Saturday, July 24, 2010

Former LAPD Cop & From The Wilderness Publisher Mike Ruppert Describes What Most U.S. Politicians Really Are

  • Four In A Row And Ascending - Missile Attacks On Long Island That Were Covered Up - TWA Flight 800 Wasn't The Only Jetliner Shot Down By A Missile While Flying In The Skies Over Long Island - We Know That The FBI Covered Up The Missile Attack On Flight 800, But How Many Other Of These Attacks Did The FBI Attempt To Whitewash?

  • "Wall Street Is Laundering Drug Money & Getting Away With It - The Wachovia Scandal" - Former LAPD Cop, Mike Ruppert Long Ago Stated That Wall Street Has Been Supported By The Flow Of Illicit Drug Money Since The Early 1970's - Since That Time The Inexpensive Barrel Of Oil Has Gone The Way Of The Dodo Bird; The Federal Reserve System Has Also Been Accused Of Laundering Drug Money In Addition To Its Counterfeiting And Laundering Of Federal Reserve Debt Notes - The Equivalent Of The U.S. Congresses Legitimizing The Use Of Monopoly Money As Legal Tender In The United States

  • The FBI's Treasonous Usurpation Of The TWA Flight 800 Investigation & The Subsequent Red Herring The FBI Concocted To Cover Up The Fact That TWA Flight 800 Was Shot Down By A Missile - How The FBI's General Counsel, Valerie Caproni, Was Used To Obscure This Abject Fraud On The American People

  • "People ask 'em the difference between a Democrat and Republican in Congress - like they don't get it: HERE'S HOW YOU GET IT: It's organized crime. It's just that the Democrats are the Gambinos, and the Republicans are the Genoveses. The people at the top, they act like it's a crap game. Like it's their crap game and their making lots of money. Every once in awhile, somebody at the table shoots eachother, but the moment ANYTHING comes in to disrupt their crap game - they all unite to protect it..."

    ~~~ Mike Ruppert, From The

  • Another Of The House Of Rothschilds' Genocidal Plots Against The Global Middle Class -- Get Them Hooked On Tobacco Then Bilk Them Of Their Life Savings When They Get Cancer, By Offering Them Substandard Treatments For Cancer; While Maligning Legitimate Cancer Treatments Like Laetrile Therapy

  • A Clever Piece Of Disinformation Used By the National Security Agency In Which To Cover Up The Fact That It's Secretly Brain Fingerprinted The American People & That The NSA Has Access To The Most Sophisticated Domestic Spy Network In U.S. History (Even Though The NSA Is Forbidden By Its Charter From Spying Domestically Making This A Treasonous Crime) - The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network
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