Thursday, December 10, 2009

Intel Continues To Have Websites Documenting NSA Computer To Brain Interface Removed From The Internet

The FBI/NSA Campaign To Murder This Author Continues

Over the past several years, the NSA and FBI have aggressively attacked this author through their use of satellite deployed directed energy weapons and myriad psychological warfare operations which continue in the present day.

Their intent is to cover up the fact that for decades, these agencies have illegally used this author for non consensual human experimentation via the NSA's EMF Scanning Network; a covert spy satellite network which tracks citizens by way of the unique frequencies which the electromagnetic fields around their bodies emanate. Intel continues to use their disinformation campaigns in which to discredit those who know for certain that we have been targeted for computer to brain interface experimentation, while being subjected to the types of COINTELPRO smear campaigns that have now made the FBI notorious.

We are accused of crimes that we have not committed, denied our Constitutional right to due process of law, and subjected to slander campaigns that are as outrageous as they are illegal. What the Intel community is concerned most about here, is that if the American public learns that they have been secretly brain fingerprinted by the National Security Agency, it will prove that the United States Federal Government is controlled by a shadow government based on a fascist dictatorship, which masquerades as a democratic republic.

The outrageous lies which the FBI continues to promulgate in regard to this author are not only vicious, but also intended to obscure the Bureau's egregious violations of both my Family's and my person's civil liberties.

And as stated in the past, the FBI continues to use its coercive tactics (blackmail) in which to hold this author's Family hostage, while forcing them to surrender their inherent protections under the United States Bill Of Rights. The FBI's outrageous lies are only equalled by their egregious disregard for the Constitutional rule of law in this country. There is no lie which these agents will not promulgate, regardless of how despicable, and there is no crime (including torture and murder) which they will not commit, provided that they believe that they can do so with plausible deniability. Abject violations of the U.S. Constitution, which they continue to perpetrate without any oversight from the Department Of Justice or The United States Congress.

What follows is the cache version of a Webpage which documented the computer to brain interface which the NSA has and continues to subject this author to. And like many other Webpages which have documented this technology as it applies to some government agency, this Webpage has now also been removed.

Intel understands what it has to lose if the American people learn that they have been electronically brain fingerprinted, and that such a crime against humanity could only take place under a government which operates as a dictatorship; however secretly that government may operate. The type of furtive dictatorship which now controls our elected officials in the United States.

Editor's Note: When I listed the following cache of the Website which was deleted, my blog was included. However, since that time Intel has removed it - further proof that the Intel community electronically tampers with the Internet while intentionally violating the First Amendment Right to Freedom Of Speech guarenteed by the United States Bill of Rights.

Internet Website Entitled Computer To Brain Interface Removed By Intel - Listed This Author's Blog On The NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network

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