Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Member's E-mail Account Becomes Another Venue For Intel's COINTELPRO Against This Author

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Intel's electronic sabotage of this author's E-mail accounts became so problematic, that I decided to block all E-mail accounts with the exception of the few which I regularly do business through. In answer to this, Intel then began to sabotage another Family member's E-mail account as well as this person's acquaintances. The E-mails now sent to this Family member are all peppered with psychological triggers of some kind, in efforts to cause this person further serious psychological harm. The E-mails are always written in typical psyop code; that is to say the double entendre of saying one thing, while meaning something else - a characteristic of psychological warfare.

This is yet another Intel created smokes screen in which to obscure the egregious crimes that the FBI, NSA and DHS continue to subject this author and his Family to. As such, there continues to be no rule of law in what is taking place, since these criminal agents cannot afford to ever admit to the computer to brain interfacing via NSA, that they have subjected this author to in the way of mind control research.

However, and in spite of these machinations, my testimony remains true, and a devastating indictment against these Intel predators and their treasonous crimes.

A situation which as more citizens begin to recognize that their own rights have been violated so egregiously, will no doubt eventually lead to the abolition of these Nazi driven organizations and the incarceration of a great many of their wicked employees.

The FBI and NSA in particular, are anathema to the Constitutional rule of law, since their entire existence is based on the violation of such laws. And given that they are involved in such criminality, they must continue to function in complete denial of these crimes, or attempt to justify them, which is just as ludicrous. Law enforcement which violates any rule of law, must be seen as criminal in their operations, and hence only a facade. A facade which has defined agencies like the FBI, NSA and CIA throughout their entire history.

Law enforcement agents duly appointed by the federal government, who would utilize computer to brain interfacing to both torture and violate the rights of any American citizen, are heinous criminals who should be indicted, tried and convicted for these crimes under the color of law.

In the United States, crimes committed by federal employees under the color of law (especially agents operating within the Intelligence community) are almost never prosecuted, which has emboldened federal agents to regularly commit these crimes. They do so knowing that they will not be held accountable for them. However, if this abusive behavior is not stopped, these agents may ultimately find that the American middle class may create their own extrajudicial means in which to deal with agents who are clearly criminal in their actions, yet have managed to avoid prosecution through the Intel good old boy's network.

Those agents who operate unconstitutionally by committing criminal acts under the color of law are unindicted felons.

See: Crimes Committed Under The Color Of Law
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