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New FAA Findings In The Plane Crash Which Killed 9-11 Activist Beverley Eckert - Are These Findings Legitimate Or Fabricated?

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The Official 9-11 Whitewash Continues

In light of the official 9-11 obfuscation of the facts behind the PNAC's false flag operation, there is more than enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that any covert act done in which to propagate a further white wash of the facts is not just plausible, but also probable.

In such instances, what would usually serve as important information can be doctored in such ways as to become little more than disinformation. And the cockpit data recording of a conversation between Flight 3407's pilot and co-pilot (which crashed in Buffalo shortly before arriving at Buffalo airport killing all aboard) may well serve to support such a campaign of disinformation.

Flight data recorders can be tampered with (as we have seen with the FBI in the past), and voice morphing technology can recreate the imprint of any person's voice, which can then allow for those who would use such technology for the express purpose of deception (U.S. Intel is notorious for such deceptive practices), to propagate their disinformation.

The public has already been given a taste of such deception in the voice morphed tapes which the FAA claims recorded phone calls from Flight 93 on the day of 9-11-2001; phone calls which could not have possibly taken place at the altitude from which the plane was flying before it was shot down by the *U.S. Air Force over Shanksville, PA.

*Is there an American citizen left who actually believes that Flight 93 crashed on its own?

So the question in this instance remains: is the recorded conversation between the pilot and co pilot of Flight 3407 legitimate? Or, yet another in the myriad of fabrications that the U.S. Federal Government has been propagating in order to maintain the official 9-11 mega lie?

One thing's for certain. Beverley Eckert never got over the murder of her husband on 9-11, and was driven to the point of obsession to get to the whole truth behind what really happened on that day (and the conspiracy which led up to the attacks). *Eckert had become a stalwart in regard to her tenacity on this issue, and met with then President Elect Barack Obama only a week before her tragic demise, in an effort to convince him to lead a new investigation into the attacks on 9-11.

Was Beverley becoming too aggressive in the eyes of those who perpetrated this false flag operation? Did she need to be neutralized with extreme prejudice?

*In this author's opinion Beverley Eckert will always be a hero for her attempts in which to expose the 9-11 Commission for the fraud it is.

Moreover, whether or not the recently released tapes from the flight data recorder on Flight 3407 are legitimate, or a complete confabulation in keeping with the official 9-11 deception, there can no longer be any question that those who orchestrated this false flag operation were more than a bit concerned about Beverley Eckert's refusal to accept the official explanation.

This as well as the fact that Eckert had established a large group of supporters whom to this day believe that the attacks on 9-11 were an inside job; those who over time have continued to grow only more jaded in regard to the lies which they had been told (and by government officials who seem to be incapable of telling the truth).

Moreover, it is at the very least a truly bizarre coincidence that Eckert was killed in a plane crash only a week after speaking with the man who would shortly become this country's President; and someone who could - if he so chose - spearhead a legitimate investigation into the real perpetrators behind 9-11, which would've helped to expediently unravel the official 9-11 confabulation.

In this author's opinion, I see these tapes arriving at a very convenient time, given that many Americans have stated their concerns in regard to a conspiracy behind the death of Beverley Eckert. A situation in which Eckert may well have been covertly assassinated for her unwillingness to acquiesce to the official 9-11 whitewash. As for these tapes, they may be legitimate, or they may be as phony as the official 9-11 Commission Report itself continues to be. As for believing any of the claims which this government makes in regard to the attacks on 9-11, the fact is that only someone who is truly naive would ever be able to do so.


Was Beverley Eckert Murdered For Her Aggressive 9-11 Activism

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