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Another Person Who Attempted To Take The CIA's Drug Trafficking On And Ended Up Subjected To The Destruction Of Her Legal Career & Run Out Of The USA

Neo Nazi Connections Within The CIA

The CIA/FBI COINTELPRO Attack On Anita Belle

The following is a preface in regard to what happened to attorney Anita Belle after she attempted to expose the drug trafficking operations of the U.S. Central Intelligence Community. Essentially, the same thing that happened to virtually every other person who has attempted to do the same, including journalists Gary Webb and Steve Kangas. Webb and Kangas were murdered in made to appear as suicides, however Belle's legal practice was destroyed and in order to save her life she was eventually forced to leave the United States.

When Ms. Belle contacted the FBI for a Freedom Of Information Act request in regard to the criminal records of George H.W. Bush and Jeb Bush, the FBI denied her request on the grounds of privacy.

However, Belle then sued the FBI to obtain this information only to find herself being targeted by the Bureau for the type of COINTELPRO operation that this author has been targeted for for decades.

*Belle was eventually forced to leave the United States. Her whereabouts at this time are unknown.

Further evidence of the FBI's criminal roots, and how the FBI is used to protect high ranking Illuminati criminals within the U.S. Federal Government.

This attack via the Bush crime syndicate, perpetrated by way of the FBI, sounds very similar to what a campaign worker for former presidential candidate, Gary Hart was subjected to when attempting to expose former President George H.W. Bush's criminal connections with the CIA and its Iran Contra drug trafficking operations, in the 1988 presidential campaign.

After being framed on bogus charges by the FBI, Michael Boren Williams was locked away for two years in Marion Prison, tortured, and then driven out of the United States in fear for his life, when the elder Bush's minions warned him to either leave the United States or be killed. Williams has documented this horror over the Internet, only to be subjected to a vicious slander campaign conducted by the FBI's criminal minions.

Williams has also been estranged from his former wife and two daughters since that time; he stated that the FBI coerced her to initiate divorce proceedings against Williams which she did out of fear for her life and the lives of her daughters.

I have witnessed how the FBI has coerced my own Family members into denying the psychological warfare attacks which the Bureau has targeted me for for decades. Of course, the FBI will never admit to this, because in doing so they would acknowledge their use of covert terrorism in which to achieve their own criminal agendas.

I have also accused the FBI of fabricating evidence in this demonization campaign, and quite possibly even witnesses. The mere fact that there is absolutely no due process of law in the FBI's attack on this author is only further evidence of the FBI's long-term conspiracy in which to violate my civil rights. As such, the FBI can hardly afford to take this author on in a courtroom, without its agents committing perjury. Especially given the COINTELPRO tactics which the Bureau has been subjecting me to for years. Their agenda is to murder me by having me removed from society in a completely contrived black operation. However, I have other plans as the FBI and its EVIL minions will learn. The time has come for the FBI's criminal operations to be exposed globally.

Anita Belle Experiences The CIA's Wrath

"Anita E. Belle, a black female practicing law in Florida, alleged that COINTELPRO reared its ugly head against her after she filed cases on behalf of blacks and whites in seven states harmed due to the Central Intelligence Agency or CIAs role in importing illegal drugs into black communities. She alleged that at least one reputed CIA agent admitted the agency conspired with organized crime to use illegal drugs as a means of pharmaceutically enslaving African-Americans. In early 2000, five of her seven cases were consolidated as the Nicaraguan Contras Narcotics Trafficking Litigation, MDL 1331, in the federal court in Gainesville, Florida.

"Belle claims that the cases became so sabotaged that she and her family were forced to flee Florida in fear of their lives. She first moved to North Carolina, but left there after witnesses in the CIA cases were threatened. She then returned to her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

"Belle recalled the Iran-Contra scandal that plagued the presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. During the 2000 Florida election debacle, Belle made a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request to the FBI for the criminal records of the former president and his sons, Florida governor Jeb Bush and presidential candidate/Texas governor George W. Bush. The FBI denied her FOIA request on privacy grounds. Belle then sued the FBI, arguing that the federal criminal records of public officials should not be protected by privacy, else Americans may unwittingly elect organized crimelords who will undermine the integrity of the government. Meanwhile, Belle claims the retaliation against her and her family continued in Detroit to such an extent that she added COINTELPRO allegations to her case against the FBI.

"Belle alleged the Florida Bar was a co-conspirator with the FBI in the agency's COINTELPRO activities, accusing the Florida Bar of disbarring her so as to discredit her and halt her suits against the federal government. She alleged that the Florida Bars investigator on her disbarment case, Bill Freeh, was a retired FBI agent and a close relative of Louis Freeh, the director of the FBI at that time."

The following article describes how Anita Belle attempted to expose the CIA/Mossad connection in their drug trafficking operations and the consequences that she has faced for doing so.

The Florida Connection.

Drug Trafficking Involving CIA , Mossad, U.S. Presidents Exposed

Exclusive Interview SPOTLIGHT © December 11, 2000

They Stand Accused

Here are the defendants named by attorney Anita Belle in her lawsuit alleging U.S. government complicity in the importation of illicit drugs: . Three U.S. federal agencies, the Central Intelligence Agency, the U.S. Department of Justice, and National Security Council; . Former CIA directors: William Webster, Robert Gates, John Deutsch and the estate of former CIA Director William Casey and sitting CIA director George Tenet; . Former Attorneys General: Edwin Meese and Richard Thornburgh and the estate of former Attorney General William French Smith and sitting Attorney General Janet Reno; . Former Presidents: George H.W. Bush and Ronald Wilson Regan; and . Former CIA and/or intelligence community officials (linked to the Iran contra affair): Col. Oliver North; Ambassador Donald Gregg, Felix Rodriguez, Admiral John Poindexter, Duane Claridge, General Richard Secord, General John Singlaub and the estate of Albert Vincent Carone.

Attorney Anita Belle had filed (or otherwise attempted to file) a series of major racketeering lawsuits against the CIA and a host of former public officials, including presidents, attorneys general and former CIA directors.

Like many others investigating this controversy, Miss Belle has concluded that the CIA has participated in the importation of illicit drugs such as heroin and cocaine into the United States and that federal law enforcement officials conspired with the CIA to look the other way and allow the importation of those drugs.

For her efforts, Miss Belle has been subjected to repeated abuse by the court system and two attempts on her life. Miss Belle also charges that Israel's Mossad collaborated with the CIA in the drug racket and that the Federal Reserve System has enabled CIA-MOSSAD drug enterprises by laundering their drug money and profits.

Miss Belle visited The SPOTLIGHT editorial offices in Washington where she told of her efforts in an exclusive interview. An edited transcript of the interview with Miss Belle follows. The SPOTLIGHT's questions are in boldface. Miss Belle's responses are in regular text.

Your lawsuit against the CIA is filed on behalf of victims of drug abuse and their families. But you contend that every person in the country is affected by the importation of drugs.

There are named plaintiffs in the lawsuit who are victims, but the importation of drugs potentially affects everyone in this country. My case is not just for blacks, but for whites, too. Although blacks are the primary victims of drugs, all of this impacts on the white community as well. It's not just happening in the ghetto. . My lawsuit is not motivated by any loyalty to any political party or political persuasion. Although I'm a democrat, I realize that my lawsuit has negative connotations for Democratic politicians as well as Republican politicians-including both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

How did you get involved in this lawsuit in the first place?

. Back in 1989 when I was in graduate school for clinical psychology I was very interested in drug rehabilitation and I wandered off into the side subject of where the supply of drugs actually came from. The department kept trying to pull me back, saying, "study the demand, study the demand" and I said, "No, there's a big racial impact in the area of drugs. Most of the people in drug rehabilitation seem to be black and I want to find out why." I figured if the substances were imported, it just couldn't have been a matter of demand, a natural demand or biological craving. You don't naturally crave something that isn't native to your environment. So that had to be something that was being created.

I wrote a letter to every ambassador to the United Nations, suggesting that the American Government was putting drugs into the black community and creating a demand. I thought that was genocide even before I started law school and I felt that it was a conspiracy, even in the legal definition of the word.

An FBI agent came to my house and asked me: "What is this research that you plan on sharing with the United Nations? We're concerned that it's somehow going to impact on national security."

When you are in clinical psychology and you talk about "conspiracy," you are labeled as schizophrenic and paranoid. So they eventually put me out of the department.

Did somebody from the FBI go to my department and talk to them?

Whatever happened, it cost me a Ph.D. I was naive then. I had a choice of suing or going to where "conspiracy" is a legitimate term, so I registered for law school. Now that I'm an attorney and pursuing this line, the judge is threatening me with sanctions saying that I have filed "frivolous" cases. They are trying to get me disbarred. But even if they disbar me, however, I can still act on my own behalf as a plaintiff and they can't stop me from doing that.

Why did you name such a variety of public officials, including former CIA directors and former attorneys general in your lawsuit?

Part of it is because that is something you do in the legal system. If the secret agreement between the CIA and the Department of Justice to overlook the CIA's role in the drug trade started in 1982 onward, until 1995, and you name them as defendants.

However, I found out about a few other people when I did my own research. The last case that I filed involved people who were involved in drug smuggling connected to the Iran-contra affair.

I wanted to say that this drug smuggling was not just something that happened by accident, as some have suggested. I wanted to bring in federal racketeering (RICO) statues and say that this drug importation was a deliberate conspiracy involving drug trafficking. Yes, I am saying that Ronald Reagan, George Bush, CIA figure Felix Rodriguez, Lt. Col. Oliver North and others-I call them a "gang"-were involved in this.

I call them a "gang" because they say the Bloods and Crips gangs in the black communities are "gangs" but what these others constitute are technically a gang also. They need to suffer the same consequences as the other people who are convicted in drug conspiracy cases.

I can't legally prosecute them as far as criminal charges are concerned. That's the job of the Justice Department, and I don't think the Justice Department is going to prosecute itself. However, we can do it civilly and make them pay damages to the people who have been harmed.

The actions of the CIA and the intelligence community in drug importation shouldn't be protected under the shield of "national security" since their actions have jeopardized the nation's internal security. I don't see how any threat from any other country can supersede what they have done inside our own country.

You perceive this drug importation as being part of a long-term plan that just didn't happen by accident?

.Heroin was another substance that really had a harsh impact on the black community and we are talking about a drug that was imported. This is not something that was being mixed together in the kitchens of the black community.

Dr. Alfred McCoy released his expose' of the CIA's role in the heroin trade, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, back in 1972 and the CIA worked successfully to suppress the book. Plus the major media did everything it could to suppress his revelations.

The media is protecting the perpetrators and I think you'll find that some of the perpetrators have not just infiltrated the major media. The black media has not reported on this situation (or on my lawsuit, in particular) to the extent that you might think they would have. I do know that Black Entertainment Television (BET) is publicly-traded, so the stock brokers could have a lot of impact on affecting BET's coverage of this issue.

I was so naive. I thought this would be like the tobbacco industry cases and that my lawsuit would be publicized in the major newspapers and especially that black media would embrace this lawsuit with open arms. Isn't drug abuse a problem? Don't black newspapers always talk about all of the black men in prisons because of drugs and what a shame it is? I can't get Ebony, Jet or BET to talk about this. At least they aren't talking to me.

One of the forums held at the recent national conference of the Congressional Black Caucus dealt with drugs and the involvement of the CIA. You would think that someone would invite me to come to that forum. Not at all. In addition, I heard that there was another private conference on the West Coast addressing this same issue, and I got the distinct impression that they did not want me there. They said I was a "troublemaker."

One of the key players in that conference was Peter Dale Scott. He's willing to discuss the CIA role in the drug trade, but refuses to mention the key role in the drug trade played by the CIA's allies in Israel's Mossad. Unlike Scott, you are willing to publicly discuss the Israeli connection.

Yes, the Israeli connection to the drug trade is a whole bag of worms. When I started to discover the connection of Israel to all of this, that may also account for some of the problems I have been having. Israel has alot to do with the CIA.

The SPOTLIGHT has learned that Gary Webb, who broke the story of the CIA's role in the crack trade in Los Angeles in the San Jose Mercury News, privately told another journalist that he could "never" report that the Mossad is also big in the drug trade. He said if he ever reported that, he would lose his job, and that he doesn't even want to discuss it. So there are certain limits to examining the role of the intelligence community in the drug trade. Your own experience illustrates that.

If you start mentioning, as I have, the role of the Mossad or even of the Federal Reserve System in drug money laundering, you cross the line. No wonder I'm having all sorts of trouble.

The SPOTLIGHT has repeatedly pointed out that the drug trade couldn't survive without the Federal Reserve's complicity. How did you discover the Federal Reserve role, for example?

It was pretty much accidental. I hadn't heard of The SPOTLIGHT until I was told that The SPOTLIGHT was talking about it. I had actually started looking into conspiracy stories about the Illuminati {and its role in manipulating affairs} and had learned about the symbols on the Federal Reserve Notes. I had never noticed the symbols on the backs of the dollar bills. They don't stay in my hands long enough to read what's on them, and I don't read Latin. So I knew nothing about the New World Order or any of these things.

However, when I started learning about the Federal Reserve and that it wasn't any more a part of the federal government than Federal Express, then I started looking into the role of the Fed in drug money laundering. I had no idea. I stumbled onto it.

You have some ex-CIA sources who have pointed you in the right direction as you have studied the drug problem.

I came across David Lamb. A former CIA operative, he is incarcerated in federal prison in North Carolina. David talked about the Raulerson Ranch in Florida, which is a CIA-connected drug smuggling area. The Raulerson Ranch must be similar to the Mena Airport in Arkansas that has gotten some publicity in the major media. In fact, I had never heard about the Mena scandal. I,ve been listening to all of the black leaders who keep saying that Bill Clinton is "our first black president." Okay, great, but to find out about Clinton's connections to the CIA's operations in Mena left me very disheartened.

What did you find out from David Lamb about the Raulerson Ranch and the CIA drug connection?

David told me that the accused killer in the 1990 Gainesville student murders (involving five college students)-where some supposed lone serial killer had done the crimes-was probably protecting somebody. David said it happened that way because one of the five students worked in the local county sheriff's office and that particular girl, Christie Lee Holt, for whatever reason, knew something about the Raulerson Ranch and they wanted to silence her. So they created a "serial killing" spree.

The other four victims were just used in a cover-up.

The progression of your learning is similar to that of many in the patriotic movement who become SPOTLIGHT readers. What have you learned from all of this?

My investigation suggests that the powers-that-be want to use the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to put blacks (and hispanics) into concentration camps indefinitely. It's always possible that there's going to be martial law triggered by some event that's been created, whether it's a race war or whatever. They could use drug dealers in the black community to orchestrate such a race war. They are trying to bring about a situation of martial law and take away the weapons of law-abiding people. There's also the question of the CIA's involvement in mind control.

Mind control can be induced by drugs. By distributing cocaine and heroin in the black community, you have a situation where you can produce mass mind control over the drug addicts.

You're on target. The SPOTLIGHT's famous expose of the Rex 84 plan, which involved Oliver North and the CIA, explained it was concocted under the cover plan of cracking down on illegal aliens (many of whom are hispanic) and on patriotic political dissidents. All of the people who are patriotic are actually now "suspect" rather than considered law-abiding citizens. People are losing their civil rights and liberties the more they ask for them to be enforced. Throughout your litigation you have suffered a continuing series of "accidents" and "coincidences" in the courts in various states that have interfered with your litigation.

All of these "coincidences" just keep happening. I've documented about 350 pages worth of these so-called coincidences and asked the judges to put sanctions against the defendants. My efforts have continually been
frustrated by the courts.

For example, one of my cases was dismissed because the certified mail supposedly never got to the court. However, the clerk of the court had signed the return receipt and my documents should have been filed since the document was there on time. They keep saying that it's the fault of the post office or the
clerk of the court in some district in North Carolina or California or Federal Express or Bell South telephone company. However, if you put all of these coincidences together, you keep finding that it is the same people-the CIA-connected defendants-who are benefiting from all of these "coincidences."

There have been several attempts to make you the victim of traffic "accidents".

Well, one of the things that happened to me was when I was on my way to court on Nov. 15, 1999 in Gainesville, Fla. Someone in a van decided to stop in front of me on a busy highway. I had to cross into head-on traffic to avoid hitting him. There were two highway patrol cars behind me at the time, and even though I was facing head-on traffic they did not stop. Later, I bought another car in Tampa and the dealership said that they would loan me a temporary car while they worked on my new car to make sure I had a car that wouldn't give me any trouble.

Well, the loaner car got a flat tire. That flat tire saved my life. The tow truck driver fussed at me, saying, "What are you doing on I-75 with this car? It has a loose axle.

These wheels could fall off at any time and it will be a fatal accident out on this highway." This was a big old white boy wearing a confederate flag patch whom I might have been afraid of otherwise, but he saved my life. I don't know who he is, but I'd like to thank him. When we got the car to the shop, we found out that besides the axle being loose, the brakes were bad and I also found out that the lug nuts had been tampered with.

What is your next step?

It's hard for me to quit. The more I talk about this case, the more people know about it. So it's a matter of developing public awareness.

Attorney Anita Belle has suffered numerous problems in Florida while pursuing her lawsuits against the CIA and former CIA Director George Bush. "Well, Jeb Bush is governor. He's the son of George Bush who was involved in all of this drug importation and the Iran-contra business. What could I expect?" Belle said. "If all of the allegations about Jeb Bush and his brother George W. Bush having been videotaped buying cocaine in Miami ever came out, or if Daniel Hopsicker's video evidence about CIA connected drug smuggler Barry Seal's links to the Bush family ever got out to the public, this could affect thing," Belle noted.

"Another leading Florida Republican, Rep. Porter Goss, is a former CIA clandestine services officer. He recently released a report that purported to clear the CIA of involvement in the drug trade. I have been told Goss has family members who are influential in the Florida Bar Association. I don't know if that has anything to do with the fact that they are trying to disbar me and claiming that I am incompetent. I wasn't accused of being "incompetent," until I started these lawsuits against the CIA," Belle said.

For information, contact Miss Belle c/o PO Box 686, Greensboro, N.C. 27402.
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