Saturday, July 04, 2009

The National Security Agency's Electromagnetic Frequency Scanning Network - How The NSA Uses Your Body's Own EMF Field As A GPS Tracking Device

The NSA's EMF Scanning Network

The NSA Tracks You By Your Brain's Fingerprint

This covert technology of the NSA's is turning out to be the greatest scandal in American History, and indicative of how the shadow government which controls the United States quietly brain fingerprinted the United States population several decades ago, so that they could utilize the NSA's EMF scanning network, a satellite based electronic network which is capable of using our unique bioelectronic signatures as a global position satellite tracking device.

Simply put, the NSA can track any American citizen by way of our own unique EMF fields using its EMF scanning dialup network. As such, it would appear that no U.S. citizen is immune from this egregious violation of their privacy; a violation of privacy so outrageous, that this technology must be exposed to the American people so that they may better understand just how vulnerable they are to the National Security Agency's satellite predation.

The NSA's EMF Scanning Network - How The NSA Illegally Tracks American Citizens By Way Of Their Own EMF Fields
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