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Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Killed In A Plane Crash Earlier Today --- Was Stevens Murdered? You Be The Judge

  • The FBI, NSA & CIA Were Sharing Information on American Citizens Long Before The Terrorist Attacks On 9-11-2001 Took Place, Even Though The U.S. Intel Community Claimed That Its Agencies Were Not Sharing Information Prior To 9-11 - Another Lie Circulated For Public Consumption While The House Of Rothschild Financed & Controlled Intel Community In America Continues To Build Dossiers On All American Citizens In The Most Egregious Domestic Spying In American History - The American Middle Class Has Lost Its Right To Privacy Under The 4TH Amendment

  • Is There A Conspiracy To Remove Black Politicians From Office? Representative Maxine Waters Says Yes - Waters Also Says That The Constitutional Right To Due Process Of Law Is Being Ignored In The United States/Those Of Us Within The TI Community Who've Been Denied Our 6Th Amendment Right To Due Process Of Law Would Certainly Agree With This Statement

  • FBI/CIA Scheme To Blackmail U.S. Politicians Exposed

  • If A Politician's On Your Plane Flight

    Take The Next One

    The Intel community has a very long history of orchestrating accidents in which to murder those whom these organizations have intended to kill with plausible deniability.


  • Former Alaska Senator, Ted Stevens Killed In Plane Crash

  • The Political Graveyard - U.S. Politicians Killed In Plane Crashes - Since The Advent Of The U.S. Intelligence Community How Many American Politicians Have Been Covertly Assassinated By Way Of Intel's Tampering With The Aircraft They Were Flying On?

  • Several years ago, this author had spoken to a man by the name of Charles August Schlund who'd up until the time of his death (and likely murder earlier this year) been targeted for elimination by the Bush Crime Syndicate and CIA.

    This after Schlund received documents (in the 1970's) regarding a criminal conspiracy involving the (House of Rothschild controlled) Rockefeller & Bush families' attempts to use the U.S. Central Intelligence Community in which to overthrow the U.S. Federal Government.

    Something which had in reality taken place decades' earlier with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and creation of the private corporation known as the Federal Reserve System. It was 1913 when the House of Rothschild took control of the U.S. Federal Government by usurping the Congress and Treasury's Constitutional power to coin and regulate the value of U.S. Currency.

    Since that time the House of Rothschild has controlled the U.S. Federal Government through its Communist Federal Reserve System counterfeiting/money laundering crime syndicate.

  • For More On The House Of Rothschilds' Covert Takeover Of The United States Through Its Creation Of The Communist Central Bank - The Federal Reserve System - See Eustace Mullins' "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve"

  • Several years ago, Mr. Schlund told this author that in the documents he had read (which he referred to as the Don Bolles Papers - after the famed journalist who'd been murdered by organized crime), the CIA employed the use of many different means in which to murder people whom the agency considered to be a threat to their criminal operations. He even stated that he'd seen documents to support the believe that Ted Kennedy was actually setup by the CIA in the Chappaquiddick incident, in which a woman by the name of Mary Jo Kopechne was drowned. Schlund had stated that the CIA had orchestrated the death of Kopechne in order to destroy Ted Kennedy's political career.

    Schlund had also stated that the CIA had initially thought of murdering Ted Kennedy, however, was concerned that the American public would have become suspicious after the murders of Kennedy's two older brothers. So the CIA decided to orchestrate a scandal which they believed would ruin Ted Kennedy's political career.

    Based on the inherent criminality of the CIA, as well as the organization's history of duplicitous scheming, the testimony from Charles Schlund regarding Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident seems quite plausible.

    Charles Schlund's Lawsuit Against George W. Bush -- The U.S. Courts Have Refused To Hear This Lawsuit Because It Includes Much Of The Information Which Schlund Obtained From The Don Bolles Papers

    Schlund also stated that the CIA has engineered plane crashes, train crashes, car accidents, poisonings, shootings, and other terrorist activities, in efforts to covertly murder those whom the agency was looking to eliminate, which to this day have been covered over with the Intelligence community's usual whitewashing of the facts through the American media.

    Now with today's report of a plane crash in which former Alaskan Senator, Ted Stevens, has been killed, one must wonder if the CIA or some other government organization wanted to rid themselves of Stevens. The readers will remember that the late senator was indicted on several charges in 2008. However, the entire situation became mired in controversy as has been documented in the following passage:

    "Mark Begich beat Ted Stevens in the 2008 Alaska Senate race after Stevens was convicted of several federal corruption offenses. Those offenses, it turns out, were procured by intentionally withholding the lead witness's testimony and involved an affair with one of the FBI agents investigating the case. The charges against Stevens have been dropped. It's time for Mark Begich to do the honorable thing and resign."

    So here we have a situation in which the star witness in Stevens' trial was prevented from testifying in his defense, while this witness was also alleged to have had an affair with an FBI agent who may have been used for the express purpose of preventing this witness from testifying on behalf of Senator Stevens.

    The FBI's role in obstructing justice in this case becomes even more disturbing when one finds that Stevens' conviction would later be overturned. Did the FBI set Stevens up because they knew that he would win reelection easily, unless he became the subject of a public scandal?

    As usual, any case that the FBI is involved in stinks.

    And as this author has stated myriad times in the past, the FBI plays dirty - extremely dirty.

    An example of just how dirty the FBI's operations are can be found in the Bureau's attack on a private investigator by the name of Angela Clemente. A situation in which Clemente had convinced a Brooklyn DA to bring murder charges against a former FBI agent by the name of Lin Devecchio, and was later nearly strangled to death as punishment for attempting to bring Devecchio to trial.

    Devecchio's trial was halted when a piece of evidence ( no doubt fabricated) was used in which to end the trial. The FBI's timing in coming up with this critical piece evidence was not coincidental in the least. It was in fact a journalist who'd likely been used as an FBI informant for years who claimed to have uncovered the critical piece of information which would allow Devecchio to skate from prosecution. However, the FBI had been engineering the sabotage of Devecchio's trial from the moment that the Brooklyn DA indicted him; fearful that if convicted, Devecchio might have cut a deal which would have perhaps exposed even worse crimes within the FBI than Devecchio, himself had been accused of.

    Moreover, as was the case with former New Jersey Senator, Robert Torricelli, the FBI timed its investigation of Ted Stevens during his reelection campaign; both investigations were used destroy these politicians' chances of being reelected to office.

    *It appears that the FBI was also used to do the same with former Governor, Rod Blagojevich, who's trial is due to wrap up in the next few days. Don't be surprised if Blago's trial ends in a hung jury, as one must wonder what he did to get the inherently corrupted Illinois legislature angry enough to set him up on what are likely trumped up charges.

    Senator Bob Torricelli's reelection campaign was sabotaged by the FBI as punishment for his public demand that a 9-11 investigative commission be formed in which to investigate the U.S. Intelligence community's failure to prevent the attacks on 9-11. Torricelli was never even prosecuted. However, the scandal did cost him reelection.

    Torricelli had a particular interest in such an investigation, given that the State of New Jersey suffered the most casualties in the terrorists attacks on 9-11-2001.

    However, one must wonder exactly who Ted Stevens' enemies are; those who used the FBI as the political weapon that the Bureau has since its inception been, in which to destroy Stevens' political career.

    So the question remains, who in the U.S. Federal Government was threatened by Ted Stevens and why did they want him dead?

    And after the attempt to destroy him politically became exposed, did these criminals choose to use other means in which to get rid of the late senator for good?

    Specifically, a plane crash.

    Also see the following articles regarding the mysterious deaths of former Alaskan Senator *Nick Begich Sr. and 9-11 activist, Beverly Eckert, who became a public celebrity for her refusal to accept the U.S. Government's official explanation for the attacks on 9-11, while also refusing to accept the one million dollar pay out which this Government offered Eckert regarding the death of her husband. Eckert was vigilant in challenging the government's official explanation of 9-11 right up until the time of her death (which was likely a covert murder).

    *Nick Begich senior's son, Mark Begich, replaced Ted Stevens as the senator from Alaska. Senator Mark Begich was asked to step down as Alaska's senator, after the FBI's sabotage of Ted Stevens' trial was made public. Mark Begich's brother Nick Begich Junior, the eldest son of the late Senator, Nick Begich Senior, is a well known author who speaks publicly on the U.S. Federal Government's electronic warfare programs and the dangers which these programs pose to the future of the human race.

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  • JUNEAU, Alaska– A plane carrying nine people crashed amid southwest Alaska's remote mountains and lakes, killing five people on board, authorities said Tuesday. Former Sen. Ted Stevens and ex-NASA Administrator Sean O'Keefe were believed to aboard, but it was unclear if they were among the dead

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