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The Following Are Just Some Of The Symptoms Individuals Targeted For Non Consensual Human Experimentation & Organized Stalking Suffer From

  • The First Instance Where A United States Court Actually Recognized A Case Of Electronic Harassment & Issued A Protection Order Against The Defendant - Such Protection Orders Are Really Just Symbolic Since There Really Is No Truly Effective Way Of Stopping An Electronic Warfare Attack From Occurring - However, This Lawsuit Is Important In That At Least One U.S. Court Now Acknowledges That Classified Government Technology Is Being Used Against American Citizens; Even When It Falls Into The Hands Of A Private Citizen Who Then Uses This Technology To Commit Crimes Anonymously - In This Author's Opinion, The Only Reason That This Lawsuit Was Heard, Was Because The Defendant Was A Private Citizen - If The Lawsuit Had Been Against A Federal Agency Like John St. Clair Akwei's Lawsuit Against The NSA Is, The Lawsuit Would Not Have Been Heard By A U.S Court

  • The Lawsuit That's Far Too Incriminating For The U.S. Judicial System To Acknowledge - John St. Clair Akwei VS The NSA

  • Revisiting The Plane Crash Which Took The Life Of 9-11 Widow/Activist, Beverly Eckert - Was This Jetliner Tampered With Via DEW Technology In Which To Force It To Crash?

  • Editor's Note: This morning, the Family member who was taken ill and had to be rushed to the hospital this past Wednesday, reported that while in their hospital room early this morning, smoke began filtering through the ventilation system in their room and the adjacent hallway.

    Many individuals targeted for the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking have reported cigarette smoke and other types of effluvia being circulated through the ventilation ducts of their apartments as part of the psychological warfare campaign being waged against them. In this particular instance, the smoke appeared to have come from an electrical component that had burned out.

    However, the fact that a Family member of this author's was in the hospital at the time that this event occurred, taken in context with the organized stalking crimes that this author and his Family are routinely subjected to, may well mean that this situation was created by artificial means.

    Specifically, the NSA's Signals Intelligence operations can easily damage an electrical component anywhere on the face of this planet, merely by identifying its electromagnetic signature, and targeting that signature. And it is quite possible that the NSA's SIGNIT technology was used in which to cause the failure of an electronic component, which resulted in the smoke which was circulated through the ventilation system at this hospital.

    Fortunately, this Family member has returned home. And this author will document how this person recovers, in efforts to prevent any further electronic attacks on their person.

    The TI community is well aware that satellite based electronic warfare technology (Directed Energy Weapons) is frequently used in which to covertly torture and in some instances even murder targets of this technology. So, even though these allegations may sound outlandish to the layperson, those who have experienced such electronic warfare attacks firsthand, understand that this technology does in fact exist, is largely the brainchild of the global military-intelligence complex, and has been used for many years in which to commit crimes via the electromagnetic spectrum, while offering those who commit such crimes complete anonymity in doing so.


  • Family Member Suddenly Taken Ill/ Hempstead Citizens Attempt To Ban Future Construction Of Cell Phone Towers

  • Wikipedia Now Lists Directed Energy Weapons

    The fact that the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, now covers information on the types of directed energy weapon's technology which this author has not only been subjected to for years, but also documents in detail on this Website, is further proof that the U.S. Military Intelligence complex is using American citizens for non consensual human experimentation.

    This author has experienced virtually all of the symptoms listed below and several more as a target of this technology.

    Once a government has been exposed for utilizing this classified technology (as has now occurred in the United States) on its citizens, and the organized stalking - psychological warfare operations and entrapment schemes being used in which to murder these TI's fail, the government's next step is to wage a vicious and slanderous smear campaign against the Targeted Individual.

    One in which the Families of TI's will be blackmailed into cooperating in these psychological warfare campaigns, while the Constitutional rights of both the TI's Family members, as well as the TI's, themselves, are egregiously violated.

    This has become a global problem, and one which has now been reported in virtually all U.S. States. Moreover, the vigilante hate crime of organized stalking is being perpetuated by organizations like the FBI and Department Of Homeland Security on the federal level, as well as state and local law enforcement. These organizations are largely responsible for the dismantling of the United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, in what must now be seen as nothing less than a high crime of treason.

    This is further proof of the complete lawlessness with which the United States is presently operating. And that our Constitutional government has been subverted by the House of Rothschilds' global counterfeiting/money laundering cartel, under the Patriot Act.

    The following quote is sourced from Wikipedia:

    "In 1998 to provide independent assessment on human effects, data, and models for the use of 'non-lethal weapons' on the general population, the TECOM Technology Symposium in 1997 concluded on non-lethal weapons, 'Determining the target effects on personnel is the greatest challenge to the testing community,' primarily because 'the potential of injury and death severely limits human tests."

    "However, 'directed energy weapons that target the central nervous system and cause neurophysiological disorders may violate the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention of 1980. And weapons that go beyond non-lethal intentions and cause 'superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering' could violate the Protocol I to the Geneva Conventions of 1977.'"

    Some common bio-effects of electromagnetic or non-lethal weapons include:

    Effects to the human central nervous system resulting in physical pain

    Difficulty breathing




    Other systemic discomfort

    Interference with breathing poses the most significant, potentially lethal results.

    Light and repetitive visual signals can induce epileptic seizures. Vection and motion sickness can also occur.

    Cavitation, which affects gas nuclei in human tissue, and heating, can result from exposure to ultrasound and can cause damage to tissue and organs.

    Studies have found that exposure to high intensity ultrasound at frequencies from 700 kHz to 3.6 MHz can cause lung and intestinal damage in mice. Heart rate patterns following vibroacoustic stimulation has resulted in serious negative consequences such as arterial flutter and bradycardia.

    Researchers have concluded that generating pain through the auditory system using high intensity sound resulted in a high risk of permanent hearing damage.


    The Following Are Some Commonly Reported Symptoms Of Government Sanctioned Non Consensual Human Experimentation:

    Microwave hearing

    Transmission of specific commands into the subconscious

    Visual disturbances, visual hallucinations

    Inject words, numbers into brain via electromagnetic radiation waves

    Manipulation of emotions

    Reading thoughts remotely

    Causing pain to any nerve of the body

    Remote manipulation of human behavior from space

    Harassment, stress symptoms such as helicopters flying overhead

    Seeing, as in a camera, through your eyes, i.e. to see what you see exactly

    Control of sleep patterns

    Computer-brain interface, control and communication

    Complex control of the brain such as retrieving memories, implanting personalities

    Source: Website
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