Monday, August 02, 2010

The House Of Rothschild Is No Longer Content Controlling The Mainstream Media - Now They Want To Monopolize The Internet & Blogosphere As Well

  • Organized Stalking Crimes Have Become So Problematic That Websites Documenting This Manifestation Of The House Of Rothschilds' Emerging Global Zionist Dictatorship Are Becoming Commonplace

  • The Internet Kill Switch Bill
    The Rothschilds' Secretive Takeover Of The Blogosphere

    "So is it any wonder why the Zionist controlled Congress in the United States now wants to give Barack Obama the power to shut down the Internet (and its powerful alternative media - the blogosphere) under the pretense of protecting Americans from terrorism? Their real interest is to turn the blogosphere into yet another source of the same type of controlled disinformation that the U.S. Media has become over the past sixty years, while destroying the 1St Amendment to the U.S. Bill of Rights for good.

    Total government control over the alternative media; the last venue for free expression on this planet. Another monopolistic conquest by the House of Rothschild if we let them get away with it; which we won't."

    -- James F. Marino

    Target Of NSA Classified Electronic Warfare Technology

  • The Internet Kill Switch Bill - The House Of Rothschild Uses The U.S. Congress To Monopolize The Internet While Taking Control Of The Blogosphere

  • The Zionist Character Assassination Of Actor Mel Gibson - Gibson Calls Hollywood For What It Is & Gets Demonized For It - The Only Problem Is That He Should Have Blamed The Zionist Jews & Not All Jews For What Goes On In Hollywood Since Its World Zionism That's The Problem Here, Not Judaism

  • The Late Steve Kangas (Covertly Murdered By The CIA For His Written Works Exposing Their Criminal Operations) Describes The Creation Of The CIA & The Origins Of What Kangas Referred To As The Overclass
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