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The True Character Of Most FBI Agents Can Be Found In The Following Report - A Report Which The FBI Managed To Suppress For Three Years

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Cops Shoot Woman In Head & Laugh About It

The viewers will notice the sense of arrogance in regard to the attitude of the police in the following video. This arrogance has grown exponentially since passage of the treasonous and Draconian Patriot Act, which has given the police a sense of entitlement which they have absolutely no right to.

In recent months we have seen a young woman stripped naked in a jail cell by two police officers (one male and one female); another woman who was beaten up by a police officer while being led into a holding cell because she kicked off a shoe which accidentally grazed the officer, a woman who was pulled over for riding a bicycle on a walkway being punched in the face while in handcuffs; a 14 year old boy being thrown to the ground (even though he offered no resistance) by a police officer more than twice his size; a former African American professional baseball player being shot and nearly killed in his own driveway, after being followed home by a police officer who was clearly following this citizen as a result of racial profiling; and a myriad other instances in what must be characterized as nothing less than crimes of police brutality.

The following video is indicative of the callousness of the police in post 9-11 America; a clear indication that they are brainwashed into such acts of viciousness, while appearing to believe that they maintain complete impunity regardless of how outrageous their crimes are. These crimes are taking place while the victims of such crimes are all but ignored by the police as well as our own legislators. A sure sign that the United States of America is in very serious trouble.

The phrase power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely must be applied here, since the constitutional rule of law remains absent in such despicable acts. And as long it does, actions will need to be taken in which to restore the constitutional rule of law.

FBI Protects Crooked Cops

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Cops Vicious Shooting Death Of Charles De Menezes

The FBI Has Never Had A Charter To Operate Within The United States

Posted On Rumormill News Website

"The gist of it was -- the Federal Bureau of Investigation has no charter, unlike the Central Intelligence Agency. It was, after all, created as a 'bureau' and thus exists under the powers granted by the Constitution to the executive branch, or presidency. The president is 'the chief magistrate' of the union and charged with signing off upon, and "executing" the laws of the United States. The racist and closeted homosexual J. Edgar Hoover -- for all of his virulent anti-communism -- created the bureau as an "agency" without a charter. He basically used the investigative powers of the Bureau to accumulate blackmail materials on a variety of political, diplomatic and administrative leaders over the decades that he was in undisputed control of the bureau."

A Damning Report About FBI Agents

Just a few of the allegations regarding FBI agents (who were dismissed from the FBI for having committed serious crimes), which can be found in the following disturbing report. The conduct of these agents is further evidence that most of the FBI's agents consider themselves to be above the law and immune from prosecution. With few exceptions, it does not appear that most of these former agents were actually charged with the crimes which they committed but instead, simply released from the FBI:

1. "This agent, with a history of previous misconduct, was dismissed for willfully engaging in a sex act with a prostitute; misuse of a Bureau vehicle; unauthorized use of his vehicle; filing a false police report."

2. "An agent engaged in reckless endangerment of others; was emotionally abusive to family; used his weapon to shoot his spouse resulting in criminal attempted homicide charges."

3. "This former special agent (SA) prepared fraudulent real estate documents to support the fictitious purchase of a residence, when no purchase of a residence occurred. This transaction allowed agent and spouse to claim reimbursement through the fictitious sale of their residence; filed fraudulent federal income taxes and filed false application statement."

4. "An agent was behaving unprofessionally; engaged in non consensual sex acts with a subordinate employee (rape); increased alcohol abuse and became unfit for duty."

5. "A former agent engaged in interpersonal violence, such as sexual abuse of minor children, physical assault of an adult female, and long-term misconduct."

6. "This senior agent engaged in long-term misconduct; used crack cocaine on frequent basis; acknowledged purchasing. possessing, and admitting using crack cocaine. The Agent was apprehended with drug paraphernalia (crack pipes) and subsequently arrested."

7. "Former agent engaged in criminal misconduct and series of violation of rules and regulations; Agent was engaging in unprofessional conduct and deposited Bureau money into his own personal accounts."

8. "This agent was involved in egregious long-term misconduct, including misuse of position. Former Special Agent (SA) was arrested for shoplifting; Agent attempted to use his position as an SA to influence the investigation."

9. "Agent had a prior altercation with a threat against a citizen, agent seemed to have difficulty managing his personal and family time."

10. "Special agent was dismissed for theft of Bureau property; converting Bureau property for personal usage; lacked candor; unauthorized outside employment;unauthorized passengers in Bureau vehicle."

See the following report for the full internal investigation done by the FBI's Office Of Professional Responsibility (OPR). Ironically enough, a former head of the FBI's Office Of Professional Responsibility, one John Conditt , was arrested and ultimately convicted on charges of child molestation.

See the following report on the FBI's rampant corruption:


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Published on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 by The New York Times
Justice Dept. Finds Many Flaws in FBI Terror Watch List
by Eric Lichtblau

- The Federal Bureau of Investigation has improperly kept nearly 24,000 people on a terrorist watch list based on outdated or sometimes irrelevant information, while it missed others with legitimate terror ties who should have been on the list, according to a Justice Department report released Wednesday.

The crest of the Federal Bureau of Investigation at the J. Edgar Hoover FBI Building in Washington, DC. A report from the US Justice Department has found the country's 1.1 million-strong watchlist of suspected terrorists has a 35 percent error rate and no established way to remove or update records. (AFP/File/Mandel Ngan)The report said the mistakes posed a risk to national security, because of the failure to flag actual suspected terrorists, as well as an unnecessary nuisance for non-suspects who may be questioned at a traffic stops or stopped from boarding an airplane.

By the beginning of 2009, the report said, the government's terrorist watch lists included about 400,000 people, listed as 1.1 million names and aliases, an exponential growth from the days before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when it included fewer than two dozen people.

Intelligence officials say the watch lists have allowed different agencies to work together in an effort to prevent the type of breakdown that allowed two of the Sept. 11 hijackers to enter the United States even though they were known to the Central Intelligence Agencies for their terrorist ties.

The new Justice Department report provided the most authoritative statistical account to date of the problems connected with the watch lists and confirmed some assertions made by critics of the process. An earlier report by the inspector general, released in March 2008, looked mainly at flaws in the system.

The list has long been a target of public criticism, particularly after well-publicized incidents in which politicians including Senator Edward M. Kennedy of Massachusetts and Representative John Lewis of Georgia accidentally showed up on the lists. People with names similar to actual terrorists have complained that it can take months to remove their names from the list, and civil rights advocates charge that anti-war protesters, Muslim activists and others have been put on the lists and stopped at airports for political reasons.

The report, by the Justice Department inspector general's office, looked mainly at the F.B.I., which took the lead in 2004 for maintaining a consolidated terrorist watch list for all agencies throughout the federal government.

One of the biggest problems identified in the report was the use of outdated information, or material unconnected to terrorism, to keep people on the F.B.I.'s own terror watch list. The report examined nearly 69,000 watch lists referrals brought or processed by the F.B.I. and found that 35 percent of the people, both Americans and foreigners, remained on the list despite inadequate justification.

"Many of these watch-listed records were associated with outdated terrorism case classifications or case classifications unrelated to terrorism," the report said. In some cases, the people on the watch lists were the subjects of F.B.I. investigations that had been closed years earlier without action, yet their names had either never been removed, or not in a timely fashion.

Potentially even more problematic were the cases of people who were not on the watch lists despite evidence of terrorist ties.

The inspector general looked at a sampling of 216 F.B.I. terrorism investigations, and found that in 15 percent of those cases, a total of 35 subjects were not referred to the terror watch list even though they should have been.

In one case, for instance, a United States Army Special Forces soldier was investigated and ultimately convicted for stealing some 16,500 round of ammunition, C-4 explosives and other material from Afghanistan and shipping them to the United States in what investigators suspected might be the makings of a domestic terror plot. Yet the suspect was not placed on the watch list for nearly five months after the investigation was opened against him.

"We believe that the FBI's failure to consistently nominate subjects of international and domestic terrorism investigations to the terrorist watch list could pose a risk to national security," the inspector general said. The director of the Washington office of the American Civil Liberties Union, Caroline Fredrickson, said her group's monitoring of the watch lists indicates that the problems identified at the F.B.I. are endemic to entire system.

"What this report really shows is that on both ends, the lists are really over-inclusive and under-inclusive," she said in an interview. "With 1.1 million names, there's all sorts of problems that have larded it up, and the whole thing just really needs to be torn down and start a new system."

The F.B.I. adopted all 16 of the inspector general's recommendations for improving watch list operations, including better training and faster processing of referrals. The agency said in a statement that "we remain committed to improving our watch list policy and practices to ensure the proper balance between national security protection and the need for accurate, efficient and streamlined watch-listing processes."

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