: We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed, perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed — always carrying about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body.

Suggested Reading
I suggest one read others who see things differently than I do:
The ‘Higher Powers’: Martial Law vs. Christian Responsibility

As I wrote this article, I asked my self why is it that I consistently see things differently from those of the Mises persuasion such as the author above who posted on the Misean Lew Rockwell website: the reflection came to me that those of the Austrian School of Economics want man and one of his laws sovereign, which is contrary to my belief that God and His Will is sovereign.

Those of the Mises-Austrian Economist persuasion are simply part of the 'worldly matrix construct'.
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