Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What Do Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba & Libya Have In Common? - They're The Only Nations In The World Without A Rothschild Controlled Central Bank

Editor's Note: It's not surprising that North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Sudan or Libya have historically had poor relations with the United States, given the Rothschilds' control over America and their inability to establish central banks within the aforesaid countries.

Especially when taking into consideration the Rothschilds' history of playing global monopoly through their furtive conquests of countries now enslaved by their Communist central banks. It is thus remarkable that the Rothschilds have still not managed to take over the aforementioned countries in the modern day, although there's little doubt that they're still attempting to do so.

However, in the future the House Of Rothschild will be losing its grip on many of the countries which this Zionist dynasty has secretly controlled in the past, as their central banks fall, and the citizens of these countries reestablish the governments which were subverted when the Rothschilds invaded them.

This is when the American people will finally be able to reestablish the Constitutional Republic created by America's founding fathers in 1787. However, only when the Rothschilds and their Federal Reserve Communist central bank are driven out of the United States for good.

  • See The History Of The House Of Rothschild To Learn More About The Rothschilds' Global Monopoly & How They've Accomplished It By Establishing Communist Central Banks In Countries Whose Resources The Rothschilds Decided To Steal For Themselves - The House Of Rothschild Has Been Responsible For Virtually Every Major War Fought On This Planet Over The Past Few Centuries Including World Wars I And II, As Well As The Two Illegal Wars Presently Being Fought In Afghanistan & Iraq -- These Wars Have Also Been Orchestrated By The Rothschilds' Zionist Money Laundering Cartel. Moreover, The Federal Reserve System Is A House Of Rothschild Central Bank, Which Secretly Took Control Of The U.S. Federal Government In 1913 With The Passage Of The Federal Reserve Act - The Treasonous Legislation Which Allowed For The Creation Of The Federal Reserve System.

  • Also See Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve" To Learn More About How The Federal Reserve System Has Been Used By The House Of Rothschild In Which To Take Control Of The Three Branches Of The U.S. Federal Government, As Well As The Money Supply Of This Country -- Since The Federal Reserve System Stole The American People's Gold & Replaced It With The Fed's Own Counterfeited Currency; Which It Launders Through The United States Treasury - Why Else Do You Think The American People Were Forced Off The Gold Standard Under Franklin D. Roosevelt's Presidential Administration? Because By 1933 The Federal Reserve System Had Looted So Much Of The Gold From The U.S. Treasury That There Was No Longer Enough Gold Left To Support The U.S. Economy.

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