Friday, May 22, 2009

Home Flyover By A Squadron Of Fighter Jets At 12:51PM EST -- They Have All Of Long Island To Fly Over So Why Are They Flying Over My Neighborhood?

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Editor's Note:

The regular and substantial number of visitors to this blog might be interested in knowing that at 12:51PM Eastern Standard Time, on May, 22ND, 2009 (just a few minutes ago), our home was buzzed by a squadron of fighter jets which approached from the Northeast. The real question here is exactly what is a *squadron of fighter jets doing flying over Long Island, New York on an early Friday afternoon? And with all of the square footage on Long Island, why directly over my home?

Perhaps another training exercise or practice for a Memorial Day Weekend airshow? If so, then God help any persons flying over Long Island in commercial or private aircraft this afternoon.

* For the past several years our home has been subjected to myriad flyovers by the Intel community, including low flying helicopters which regularly buzz us. Yesterday, a single engined fixed wing aircraft buzzed our home at least four times before proceeding out of the area.

My earliest experience with such anomalies began around 1991 while sailing my sloop on the Long Island Sound. I was sailing along the Bayville coastline at dusk when I noticed several low flying black helicopters approaching from the East. Within moments they were parallel to my *vessel and roughly 60 or so feet above the top of my sloop's mast.

These aircraft were black with no distinguishable markings, and flying in *whisper mode. The only noticeable lighting was a single red light on the back of each of these craft.

*My Sloop Windsong

*This is how these black helicopters were able to approach so quickly without my noticing them until they were practically upon my sloop. Why was I being watched? Unbeknownst to this author at the time, I had been a target of a modern day version of the CIA's original MK-ULTRA program since the 1970s, now conducted via the EMF spectrum, and by a number of government agencies, while the neural pathways of my brain were being remotely monitored via the NSA's Signals Intelligence EMF Scanning Network & the EEG heterodyning of my own brain

Remembering the victims of the 1996 U.S. Navy accidental missile take down of TWA Flight 800 - the FBI's control over the U.S. Media continues to allow for the promulgation of the official disinformation regarding the murder of 230 people

Also see:The FBI's Valerie Caproni Is Full Of Baloney

And:US Navy Master Chief on USS Trepang admits Navy shot down TWA Flight 800

The following people did not die as the result of a faulty fuel tank as the American people have been told. The FACT is that they were murdered as a result of carelessness by the United States Navy, which accidentally shot TWA Flight 800 down as the result of training exercise gone wrong. And to this day (as in the case of the attacks on 9-11-2001), the families of the victims of this terrible cover up have been denied the truth in regard to how they died.

The American people should remember this unforgivable deception of their trust on the upcoming Memorial Day Weekend. And specifically, how the FBI was used to falsify the record in regard to the attack on TWA Flight 800, while spending millions of dollars of public money in which to concoct a total fabrication in order to obscure the Navy's accidental shooting down of TWA Flight 800 during a training exercise off the coast of Long Island. A piece of black propaganda which to this day remains as one of the most flagrant deceptions by the FBI of the American people.

The Passengers

The Crew of TWA 800

Sandra Aikens-Bellamy, 49, off-duty TWA employee
Rosie Braman-Mosberg, 47, off-duty TWA employee
Dan J. Callas, TWA Crew
Richard Campbell, 63, TWA Flight Engineer
Paula Carven and son Jay, 9, off duty TWA flight attendant
Jacques and Connie Charbonnier, 66 and 47, working FSM and F/A
Janet Christopher, 48 TWA 800 crew
Debra DiLuccio, 47, TWA 800 crew
Warren Dodge, TWA 800 crew
Daryl Edwards, 41, off-duty TWA service supervisor
Douglas Eshleman, 35, off-duty Flight Engineer
Ana Gough, off-duty TWA flight attendant
Joanne Griffith, 39, off-duty TWA employee
Erik Harkness, 23, off-duty TWA employee
James Hull, 48, TWA 800 crew
Lonnie Ingenhuett, 43, TWA 800 crew
Arlene Johnsen, 60, TWA 800 crew
Capt. Ralph Kevorkian, 58, TWA 800 crew
Oliver Krick, 25, TWA 800 engineer
Barbara Kwan, 40, TWA 800 crew
Ray Lang, 51, TWA 800 crew
Maureen Lockhart, 49, TWA 800 crew
Elaine Loffredo, 50, TWA 800 crew
Eli Luevano, 42, TWA 800 crew
Pam McPherson, 45, TWA 800 crew
Grace Melotin, 48, TWA 800 crew
Gideon Miller, 57, off-duty TWA pilot
Marit Rhoads, 48, TWA 800 crew
Mike Schuldt, 51, TWA 800 crew
Capt. Steve Snyder, 57, TWA 800 flight crew
Rick Verhaeghe, 48, TWA 800 first officer
Lani Warren, 48, FSM TWA 800 crew
Jill Ziemkiewicz, 24, TWA 800 crew, 96-hire, her first and last Int'l flight.
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