Tuesday, September 11, 2007

NSA Damages Another Piece Of My Hi-Fi Equipment

First it was the motherboard on my Linn Classik which while turned off experienced a spike which caused a small fire within the unit that melted the plastic on the board. The manufacturer could not explain why it happened and had never seen anything quite like the damage that had occurred with this circuit board.

They referred to the damage as an anomaly.

However a scalar wave particle beam can melt plastic just as the area on this motherboard was melted. I have also experienced many different "electronic" tamperings with equipment ranging from car alarms and door locks, to televisions, fans, radios, motion sensitive spotlights and and even my MP-3 player.

The most recent casualty of the NSA's electronic warfare on my person has to do with my *Sony Pro Walkman WMD-6C cassette player, which has been lightly used since I purchased it, and never had a problem with until now. The external power supply to the unit has been damaged which now necessitates either the use of batteries to power the unit or a new power supply. This is easily something that the NSA could have perpetrated given their constant and varied ** "electronic" attacks on my person. And it is in line with the FEDS' continued to attempts to deplete my finances through any means possible.

"Sun Tzu On The Art Of War"

*It is also interesting to me that this occurred while I was printing out the book by Sun Tzu called the Art Of War in which Tzu described his theory for winning wars and knowing your enemy. As I am constantly attempting to gauge my ongoing battle with the fascist forces of the US Federal Government, there is no piece of information that I will not utilize in my efforts to do so, provided that it proves to be invaluable in my quest to expose these traitors.

** Earlier today as I was laying on my couch reading I experienced an electronic vibration of my lower back. The vibration was intense enough that I thought one of the cars in the garage below might have been running and warming up. However, when I checked the garage was closed and neither of the cars was running. This is typical of what I experience in regard to the NSA's use of its directed energy technology, which for quite sometime has been directed at my body in efforts to cause me both physical and psychological harm. Like many other TI's who are being attacked in such ways I have experienced a myriad of symptoms from these attacks which continue in the present day. One of the most debilitating of these attacks is the constant exhaustion that I experience from the low frequency waves that are beamed at me.

This keeps me exhausted all the time and I must plan what I need to do very carefully, given how little energy I have. When compounded with the chronic Lyme Disease (a US Military created biological weapon) that I have suffered with since 1993, it makes life extremely difficult for me. And the organized stalking crimes that I am subjected to only add to this problem. The fact that I and so many other Americans can be attacked in such vicious ways is proof that there is no longer any rule of law in this country and that a fascist cabal operating behind the mask of a constitutional republic, has stolen our government from us.

Given that I am forced to lead a very reclusive lifestyle as a result of the FBI/DHS/NSA attacks illegally waged against me, I rely more than most on my Hi-Fi system to enjoy music. And for this reason the FEDS have seen to it to let me know that they will continue to attack my Hi-Fi equipment as "punishment" for exposing them and this technology. I have quite a few audio tapes and was just last night marveling at what a wonderful piece of gear the Sony is. And today it is no longer working. What a surprise, given that they electronically read my every thought and can have any impact they want on my life by way of their satellites.

It should also come as no surprise to those who have learned of the NSA's satellite based remote neural monitoring technology, that these agents use this technology to steal proprietary information right of out the minds of corporate executives, to share with those businesses whom these executives might be in competition with.

Those protected by and possibly used as a front for NSA activity. Which makes the NSA nothing but a domestic spy and criminal profiteer amongst a number of other horrible things including hi-tech terrorist. To own anything with electricity running through it certainly has its days numbered if you are under an attack such as I am, given that the NSA can use its satellites to target and remotely destroy these items as they have done to myself and more than likely, many others.

Dr. Robert Duncan, a former government scientist and TI once remarked that he had experienced the loss of several computer hard drives in this way. While there is no way of knowing who was responsible for these covert acts of vandalism, there is little doubt that it was some government agency that was out to punish Dr. Duncan for exposing some of the rampant crimes within the US Federal Government.

And the NSA can get in and out of your computer by way of remote satellite as easily as you get in and out of your own home -- maybe even easier.

This latest attack on my Hi-Fi system will hardly be the last. And given that the FEDS continue to wantonly attack me while completely ignoring any rule of law in this country, I expect that these attacks will go on indefinitely; or until the American people rise up to the fascism in this country and overthrow this shadow government and its puppet regime -- something that should have been done a long time ago.

Their attacks are about bringing you to your knees in obedience. They want to crush you and your spirit and will do so anyway they can, regardless of the abject cruelty that they dispense. However, some of us cannot be broken. We can be murdered, however, we can never be broken. Nor can we be subjugated to the mental enslavement that this fascist filth has successfully perpetrated against so many of our American Brothers and Sisters. And it is for this reason, that we must alert them to what is happening regardless of the cost.

To fail to do so would be an act of treason and an equally abhorrent crime against humanity.

One must only take to the Internet and the 9-11 Truth Movement to see that there are sweeping changes occurring behind the scenes within the United States and abroad. And grassroots movements which are becoming more intense by the day, as the truth in regard to the Illuminati and its New World Order are being promulgated far and wide. We have great men like the late Aaron Russo to thank for this, as well Dylan Avery and others who realized what was happening and knew that they must do something quickly to avert further disasters.

There is no longer any turning back from exposing the truth and the outrageous crimes that the US Intelligence Community (at the direction of the Bush Administration), has perpetrated against us as a country; as well as the Afghani and Iraqi people. Thanks to Aaron Russo et al, we now know what their real agenda is, and how they use the US Media to misdirect the American people. The best those who understand the extent of this deception can do is to expose the truth and to fight for as long and as hard as we can, until we either see a positive change in this country and the rest of the world, or die attempting to affect one.

The most important issue at hand here is that human beings are being judged by government agencies which have the technology to electronically access our thoughts at anytime these agencies decide to, which is the most outrageous violation of our natural and unalienable rights ever documented. George Orwell's "Thought Police" have existed within agencies like the National Security Agency since as early as 1980 (and quite possibly even earlier), completely destroying any sense of privacy that we as a people have.

And while our backs were turned this agency and the US Federal Government stabbed us in them, having forever destroyed what was once considered to be a very important bond.

A crime this outrageous must not only be exposed, but fought to the death if necessary to preserve the rights of every person on this planet. What the NSA has been allowed to do here is not only an unforgivable crime against humanity, but one which must be swiftly and severely punished. That these agents have the sheer gaul to electronically access and manipulate our thoughts has got to make them the most arrogant and evil people on this planet.

And if you don't realize just how bad off the American people are, write a letter of protest in regard to the Bush Administration (even put a negative bumper sticker about it on your car), attend a 9-11 protest, or for that matter any other type of legal dissent and see how fast you find yourselves being followed around; having your mail opened before you get it; being shunned by your neighbors and families, losing your job etc. Because this is the kind of country that you are really living in. Support Bush and propagate this government's lies and you will be able to maintain your current way of life -- at least for a while longer. However, circulate the truth about what is really going and you will find yourselves under a covert attack like you would never have imagined.

We are fast becoming a world of unwittingly mind controlled slaves.

And one thing is for certain: The Illuminati must be brought to an end -- and this includes the central banking systems around the world which have allowed the Illuminati to enslave us as a people -- by stealing our governments and economies, and forcing us into nations of debtors. And the privately held Federal Reserve Bank should be the first to go.
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